Djokovic To Be Kicked Out Of Australia After Visa Cancelled

The Australian immigration minister has cancelled Novak Djokovic’s visa and failing a successful appeal, the 9-time Australian Open champion will be kicked out of the country, meaning he will not play in the tournament next week.

According to The BBC:

The decision by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke means Djokovic now faces being deported.

However, the 34-year-old Serbian can still launch another legal challenge to remain in the country.

The men’s tennis number one was scheduled to play in the Australian Open, which begins on Monday.

Djokovic’s visa was first revoked shortly after his arrival in Melbourne on 6 January, after Australian border Force officials said he had “failed to provide appropriate evidence” to receive a vaccine exemption.

There was also enormous backlash from the Australian public, who have lived under some of the world’s longest and strictest lockdowns during the pandemic.

He was detained, spent hours at immigration control at the airport and then spent days at an immigration hotel. Days later his visa was reinstated by a judge, who ordered his release, ruling that border officials ignored correct procedure when he arrived.

But on Friday evening in Melbourne, Mr Hawke cancelled Djokovic’s visa under separate powers in Australia’s Migration Act.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the other players in the draw refused to play unless the decision to deport Djokovic is overturned? Don’t hold your breath though.

Tyranny reigns.


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Steven James

I was surprised Trump wasn’t neutralised in a physical manner actually.
I’m not a supporter of any politicians incidentally,just a observer.

Steven James

I’m tuned in now 👍

john de calonge

Novak stands by his name…I am with him 💯 % . Never will I take an injection.
Desperately looking for a room to rent, does anyone know how to find rooms for the unvaxxed?
Where can I look?
Thank you for any advice.


I suspect that quite a few of No-jab Djokovic’s opponents are really glad to see the back of him (more potential prize money for them). Didn’t naughty Novak, sneak into Spain prior to entering Australia; this surely didn’t help his case? Overall though; this is a MASSIVE own goal for the Kangaroo K^&NTS exposing them as petulant, unstatesmenlike and childish. This guy must have at least approaching F£$k you money by now, so what does one poxy slam mean to him aside from securing a slightly better legacy?


From a local Melbourne perspective this was expected, perhaps they didn’t anticipate Djokovic appealing ( and his legal team being so prepared ) and winning his appeal – after all these mandates are illegal
So get the federal level involved- remember Scott from accounting has left the states run ruffshot all over there constituents- and done FA – So make a big federal song and dance , drag it out so it dominates the news cycle. They know all this cho ‘advice’ being in-forced is illegal so let’s go with the hysteria why don’t we! Let’s take our extremely draconian rules and straight jacket them onto how Djokovic was living his life before he arrived in this penal colony- and look! Wandering around WITHOUT A MASK and bla bla bla! What a bastard! Flouting our rules – while not being here, but intending on coming here and breathing etc
It’s a fucken joke, all this has done is further horrify people looking from outside to what can happen when a state starts eating itself. Would you want to ‘holiday’ here? FUCK NO! The threat of being detained arbitrarily is very real.
Hell Australians are terrified of leaving there own states as they could get caught up in some shenanigans- and get stuck there not being able to return for a period or actually get locked up as is happening.
On a brighter note, EVERYONE caught up in the ‘Covid economy’ is having a truely shit summer – Christmas New Years ruined testing testing testing – sitting at home in IOS – because…. Shelves empty, inflation through the roof , masks masks masks
There having a good hard dose of there own medicine – and the creeping mandatory booster inevitably jumping on there backs. Consequences can be a bitch if you give your rights away. Expect some major DRAMA – of the penny dropping kind coming from here very shortly


I watched a very good interview dating from 1958 with Aldous Huxley and Mike Wallace; in which the former said “the price of freedom is constant vigilance”. When all of this is over (at least for the time being – as their current approach is unsustainable) we MUST NOT release the pressure or pushback as we need to create the world we want as opposed to the one they want to grant us. Our freedom is not in their gift; it is ours by right.


fuck the lot of them, that includes no-vax. He is chasing the title as that would make him the most successful male tennis player, as in grand slam wins, in the history of the game, the fed, as in roger is finished, nadal is a steroid cheat who is falling apart, they are all on 20 slams, what has novak said about the covid hoax ?, fuck all. New balls please, give me a fucking break, or give me borg, Mcenroe, connors or even lendl, great players who had a persona, whether we liked them or not, it was never boring, this is, cant be fucking bothered to be fair, it means fuck all to me.


