Covid Passports To Be Trialed At Major Events In April & May

I know, I know. Vaccine passports, again. Lately, it feels like every other article is focusing on this issue. It’s important though. This morning, multiple news sources are claiming that the scheme will be trialled at major sporting events within weeks.

The media is calling them “covid passports” this morning. It’s being claimed that plans are underway to test fans before and after several major sporting events including, an FA Cup semi-final and the World Snooker Championships. According to The Telegraph:

People going to the events will be asked to take a Covid test to gain entry and another after attendance so that any spreading of the virus can be monitored.

Government scientists are closely involved in designing the pilots and will watch everything from crowd flows to ventilation systems to learn lessons about running large events.

Multiple government sources involved in the planning told The Telegraph it was hoped that Covid passports – producing a certificate showing your virus status – will feature in some pilots.

Trials of the scheme will run in April and May and if the government is satisfied that they are successful, it could lead to the reopening of large events in Summer.

Elsewhere, the BBC is reporting this morning that Jeremy Corbyn and Iain Duncan Smith are among more than 70 MP’s who are launching a scheme to oppose the introduction of vaccine passports. The BBC reports:

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and senior Tory Iain Duncan Smith are among more than 70 MPs to launch a campaign opposing Covid passports in England.

Any demand to prove vaccination status to access jobs, businesses or services would be “divisive and discriminatory”, the cross-party group said.

The group contains some unlikely allies, with many of Mr Corbyn’s former shadow cabinet joining the lockdown-sceptic Covid Research Group of Conservative MPs in backing the campaign.

Accusing the government of “creeping authoritarianism”, Liberal Democrats leader Sir Ed Davey said: “As we start to get this virus properly under control we should start getting our freedoms back. Vaccine passports – essentially Covid ID cards – take us in the other direction.”

However, the Labour Party is likely to support the introduction of so-called “covid certification.” Yesterday, Keir Starmer said that such a scheme would be “un-British,” but then went on to say that he would wait and see the government’s plans, before deciding whether to support or oppose.

Cabinet secretary Michael Gove is heading up a review into vaccine passports. He will publish his recommendations next week.




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Stacy Young

It’s hard to imagine that so many will be willing to have a schwab jammed up their nose before and after the event. I had to get a PCR covid test as required to get surgery and had no choice if I wanted the surgery. It was an absolutely horrendous experience and I do not intend on repeating it.

Stephen Hardy

Like others on this forum, I always make comments about this scamdemic on other platforms, if possible. On, the petition “Let care home residents like my mum have visitors, before it’s too late” – started by Angela McIntyre – has now amassed well over 200,000 signatures. In her update today – “My first visit for 13 months!” – she describes how she’s finally been allowed to visit her mum, but ONLY because her sister was too unwell to be the nominated visitor. Her last visit was in December!

In the comments section this is what I wrote:

This is a heartbreaking state of affairs created by a government-mandated policy of genocide on the elderly and frail. This is NOT a pandemic on the scale of the Black Death, that threatens every man, woman and child on Planet Earth. “Covid” is a RELATIVELY harmless respiratory infection, that is only a serious problem for a tiny minority of people, to which all focused protection and medical care must be directed. The government have used the “creation” of a pandemic to frighten the population into meek acceptance of the imposition of despotic, draconian restrictions without any regard for human rights or economic cost. The way care home residents have been treated is appalling and demonstrates a complete lack of humanity and empathy from a government of morons who take their orders from a higher authority. This was never about a virus, it is about mass compliance and control, and to coerce everyone into taking an unnecessary and completely experimental injection, the long-term consequences of which cannot be determined at this early stage.

The penny must be dropping by now! Once you’ve had your jab, and then the second dose, and then a booster shot just to be certain, can you now take off your muzzle, stop leaping out of the way if a panting, sweaty jogger moves within 20 feet of you, or can you now go rushing out in exultation to hug your granny – or anyone else’s granny for that matter – NO OF COURSE NOT! Once you give away your basic freedoms to tyrants – in exchange for the illusion of safety or security – you never get those freedom’s back again. Over a year since the combined health authorities of the United Kingdom downgraded Covid-19 from “a High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) to the level of seasonal flu – BEFORE the first lockdown was announced – we are where we are NOW because there was no push back THEN.


type in search engine


the site wont let me post the link, the 15 second clip is worth watch ;0)

Last edited 13 days ago by ame

It’s on bitchute. A good one.


