Care Minister: Getting Jabbed Is “Your Social Responsibility”

Care Minister Gillian Keegan told SKY’s Kay Burley this morning, that getting jabbed and taking the subsequent booster jabs is “your social responsibility.” Keegan’s statement echoed that of former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Speaking on the same programme yesterday, Blair said that having a jab is a”civic duty.”

Keegan told Burley:

“It’s a social responsibility to get the vaccine. That’s the most important thing to do. Get the booster and then behave sensibly!”

In other words, the vaccines and boosters will never be enough. Behave sensibly equates to keeping your distance from people and continuing to wear face coverings in certain settings. It never ends. Johnson said in the Summer that the success of the vaccine roll-out meant that life would quickly return to normal. I called bollox then and I call bollox now. Life is never going back to normal.

Speaking to the BBC earlier this week, Professor Adam Finn of the JCVI told the BBC that the jabs and boosters have a “modest” effect on  preventing covid infection and passing it on. I wonder if they’re explaining that to people at the jabbatoirs?

“Madam, just before I administer this jab, which was rushed into production and has no long-term safety data, let me tell you that it has a modest effect on preventing infection and transmitting the virus. Still want it?”

It is farcical to claim that it’s socially responsible to have one. Mark Bajerski got it in one, when chatting with me on the radio show in the week. He said, “they’re normalising insanity.”

Indeed they are.



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Richie, check out Mike Graham on his Friday show on talk radio. They had a pro jab/lockdown Dr on.
He absolutely mauled him & asked the right questions. He almost cried at the end as a mumbling wreck.

Last edited 1 month ago by Tony

Link would be nice please. 😁

Marty Hopkirk

And what vested financial interests / directorships do Bliar, Keegan & Javid et al have in the pharmaceutical companies and technology firms responsible for developing Covid certification and social crediting systems?

Asking for a friend.


I listened to Radio Cambs this morning and it was horrific, the presenter asked “should we bring back all the masks and social distancing etc… every single called was onside with it, not one called questioned it. I called in and spoke to the switchboard woman, she wanted to know everything I was going to say. I told her I didn’t want the jab and its my choice, i also said this is coercion and it goes against everything in the Nuremburg code. I never got the call back ha!


probably why no one questioned it because everyone was screened out who was against masks and lockdowns etc, its sinister how media manipulation can lead to a perception of one point of view when in real life many people have a different opinion.


If the topic is social responsibilty, let those who haven’t sinned cast the first stone. Tony B-LIAR has been enything but responsible with the countries economy, security and social policy. Psychopaths will never realise their own hypocrisy – THAT – is the nature of being a psychopath.


if one was to have the jab and consider the action a “social duty/responsibility” if I was to become ill, will society feel any responsibility and look after me as a result of my illness/injury? If not then it cannot just be one way.

Last edited 1 month ago by Patrice

It is possible (just!) that it could be your social responsibility to take a medication if people were dropping down in front of you in the streets, or if neighbours were dying all around you, or if trucks were going around every night with a guy on a megaphone shouting “bring out your dead”, but the fact is that i don’t know of anyone who has been seriously ill with a virus and none of my friends or family know of anyone either. The only people who are ill are lunatics like Keegan who are willing to sell their souls for a pat on the head from Big Pharma and the elite.


REMINDER: NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling.

Live tonight at 17.00 hrs UK time.
Friday 22nd October.

Tony K

Punching Gillian and Tony in the face if you ever see them is your “social responsibility”

Ronald Templeman

Insanity is the word


My message to the ‘care minister’ is this. I have a social responsibility to keep myself healthy by diet, vitamins, exercise, fresh air and stress management in order to reduce the likelihood I will require any nhs sevices thereby reducing my burden on the state. This I have managed to do throughout the plandemic despite no (un)social distancing, no chin wraps and wait for it….never using the anti bacterial chemical bottles on offer or wiping my shopping trolley 😱. I have no duty to take unknown poison on behalf of anyone who themselves will have already taken this in the belief that it will somehow bestow immortaliy. As Mark Bajerski also said, something along the lines of……………… the vaccinated want the unvaccinated to take a vaccine for a disease we dont have in order to protect them and for which they have already been vaccinated!

Urban Fox

In this shocking short article, the contents of the poison jabs are further investigated.
Evidence suggests that a New Born Baby in the early 70tis, had body parts removed without anesthetic, in order to harvest cells.