Djokovic is also a steroid cheat, you can actually date it to when he became “gluten free”. I reckon Federer dabbled as well to achieve his Indian Summer success. It’s Murray I feel sorry for, he showed amazing grit and determination to push his body and mind to the limit to just compete, he’s probably been cheated out of multiple slams.


I think that the steroid abuse (if this is true) is largely aimed at longevity as opposed to performance. the truth is that both Federer and Djokovic are both quite a bit better than everyone else; Murray included.


So he’s passed the PCR test and followed all the correct procedures. Why isn’t this enough? It’s quite clear that Djokovic doesn’t pose a health risk to anyone.


You considered the prospect it is all theatre, fucking nonsense to keep the sheep.


I’m livid about it.


This sort of story doesn’t do the evil bags of excrement any harm.


He poses an (arse kicking) risk to his opponents 🙂

Colin G

sadly the majority of the players are siding with the Australian Government


…or with their endorsements and other contracts..


On Now Live Until Around 20.30.

Alex Krainer Unpicks Chamberlain’s 1938 Munich Appeasement, Lessons For Today – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling.


might listen, think tony at times talks a lot of shite to be honest, but who doesn’t, think he is a good soul though, just don’t agree with a lot of his views.


This sounds like an interesting episode which I will have to catch up with on the podcast. Chamberlain and Munich is a fascinating subject where I believe the mainstream history view is inaccurate and Chamberlain gets a pretty bad deal. History has been written in a very biased way from Churchills (often dishonest) perspective. There is a very good book on the subject called the “Unnecessary war” written by former US Republican politician Pat Buchannan.


All these players had had the ‘safe and effective’ jabs.

Three players drop out of Australian Open with chest issues while Djokovic awaits his fate

Sara D

Novak has soared in my estimation. His bravery and courage shines a light on this abject tyranny.


brave fuck all, he wants that title to be the all time no1, that is what drives him.


Perhaps the question here should be, ‘why are the immigration officials getting involved?’
Djokovich sought to enter the country simply to play in a tournament, not move there. He is, in essence, a fairly short stay tourist with a restricted itinery.

This could have wider implications, such as people who refuse vaccination having their citizenship revoked.
This is my concern with the new legislation being pushed through the UK Parliament (in my opinion, anyone who thinks that the state having the power to revoke citizenship has anything to do with mass migration is living in La La Land).
Such a ruling could see, for example, Richie being deported back to Ireland, but his partner (as they are not married) deported back to France.
And the unvaccinated who do not have duel citizenship? Well, such people only have nominal rights under international law (and such things have little value today), but can be detained by the state as ‘illegals’.
That would be quite a lot of people suddenly finding themselves illegal residents. If only there were large detention facilities where they could be incarcerated…

Of course, much of this is merely speculation.


There has been a long standing agreement between Britain and Ireland about free movement between the two countries since Irish independence which is entirely separate to normal immigration rules so Richie would be covered but not Caroline. I’m not sure what the position would be if they were to marry. However Richie as an Irish citizen would be able to go to France with Caroline.

I agree with your larger point though that they are going to use every trick in the book to coerce people into having the jab. I’ve heard that there is a low take-up in Britain among the immigrant community from India and Africa because they know the harm vaccinations caused in their home countries.


One small point (that, perhaps, Richie could clarify if I’m wrong): Richie is a British citizen with a duel passport, and Britain is no longer part of the EU.
A deportation order, therefore, is more likely to return him to his home country. From there (which is an EU member state), a move to France should certainly be possible (providing he gets vaccinated).

At a basic level this seems logical to me, but my comprehension of immigration laws is poor at best.


