Children With “Locked-In Trauma” Prescribed Antidepressants

The number of children being prescribed antidepressants is at an all time high. The so-called pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have seen a 40 per cent increase in drugs being prescribed for under-17’s.

Repeated lockdowns, isolation, school closure and fear of spreading the virus has left many children suffering “locked-in trauma.” According to The Telegraph this morning:

More than 27,000 children were prescribed antidepressants last year, the figures show, with numbers peaking during the first lockdown, and two thirds of cases involving girls.

Overall, the figure was 40 per cent higher than five years ago, when 19,739 children were prescribed such drugs.

Experts said growing numbers of children were being medicated, because waiting lists for help from psychologists and psychiatrists were too long. 

Psychologists claim that children have become anxious about normal activities and that social distancing and fear of infection is leading to behavioural problems.

Earlier this week the BBC reported that children as young as 5 were having panic attacks about playdates and expressing fears about leaving their homes.

Waiting lists for counselling and psychotherapy are so long, that doctors are putting children on antipsychotic drugs. I cannot find the words to express how awful this is. Look what they’ve done to our children.

Will there ever be a day of reckoning for Johnson, Hancock, Vallance, Whitty and Van Tam? The buck stops with them. They have destroyed the lives and the futures of millions of children. They did it willingly. They did it knowingly.

Auschwitz would be too good for them.

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I think this says a lot about the kind of society we have spewed up. We are run by a bunch of absolute bastards.

Last edited 6 months ago by Adam

Hello from the US! The governor (I call him the Oberst-Gruppenführer) of the state where I live mandated masks for everyone over 11 (I could be wrong on the age). I saw far too many children, even toddlers, in stores with masks on. Shame on the adults who were doing this! Fortunately, the children in my neighborhood never wore masks outside and continued to play freely with each other through this whole farce. I’m very hopeful knowing that there are pockets of the population that retain some sanity.


Salutations from the UK.
Sorry to hear about the masking (Child Abuse) of children.

Urban fox

Psychotropic drugs treat symptoms and badly. They don’t remove the causes. They have terrible and dangerous side effects. There are natural alternatives and mental techniques that can help. But ultimately we are facing an epidemic of unhappiness. Pharmaceutical companies promote the idea that everything is physical in nature. There is a body,mind connection. But causes of mental illnesses are spiritual and emotional. Children and adults are having There lives torn apart. And being seperaTed from family and friends. And everything else that makes life worth living. No one ,as specially children taking psychotropic drugs of poison jabs. I t is an abomination.

Urban fox

” no one as specially children should be taking psychotropic drugs or poison jabs. It is an abomination” ( correction to my post) As the whole of the last 16 months has been an abomination. That continues to bring new horrors each day.No punishment would be to great for what these monsters in suits and white coats ,under the guise of an imaginary virus, are doing to push there evil agenda upon mankind.

Marissa Oatley

Sweet babies, may the healing spirit come and help each one of you angels❤

As a child I was on antidepressants and It helped me in NO way but made it 100 times worse.. I was on them for 7 years! it took me 3 fing years to get off them completely and It was so hard because once in the body, the body acts like it needs them its horrible! I found out hugs, lots of hugs💛 and just talking and writing(other hobbies) is all I needed all along to help me through those tough days instead of a pill that would probably made my heart give out. We are supposed to have feelings, all sorts of feelings on a day to day basis. Having someone show you that it’s alright and to help you yourself learn why and how you are feeling is better than any prescription drug because it gets to the root cause of your emotions…


you have to question why these children are on anti depressants, these drugs won’t change the abnormal environment , i.e. you should be depressed as this is a human reaction to the current situation of these draconian restrictions, there is nothing wrong with the children, change the environment and there should be signs of improvement.

Last edited 6 months ago by Patrice
Urban fox

Spot on Patrice


Unfortunately from my experience as a nurse there will always be parents who are only to happy for their offspring to be ‘labelled’ as having this or that condition (cue parents on tv plus child who has been told he/she has long covid) and be medicated. Gives them something to talk about to their mates, ‘our darren is on.’ …insert appropriate intervention. ‘Our kylie has got…..’ Makes the parents feel important, gives them status.


Yes sadly.. They need a slap


Also push for regular payments from the benefits system. This has become an increasing trend. Previously, and probably still occurs to some extent, child has a cold and parents smoked profusely in a small space over the child to induce asthmatic symptoms. This was upped during the night – higher rate given for night-time attendance allowance. Authorities knew of the practice but no intervention taken for this child abuse. Same with a ‘floppy’ child as a result of overdosing with decongestants or antihistamines.
Munchausen by proxy is more common than most social and healthcare professionals care to admit.