New evidence for infanticide in the creation of the fetal cell line used for ‘Covid’ fake vaccine testing – David Icke

Do these fake unnecessary vaccines that are killing thousands, according to there own data. Contain cells that were grown from the cells of this tortured and butchered newborn child.?

I would like to ask the excuse of a human being Keegan. And the monsters in suits and lab coats. To explain to me the meaning of social responsibility. Because it is not something i recognize.


Ever heard of aborted fetal tissue added to soft drinks?

Urban Fox

Hi Jake, no but it sounds delightful. I’m just gonna cook as well. Oh well.

Urban Fox

In this shocking short video, Dr Carrie examines video and photo footage of the poison jab contents. What exactly are these moving parts and what is there purpose.?

SHOCKING: Dr Carrie Madej releases first look at Pfizer vial contents – David Icke

Your guess is as good as mine , but its not something i want forced into me or anyone i care about.


I am behaving sensibly, I’m not doing any of it.


Sanity is defined merely by how the majority think and behave. Therefore, what constitutes insanity changes over time – sometimes in small ways; at other times in large ways.

There was a time when someone who walked down the street talking out loud to, seemingly, no one in particular, was deemed insane. Now, with mobile phones and wireless earpieces, that behaviour is commonplace and, therefore, a normal and sane behaviour.
If someone is genuinely ‘hearing voices’, all they have to do is plop an earpiece on and their previously perceived insanity becomes sane.

Likewise, in a Bacchanalian and hedonistic society, the temperate and chaste become the insane; and in a technologically advanced society, people like the Amish are perceived as insane.

So, I disagree with Mark Bajerski. Insanity is not being normalised. The definitions of sane are being shifted: and, like the slowly boiled frog, the masses are not noticing. We rarely do.
Look at our modern living; our attitudes and behaviours. All of it would seem insane to someone living a hundred – or even fifty – years ago.

When I was a kid back in the 1970s, we lived on a main A-road on the fringes of a large town. There was very little traffic. I once spoke to a squaddie walking home on the road, with barely a vehicle in sight. Kids played in parks and woods. Dads built go-carts. Adults didn’t work on Saturday afternoons or on Sundays (and the shops were shut during those times). A television was something in the lounge that got switched on in the evenings and the kids watched whatever the adults wanted, which was limited to three channels. We kids banged heads, lost teeth, got cuts and scrapes, broke bones and noses, all in the name of play and we got straight back out as soon as we could manage it (or stayed out if the injury was no too severe).
It was, in essence, a completely different world. If someone from that time was transported to ours, they would think that the world had gone insane (and that’s without the current lurgy).

Go back even further. I once nursed an elderly woman who was in her 100s. As a child she grew up in a world that had no radios; no televisions; no popularised combustion engine; no aeroplanes, no plastics. She cycled the ten miles to school, and back, every single day (except weekends), in all weathers. Homes provided their own lighting and heating. All food was fresh and unprocessed. There was very little waste. Everyone went to church on Sundays.
Someone from that time would likely look at our world and think that the end times had already happened in a cataclysm of insanity.

All those changes, in a relatively short amount of time. Most people would have barely (if at all) noticed. Some did, and their voices of warning can be found. But the masses didn’t care; because those changes made lives easier, more convenient, safer. They (we) didn’t ask what the cost would be in the future.
Few rarely do, and those few have always been labelled as insane – or socially irresponsible.
Because conformity has always been the overriding factor, no matter which direction it takes.


Just lately Craig I have found myself agreeing with everything you post.Your posts are always calm and logical in a time when some are struggling to decipher fact or fiction on a daily basis so thanks for that. . You have just taken me back to my childhood exactly as you state. I broke my arm on a homemade gokart and continued to play out for 3days before my mum cottoned on and took me to hospital 😂


You are most welcome.
I never broke anything, except for my nose (which I reset myself). I did tear the ligaments in an ankle once and that was annoying; but other than that it was a case of lots of cuts, scrapes, bruises and nettle rashes. Sometimes it hurt, sometimes it didn’t. Either way, it was a case of get up and carry on because there was still more fun to be had

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

Very well said, Craig. I think what they are seeking to ‘normalise’ is the idea that independent, critical thought processes, non-compliance and dissidence are indicative of insanity – hence the relentless use of labels such as ‘tin-foil hat’ and ‘conspiracy theorist’ et al being hurled around. By contrast, heeding the advice of those in supposed esteemed positions of knowledge and power in ‘coming forward’ to do your ‘civic duty’ as ‘we’re all in this together’ to ‘make (literal, self) sacrifices’ for the ‘greater good’ is indicative of virtue, sanity. Absolute inversion, isn’t it?


