DC Mayor Bans Dancing & Standing At Weddings!

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has banned dancing at weddings. On Friday, Bowser said that weddings could go ahead but only at 25 per cent of a venues capacity. But she banned dancing and standing at receptions.

A spokesperson for the mayor’s office told FOX News on Friday that the measures were necessary to stop the spread of covid-19. The mayor said that people’s behaviour changes when they dance or stand around.

Meanwhile, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lifted all local coronavirus emergency orders in his state yesterday. He also signed a bill that effectively bans the use of vaccine passports in Florida.

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that most restrictions will be removed from May 19th. However, Cuomo wants to retain social distancing and mask-wearing.

Will couples really ask wedding guests to remain seated at all times? Will they fence off the dance floor too?

Why is Muriel Bowser not being laughed out of town? Who are these people? Who are they taking advice from? Where do they get the balls to tell people who they can invite to weddings and how they must behave on the day?

You know this all goes away when people turn their backs on idiots like Bowser. Just ignore them. It really is that simple. Ignore them and carry on regardless. The only power they have is the power you give them. It’s time to take it back.




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Over the last year, so much focus has been on the 1984 scenario that the term ‘Orwellian’ has become a common usage term.
However, I don’t see 1984 unfolding: I see ‘A Brave New World’ at best, or a mish-mash of lots of dystopian ideas.

In Huxley’s story there are no family units (consider the impact of the above story and the aim of Cultural Marxists); there are no second-hand or old goods, just cheap and disposable new goods (think of the emphasis of the existing market and the idea of only renting what you need); the population is ‘manufactured through Eugenics (China has now openly declared this to be part of their population control agenda; abortions are part of that agenda; as are gene therapies); children are encouraged to sexualise at an early age (we all know this is now happening); reality TV keeps the population entertained (again, this has increasingly gained ground everywhere); the workforce is provided with a weekly mind altering substance (Psilocybin benefits are now being promoted by John Hopkins university and Imperial College); mass media propaganda distracts the population and encourages everyone to stay in their designated ‘group’ (we are seeing this happening); and the society is run by corporations.
Build Back Better for A Brave New World.


I believe those studies by Hopkins and Imperial college on psilocybin were pre the scamdemic and I’m doubtful their usage is part of the Agenda.

The studies have concentrated on the potential benefits.

Here’s a very interesting documentary discussing the same…

Drugs/mind altering substances are terms manipulated by our globalist friends as a means to maintain their dominance over the enslavement matrix.

That’s not to say that drug or substance abuse isn’t a negative to society, when obviously it is…

But some are perhaps more beneficial than others, when used in the correct ‘set and setting’.

See :

For more details.

Last edited 5 days ago by Gerry

Apologies Craig.

But I needed to edit that link as the first one was only a preview and not the full documentary.

That revised link should work now.



I can tell you that Psilocybin, through rigours testing, was not useful when playing darts in a village pub on a saturday evening whilst trying to converse with ones fathers friends in general chit-chat.
The conclusion was that whilst it was possible to hit the dartboard with all 3 darts trying to calculate the total figures of the said darts was impossible by the test subject.




I can also state from experience that painting black marks under the eyes with Air Fix paint to emulate native americans whilst on acid is not a clever idea.
Rubbing it off using scouring pads was also not a good idea!

Last edited 4 days ago by Jacob



Brave New World is where we are heading but there are definitely elements of 1984 as well such as being told what we’re allowed to think and history being changed.

I’ve been an admirer of Aldous Huxley since my teens and I’ve read Brave New World several times and in the past always as fiction but when I last read it 3 or 4 years ago it definitely felt more like non-fiction. Of course he came from the upper eschelons of society and from a family of scientists so I’m sure he knew what was coming.

It’s interesting that both Aldous Huxley and George Orwell turned their backs on their elitist upbringing. They were trying to warn us what to expect but of course until more recent years it just seemed too outlandish that it could be real.


