Cashless Society: Santander To Close 111 Bank Branches By August

Santander has just announced it will close 111 branches by August this year. The group said this morning, the closures are a result of changes in customer behaviour during the covid crisis.

Santander said branch transactions fell by 33 per cent over the two years before the pandemic and declined by a further 50 per cent in 2020. The company said that the pandemic has accelerated the shift to online banking.

Mobile and online transactions have grown by 20, it said, with almost two thirds of overall transactions now digital.

Adam Bishop at Santander, said:

“Branch usage by customers has fallen considerably over recent years so we have made the difficult decision to consolidate our presence in areas where we have multiple branches relatively close together.

The majority of the closing branches are within three miles of another branch and the furthest is five miles away. We will provide every support to customers of closing branches to find alternative ways to bank with us that best suit their individual needs.”

This is deadly serious. It’s not just Santander. Back in January, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) was so concerned with banks closing down branches, that it wrote to every bank in the country to ask them to reconsider.

HSBC has said it will close nearly 100 branches this year. TSB and the Co-operative Bank have also announced closures since the pandemic hit.

The FCA is worried that vulnerable and elderly customers would be left without access to financial services.

That’s not the half of it. In a cashless society every transaction you make will be traceable. Governments will be able to scrutinise every penny you spend or receive. It’s Orwellian in the extreme.

In a cashless society, governments can take your money without your permission. This is known as a bail-in. Think it unlikely? It happened in Cyprus. Look it up.

SKY News economics editor Ed Conway, writing in The Times last year, suggested the UK government could use bail-ins to pay down the massive coronavirus bill. To date, the government has borrowed over £500 billion.

Conway said the government could impose a wealth tax on every citizen and incredibly, he suggested the government could do it without warning us. He wrote;  “Provided it is introduced very quickly with little warning there is scant opportunity for avoidance.”

In a cashless society, governments could penalise citizens by denying them access to their own money. This goes hand in hand with social crediting. I make a point of using cash wherever I can. You should too. Be very afraid of a cashless society.


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It’s a crap bank anyway.


Nationwide has told its 13000 staff they can work anywhere


That’s the same as telling them to foxtrot oscar. What a great showing of gratitude. Does anyone remember when we were all paid in cash and received our little brown envelope every week? The cashless society has been slowly creeping up on us since employers stopped paying their workers in cash about 30 years ago; this offered up the double whammy of making bank account virtually compulsory, and switching seemingly almost overnight from a weekly to a monthly payroll.


Wow 30 years ago – how time flies. That was a lovely feeling on a Friday when they’d come round and hand you your little brown packet. You felt appreciated somehow


Those were the days, worked all week to be handed a little brown envelope, my very first wage packet had £18 in it, I had to pay my Dad a tenner for my upkeep, still it left me £8 to hit the town with.

Last edited 1 year ago by sven

Shades of Arthur Seaton in the film Saturday Night Sunday morning.


off subject but a bit cheerful …
A bunch of maskless people burn their masks in public


Now that’s more like it!!
(Good one Herb!!)

Start a world wide “BURN THE MASK” campaign!!

T-Shirts, car stickers, flyers etc etc!!





Sorry… Just having a Donald Sutherland “Backdraft” moment!!




Each and everyone of us have to dream of the world that we want to live in. Literally, imagining and creating thought forms that we want this world to be. What is the outmost important is don’t just dream in general terms. One has literally imagine oneself LIVING in those images and feel those emotions and all what comes with it. Be as alive there as if in a current NOW. Our mind don’t really see the difference in between imaginary and “real” things (The Holographic Universe). WE, ourselves create our own reality.
They want to bombard us with their crap through MSM so we would end up imagining their version of this world, we have to ignore their crap and imagine WHAT WE WANT. Of course, we all imagine different things but the implicate order underlying this explicate “reality” is limitless … however one should be careful with what one wishes for and perhaps read The Monkey’s Paw by William W. Jacobs first. 🙂





I haven’t read the book, but many of the old myths speak of the same thing. The Greek myths are a good example; so are many of the Celtic tales. Of making wishes to being of power, who then give people that wish but not in the way they expect.
In many ways we have the society today that we (the people) wished for. More equality, more diversity, more inclusivity, more wealth, easier living; without really considering what those things could mean.


