Denver Zoo To Begin Vaccinating Animals From Next Week!

Jesus Mary and Holy St. Joseph. Just when you think that we’ve reached peak Covid-19 hysteria, a covidiot raises the bar again. At 8.11pm local time last night, Denver Zoo took a shot at the title by announcing that it would give covid jabs to some of its animals from next week.

Someone Tweeting on behalf of the zoo said:

“The safety and well-being of our animals is always a top priority at Denver Zoo, and there is evidence that primates, carnivores, and other mammals can be affected by COVID-19.

These vaccinations are a part of our overall strategy to protect our animals from infection from COVID, and will be monitoring each vaccinated individual closely after they receive their dose.”

According to The Telegraph this morning:

Zoologists said they had been working with the veterinary vaccine company Zoetis to receive doses for the animals. Primates and carnivores will be first on the list.

The veterinary vaccine is being developed separate from the ones for human use.

Transmission is rare between humans and other species, but there have been several documented cases of Covid in large cats, monkeys and certain rodent populations.

The covidiot bar has been well and truly raised. Transmission isn’t just rare between animals and humans, it’s non-existent. Over the past year and a half there have been zero COVID-19 cases among animals at the Denver zoo. That’s right, zero.

The zoo made that admission to CBS Denver. Not a single case in a single animal, but they will jab them anyway. Oakland Zoo (pictured) has already begun jabbing some of its animals with the Zoetis jab. Guess what? Oakland hasn’t had a single positive case in an animal either.

Stop the world, I want to get off.



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I hope they try to jab the Tigers at feeding time.

Marissa Oatley

I’ve wrote and called. Unfortunately no matter how hard I try they will still do as they please like any other corporation/business. I’ll still try, damn right I’ll still try💪


Every civilisation, that got this inane; got wiped out. I demand Armageddon!

Terry Winter

Richie please get Dr Andrew Kaufman back on your show to talk about why he believes there is no covid virus so listeners can make there own mind up what to believe

Last edited 10 months ago by Terry Winter

I didn’t read all the comments but did anyone else notice your photo of a ferret in this article? Full circle. The many ferrets they used in the trials of mRNA technology, all died or had to be euthanized. Now we are coming full circle are we not? To be fair to Colorado, they legalized Marijuana a few years ago. Yes, that wacky weed. The stuff that makes you goofy as all hell and hell is where they’re all going for abusing the critters.


This comment is currently unavailable

Last edited 10 months ago by Jacob
Boris The Toilet Mop

This message is for actual sheep


Denver ? Mmmm, the town with the creepy satanic airport !!!


And so it begins, edible vaccines in your food:



Tomatoes and bananas any favourite host for these, already heavily GMO’d


Everyone and everything is being chipped…Research ….Internet Of Animals……….ICARUS


So now the animal trials can begin.

side effects.png
Last edited 10 months ago by Abdel

problem was he was actually human before the jab, now look 🤣


It’s a bit bloody late.


Right that’s it, own up whoever drugged me at the beginning of 2020. Please can you give me the antidote and bring me round from this drug induced nightmare. My brain is finding it increasingly hard to believe the insanity that has overtaken the world.

A couple of weeks ago here(Ireland) a healthy 13 year old died the day after the second jab as I posted on here at the time. On Monday I learned about a 24 year old man who died 2 days after receiving the jab and a 21 year old woman who died the following day, both perfectly healthy. I believe it was the first jab for both of them. I don’t which one the woman had but I know the young man had the Pfizer jab because he worked for them, although all makes are as bad as each other.

There were probably some of the animals not well because they hate to be in captivity. The only zoos I agree with are the small breeding ones to keep rare species going such as the one founded in Jersey by Gerald Durrell which I was planning to visit last year but of course never got there.


FFS we are living in CLOWN WORLD. Insanity.


Many among the environmentalists have long held that zoos are cruel, so killing the animals will shut the zoos.
Visiting zoos means travelling and that’s bad for the climate (cue the eyerolling), so killing off the animals will put a stop to that unnecessary travelling.
And we already know that the technocrats want a synthetic future, so live animals have little place.
Oh, and it puts the idea into the heads of the gullible that animals are unclean.


