Climate Nutters Storm Stage At West End Les Miserables Show

Just Stop Oil protesters stopped a West End performance of Les Miserables after invading the stage.

According to SKY News:

During the song Do You Hear The People Sing?, members of the group stormed the stage with banners emblazoned with Just Stop Oil.

Footage showed the actors on stage continue to perform the song briefly before stepping back, with the safety curtain then coming down.

Some members of the audience booed and shouted at the protesters, while a member of Just Stop Oil addressed the auditorium.

The activists then locked themselves to the set, prompting the
Sondheim Theatre to be evacuated.

The Metropolitan Police said five people have been arrested.

William Village, chief executive of Delfont Mackintosh Theatres, told Sky News: “During the first half of our performance of Les Miserables, individuals from Just Stop Oil invaded the stage, abruptly stopping the show.

“Following our safety protocols, the audience were asked to leave the auditorium and the Met Police attended.

“Regrettably, there was insufficient time to enable us to complete the rest of the performance. Whilst we recognise the importance of free expression, we must also respect our audience’s right to enjoy the event for which they have paid.”

Refunds will be offered to audience members, the theatre group has said.

Addressing the group’s latest protest, Just Stop Oil member Hannah Taylor said: “The show starts with Jean Valjean stealing a loaf of bread to feed his sister’s starving child. How long before we are all forced to steal loaves of bread? How long before there are riots on the streets?

“The show cannot go on. We are facing catastrophe. New oil and gas means crop failure, starvation and death. It is an act of war on the global south and an utter betrayal of young people.”

Poppy Bliss, who also took protest action, added she was “absolutely terrified for my future”.

“I don’t want to be disrupting people’s evenings out, but I have been left with no other choice,” she said.

“Our government is betraying the young and putting everyone’s futures on the line for the sake of a few votes.

Poppy Bliss? Are you kidding me?

Arresting these nutters isn’t sufficient.

They should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.


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