My take is that today’s society with all its perks (you’ve mentioned) was built on purpose using the same technics I referred to above in order to be able to easily steer it in the direction it’s been on for the past year.
But, we can still stop it.
It ain’t over till the fat lady sings …


But Herb/Craig..

The game is moving up a few notches now and it only begins with biological and technological identification/surveillance interfacing such as ‘health passports’.

The mass media is only the ‘gobshite’ priming for the most easily targeted and persuadable goons!

The real fun is about to commence.

And you ain’t seen nothing yet!!



If anything happens that I have not already contemplated, then I’ll be surprised.


I’ve engaged with and seen enough of your work here Craig to know that you won’t be surprised!

But I believe ‘it’s coming’ sooner than the vast majority of people realise (to include the vast majority of people contributing to this forum!) and like you, I don’t think it can be stopped.

Disrupted possibly…?

But not stopped.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gerry

Exactly Gerry, that’s why we need to utilize all what we possibly can in a “physical” world (protests, mask burning, you name it…) but the most powerful one remains the imagery. It’s a “mother” of everything in this realm. It could actually work on its own if enough people do it but unfortunately we don’t have the numbers so all the other “conventional” means are important as well at this point.
Also, there is such thing as a hundredth monkey effect. The more people wake up and get an idea what’s going on, the more chances “sleeping beauties” get the the vibe and suddenly see the scam for what it is …


I fully concur Herb..
That’s all we can do or try to do!!

I’m personally doing my utmost to try and help out (in my physical world that is!), but I’m simply “stunned” by the mass psychological hypnosis that has been achieved here.

They’ve basically (our overlords!) covered every conceivable eventuality (and then some!!), so most people are simply sleep walking off a cliff!!

And won’t wake up until they crash against the rocks below prior to being washed out to sea!!


Urban fox

Spot on Herb, 👍 speak soon


She better sing like she’s never sung before.


Absolutely agree. I try to remember I’m a spiritual being having a temporary experience but I must admit that the sheer insanity of this world does get to me. I’ve found a pdf of The Monkey’s Paw so I’ll have a look. Thanks for that.


You’re welcome Jennie, if you haven’t read Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, it’s a must read one. It gave me much hope and helped to cope with this sheer insanity that does get to me too of course. I’ve ordered several books that this one is based on. Fascinating stuff about the true nature of reality!


I have actually read that, someone recommended it to me 2 or 3 years ago but thanks for the suggestion. He was a very special and amazing person.

I’m currently watching quite a few videos and I’ve read one or two books on near death experiences. I’ve also met one or two people who’ve had them. I do find them very comforting. There is light at the end of the tunnel, literally.


Jennie, I just posted a link to a latest interview with Stefan Lanka on my page. Anytime I try to post bitchute link here, it’s rejected.


Ma Igan mentioned this book the other day. I gather the author had a NDE. I’ve added it to my basket for my next batch. Anthony W. White


Thank you, it looks interesting but a bit expensive. I’ve downloaded the video to give me an idea. I’ve bookmarked the stafan Lanka video to watch later.


Brilliant. Burn the masks


My Local Santander (previously the Abbey National), closed about 3 years ago now… fortunately you can still nip into the post office to grab cash and make deposits, but still as pain in the arse. Now that continues further, cashless society, control and all that fun awaits.


All our local Cooperative Banks shut a few years ago. The nearest ones are now about an hours drive away.

Gene Hunt

Paying by cash should be and always remain, a fundamental right. When you pay for an item with cash rather than by card or online, it’s more meaningful, you’re more likely to stop for a few seconds and double check that you need what your buying. When paying by card or by a click of a button, you tend to give it less thought. This might sound trivial, but it can lead towards the slippery slope of debt!
And personal debt leads to a gradual loss of control over your life in so many ways………playing right into the hands of government & financial institutions!…….just saying!


I agree. I learnt the value of money by handling it as a physical, tangible thing. (I’ve since learned it’s all fictional but that’s another story and beside the point you are making here). I have friends whose kids just think that there is an endless supply of finance behind that little click and have no idea how to really handle it.

