Dairy Farming Under Threat From Cancel Culture & War

A major UK dairy producer has claimed that vegan cancel culture combined with the war in Ukraine is making farming untenable. Arla Foods has claimed that fear of climate change has resulted in people being ashamed to eat dairy in public.

According to The Telegraph:

Arla Foods said people are “feeling ashamed towards dairy in public” and claimed that cancel culture has hit diets as swathes of Gen Z and Millennials turn to veganism.

At the same time, the dairy co-operative warned the surge in costs for feed, fertiliser and fuel facing farmers following the war in Ukraine could force many of them to throw in the towel. Industry experts have warned milk prices could rise by as much as 50pc as producers are forced to pass on the jump in costs.

Arla has launched a “don’t cancel the cow” campaign after concerns of considerable climate impact were raised. The UN estimated in 2019 that around 3pc of global emissions were from the dairy industry: more than aviation.

“Social media is definitely playing a significant part and you’d argue to the younger consumers more so than other generations,” said Graham Wilkinson, agriculture director at Arla.

“We need to ultimately do a better job in communicating our message, especially to younger consumers.”

He said the company is looking at reducing emissions in feed efficiency and the use of slurries and manure, but warned that considerable investments will need to be made, such as for anaerobic digestion facilities.

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Jon Taylor

I am vegan but am not with cancel culture idoits. Dairy is weird though because no animal in nature drinks another animals milk. The bulk of my diet is fruit veg nuts and seeds. i feel better than ever. though people do need to see that it is down to the individual what they eat or don’t. I would say to everyone see what works for you.


Love your comment Jon, it’s down to each person, and what works for you, folk who are vegan is totally different to veganism, they should never try to cancel meat, and also never try to cancel fruit, veg, nuts and seeds, each to their own 🙂


I dunno, maybe these Milk companies should stop using plastic containers. It hardly endears them to the eco aware youngsters. All the soy, almond and oat milk brands are in cartons.


I quite like eating cows but I don’t want to live like one, ha, ha.

Caroline Fealy

I still have bottled milk in a glass bottle delivered. Have done for 35 years. I do not like plastic milk. These vegans really do need to eat properly in my opinion. When i was a cook i had to make vegan food as well as veggie and meat. I always thought the meat eaters looked healthier. Love my full fat milk 🙂

Jeananne Crowley

With you Layla. All part of the fiendish takeover of human health and you spot on re meat & fats. Real meat and REAL fat please! I happy to follow my granny and the mammy’s example both lived into their 90’s & their diet was meat, eggs, dairy, proper fat plus seasonal veggies. Never sick, never overweight, no ‘ailments’ like arthritis either.
The notion of ‘strawberries in December’ shocked gran when I bought some from M&S one mid-winter ‘not natural’ she sniffed; and she couldn’t understand why anyone would use ‘Flora’ when there was pure butter on offer.


Love this Jeananne, I wish I had known about the importance of real meat and fats years ago but I will never go back to the carbaholic ways, nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!! 🙂


Veganism is yet another agenda. Humans require meat and fat as their main food source, that is what we thrive on and it’s nothing new, our ancestors were carnivores, not herbivores, that is absolute tosh from the vegan cult. The nutrients in animal go above and beyond what you get from plants, and fat is essential for our health. I have been on the carnivore diet for 6 weeks now so I have been looking into it a fair bit and I also have the experience being on it. I had eczema since I was a teenager, that cleared up on the 4th day of the carnivore diet, I had IBS for nearly 4 years, horrible business that, and that too cleared up in the first week, my rosacea gone, my anxiety greatly improved, more energy, less hunger, you feel fuller for far longer. It’s a diet of animal meat, whole is better, cheese FULL FAT, same with cream, FULL FAT, yogurt, eggs, milk and FULL FAT butter or ghee or lard for cooking, no veg oils, they are the worst food for water retention and all sorts of problems. The weight loss is literally off the scale, and it’s not a weight loss diet, it’s a diet of healing, but the weight loss is all the retained water we carry around, that shouldn’t be there because of the empty useless non-nutritious carbs, the addictive, health causing carbs, that make us eat every 2 hours, hence making the mega food corporations billions, while keeping us all unhealthy, making the big pharma billions, it’s a vicious cycle and they have been lying to us all for all of our lives. My GP never brought up diet to my health problems, only throwing medication after medication at me, which never worked. I know know it was all the certain food I was consuming, the standard western diet was the problem.

Veganism is very dark indeed, taking away the essential food source we humans require to thrive, which is meat and animal fat. Yes there are vegetarians, but they are not pushing their way of eating on anyone, and they usually eat eggs and dairy products, so not denying themselves of some of that essential food source. Veganism is an agenda with the Schools having vegan day etc, it’s insane, pushing it on the youngest in society, same old bullshit from the powers that be, but more and more people are looking into the bigger picture that our so-called government lie to us on a daily basis and have been lying to us our whole lives.


Was vegetarian for about 30 years then vegan for last 4 only reason we follow a vegan diet is we love all animals and choose not to eat them. Really think you need to look at how animals are reared and treated pretty shocking.If you choose to eat meat that’s your choice just don’t go preaching how much healthier it is. Maybe in past generations animals were looked after better still wouldn’t be my choice to eat them.


