Comedienne Faces Cancellation Over Offensive Historical Tweets

Janey Godley is an actress and comedienne. She’s apparently very funny. Billy Connolly thinks so. This morning, Godley is  facing calls for her to be fired from an upcoming Pantomime over offensive historic tweets.

Godley is currently appearing in coronavirus safety commercials. This prompted disability rights groups to demand that she be cancelled because of her jokes about disability. The tweets were posted between 2009 and 2018.

I don’t know exactly what she said. Most of the tweets have been deleted and the press won’t reprint them lest someone with a disability keels over presumably. The use of the term spaz has upset the Twitter lynch mob though. She also made jokes about Chernobyl victims.

Tory MSP Douglas Lumsden took to twitter to say that he’d contacted Godley’s theatre bosses to express his concerns about Godley’s tweets. In his letter he said; “I would ask what checks Aberdeen Performing Arts made as to her suitability for hiring, and its position on her unacceptable references to the disabled.”

You read that right. A member of Parliament is calling for the termination of someone’s employment, because of comments she made in the past. With any luck, his constituents will send him into early retirement after the next election.

I’ve always preferred comics who punched up rather than down. I don’t find jokes about disability particularly funny although there is no evidence that Godley has specifically mocked disabled people. It seems that when she used so-called offensive language she was replying to hecklers.

This is the era of cancel culture, where your career and even your life can be destroyed by social media lynch mobs. In this world there is no room for nuance. There is absolutely no room for forgiveness either.

I’m pretty sure that most people who live with disability would be happy enough for Godley to say; “You know, I was immature there and a bit insensitive. I’m genuinely sorry for using that language. I’d never intentionally cause any hurt to disabled people.”

That’s not good enough. She must be banned, fired, excommunicated and ultimately destroyed. Apparently she has nothing in the bank. She has never done any good. On Planet Dystopia you are forever judged on the less salubrious aspects of your character.

Quick, get scrubbing that Twitter account. You could be next.





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Steven James

My grandson is in a wheelchair,but I’m sure Janey uses the term in a certain context and would be very nice to my grandson if she met him.

Robert Klinck

Remember when Obama, weeks after being sworn in as President, compared his lousy bowling performance to the Paralympics? I assumed he had just written “finis” to his political career, but he proved to be protected by media teflon.


I see that Chubby Brown has just has his Sheffield gig cancelled: because…because…some people find his act offensive.


Not my cup of tea but plenty of people liked his style.
Who’s next I wonder for the axe?


While the loss to popular culture will be astonishingly insignificant should this cross between Jimmy Krankie & Chewbacca’s mum get cancelled, we should still defend her right to free speech and to continue being jaw droppingly unfunny.
Especially when her enemies include the greasy foreheaded MP for the constituencies of Harris, Glitter and Saville.
One can only imagine the age of the bowel his penis had resided in earlier that day.
I’m sure all male MPs on their first day are given a free, complimentary pack of baby wipes – fragrance free with an extra 50% free.


“Spastic” has always been one of my favourite words. I doubt there goes a day without me calling someone one 😀


comedy is going to suuuuuuuck so badly in 5 yrs time if this is cancelling trend continues,


On youtube, Godley adds ‘funny’ Glaswegian voices to small dogs such as shitzoos wearing tartan Jimmy hats. She is therefore a valuable addition to the SNPs message in warning us about the seriousness of the pandemic. When Godley is not giving voice to the angst of canines or performing this public service, She has a similar sthik blowing up the ass of Sturgeon…
So, this is hilarious. Goodbye Godley…


Black humour has always existed and is a way of coping with the harsh aspects of life and also the things that we fear.

As I’ve posted before to do with this topic a relative of mine was a theatre sister at a hospital near an accident blackspot where people who were badly burned and whose bodies were mangled used to be regularly brought in. She said that people would be shocked if they heard the sick jokes made by the surgeons but she said it was how they dealt with the horror of what they they were having to deal with day in and day out.


Using the wrong word 10 years ago = very naughty.
Killing and starving half a million children in Iraq = a price worth paying.
Laughing at someone = very, very naughty.
Preventing a parent from being with their dying child = for your own health.
Referring to someone with the wrong pronoun = end of your career.
Killing a million innocent Iraqis on the basis of a pack of lies = freedom and democracy.


Excellent, very true.

Ronald Templeman

What are these people like, if somebody could get a good laugh from saying something about me good on them. It’s good to laugh and maybe that’s the problem, we must not enjoy life, it’s not good for the NEW WORLD ORDER. When I look back at Benny Hill and all the other comedians that were so funny but would not be accepted these days, I think about what this woke generation are missing.


It is now common practice in both the private and public sectors to have special forum groups – namely BAME (for racial and ethnic groups); Spectrum (for people with disabilities); and LGBTQ+ .
However it’s cut, this is segregation – and it’s applauded, even though these are the same groups segregated in pretty much every authoritarian system. But say a word that someone, somewhere, finds offensive and brainless ‘intellectuals’ lose their minds.
It just shows what a pampered existence they lead – and how gullible they are.


If I went after every single person who used derogatory language towards me, I’d make an Aztec priest blush.

The only humour that seems permissable these days is self derogatory stuff. It’s not funny, and it’s predictable.
“Don’t laugh at others”, they say, “laugh at me”.
Narcassism aside, I would have to understand that person’s life to be able to laugh at them.
We can all see the foolishness of other people – even our own in group – and laugh at it. Stereotypes is a good expression of this, precisely because it generalises without getting too personal (the exception being public figures).

If course, where this could lead (as with certain other issues) is a protection, from mockery, of those public figures. Much like Winnie the Pooh in China.


We would laugh at them if they were funny but generally they’re not. Obviously we’ve known for quite some time that you can only insult heterosexual white people which even black, disabled or gay people probably find unfunny too.
On a different note I was half expecting you to have a chat to Richie last night as he mentioned your posts last week. He obviously appreciates your comments.


My ego isn’t that big.

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