Gene Hunt

Michelle & Jennie, agree entirely with both of you…….Hard cash makes you more responsible…….


I pay cash for everything except the few things I buy online. It is much easier to budget when you use cash and to avoid debt. Of course the banks like people to get into debt.

It seems that no organisation is making any plans for when this so called pandemic ends. When do you ever hear governments talking about how they are going to get things back to normal? You don’t. That in itself should tell people where we are going.

The implications of a cashless society are horrendous. That would be the end of freedom.


Spot on article Richie. What blatent lies they tell that it was customer behaviour during the ‘covid crisis’ that led to the closures. I’m a santander customer and haven’t been able to get near a counter due to the ridiculous military like enforcement of mask wearing and crazy queues. It’s either wear a mask or go online so it has to be online for me. Yeah use cash wherever you can people – use it or lose it


2 time posting

respectfully richie you not the mist clued up with news papers mate which are incarnation rituals that what they are. you read them they them become absorbed in your minds eye and body imagination and then you and many others will project the out come they want!!! they use symbolism and numerology Gematria (numbers) etymology linguists.

What cant you see/??. Santander anagram of satan has just announced it will close 111 branches equate the grated bloodline by August is this year. The group said this morning, the closures are a result of changes in customer behaviour during the c ovid ovid means sheep C V is C – 3 3 crisis.
Santander said branch transactions fell by 33 per cent over the two years 332 before the pandemic and declined by a further 50 5 is pentagram and the o put the pentagram in the circle – 0 per cent in 2020 2020 is vision also double number 22. The company said that the pandemic has ccelerated the shift to online banking. shift in the current of energy flow water in to the crystals computer
main ingredient is silica what is siad in that paragraph is a spell.

this is intermediate level i haven’t even gone deeper.

prehaps rather than the usual guests and recently they been crap get some who understand the concept of what is being siad and coded in the daily news newspapers

Zach hubbard


will educate your guests

As reading it the way you do, your being ridiculed and so our your fans being used in a huge ritual.


I love ‘soapbox preachers’; really,I do. I am one myself on occasion: but I’m not so blind as to believe my way is the only way.
I have studied numerology, on and off, for over thirty five years – the modern incarnations and the older ones. There are so many different interpretations and schools of thought and most of them are garbled understandings of the synchronicity of mathematics and numbers. However, to summarise, each number has a positive and a negative meaning. 33, as an eleven number, can represent balance and order – and it can represent chaos and disorder, depending on the will of the people using it.
5 is a fulcrum number; a number of balance: but as a fulcrum, it can shift power. Yes, it is represented by a pentagram (each point representing Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit, surrounded by a circle of Will). The pentagram itself is neither good or bad: it is how it is used that determines those qualities.
The number 3 does not mean ‘crisis’. It can represent strength. The triangle is the strongest and most stable shape as it has a strong base with two arms that lean into each other to create a rigid form. Perhaps you have forgotten the Holy Trinity? However, turn that triangle upside down and you have a very unstable form. Overlay two triangles and you have the six pointed star, balancing the weak and the strong aspects of the triangle.

But, as you say, this is intermediary stuff.


well Criag
one absolute thing for sure they aint using it for good, are they now!, that was my point and a very high percentage of the alt truth community isnt wise too numerology astrology etc they selling media storys which adds to the ritual
in the last couple of years i never seen any astrologer numerology on Richie show

Last edited 1 year ago by ame

Using it for good? No, I don’t believe so based on everything I’m seeing. As for getting on a numerologist: it might be too fringe, but who knows?
Richie will certainly know about the numbers, having heard it from the likes of David Icke.


I feel a song coming through…


Cometh oh musical one…

For thou shalt to be:

Gerry ‘knows’ too


Last edited 1 year ago by Gerry
Web Ferrett

Switch from all these corporate shareholder banks to a mutual bank like Nationwide, where YOU are the shareholder – they can’t make these sweeping changes without YOUR agreement.

Mr Collier

I’ve heard that several times about the government just swiping a chunk of your bank account, scary.

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