You can’t afford to miss The HighWire Tonight, June 24th, Live at 19.00.
(straight after the RAS)
(preview video)


Anyone I know who has taking medication for depression, became more of a danger to themselves and others.


Synthetic solutions are not right for organic problems. If big pharma has it’s way; we’ll all be drugged to the eyeballs. Soma for the current age. Here’s a weird factoid; aldus Huxley died on exactly the same day as John F Kennedy – food for tought; or just a coincidence?

Urban fox

All one has to do is look at the side effects list in the drugs symptoms manual. The worst being suicidal thoughts and violent outbursts. All psychotropic drugs,prescription and non prescription can have similar effects. Sometimes many years after stopping taking them.


Children don’t need drugs or psychiatrists they just need to be allowed to behave and live like children.

I suffered spells of depression for years and for some of the time I was on anti-depressants. Eventually, despite my doctor wanting me to stay on them, I put them down the toilet as they were turning me into a zombie. I found meditation helped far more than any drug. They should introduce meditation into schools, prisons etc, it would be of huge benefit. But then it’s more about controlling humanity now not helping it.


Be very careful,  meditation is a doorway to demonic control, Jesus Christ is the only answer.



Alex Romero

Keep taking the meds.

Urban fox

Absolutely correct. And I’M almost made speechless by the other comments to your post. Which is a first for me. As I’m normally muttering to myself,even though i live alone. Must be demonic possession,getting the better of me. Best be careful.


I’m cross-posting a comment because I think it’s very important.

Something very big is happening with regards to Ivermectin right now. Drs Andrew Hill and Robert Malone have come out saying there’s not enough evidence to support the use of Ivermectin, and there’s been a lot of kick-back on twitter, just read some of the comments:

twitter dot com/DrAndrewHill/status/1407794264969523200

Dr Hill did the first meta-analysis on Ivermectin, and he seemed to support it’s use at first, but now he’s flipped. His connections to The Gates Foundation — surprise surprise — have been exposed, and Dr Tess Lawrie claims he admitted to having been influenced by his sponsors:

twitter dot com/Brianne14437909/status/1407878934528761864

Also, Oxford has announced it will start studying Ivermectin. The problem is, last year Oxford produced junk science to discredit HCQ, deliberately using too high a dose:

youtube dot com/watch?v=2uzXHnUViro

Oxford has been one of the controlled opposition, opposing lockdowns and the PCR test in order to win the confidence of the public, while also promoting the jab, and discrediting HCQ is part of that. Now it looks like they will try to produce more junk science to discredit Ivermectin:

twitter dot com/DAUK2021/status/1408064673996439560

I would very much like to hear from Dr Tess Lawrie again, as she seems to be the only scientist really standing up for Ivermectin.


Here’s a video to watch on the censorship of the above drug by a former Fox reporter Ivory Hecker, it’s on pitshoot (you know the site that can’t be mentioned), “Pursuing truth in covid drug treatment amid a censored media landscape”.


Delaying tactics – imagine them giving serious consideration to an already authenticated treatment?
The haste with which the injections have been introduced has denied the population the same due process.


This is beyond sad but unsurprising. Manufacturing mental health issues in children has been intensifying over recent years and it is a tragedy. They should be playing out in nature, discovering and taking risks; instead they’re being driven into a world of artificial unreality with parents promoting technology addiction and plunging them straight into the world of narcissistic consumerism influenced by the powerful corporations. Unnatural environments and processed shite food, breakdown of family roles, mistrust of adults and deliberate identity confusion all contributing factors. But worry ye not, we have the young royals, elite sport stars and television programming to continually promote mental health problems, self harm and guilt in working class kids. Classic problem, reaction, solution. Solution is a magic pill (creating a lifelong customer for big pharma) and dependency on authority resulting in a perfectly malleable slave for the sick system. No doubt, extra cash will be splurged on ‘wellbeing’ staff in schools and universities to screw them up even more. A generation of children scared of human contact does not bode well for the future. Scary times

Last edited 6 months ago by Matt

Recruit them young! Lifelong counselling jobs and a boom in zoom pill dispensing machines – once known as GPs.

Last edited 6 months ago by Brenda

Well said, absolutely true.

Danny Warden

Children are now being injected with the covid 19 jab here in France from age 12.
350,000 have already received their first dose 😤


Why?? Why would you allow your children to be injected with this poison? Child abuse. There is no excuse for not being aware of the adverse reactions, never mind the ones that will appear in the future. My heart is breaking as my daughter in law has already informed my grand daughter she will be expected to have this. Our children are precious. What has been done to them under the guise of ‘health measures’ is undeniably evil.


