Comedian Snubbed For Being Straight, White, Able-Bodied & Male!

A comedian has claimed that he was snubbed for a gig, because he’s white, straight, able-bodied and male. Fans of Nick Dixon recommended him to a comedy club promoter. The promoter replied saying:

“I kind of have a million billion really good white, straight able-bodied male comedians I can call upon. I’m trying to find more of the opposite. When I say the opposite I don’t necessarily mean a black gay woman in a wheelchair, but I’ve seen how hard it is for female acts, black acts etc to get on good bills. And it’s good to mix it up with character acts.”

Dixon shared the message on social media but hasn’t named the promoter or the venue. He says that white male colleagues face the same scrutiny over their identity.

Speaking to The Daily Express Dixon said:

“This has happened to basically every straight white comedian I know. Whether it’s live or TV work, everyone this happens to feels it’s wrong, though they might not admit it publicly.

Some argue that this kind of thing is just redressing the balance for past discrimination. But if you asked them to give up their place on a TV panel show for a person of colour it would be a different story. Cack-handed attempts at social engineering don’t help anyone.”

A promoters job is to find the funniest comics. That’s it. He/she won’t last long if they’re hiring talent based on ethnicity and sexual orientation. Standards will inevitably drop.

I can’t say that I’ve been to many comedy clubs of late, but social engineering is everywhere. Watch any recent BBC or ITV drama. Every other couple is mixed-race and every family seems to have a LGBT kid. That hardly reflects reality. I personally find it insulting. The adverts are worse than the programmes.

A friend of mine who has worked at the BBC for years, told me recently that when on location, reporters are encouraged to prioritise people of colour when doing Vox pops.

We’re being programmed and manipulated from dawn til dusk. Someone, somewhere is working round the clock to change how we perceive reality. You know what? They’re winning.









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Undoubtedly the Frankenstein medics will be working on some operation to correct his anomaly!!


On a happy note the Dundee law student Lisa Keogh has been cleared by her university of her crime of stating women have vagina’s. As covered by the BBG a couple of weeks ago.


That is good news and will help in the figjt against this madness.


Very sad when we lost bill burr. Never found chapelle funny. Check out Doug Stanhope, the best around.


Doug stanhope predates both Chapelle and Burr.


Just listen to the truth about Israel, just for once in your life. Guess what has nothing to do with Jews.


I have heard of this fictional country before that some say exists in Palestine on land stolen from the Semetic people.


Don’t watch force fed TV, don’t listen to the mainstream radio, build your own bullshit filters and develop your own internal firewall that only accepts what makes sense to you.

There is decent media out there, decent science, decent comedians, decent youtube, even some tv programming shows.

Detect when they are firing the propaganda and psychological mind games and deflect it somewhere else.


Yeah we just left the Comedy Store last night. The headliner was a Martian half black half Chinese gay trans bi queer non-binary one testicle comedian. Ticks all the boxes but can’t tell a fucking joke to save “their” lives.


Mick Miller, 4 minute youtube video , Last Laugh in Vegas, comedy gold.

Hermione Granger

Maybe if he was funnier he’d stand out. There’s few really funny people today bring back bill hicks

Last edited 5 days ago by Hermione Granger
Tony K

Every single comedian of this era, has crumbled in front of what we face. Sold out.

There is only 1 that hasn’t.

Andrew Lawrence.

And fucking big up to the brother for being the only one with a bit of balls.


Gone are the days of the great Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks, and Dave Chappell; in comparison to todays stand-up artists is like the wtching the earth being scorched. You’re absolutely ‘spot on’ Tony K. Were this WWI, these people would be shot for ‘cowardice in the face of the enemy’. A few of my comedy casualties are Ricky Gervais and Bill Burr; both still funny but have taken to fellating the showbiz D!$K.

Tony K

Yeah, nice one Backbeat.


Cheers. I just tell it like it is. Things are getting beyond silly now, the one hope is that the post millenials will rebel against their ‘tight arsed’ predecessors.

Hermione Granger

Bill hicks was amazing


I place him righ up there with Pryor, Carlin, Fox and Bruce. The man was truly touched with genius.


Dont think Lee Hurst has sold out, far from it if you take a look at his Twitter page.


According to the colour-picker on my photo thingy, he’s not white, he’s #D68F7D

Gene Hunt

Ahh, the old elephant in the room! Can’t “people of colour” see they’re being used and taken for fools?
If not, why not?
If they can see that they’re being used where the hell is their self respect & dignity, just tell the black n white Woke elite to go to hell…….. otherwise they’ll just remain “the token” on any given game or chat show, and as for the ads, jeez!
It’s a combination of embarrassment & nausea watching such obvious bias these days. Surely they can do better than being ritually humiliated and having their dignity stripped away, just for an agenda that has no intention of serving them well………


I think it’s because they’ve wanted to have their views heard for so long, they’ll go along with any old gubbins even if it supports burning cities down, shooting each other, banning their income demographic, and basically turning everyone against them. I’m Welsh, and I’ve seen Welsh people support some crazy violent notions and groups just because they’ve historically been shouted down and mocked. Then there’s the normal people who can make a decent judgement who say “Nah, that’s wrong, you don’t burn stuff and ban people or you’ll go broke and end up in a bad situation”


Speak as that ‘Horse of an entirely different colour’ I’m disgusted at the moral weakness of those who succumb to wokery. I still love Bernard Manning, Chubby Brown and certain Jim Davidson performances. The startling FACT about comedy; is that, it’s based on truth.

