Doctors Less Likely Than Other Health Workers To Be Covid Jabbed

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released new data showing vaccination rates by profession at the end of last year. The figures show that doctors are the health workers who are least likely to be jabbed against covid-19.

According to The Times:

“Medical practitioners”, a category covering doctors of any seniority, had an unvaccinated rate of 8 per cent. For nursing auxiliaries and assistants the rate was 7 per cent, among midwives the rate was 6 per cent and for nurses it was 5 per cent.

Among care workers and home carers, 10 per cent were unvaccinated.

Dr Alex de Figueiredo of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said it was possible doctors had a lower rate of vaccination because many had been infected through work and were happy with natural immunity.

He said the “small amount of extra protection” offered by vaccination also came with risks, adding: “We absolutely need to consider natural immunity — even more so with Omicron, which poses such a small threat to us.”

The lowest vaccination rate overall, adjusted for age, was seen in “health associate professionals”, including acupuncturists, homeopaths and reflexologists, with 19 per cent un-jabbed.

Health and care workers who have not had a jab must have their first dose by February 3rd in order to meet the April mandate deadline. NHS bosses have been told to begin dismissal proceedings against unvaccinated staff, including those who refuse to disclose their vaccine status, from February 4.



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I do care work and these mandates are just a pain in the arse for me as will have to get another job. The office have made so many changes to our rotas, taking our regular clients off us, new clients all the time, no consistency, chaos, changed how we login so we are not paid for the full time – everyone is so fed up and one woman was trying to organise a strike. So many people are always off ill and left due to the changes. They won’t be able to operate if they fire more staff over these mandates. Maybe this will be an excuse for more weaponised mass migration ?


I’d like to leave this one here. Perhaps give it a thought. Don’t be deceived.


Very interesting and he’s absolutely spot on. The church here in Ireland has swallowed this deception wholesale. Thank you for sharing.


Hi guys, I sent this to Richie. Not sure he will see it though;
Digital identiy Bill in Australia “1984: the Bill” – The Trusted Digital Identity – Malcolm Roberts (


Absolutely horrifying.

john de calonge

Don’t be fooled by the lull in the vaccine…14 of the 17 sustainable development goals are linked to the vaccine


Some people are out celebrating in England because they think it’s all over there. They don’t realise that this has just been phase 1.


It’s the dishonesty and lying that rile me most. May God’s judgement be swift.


His judgment is always swift. Execution of judgment is another matter. It’s been a long time, by some measures, but Armageddon has arrived. It’s literally about a second away.

“WHO’s “One Hour” Reign”

Afraid to live.jpg

and i give ye swedish bastards, love them, the national anthem

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Caroline Fealy

Maybe this is one of the reasons that Drs are not seeing their patience. I do not know any one who has seen a doctor face to face in the last year or so.


I heard that some of them were working at “Vax” hubs in GP surgery time making money. Every shot is a money maker! 😡

Caroline Fealy

Yes i did too. Also doing private zoom calls. It is disgusting.


fucking hate doctors, and nurses, the nhs can bite my fucking banger, despise them, was made to feel like a crook last year, because of those imposters, fuck them

Last edited 3 months ago by martin

it will be interesting to see the reaction from fired and pressured into leaving care home staff when the state decides its unenforceable to mandate jabs for NHS staff due to low numbers of working staff, former care home staff would turn around and say “well, why was I fired then” etc

Last edited 3 months ago by Patrice

Really shocking to hear that 81% of acupuncturists, homeopaths, reflexologists etc have had the toxic jab! How ironic, they are the ones who are supposed to believe in natural medicine. The level of compliance in these so called “free thinkers” is depressing.


For sure. I couldn’t agree more. And that applies to independent media as well.

by Jerm Warfare.jpg

As a speculation, I have to wonder if the number of unjabbed doctors is higher than the official figure. After all, they are well placed to falsify their own records.


And aren’t we talking about doctors who are still in the medical profession because they were willing to go along with the hoaxster? Maybe they believed the lie that a (so-called) vaccine would end tyranny and so they got jabbed, only to learn, the hard way, that there’s more tyranny on the way. Obedience doesn’t stop tyranny. It feeds it. Makia Freeman makes the point that ‘fully vaccinated’ is an endless destination.

Back to normal. not.jpg

Yes, exactly.
Very often we have heard politicians and media talking heads using the stick and carrot analogy, but I wonder how many people fully appreciate where that analogy comes from and what it actually implies.

Urban Fox

According to Dr Vernon Coleman, Drs historically steer away from vaccines themselves. As they know the history of these drug company’s and the compensation that has been paid out to victims. And that’s for traditional vaccines, that are presumably to prevent genuine viruses and diseases. Not mocked up on the Insilico computer program, and having been proved to not have killed a single person. Based on the fact there have been no excess deaths or funerals, prier to the Jab rollout. Only the disappearance of flue. I sat and watched early last year whilst Alex Jones went through the list of 10 major country’s including the UK, Italy and the USA, for the last 10 years. Total all cause mortality average in every case. And this is before population increase and the Midazolam killings* are taken into account.

*I’m using Midazolam killings as a general term for all similar drugs quickening death, and the DNR notices that were put on many victims beds without there consent. Because their lives were considered worthless.