The prospect of all these needlessly damaged precious children, fills me with a heavy heart.


When I was out today nearly all the young teenagers wearing masks on a rare fine day here when they should be getting vitamin D from the sun and breathing in the fresh air. I get stared at as if I’m bright green and have two heads because I’m not wearing one.


I just smile at them & say ‘hi’ hoping to at least momentarily remind them a life forgotten. Also the more they see without masks the more confident they will become. The worst sight I see is hospital staff walking to work – 2 miles that could set them up for the day – masked the entire way.


I’ve tended to just not look at people in masks unless they say hello to me but I think you actually have the right approach.


Same here Brenda. Had my grand daughter with me (11) on a trip to supermarket, just the 2 of us. Mum had told her to put mask on when she went in which she did and she seemed embarassed I was’nt wearing one. As we went round I pointed out other kids not wearing them of her age, and ‘ooh, look at that staff member not wearing one’ etc. I also told her that I would never let anything harm her and if I thought there was a deadly disease then I would wear a mask also and make sure she did. Half way round she took it off, gave me a big hug and said ‘I love you nanna’. I continued to point out other non muzzled to build her confidence. Had her for a week during which, hopefully, I have reassured her and maybe instilled some questioning thoughts.


I always smile, wave and say ‘hello’ to the young children in supermarkets, folk must think ‘there goes the mad lady’ 😂 saddens me how the toddlers and young children do a double take when they see my unmuzzled face. Conditioned already to accept muzzling otherwise known as subservience.


A trend I’ve noticed is that infants born during this period lack the normal social engagement responses. Previously, any contented 6 month plus baby would return a smile with eyes lighting up.
Some, although showing curiosity appear to lack this crucial milestone achievement.
I’ve observed that they do tend to smile within their family unit when out. I can only presume it’s lack of developmental opportunity encountering a wider masked population.


Sadly I have to agree with you. Babies respond to facial expression, even new borns who will closely follow eyes and mouths. As an ex-midwife I would show the new mums ( this was in the 00’s, when we still had mums) that by holding baby directly in front of them, face to face and speaking slowly, the babies would focus on their mums’moving lips and move their own lips as if trying to speak. Take away facial expressions and as you say Brenda, development will be delayed and also an important emotional attachment to other humans. Does not bode well going forward.

Hermione Granger

Refused it all get out on your bike unmuzzled and unvaxed forever

Last edited 6 months ago by Hermione Granger

On yer bike- no longer a missive expletive!!


Child abuse and child sacrifice, literally murder, is an integral part of what the elites do: either to use as blackmail material, as Epstein the Israeli operative was doing; or because it’s part of their cult of Moloch, which people often confuse for Satanism, which is not the same thing. Yes it is literally the same people the Bible talks about as sacrificing children, for those who are not aware they should watch this interview about it:

The really scary part is that so many parents have been brainwashed into abusing their own children: forcing them to wear masks, isolate, stay under house arrest, being subjected to Marxist brainwashing at school, telling them if they breathe they’ll kill granny, and now subjecting them to dangerous vaccination, sacrificing them for the cult of Moloch.

It’s so sad but I don’t know how we can reverse this situation, I think it may all be over.


Speaking of Epstein, apparently John McAfee committed suicide in prison. He claimed to have damaging material on the elites, and that he would never commit suicide; but it’s also possible he may have had mental health problems too.


To me it’s just pure EVIL!!!


Bobby, this is all very familiar to me. Had briefly mentioned this evil in a reply to Jacob a few weeks back. More recently had given more detail of my knowledge of this in a message to Gerry.
In the early 1970’s (maybe dinosaur era to you?) there were non-glossy magazines on this very subject being fervently passed around some churches and universities. They detailed the global existence, structures,beliefs, purpose, politics, practices, secrecy, symbolism and how these groups were all interconnected. It included Freemasonry, the Church of Rome, Illuminati, Opus Dei,
Zionism, witchcraft, Devil worship, paedophilia and child sacrifice. I believed it to be real having carried out cross-referencing with the Bible. It all still seemed so surreal and certainly beyond my imaginings as a young adult. Then they swiftly disappeared without a trace – believe the secret services did a mass collection via contacts/mole placement within our circles. Never to be seen again!! We understood the significance of this action!!! There may well be some copies secreted away among my contemporaries of that time, possibly in some attic somewhere.
I knew these organisations continued to be firmly in place with many references to them in the media and other settings through successive years. An ever increasing encounter with their symbols in architecture, art, music, insignia and other mediums reminded me of this. I spoke of these things with my children as they neared adulthood.
Central to the geopolitics of today.