Anyone now realizing why they hated school and never fitted in with the rest of the crowd?


Sounds like the making of a politician/policeman, who has sensed his opportunity of revenge.


its aimed at low IQ people, ian duncan smith OMFG its amazing how a 50£ PR jobs and some of theses evil people are now advocate of truth
OPPOSING, back benchers revolt,

its theatre for the brain dead. mind you its still April 1st

remind me where was this revolt?? opposing with no mask no entry or the cv act!/
what about when people who wrote like support workers carers to their leader of the Constitution in tories and labour town citys to say they was refused entry or they wasnt allowed to get a drink in cafe or restaurant as condition of entry was name and address telephone number1!
this was only 6 months back the same carers family members where told they could not see their familys,. WHERE’s the revolt then??
Where was this revolt??? uproar when certain places would not let people in unless they scanned the QR code even though people did not have the latest smart dumb phone with that facility on it? WHERE the revolt ??? when old people homes vaccinating mothers and fathers when their children said NO and they was still not allowed to go and see their own parents or children this is not long after they killed how many old people ??
WHERE is the fukcing revolt then????????? from theses 72 MP’s

What about the revolt for children having to wear masks and being tested

Where the revolt when they let jobcenters stay open and made people not work and closed business’s ?

it coming retard season called local selection voting you should be repulsed and their is no back benchers revolt,!!! their is the illusion, sold to plebs.

Not all of you, but their is many who suffer cyber psychosis amnesia


They can get fucked.

Web Ferrett

In fact HugoTalks has made a new video on the subject, making a brilliant speech that should be made into public information broadcast for the people EVERYWHERE:


Well I’ll say no to everything they come up with but the problem is that we are no longer going to be allowed to make our own decisions about how to live our lives but everything will be enforced by the tyranny of the uninformed majority and corrupt governments.


I will not be going………………………………….EVER

Simon Corbett

The more they dangle the carrot, the faster the plebs run.
No jab or passport for me, not for any price.


If the vaccinations were effective, society should be back to normal, the vaccinated having discarded their masks, together with their fears, safe in the knowledge of their immunity. Instead, the “safe and protected” are dictating to those who have chosen to accept the risks of the coronavirus, trampling over individual choice and freedoms.

It’s the behaviour of a cult, run by a state that craves total authoritarian control of a digital panopticon. After all, they have a lot to hide. A state deceiving its population into self-harming as marks in a currency pyramid scheme of increasingly worthless created debts, is by definition building a prison for the nation. It’s state terrorism by other means, a tyranny that would make the Gestapo blush.


Hi Big Oak!

According to the ’John Hopkins’ stats, the current global ’severe and critical list’ from ’Covid-19′(whatever this is?) stands at circa 50,000.
(Most of whom will recover!)

At its peak, this figure hovered around 100,000.

So, that might suggest the vaccines may be doing something? (For now??)

Let’s pretend that at this point in time and globally, two thousand people per day might die from a ’Coronavirus’ confirmed as ’Sars Cov 2’ by a PCR test which doesn’t actually isolate or scientifically confirm anything.

Out of ”7.8 billion” people.

(Need I say any more??)

Now, absolutely no doubts that our slave masters are fully aware of these statistics and know well there is no pandemic and never really was.

So, this points to only one conclusion and one conclusion only.

And that is, that you are 100% correct in your synopsis here.


Check out ’Roylab Stats’ on the Gestapo tube.

Here you will find a Covid cultist production of some nice soothing classical music to a backdrop of some impressive graphic displays to further placate the more Zombified Covid enthusiast…

While the horror show of delusion plays out ’spiritually’ in the background!!

(Or not!!!)



I see they aren’t allowing comments. I wonder why.


Yes Jennie!

No surprises there whatsoever.