I only know about the agreement between Ireland and Britain but like yourself I don’t know much about immigration laws in general. Of course what you say about them having to be vaccinated is very true. I want to find out if there is anywhere to realistically move to and avoid these restrictions and be free. Or maybe we need to club together and buy an island somewhere and set up a new community. It seems the only answer.

Urban Fox

Hi Jennie. What’s happening there. Beutiful sunshine here. But fell asleep and missed most of it. Focusing on the law and ifs and maybes is not going to do any good. The system makes the laws, and they will do whatever they can get way with. Its good to know the current law, and may help an individual in the short term, but it is not the answer. As regards where to move to. Its a similar situation. If money was no option, i would be off somewhere as rural as possible, or be setting myself up in a bunker somewhere. Some are already in this position or are in the process of doing this. Some live like this already, pre covid in America. However, this is a short term solution for a minority of people. Long term and for the majority this is just not possible. And when i say long term, I’m talking 8 years if they are not stopped or slowed down. I believe that the end game including half a billion population is planned for 2030. So by the time people have made plans it could already be to late. It is possible they may take 10 or 20 years longer. But they are moving at lightening speed now. As I’m typing this, my intuition is telling me 2030. Just look at the deaths from the Jabs already, with people still eager for more, not believing that the jabs are killing despite the evidence. The plan is to move everyone out of the countryside and towns and into smart city’s. This is what the rewilding scam and the getting rid of cars is about. To stop people living in more rural areas. At the moment, even though it is bad for you there. If your living more rural and have friends around you, as it looks like you have. It may be the best place. They will catch up with everyone eventfully, and its better to be around like minded people wherever you are, rather than be isolated.


Thank you Foxy. You’re right of course there aren’t really that many options. I’m not well off but I thought maybe I could live quite simply if I could find somewhere to go. There are one or two people I’ve got to know but even one of those is looking to leave. Problem was I moved here literally weeks before all this started so never had time to settle in.

I’ve been hearing some really horrific stuff about the jabs removing genes and replacing them with artificial ones. It’s really hard to believe it’s all true but it likely is. I’m sure though even if they change who people are in this life that they can’t change our essential spiritual being. Thank you for replying with sensible advice as always.

Urban Fox

Anytime Jennie, Strangely i was listening and reading a short while ago the very same thing. Gonna take me another 5 days to finish perceptions book. I’m only managing a chapter a day. Because of the detailed information.


If it’s good could you share the title please when you’ve finished it.

Urban Fox

Perceptions of a renegade mind, David Icke


aye no problem Jennie, what should we call it fantasy island ?. see ye there eh.

Urban Fox

Hi Martin, What’s new? Wanted to call in on Thursday, in response to the question about what’s coming. But didn’t as called the last time. Even though was a good program, no one actually addressed the question.


I can’t disagree with you I’m afraid fantasy island is probably exactly what it is. It could work but you’re quite right, it won’t happen.


Your quite right Jennie the free movement between Britain and what was then referred to as the Irish Free State is covered by the 1922 Common Travel Area agreement. It has now been in place for 100 years and was an attempt to negate the chaotic negative consequences of partitioning off Ulster from the rest of Ireland.
Irish and UK citizens can live in either country and enjoy associated rights and privileges, including:

  • Right to work
  • Access to social benefits
  • Access to healthcare
  • Access to social housing support
  • The right to vote in certain elections

Agree, it is speculation.


Have a look at the comments on here – Ireland is lost


Not entirely..

Worth remembering that the journal is Irish propaganda central.

Check out the video embedded in this link!


Good comment from Marky. The government won’t drop the masks and the passes because they are the main problems.


The masks are needed to maintain the fear/mass psychosis-hypnosis and the passes are what the whole scam is about from A to Z.

Digital ID = end game.


Very true.


never read his comment, but well said gerry boy. like my country, i truly believe it’s still here, like the irish they cannot see it, but if they do ?, they would take the scottish parly and hang the traitors, likewise the irish with their traitors, will it happen ?, doubt it, but i live in hope.


I live in hope too Martin.
And if they do finally start to awaken en masse… The enemies and traitors of humanity had better have good hiding places.