An update on my post yesterday when i wrote about the crazed lie that more than one million people in England are suffering with ‘long Covid’. On the BBC breakfast programme this morning (24 June) presenter Charlie said it had been reported that two million people in England were suffering from ‘the long term effects of Covid’! A RISE OF ONE MILLION IN JUST A DAY! This would mean that around one person in every thirty three in the country, including infants was suffering from this debilitating illness! One of your neighbours, despite never showing any symptoms of anything, is obviously very poorly! Perhaps you should knock on some doors to see if you can help with the shopping!


I’ll repost an older comment on long covid:

I saw it reported via the NY Post that:

The feds are dishing out $1.15 billion to study “long COVID” based on data collected mostly from people who “likely never had the virus in the first place,” laments psychiatrist Jeremy Devine at The Wall Street Journal. The supposed syndrome is “largely an invention of vocal patient ­activist groups,” such as Body Politic’s “patient-led initiative,” whose survey showed only 16 percent of respondents claiming “lingering symptoms” had “tested positive for the virus.” Such “symptoms can also be psychologically generated or caused by a physical illness unrelated to the prior ­infection.” The spending spree “is a victory for pseudoscience and will do more to harm than help” a “large group of impressionable patients.”

wsj dot com/articles/the-dubious-origins-of-long-covid-11616452583

I wonder how much of this “long-covid” business is merely Munchausen syndrome or hypochondria, because it’s really scary how successful the media has been at brainwashing people in recent years.


I would suggest it is possibly a combination of mental and physical debilitation, exacerbated if they have encountered any virus. Auto-suggestion and mass hysteria all play their part, along with those who choose to identify with any current trend.

Undoubtedly for some it will be purely psychosomatic which can itself mimic any imagined illness, manifesting as physical pathological symptoms. Every experience and message received in the current context only serves to confirm these notions. If prolonged the associated stress and belief can of itself result in an organic illness. Many people find that through lengthy periods of self-neglect, the prospect of resilience may be unrealisable.

Factor in the state of induced fear, constantly being provoked, the mind games being played leading to confusion and the distortion of any previously recognisable reality, it may be surprising that there are not more complainants.

There are those genuinely suffering with access being frustrated to any healthcare provisions, the suspension of therapies and operations.
Long overdue, not long covid!!!

OCD is evident in many, with religious compliance to the rituals of sanitisation, toxic masking, social distancing and isolating. Their entire existence being dictated to by covid, these activities perversely serve as a ‘comfort blanket’ believing these adherences are part of their route to salvation.

Some find they have more time to indulge these ideas, while others find additional responsibilities very gruelling.
There is no uniformity in personal and domestic or work experiences. Some have even thrived, found a different purpose and direction in life.
Equally a diverse effect on relationships. If fractured or destabilised this will also contribute to anv weariness.

I also find there’s a lot of projection occurring – no matter what someone is complaining about, just about everyone – including the medical profession are blaming or suggesting covid!!!!
Amazing how other human maladies have vanished!!

Just how much the diverse and worrisome impact of the injections contributes to this narrative (officially it will be none at all) – is one, that those of us who are informed, are fearful of.


You’ve elucidated very well how these things may arise from other causes.


Spot on.


Jennie, you’ll have a laugh at this one.
Overheard a lady in the queue at the Post Office saying she’d asked her GP if she thought she could have long covid. The reply ” how long is a piece of string?”
Reckon big Pharma are working overtime to produce a fix for this one – old rope to them!!


Well we are in our 16th month of restrictions here in Ireland and I still haven’t met anyone who’s had this mythical virus.


I have met a few, but not since the first lockdown. Regularly in contact with hospital staff and they report some staff affected – whatever that means!! Know of a few vulnerable elderly receiving home care at the outset of this died – probably same outcome if seasonal flu. Rest of population – I always enquire when in conversation including new encounters and numbers appear to be few. However, what they are reporting is asymptomatic positive tests – totally meaningless except for propaganda purposes.
Many people are being led to believe this means they have had it.


The PCR test is vital to their whole plan which is why I’m so suspicious about Kary Mullis death because it was just so convenient.


Oh totally convinced of it! He was a bit of an oddball but also didn’t like the establishment. He would not have consented for this misappropriation of the PCR test. Now if you think about it, any laboratory could have come up with a fake test to fulfil this purpose. The ingenuity using this one is in its accreditation – with the PCR test Kary Mullis won the Nobel Prize. For the average Joe, what’s to question?!!!