This new wonder drug { Poison } is in a league of its own. Tens of thousands of reported deaths and injuries in every country. The lives of family’s around the world ruined, whilst authorities have previously said, that it is recommended that reported incidents of adverse reactions and deaths from vaccines, be multiplied by at least 10. And yet Drs are happy to get paid 12.54 per jab. 22.54 per child jabbed. And in most cases the nurses are doing the jabbing for the Drs. Who are taking blood money without lifting a finger.

Whilst being so hypocritical and cowardly that they wont put this filth in there own arms.

It has been estimated they will get between 50 and 100 thousand pounds per year bonus for maiming and killing people.{ Thats from memory, but it is tens of thousands based on average patient numbers and uptake.} A few years ago a real vaccine was pulled for causing 54 deaths. So why is this abominable excuse for medicine being pushed with such zeal, despite the obvious harm it is causing. This can not be anything other than coldly calculated deliberate genocide, with complicit Drs making a wonderful living from death and misery. Whilst many of their patients are struggling to feed, heat and cloth themselves.

In the event that any Dr or Medical staff read this i say,

” Whilst i support any medical personnel who refuse to take the Fake covid vaccine, because they know it causes harm. I do not believe it is right if you are still willing to inject others. And any Dr whos not willing to take their own ‘medicine’, who is keeping quite about deaths and injuries that they know are taking place. Whilst injecting or overseeing the injecting of the public whilst getting rich in the process. Can only be considered a disgrace to their profession and an affront to humanity.”

Anne Talbot

Did you see the vid on 60 Minutes : Swine Flu ( 1976) Fox ?
And yet some people will still say “ our Government would never do that”

Urban Fox

Hi Anne , thanks for reply, no i didn’t see that. What you up to?

Anne Talbot

Hi Fox. I can’t add the link on here for some reason but it is on YouTube, because it’s so old the quality is poor but it’s exactly the same diatribe as it has been for the last 2 years.
I’m just on my way out to attend an interview.
Wish me luck 😊👍

Urban Fox

Good luck, speak later.


All the best for your interview.


I second that.


“As cynical as many Americans may think the members of the choir are, the choir is frequently not cynical enough about the power elite’s motivations. No matter how many times they’re lied to, they still often underestimate the government’s capacity for deceit, clinging to the belief that their leaders somehow mean well. As long as people believe that their leaders are well intentioned, the leaders can, and do, get away with murder. Literally.” – the late William Blum, pg 13 of “America’s Deadliest Export: Democracy”

Notice how Blum conflated the power elite with government. Whether he did that without thinking or deliberately, he was more right than he realized, as Iain Davis and others (including scholars Benjamin Page and Martin Gilens) explain. He’s a faker, but Peter Philips wrote about the financial “Giants – The Global Power Elite” and the Transnational Capitalist Class that own and rule the world. Iain examines closely the Global Public Private Partnership, where major policies, followed by (police State) governments is made.

Alexander Gintsburg aka Morpheus.jpg

It looks like my comment, addressed to you, was disappeared. I simply quoted the late William Blum (pg 13 of “America’s Deadliest Export: Democracy”) in which he stated that no matter how many times political leaders lie to their citizens, those citizens keep coming back for more ‘love’.

Last edited 3 months ago by Ybra

Fantastic book!


Required fields

Alexander Gintsburg aka Morpheus.jpg
Montana Mule Gal

I have a high school classmate who received that flu shot in 1976 and she’s been in a wheelchair ever since. Guillain Barre syndrome. Basically the same paralysis as “polio.” Life has been an incredible struggle for her. She was completing her nurse’s training and going into the Peace Corps when her goals were cut short.


Excellent piece Foxy. It’s probably a good lesson in life that you shouldn’t do to other people that which you wouldn’t want done to yourself.

Urban Fox

Thankyou and yes that’s a good point.


It doesnt surprise me in the slightest. The one thing these highly qualified and medically trained doctors are not is STUPID.
They know damn well not to go anywhere near an experimental gene therapy drug that has no long term safety data, and is still in clinical trial.
The short term data we have so far on the yellow card is enough for them to see it is a serious red flag.
They also realise that they have over a 99% chance of survial if they get the so-called disease. To them the risks faaaaaaar outweigh the benefits. Good for them.
If they are anything like my husband Mike who appeared on Richies show on 17 jan as a serving paramedic, discussing his thoughts on the current situation, especially all the ADR’s he is currently witnessing as a paramedic then its no wonder the doctors are saying NO!!


By the way… Thank you so much Richie for having us on the show on monday. Mike will be more than happy to update you on the mandate as time progresses.


the NHS mandate that is……

Last edited 3 months ago by Dylibobs

They are stupid in a way. Take the standard 1/2 day training on Vaccines which make them believe that they are experts on the subject whilst they know nothing. (A Doctor friend at his home told me that that is all that himself and his fellow trainee Doctors had on Vaccines. Safe and Effective lies).


You can be mentally sharp enough to learn Klingon, and, perhaps, even it’s dialects, but that doesn’t mean that Klingons are real. You can be smart but indoctrinated and biased and, well, more interested in your paycheque than in knowing the truth. I forgot to add his name to his image. Below: Upton Sinclair

Last edited 3 months ago by Ybra
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