Hey Jennie!

Speaking of ‘Covid Cultists’

Check out “Mighty Mikey Martin’ in this clip..

Notice the bedraggled hairdo (what little remains!!) and the zombified expressions cultivated by non sensical noises emanating from his vocal chords!!

A sight to behold!!!–Ireland-Hugo-Talks–lockdown:9


Couldn’t get into this!


When you click on the link, you need to give it a few secomds to load.. it will be blank at first, then it will suddenly appear.

I just checked it…

It works.


Comes up with YouTube, i clicked agree and it takes me back to original page. Pain in the arse.


That sounds like something affecting your browser Kaf!

That shouldn’t happen as Odysee has nout to do with the Gestapo tube!!



It isn’t the Odysee one, it’s the one before that. Don’t worry Gerry and thanks for getting back to me.



Right… Just search ‘Roylab Stats’ in the Gestapo tube…

There are a few feeds Kaf, but go to the one that’s live and has the most ‘viewers’ on it..

That’s the one you’re looking for!!



Thanks love. Got to do dinner now but will look later when the other half is watching Arsenal. Have a good Easter 😘


Cheers Kaf!!

And ditto!


Gene Hunt

The sad thing is, the more people I speak to, the more they are saying that it’s not that they believe in the vaxx, they are going for the jab purely so their life won’t be disrupted anymore. They’ve been beaten into submission, they have no fight left in them. And to be honest, a lot of people don’t seem to care less what’s in the jab or what it can do to you. Shocking!

Of course, those running things in the shadows are all to well aware of this. They’ve lit the touch paper and now they just have to sit back, wait and watch us self destruct………and who’ll take the flak for any future “outbreaks” & restrictions of liberty? You & me of course who refuse to be “vaxxed” and play along with this sick game of theirs…….

Ronald Templeman

Everything about this so called covid crap from the fact that the test (fiddled) finds corona virus (not covid) i.e.FLU to passports. Total control but how one gets through to so many of these people that can’t see the wood from the trees God only knows. It is very sad how this world has gone and one can now see how Hitler did it with ease.


We’ll have the answers soon enough with the snooker … The qualifiers start next Monday 5th and run to the14th April (English Institute of Sport, Sheffield– most likely without spectators?) , then the final stages move to the Crucible Sheffield and start on the 17th April and finish on 3rd of May (With spectators I believe!?).

It will be interesting to see how the fans react to this one??

Though, from what I’ve been seeing during the season (in one tournament even the referees wore masks!!), I suspect ‘total compliance’ will be the order of the day!!



Of course the fans will line up for their official Pass.
You’ll remember that I’ve pointed out before that everyone can be compromised with the right leverage.


Oh they will alright Craig.

Absolutely no doubts!!

And I bet they’ll still space out the seating arrangements to ensure ‘social distancing compliance’ to further enhance the psychological delusion through this form of mass media manipulation.

No opportunity is wasted.

Ronald Templeman

Not me for millions of pounds even.


And the intentional spin to perpetuate the mass psychosis, delusion and fear driven hysteria continues.

This ‘Hugo Talks’ clip sums it up in a nutshell really:–lockdown:7

Web Ferrett

In fact Hugo has made a new video on the subject, making a brilliant speech that should be made into public information broadcast for the people EVERYWHERE:

Last edited 13 days ago by Web Ferrett

Excellent Web!

Yes, he makes a few vitally important points here.

It makes me think of the overall global dystopia were speeding towards.

All starting with the ‘mass censorship’ of data by the big corporate tech institutions to further enhance the delusion ‘that is’ this artificial pandemic.

So… Yeah…

One gets very concerned indeed, as no doubts we all are feeling “”manipulated and controlled”” regardless of what road you travel or route you decide to take to try and expose the delusion for exactly what it is!!

Thanks for sharing.



Considering that Covid jabs are not all that effective, it could be argued that Covid is nothing more than a vaccine resistant influenza.
We have, after all, been vaccinating the buggery out of influenza for years and years.


Let’s hope people pour onto the beaches unmasked and undistanced. They can’t arrest everybody.

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