I believe Huxley took LSD on his death bed!
Most likely to expand on the experience!!??
(I bet that was a trip!!!)

I believe Kary Mullis attributes his use of LSD to his creation of the PCR.
(Strange to think how outspoken he was against the PCR being used as a test… And that how convenient it was that he died in August 2019 πŸ€”)

Mind blowing indeed!!


Yes that’s true about Aldous Huxley taking actually mescaline rather LSD on his deathbed but what isn’t true is that he advocated the recreational use of drugs, he said that they should be used as a spiritual aid only. His book ‘The Doors of Perception’ on his experience with mescaline is well worth reading.

I believe that’s true of Kary Mullis too. I agree with you, the more obvious how much of this fraud depends on the PCR non test the more you do wonder about the nature of his death.


The source I read say it was two doses of LSD injected intramuscular by Huxley’s wife??
(It’s on Wiki Jennie!)

I must get hold of that book (Doors of perception!)…

An interesting character.

Eric Arthur Blair (Aka George Orwell) was one of his students.

At Eton college no less!

I bet that didn’t come cheap!



Well the experiments he did were with mescaline so perhaps I’ve misremembered about his final moments, yes it was his wife who administered it.

I’ve read a lot of biographies on him because I’ve always found him fascinating. His first wife knew when she married him that he wouldn’t be faithful but rather be married to someone exceptional like him who strays from time to time than someone mudane who is totally faithful. He went from being a playboy in his younger years to being a spiritual sage in later life.

Just an interesting byline he died the same day as President Kennedy and when his wife went to the hospital she was disgusted to find the nurses all watching television while her husband lay dying in bed. She didn’t realise then what had just happened.

Last edited 4 days ago by Jennie

Didn’t know that Jennie!
Two legends dying on the same day..

i shall go seek that book shortly!!



I fear that you’re right. Huxley’s vision is actually worse than that of Orwell. For Soma; read Vaccine?


Re the Wedding album from above picture!!

You know there might just be the odd exception to the face muzzle rule…

Don’t ask me why, but there’s something ‘alluring’ going on here!! πŸ₯°

Aside from that…

Florida it is!!

Just dunno how I’m gonna get there though!!



Stowaway on a tanker?


Just not one of those ‘EVERGREEN’ ones!!

Last edited 5 days ago by Gerry

Or a Stoltz-Nielsen one, unless you want to test the HRW people.


I can see it the allure of Dracula’s bride with a touch of “Eyes wide shut”




I’d go anywhere reasonable to be free but I doubt I’d get into the US. The problem also is where is free now might not be later, things are so fluid.Look what happened in Tanzania.

I actually talked to a family the other day where the father is a trained and qualified engineer and they are thinking of going to Saudi Arabia because they said at least in the compounds you can have a measure of freedom denied to the Saudis themselves. What a commentary on what Ireland has become that people are considering going to somewhere like Saudi Arabia to get more freedom.


Amazing and simultaneously terrifying to think that people so qualified are contemplating countermeasures like these now.

But the battle has not yet been lost Jennie.

All that’s needed is to make them stop wearing the masks and refuse covid tests.

Simple non compliance for starters, then let the real revolution commence.

It can be stopped.

And it’s the duty of those of us who do get this to keep working on those who don’t….

That’s my philosophy on it at least and bit by bit, I do believe I’m starting to see results!



I do hope you’re right. We have started having a protest once a week in the village square. There are only a few of us but who knows, acorns eventually turn into oak trees.


Brilliant Jennie.
Organising groups at local levels is where it starts.
More of this type of external gathering is required nationally.



Saudi are well on board with Agenda 30 and are expecting all visitors to have had the”Experimental Gene Therapy”
My Si in law has been living there for over a decade.
Suadi/Israel are two fingers on the same hand.


Thanks for the info. If I run into them again I’ll mention it.


Best to check on the Covid Jab situation I would advise.

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