Very well put ! 👍😊


Inversion? Perhaps. But that same attitude existed throughout both World Wars and the Cold War; and it existed in the medieval period when ‘members of the community’ reported their neighbours to the church for heresies.
It’s the rule of the mob. Concepts of right and wrong, of morality, are enforced by that mob, and defined by the ruling class.
Within those tight confines, critical thinking is perfectly permissible – providing it does not undermine the construct of the mob.
We’ve had it relatively easy for about six decades. Remember, in the 1960s, people like Jim Morrison of The Doors were being prosecuted for saying rude things on stage.
It’s only since that time that social mobility has noticeably, though slowly, improved; that the controls on language use have lightened; and that social interactions have become more informal.
In other words, it wasn’t all that long ago when our lives were far more controlled than they are now (or were until recently).
For more than a thousand years we have lived in an Authoritarian society. It is just that, in the last several decades that control has eased a little as it allowed our lives to become more comfortable, more relaxed. It became, in essence, hidden.
And so we forgot that it was there.

‘In Middle English it also could mean “disagreeable, unkind, hostile” (mid-14c.)’

‘different, various; singular, odd, exceptional; wretched, treacherous, perverse,” from Latin diversus.’

All attributes associated, at one time or another, with ‘insanity’.

It could be that I am wrong, but I am seeing a lot of signs of social regression, perpetuated (as I keep pointing out) under the illusionary banner of ‘Progressivism’.

Think of the seemingly arbitrary two metres distance. At one time a certain physical distance between strangers was considered a social norm. Said strangers would only close the distance to shake hands, before stepping back. A handshake sets people about a metre (actually, it would have been about a yard, but we are now a metric system) apart. The handshake breaks and each person steps back, creating something like a two metre distance.
Likewise, the masks cancel out diverseness.

What I see is the re-normalising of old notions and societal systems through a lot of trickery, deception and illusion.
An old word for illusion is glamour.
And is not the media ‘personalities’, the celebrities, and the entertainers (whose stock in trade is glamour) who are peddling ‘vaccines’ and the ‘man-made climate change’ narratives?

New words to conceal (to throw a glamour around) very old mentalities and notions.

Tim in Brazil

I think the word “rollout” is important here because it underlines exactly what has happened, and is happening. It is not, and never has been, an emergency response to a chance disease. it is a carefully conceived and laid out plan. The timetable might have been flexible but the order was not.
To my relief, it seems that the rollout is not going well and the increased appearances of more politicians and ‘experts’ to stutter on and on about the safety and importance of the vaccines is proof they are panicking as the popular revolt pushes back.
Unlike Boris, many of these deepstate reps are unused to blatant lying and hteir stuttering and ums and ers is not convincing. To some degree they are shoting themselves inthe fo ot. Yesterday, however, I watched a perfect delivery of this bullshit with a wonderul smiling face so, unfortunately, some people will still believe it.

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

Another simpering, vacuous ninny parotting the narrative at her master’s behest…..
Basic message = DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!
My reply: Your lying words have no effect on me, you are wasting your breath; go home.


Your social responsibility to risk your life for a big pharma endless profit experiment, along with committing yourself to full on digital servitude for the remainder of your existence.

What a 🤬’n! TOAD her and the rest of her kind are!!

Here’s a useful link that no doubts many have already seen, but always worth keeping to hand.

Perhaps the postings have dropped off in recent times, but it’s still useful to share to anyone who may be on the cusp of sacrificing themselves or their children to this heinous act of global criminality…

See (and share!!):


Morning Gerry, If you keep posting these impertinent remarks about big pharma Micheál Martin will have you deported to the Crown penal colony of Australia to start a new life residing in one of Dan Andrew’s brand new Victorian state Covid FEMA camps 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

Last edited 1 month ago by Mark

Good Morning Mark!

That’ll only happen if I don’t get to him and anyone else who tries it first!!




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