I’ve been wondering if that’s why they are saying pets have had this pretend virus because there won’t be any room for pets in the shoeboxes they want everyone to live in, except them of course.


There have been increasing reports of shortages of animal (including pets) feed as part of the artificially created food shortages looming.
And don’t forget that last year there were bleats about how keeping pets was both cruel and racist.
The trends seem pretty obvious when stacked together.


Jennie, this was exactly what was being debated on GMB a few months ago

Last edited 10 months ago by Brenda

What a stupid man. I don’t like animals in cages but a lot of pets have great lives. On my daily walk I see a lot of people walking their dogs and the dogs seem really well cared for and happy. Unlike the children they aren’t made to wear masks or keep their distance from everyone so they are actually happier than the children.


Except for those that purchased novelty ‘lockdown puppies’, suddenly an inconvenience once owner returns to work. Sadly animal sanctuaries now reporting an influx for this very reason.


Really, oh that’s sad. Just like the pets that people buy for Christmas.


Everyone and everything is being microchipped. Research…Internet Of Animal , and ICARUS. For humans 5G vaccine – Choose your 5G package with your vaccine against Covid Coronavirus…..French Telecommunications Broker. Will have to use translation. Certain vaccines have different frequency bands , which is why people have been told they can now mix their jabs


That makes sense. A wider net of capture.

Ronald Templeman

And the madness goes on, interesting how they love to jab anything or anybody that can not or does not resist. Will never get closer to me than the distance of a barge pole.


Or a firearm? Oh how I sometimes wish we had the 2nd amendment in UK.


Guns were perfectly legal here until just after WW1. The law was changed because the politicians realised that a lot of men were coming back from the front lines disgruntled, angry and armed. They posed a threat, not to society but to the systems of power.


Thanks so much for that Craig. Do you have any reading matter in support of this; I’d like to read up on this?


I’ll see what I can find.


Look up UK Firearms Act 1920. It’s worth mentioning that the US Second Ammendment originated from English Common Law.


I’m aware that the Magna Carta formed the basic framework for the US constitution. Another interesting factoid I can share; is that an original copy of the Magna Carta was taken to the US for safe keeping during WWII and we’re still to get it back. The Muppets of Parliament would probably use it for kindling, let’s face it neither the UK or US government have shown any respect for our respective basic civil contracts.


Craig, I found the follwing text under the section entitled (trophies of War) really fascinating. “4.63 By the end of the First World War the position had markedly changed. The Blackwell Committee was much troubled by the fact that the war would have “added enormously to the world’s stock of rifles and pistols, that large numbers of pistols, and possibly other weapons, will have come into the possession of private persons, notably discharged soldiers and their relatives, and that the number of men skilled in the use of firearms will have greatly increased.”


Nice one. And there it is. Private citizens with the training and the means to go up against the government if they had a will to do so.
Should the politicians respond by being more open and honest – or just take away the means of dangerous rebellion?

Tarek Langenfeld

Hi Ritchie

Invest a bit of your money and make a nice professional song there with your better half in studio properly, you know,
That’s fun.

John Heffernan

Tables and Chairs in the canteen as soon as the animals are done!

Marty Hopkirk

“The safety and well-being of our animals is always a top priority at Denver Zoo”

If safety and well-being was a genuinely top priority, then surely you would know better than to inject your animals with an experimental, unlicensed and potentially lethal gene therapy drug.

And here’s me thinking the whole idea of zoos were to care for and conserve endangered species of animals, not to risk making them all sick and killing them off 😡


sorry but I want a refund on my ticket to this world, its not what was described, no wonder aliens won’t visit us.

Last edited 10 months ago by Patrice

I don’t think UFO’S contain aliens. I think they are AI sent back from the future to observe the glorious period where their ancestors began to morph from humans to machine.


This comment is currently unavailable


But Nuremberg 1 was a crime in itself!

Hermione Granger

This comment is currently unavailable


Yes, but hanged by gangsters who themselves were guilty of genocide. By people who were committing war crimes themselves just a few miles away from the ‘court’ whilst fine dining in the big houses that they had taken over.


My mother. who passed away nearly 40 years ago, was French. She lived in England and visited France regularly. And even way back then, she always maintained that rabies was a psyop.

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