I’ve just read the comments section on the article you posted.I am from the North and do not feel I have any skin in the game to comment but Ireland looks like they have fallen for this hook line and sinker.Thank goodness for Ivor Cummins.


Thanks for the link.I was not aware of this guy before.I see he endorses Allan Watt.Thats good enough for me.


Do you mean the ‘Irish Sentinel’ Topher??

If so, yes you won’t find corporate sponsored globalist propaganda bolox on that site…

Not many sites to be found like it coming out of Ireland.



I stopped reading the Journal several years ago because it is an establishment rag and I found that I disagreed with the majority of comments on most subjects.

Tony K

Not just Ireland mate, seems to be the majority of people around the world sadly.

Pack of spitting hyenas..

Like that bit out of Monty python.

Funny, they all climbed over themselves for the jab, but now claim like they were forced, so everyone else should be too.

Weak, weak, weasely fuckers – every last one of them.

And I’m pretty sure that their mental retardation and wild angry thrashing is the zombie apocalypse we face shortly.

Last edited 4 months ago by Tony K

Interesting this… It’s beginning to smell like Djokovic is being used to reinforce the “anitvaxxer” narrative.

Similar to the softly softly catchy monkey style of convincing the sleeping masses of the necessity for ‘health passports’ to move through society..

All baby steps towards social crediting and technology based totalitarian enslavement.

I’ll put my money on him being sent home… And that he’ll also be prevented from playing in any remaining grand slams (or tournaments!) while simultaneously being branded as a pariah in the mainstream.

I hope… I pray I’m wrong.

But, it’s not looking good at this juncture.


gerry it’s became obvious all he wants is the title, to be the all time no1, he is no fucking hero, fuck him and the tennis world, despise that nadal, a fucking cheat, the fed ?, novak is in this for the glory, nothing more, or nothing less, plus his ma and da talk some amount of shite, i stopped watching when fred perry retired.


lol!! I haven’t paid it that much attention if I’m being honest, but I know where you’re coming from!!

It’s kind of like the golf… A very ‘lucrative’ high society sport, though at least you can see the ball in tennis!!

And it’s most definitely all for glory!!

Maybe if he ends up on skid row like the rest of us (and after release from the unvaxxed internment camps!), Richie might get hold of him and give him a good chasing!!!

You never know, he might come good in the end!!!



There was also enormous backlash from the Australian public, who have lived under some of the world’s longest and strictest lockdowns during the pandemic.”

Mass formation psychosis 101 right there.


After all the humiliation they have put this man through, sticking him in a shithole detention centre, feeding him gloop and not permitting him to exercise,yet he is still the favourite to win the competition.Compare that to actor Lionel Stander’s(Max out of Hart to Hart) love child, Rafael Nadal who when on court can’t keep his hands away from his arse and balls between serves.He comments that he thinks the unvaccinated are “selfish”.Where Im from, an itchy hole and balls is a sign of worms and crabs.There are treatments which deffo work to clear that up.On a serious note, I think the Austrialian government are afraid of the adverse publicity Djokovic winning would generate for the vaccine programme.There is also quite a risk of a player or a spectator collapsing.


Is that right that Rafael Nadal is Lionel Stander’s love child? I really enjoyed Hart to Hart. It’s nice to have a bit of gossip to lighten the mood.


thanks Jennie and dont forget ..these jabs are moiyder lol.


Very good.


Personally I think Djokovic should be refusing to take part at all on the basis of his opposition to the V and using his position to make the argument, rather than repeatedly seeking an exemption for him as an ‘elite’ athlete, something which you or I would surely not be granted. I don’t see why he has thought of as a poster boy for those who believe in freedom. He should be telling the world why he has refused to beg.