LOL, no ones preaching, I certainly wasn’t, just giving my opinion on my life eating real proper human diet of meat and animal meat. Your choice is your choice, but humans have eaten meat since the dawn of time, FACT, not plants. Plants do not give you the essential minerals and the essential vitamins that animals do. I fully agree that animal factories should be abolished, they are vile, and animals should be reared in free lands, where both the animals and the lands would be healthier, animals eat grass, then produce manure, which in turn fertilizes that land. However they can’t because of all the useless GMO ‘soy’ farming lands, that food source should not be for human consumption in my opinion. I will continue to eat my animal meat as it is delicious, and you can continue to eat plants, which by the way are living things also, that’s why they have thorns on them to deter humans from eating to much of them, and that plants also produce chemicals such as salicylates to also deter humans from over eating them, causing all sorts of inflammatory health issues FACT. In many Countries around the World where meat is their main source, they do not have a word for diabetes, as that illness and all the rest of the carb causing illnesses do not exist, these cultures thrive on the proper human diet of meat and animal fat, FACT.

Ps You should watch the Oxford University debate, moving on from meat, it’s a real eye opener on the veganism agenda, the vegan side had no data or studies to back up their argument, Heather Mills looked like she has been risen from the grave, very unhealthy and the vegan side accused meat eaters of being racists, homophobes, white supremacists and pro-abortionists, I kid you not, it’s worth a watch LOL.



This is a belter from the Vegan Agenda, meat eaters are all racist, homophobic, oh and we are all white supremacists lol.

Jon Taylor

If you think we are carnivores then why don’t we produce our own vitamin C as carnivores produce there own vitamin C but we don’t? veganism is not a agenda there is agenda to steer people that go vegan to processed crap though. fruit veg nuts and seeds is the bulk of my diet i feel better than ever.

Last edited 20 days ago by Jon Taylor

Veganism is an agenda, it’s been crammed down the throats of the young in Schools, I have 3 children in 3 different Schools and they have ‘vegan’ day, even though most of the children eat meat, they actually changed the menu to go back to the meat choices as the School cafeterias were empty as the kids were going out to the van which sells hamburgers and hotdogs. So now they had to put the meat options back on the menu to suit the choices of all children. That’s great you can survive on seeds and veg and fruit, each to their own, your an adult and that’s your choice. However to push the veganism (Vegan Cult) on to young children within Schools is not okay, and that’s an agenda, the veganism agenda, totally different from being an adult vegan who has chosen a life of eating what you eat. I liked your comment at the start, it’s an individual choice, an adult individual choice, I have no issues with vegans as I really couldn’t care less what you eat, none of my business, but I have a huge issue with agenda’s, veganism being one of them, and the awful vegan fake meats that they tried to push on young children in the Schools by taking away the meat choices spoke volumes, as the kids rejected it, so they had to return the meat choices.

You’ll love this but I eat eat a lot of liver, as do my children. This is packed with vitamin C, it’s the most nutritious dense food. It’s packed with countless minerals and vitamins so that’s where we get our vital vitamins from, There is also vitamin C in varies meats, but the most nutritious is the liver. I’ve only been on the carnivore diet for just over 6 weeks, it’s all new to me, but like you, I feel great with my own diet, I haven’t succumbed to scurvy yet haha, each to their own 🙂


Well this is a coincidence because on my walk yesterday I was having a conversation with another walker I encountered about the fact that there are a lot fewer cows in the fields this year than there were last. Milk has gone up in price quite a bit recently. They are actually making life difficult for small farmers whatever kind of farming they are doing. I spoke to someone a few weeks ago who is in a farming co-operative and he said that the government has been making it very difficult for them.

I’ve tried some of this so called plant based food and most of it doesn’t taste very nice. The only one I’ve found palatable is the veggie bacon and that’s probably because I have it with tinned tomatoes with lots of black pepper which probably overwhelms the taste.

Last edited 21 days ago by Jennie

A lot of the ‘plant based’ foods, like the bacon, are processed foods containing all the unhealthy additives found in meat based processed foods. Those additives include lots of hydrogenated fats and lots of salt.
Over the years I’ve tried quite a few veggie and vegan options and find most of them unpleasant.
Somewhat amusingly, those kind of diets (especially the vegan ones) are only possible via global imports and exports, which is hardly good for ‘the climate’ or through artificial growing habitats (hydroponics, etc) which require lots of electricity – so again, not really good for ‘the climate’.

It doesn’t take a formal education to work this out. Unfortunately, in my opinion, there are now far too many people who are enamoured of specialists and formally educated people rather than thinking for themselves.


Myself and my son were looking at all the ingredients on the back of some ‘Vegan’ treats. One in particular, a chocolate cake contained a whopping 21 ingredients, most of which had really alarming data behind them, full of artificial colouring and artificial flavouring. We checked a lot of the chemicals and the vast amounts of harms they could cause humans through side affects, yeah vegan treats yum yum NOT!!! I agree with you Craig, we should think for ourselves and make our own decisions!! 🙂


The problem is that the PTB don’t want us to be able to make our own decisions about anything.

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