Child Activity Levels Haven’t Returned To Normal Post Pandemic

A study by the University of Bristol has found that child physical activity levels dropped during the Covid crisis and haven’t recovered since the end of the lockdowns.

The study also revealed that around two thirds of the UK’s children are not meeting recommended activity levels.

According to The Guardian:

The UK’s chief medical officers recommend that all children and young people should take part in an hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day.

However, the study led by the University of Bristol found that by the end of 2021, only a third were meeting the national recommended physical activity guidelines.

While there was no change in their parents’ physical activity levels, the findings showed 10-11-year-olds took part in on average just 56 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity during weekdays from last April to December.

Researchers said that was around eight minutes on average less – a drop of 13% – than children of a similar age were doing before the pandemic.

It found children were less active at the weekend than during the week, taking part in 46 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity during weekend days. This was also about eight minutes lower than children who were measured using the same methods before the pandemic.

The study also revealed a marked increase in sedentary time, with children spending 25 minutes longer sitting down each day during the week than previously.

“It was surprising, the extent children’s physical activity levels had fallen after the pandemic, indicating that changes in physical activity patterns did not revert to previous levels once freedoms had been restored,” said the study’s senior author, Prof Russ Jago, of the University of Bristol.

“These findings highlight a greater need to work with children, families, schools and communities to maximise the opportunities for children to be physically active as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic.”



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Luckily for our family we kept our children going to school during this absolute nonsense. I insisted they went. This has helped them in their physical activity, and their learning to a point (indoctrination isn’t an option for our kids, they have been taught from day one to challenge what they are told, even if they get into trouble for it at school, just question it all).

I have always thought that computer games, online advertising, and even the schools themselves all push AWAY from physical activity, and encourage sitting behind a screen. We always always always insisted the kids played outside during the scam, and luckily we had friends on board who think the same, so we mixed, they played, they still do sports and never stopped.

The way society is as a whole now is to do everything remotely so you don’t have to leave your house; shopping, working, exercising on bikes online! That in itself is bonkers. It’s so clear they don’t want people to mix, to be normal, or to have any inclination to see others, but I won’t let that happen, especially to our children or that will be that.

We will keep fighting back against the bullshit, that is so clear to see through, that eventually they will stop trying to indoctrinate our children and plan their futures years in advance, wiping all life and experiences away from them.

Rant over, sorry! 😂


No they will label your children as disruptive which will make it more difficult for them to get on in this world. You can’t challenge morons they take it very badly and label those who challenge as trouble makers. Sorry I don’t really want to be negative about the great work you are doing with your children but these psycho mechanics are dangerous.


They are fuxking insane I know. The disruptive thing has come, which is fine, that can be dealt with, obviously not by the school cos they aren’t equipped. Persistence is the same for kids as for us. Earlier they learn easier it will be to keep them on the right track


Thanks, I hope your right but it hasn’t been helpful to me to get on in that system. My only saving grace is I don’t want to any more I carve my own rout. My whole family are conformists but I won’t go on, keep up the good work and all the best.


Not a rant, just the truth. Good for you, your children are among the lucky ones.Young children should only be minimally exposed to computers if at all and certainly should not have their own phones. They need to invent their own games to develop their imagination and creativity. I can remember as a child making up stories using different coloured bottle tops as we didn’t have a lot of money and we would be out to play for hours. No need for government guidelines telling us how long we should spend doing what, we just did it.


Thanks Jennie, we always try to get them to explore games, rather than gaming. Although they do it a bit. I think the fact that they are adopted too, so come from a bad start anyway, has made me even more determined to keep them on the right track and give them as much encouragement to be themselves as possible.

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