If he refused to take part then he would be ostracised in the press – and this would just continue to fuel the narrative that the unvaxxed should be refused to take part in life. He is standing up for his rights as a professional athlete to be allowed to partake because his medical status should not be an excuse to discriminate. FFS we allow people who “identify” as females to take part in womens events but not someone who wont take a jab!! what a mad world

Urban Fox

Hi Clair100% correct. Iv been saying this for months. The idea that boycotting things and big business, Is going to change things is the exact opposite of the way to do things. And just plays into the hands of the enemy. There are not the numbers for this to have an impact. Secondly, it is a case of the only harm is to the individual doing the boycotting, if they need the product or service. And thirdly, in means that the individual is excluding themselves and excepting discrimination. What people need to do, is disrupt the system by trying to get into places that dont want them. If they bring in mandates for passes to go in places, maybe even shops. Then people need to get together in groups and walk into these places. Same with night clubs. If needed, sit down on the floor in a group and refuse to move. Djokovic is doing the right thing, by disrupting the system. By taking direct action like this, alone or in groups. A relatively small amount of people could screw things up. People sitting at home and saying ‘stuff you then’. Is exactly what the cabal want, and plays right into there hands.


Flash mobs do actually work. Several of us went into a supermarket here without masks where previously a couple of us had been banned (including me) and they didn’t say a word.


solidarity in numbers helps strengthen peoples resolve too. Love the fact it worked for you. Has it made a difference since though? Do you find now that a stand has been made the business has backed down?


Well someone actually threatened to sue them since for throwing out their autistic daughter so they have backed down now. I’ve got cheeky now and I go and ask them to show me where things are and I pay at the counter instead of the self-service, all without a mask.

Urban Fox

Copied and pasted from comments section, in case gets deleted before you read.

Afternoon Clair, as iv been asleep and missed most of the day. Trying not to tell people soap dirty business to much, as people may get bored. Corronation street and Emmerdale started to concentrate on climate change back in the summer. Very little covid action since then. But gone fairly quite at the moment, with just the odd reference.
Hollyoaks has got so bad, that I’m not enjoying it at all now. Beyond disgusting what they are doing. I feel like complaining, if i could find the time. Its strange that until maybe last summer, when the other soaps had been doing the covid and moved over to climate change. That Hollyoaks had totally ignored everything since the beginning. They even went as far as still had all the cast kissing. Though they were doing things to get round the rules. Using special effects and real life couples etc. The only exception was in the hospital sceans, which is understandable. They seemed to be taking the exact same stance as the Australian soaps are still doing now. Which was to just carry on as normal, as people dont want to see the misery. But there has been a major change, with this character that believes in conspiracy’s being brought in, as i told Richie about two phone ins back. The latest is that she has destroyed medicines at the hospital. And they were calling her a domestic terrorist. Then they had a fund raising event to raise money for the NHS heroes. And just her and literally one other person, who is her boyfriend protested outside the event. She has now thrown a fire bomb at the event and caused a fire. And i am not making this stuff up. What’s particularly clever and sinister. Is she never mentions covid directly. But talks in general terms about Drs and nurses being evil, and all medicine being deadly. The subliminal stuff is now creeping in as well. Just dropping in words like conspiracy and reset into general conversations.


wow, it’s shocking how manipulative these programs can be. It’s good to have someone who can stomach these programs just to give us a heads up on what tactics these nasty bits of work are up too. Thank you for the update Mr Fox

Urban Fox

I still get some enjoyment out of them some times. But i didn’t watch Hollyoaks for the first time in years last week. Because i wasn’t going to watch a whole week of being labeled a Terrorist. Its not right that they are being allowed to get away with doing this. If they were targeting any other group, there would be uproar.

Urban Fox

Its great that you are taking the initiative and doing things like this. And it proves my point. Saying that we are not going to use a company or shop anymore, may make us feel good. But it is not going to solve the problem. And not everyone has the luxury to choose where they shop and spend there money. Either because of financial restraints or location. You are definitely doing the right thing. Same as the others involved. No matter the size of a supermarket. The staff do not want grief, nor do the management. We have to make things unworkable by direct action. Yes we have to do our best not to comply. But recognize that this may never happen on mass. Genuine direct action that disrupts the system is what is needed.


He’s in an awkward situation. Walking away would be the easier option however I can also understand your view too. I think he should fight this. He hasn’t broke any laws hes basically been thrown under the bus.

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