Feruson – mathematical genius lol…from Imperial College London…. still providing the predicitive data?!!!

Last edited 6 months ago by Brenda

Another important post but yet again (yawn!) the analogy is with Auschwitz. How about using the Gulag or Guantanamo Bay for a change.


Or Abu Ghraib?

Last edited 6 months ago by Jacob

We can’t state it often enough; the elites are Marxists, not Nazis, there’s a clear difference and it’s important we make the distinction. Marxists trick people into supporting them by claiming they’re all about equality and raising up the oppressed, that’s what our elites do, they are Marxists.


All part of the plan they lock children as young as 9 year old in private hospitals
for 17k a week, all funded by the tax payer to the Kosherservative mates.
remind us where was the outcry a few years back when this story broke..?

Nope the shill alt media was selling shilling you sharia law was coming to the west.
What happen to the moslem terrorist during convid,? what!!!! terrorists was so scared of the virus they decide to stop the astrology numerology state sponsored aligned attacks .

Now Albion children are wearing masks not burka where is the outcry from the The Communistatives alt media and all them lot.

(matt hancock 2018) Profiteers of Misery: Parents slam health fat cats in UK and US who are raking in as much as£730,000 annually for every autistic child they ‘lock up’ in secretive secure psychiatric unit




For children that have in all probability been damaged by the state as a consequence of aggressive vaccination regimes!!


I wondered what had happened to the Iraqi Law in London and the Muslamic Ray Guns?


You can’t afford to miss The HighWire Tonight, June 23rd, Live at 19.00.
(straight after the RAS)
(preview video)


I have become a regular. Just posted a link for Dr Vernon Coleman latest 2 videos on Brand new tube & vamoose, disappeared.!!
So best access is Dr Vernon and his home page gives a direct link to his latest videos.
One on masks 15mins and Gates of Hell 20 mins. So if have these slots in your day, always worth a watch

Last edited 6 months ago by Brenda

Worked using Firefox instead of Google – surprising as they are associates


Thanks for adding this Brenda, always enjoy watching wit, sarcasm and the TRUTH 👍 thinking of playing one of these as I meander around the shops.


I play these via Bluetooth through a speaker system when out in the garden
weeding etc. Hoping it will catch someone’s ear as well as opportunity for me to keep up. Considering there’s so much counter- propaganda material available – it’s difficult to understand how this has passed so many by.


Love it 😂 hoping you get through.


Over the tannoy?!!


Thanks for putting this one on, its informative without being ‘scary’ for my 11yr old grand daughter. 👍


Difficult when almost everyone and everything is telling them to be fearful.
Sharing the truth will help to keep them safe and equip them to do the same for life!! Fortunate to have someone as wise as you in her life.


I try, thanks 🤗


Brill, just watched both of them. 👍


We have to stop this folks!!

We must keep plugging away at “unplugging” the masses from this deception.

We must protect our children.

Here’s a message from Jim Corr also worth sharing:


Good man, every single word he says is true. I did have a conversation with someone earlier and I was trying to wake them up to the fact that covid is a big con, the EU is not a good organisation and that fluoride is actually a toxin and should not be in the water. They didn’t disagree but they still had a mask on.


I know the feeling.

Some people are just being polite, but they’re not really listening and they will still go off and render their services to big pharma gene therapy experiments!!

The term, talking to a wall comes to mind!!


Alex Romero

Another win win for big pharma.


Of course their will be no day of reckoning, the Politicians went to the same schools (Eton, Harrow etc) as did the leaders of the Armed Forces, the Police Commisioners, the High Court Judges the leading Banksters and so on and so on,

They all piss in the same pot (or for the enlightened amongst us all stood round the same Digestive biscuit !)

George Carlin and that big club springs to mind


They all attended the same “Common Purpose” courses together and have all quietly climbed the slippery pole giving each other a leg up.


Can’t wait for the day these moronic psychopaths are locked up and the key thrown away!


That’s a pipe dream. It’s not going to happen. Mengele didn’t stand trial: he lived out his days in South America. And it’s entirely possible, according to de-classified FBI documents, that Hitler did the same.
Tony Blair has done exceedingly well off the back of his war crimes. George W Bush is enjoying his retirement.
Gislaine Maxwell has disappeared from the public gaze.
The Clintons are still active in politics and business, despite the clear and obvious links to Epstein.
Biden is in the clear despite numerous allegations of physical sexual assault.
The list goes on and on.


You’re right of course Craig but I can dream…

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