Gene Hunt

Absolutely Backbeat, should definitely have been SIR Bernard Manning! Absolute genius, took the piss out of everyone but of course only remembered for having a go at blacks…….. Did loads for charity, but didn’t make a song & dance about it unlike the useless lefty woke “comedians” that are forced upon us today….. P.s, some great YouTube vids of Big Bernard in his pomp as well


What is often missed is the fact that Bernard Manning was also quite self deprecating in his own way. Do you remember the ‘Comedians’ with great acts like Charlie Williams, Colin Crompton, Ken Goodwin etc?


Yes and there was no lewdness or swearing if I remember but some very funny comedians.

My dads cousin, who I called Uncle, was a musician and band leader played with the likes of Tom Jones, Shirley Bassy travelling all over the world married Patti Gold who was on the Russ Abbot MadHouse, They formed the comedy duo Cool Breeze” and spent many years on the circuit doing shows.

She was also an actress on Heartbeat, Jimmy Cricket’s TV show and Punchlines.

Used to go on a weeks holiday with his son when they were doing the summer sea side shows.
Had some great times and met a few of the other acts including the Black Abbots and The Wurzels.

Patti Gold

Last edited 5 days ago by Jacob

How I yearn for those bygone side-splitting experiences. Family fun – great after the fish and chips


I had completely forgotten about those holidays with Patti and Uncle.
The Fish Shop in my village, sadly shut now, had on the sandwich
board sign outside the wordings”Fish & Chips etc”.
It was common practise to go in there and when asked what we wanted to say ” I’ll have an etc please”

The woman owner of the Fish Shop got sick of that one so one day when someone asked for an etc she said hang on, went in the back room, came back a few minutes later with a folded up slice of buttered bread complete with a pickled onion inside and said “that will be 10 pence please”.
I do not recall any of us saying that again.
Fun times they were.

Last edited 5 days ago by Jacob

Russ Abbot was a fair drummer too…


Great days, say what you like, all taken in good humour, no one offended and able to laugh at themselves. My own fave was and still is Mick Miller. Showed he still had it recently in Last Laugh in Vegas.


And he had a brilliant singing voice too , a great entertainer unlike todays’ untalented muppets, ‘celebrities’ whose only talent is??? Answers on a postage stamp.


Bernard Manning was playing a character on stage . I met him when he did a show locally. I was fat then, but he was polite, an absolute gentleman. I was expecting him to be horrible but he was lovely. Bigoted jokes made money in those days. If he was born in the 90s he’d be doing woke comedy now to pay the bills.

But I do understand how people can get a guttural reaction to certain jokes. I saw Jason Byrne once, never again. He made a horrible joke about people who can’t have children, and he meant it because he said it with such venom that he spat the words out. But I didn’t feel the urge to cancel him, I just didn’t give him a penny from then on


There are times when comics go a little hard, but humour is based in an exaggerated truth, sometimes I wince a little, but humour like free speech should be sacrosanct, good comedy, is free speech distilled. IMHO.


Chubby Brown in my top three but not for the easily offended though 😂
Did you know his real name is Royston Vasey, the fictional village in The League of Gentlemen was named after him in his honour? Little bit of info there..


One for a pub quiz is that.


Fantastic! I love Chubby Brown; he goes really hard at times; one can do that when one has his talent and timing.


Maybe be if more straight white able bodied male came out and refused to wear a mask and say no to this madness we might have some change but all I can see when I am out are males looking castrated and proud with your beard and tattoos to make you look tough. Do you know silly you look with a beard and a nappy on your face?. Where are the f..king white warriors from this country. I think tney’ve been putting ATRAZINE in your water supply.


One of the best quotes about Beards is from the film Serpico “have a shave; you look like asshole with dentures”.


He’s not white, he’s coloured.


naaah….He’s pink 🙂

Tim in Brazil

Philosphically, positive discrimination is no different from negative discrimination.In fact who judges what is positive or negative. Social engineering would be a joke if the results were less serious.

Last edited 5 days ago by Tim in Brazil

This has been gradually gaining pace since the late 1980s, and it’s winning because those behind it have been targetting the most vulnerable – the children.
They have broken the family and local communities (the traditional units of informal education) and replaced them with a protracted education system, celebrities, political commentators, activists and social media.
The principles of equality have been replaced by the Fascist favourite of equity; complex diversity of thought and opinion has been replaced by simplistic diversity of physical characterisics.
In essence, society has been reduced to dimwitted children – because dimwitted children need stern parental figures to keep them safe.


Along with a humour bypass

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