Doctors Told To Prescribe Less Antidepressants Because They Don’t Work

A review has found that there is little evidence that antidepressants are effective and that doctors should prescribe them less frequently and for shorter time periods. One in six adults in the UK were on antidepressants in 2020.

According to The Times:

….many patients had side effects and withdrawal symptoms, which could be severe, researchers said.

Trial data had failed to show a “clinically relevant” difference between the drugs and a placebo, according to the findings, published online in the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin.

An estimated 7.8 million people in England — roughly one adult in six — were given at least one prescription for antidepressants in 2019-20. Rates were 50 per cent higher in women and the number of youngsters aged between 12 and 17 who were prescribed the drugs more than doubled between 2005 and 2017.

The researchers, from University College London and Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, said the balance between benefit and harm from the drugs was uncertain and that “we should revisit the widespread — and growing — prescription of antidepressants”.

Doctors have known for years that antidepressants are useless and come with potentially harmful side-effects. Why do they continue to prescribe them then?

Dr. James Davies is the author of “Cracked: Why Psychiatry Is Doing More Harm Than Good.” Back in 2014, he told Channel 4:

“The so-called advantages of these medicines have been oversold and overplayed by the pharmaceutical industry and by members of the medical profession who have been recruited by the industry to sell up the advantages to other doctors and to their patients.

This has led to a belief that people in the general public tend to have that these pills tend to work. They don’t work better than placebo for most people.

I think what we have seen is a cultural shift in how we manage and respond to emotional discontent. There is a growing suspicion of emotional discontent and a growing need to get rid of it as soon as possible. Pills seem to offer us a solution.

Most people taking antidepressants are not mentally ill. They are suffering from natural, normal – albeit painful – human responses to the different things they have got themselves caught up in – things that these medicines were never designed to treat.

People are presenting to their GPs with common life problems and the GPs don’t want to send them away empty-handed.”

GP’s who prescribe antidepressants, simply because they don’t want to send a patient home empty-handed, should be struck off. Those GP’s are little more than drug dealers.

Davies is right. The pharmaceutical industry has oversold and overplayed the benefits of antidepressants. In fact, they’ve lied about the benefits. They know their drugs don’t work. They’ve spent billions bribing legislators and regulators to get their useless and dangerous drugs approved in every country in the world.

These are the same gangsters pushing covid jabs today. How could you possibly believe them when they declare their jabs to be safe and effective?

I don’t.

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Chris Hayes

Interesting timing considering the likes of Peter McCullough have stated that the temporary use of the SSRI Fluvoxamine has been successful in treating covid-19.


since this whole thing took off …..ive began looking at things with a totally different perspective and am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the medical profession as a whole is just a self perpetuating industry….yes we live longer …but not necessarily better …every medication or intervention generally has side effects requiring more medication ad infinitum ….am begining to think that mental health is as susceptible to environmental variables as is physical health ….and what causes all these issues ….and no i do not trust the medical profession anymore ….the mental health branch included …..treat the symptoms but not the root problem…making loads of money for big harma and those concerned …..doesnt really matter about the patient …there is always another one waiting in the wings ….medicine has proved this ….and can someone please tell me what …norm…is …because this past 2 years have just shown me that insanity is the norm for a vast majority of people and those pushing this agenda could not by any standard be considered sane

Kelly Maher

I use to go to AA and knew four people who all hung themselves and were on or coming off antidepressants. I was on them and have a horror story that won’t go into. My cousin was on them for ten years – she came off them and lost three stone right away. I could go on and on. My observation is they are dangerous

Anne Talbot

Interesting piece Richie, equally interesting responses here. I can’t profess to even begin to understand how depression impacts on some peoples lives and probably throughout their lives. Sure I have at times been faced with situations that instill anxiety, even fear. Somehow I manage to find the wherewithal to climb out of it and just deal with it. Then reflect on it with a sigh of relief. I have long since thought though just how isolating and lonely it might feel while questioning just how exactly are these meds helping them.

Caroline Fealy

Just say no! I have tried them years ago for two weeks. Felt like a zombie so stopped taking them. Depression should bee treated by finding the root of the problem which means talking.
My father was a manic depressive he took lots of pills including mogadon tamazapan.
It did stop him beating us. Sorry i know that sounds shocking but it is was it is. I have not repeated my child hood on my kids. If anything it has made me a strong person. I look back on my child hood and feel sorry for my parents they did not have a good child hood either.
So i broke the cycle and have 5 healthy thoughtful honest and respectful adults.


I met with James a few years back after he spoke at a Sceptic’s meeting.

I was shocked to discover the Tamoxifen my wife had been put on for her breast cancer actually had a massive number needed to cause harm as opposed to treat. Weakening of the bones being a main one and one which led to her pelvis disintegrating a few years down the line.

I guess it laid the foundations for mistrust I have regarding covid vaccines today.
I’d recommend this book.


Psychiatry – An Industry of Death.
Through rare historical and contemporary footage and interviews, this riveting documentary blazes the bright light of truth on the brutal pseudoscience and multi-billion dollar fraud that is psychiatry. We think you have the right to know the cold, hard facts about psychiatry, its practitioners and the threat they pose to our children. Get the truth-watch this film.


I haven’t even watched this yet Jake, but can already sense where it goes.

Suffice to say, that I’ve personal experience with the loss of someone who’s life I believe ‘was intentionally’ cut substantially short with the use of prescribed psychotropic medication.

I’m convinced of it.


I’ve grown increasingly suspicious over the last 21 months. So, as I acknowledge the validity of these ‘findings’, I can’t but help wonder at the timing (much as I wonder at the timing of the labour strikes in America).
Perhaps we’ll soon see promotions for injectable anti-depressants?


My thoughts Craig. “Vaccines” for created mental illnesses.


Well I can testify to this having taken them in the past. Not only do they not work they actually make you feel worse. My then doctor did not want me to come off them even though I was getting horrible side-effects.

I think when it comes to operations they can do now the medical profession is brilliant but I’m really beginning to wonder if any of these concocted drugs actually do any good. Natural products, good food and exercise seem to the path to good health. Someone told me about something called DMSO which is a natural product and they are going to get some for me after Christmas. I’m hoping to use it to replace the pain-killers I take for arthritis which I know aren’t meant to be taken over a long period but I can’t function without. So I’ll see how I go.

The best thing I find for depression is meditation or some kind of spiritual exercise.


If you’re not already doing so, try taking good quality, high dose magnesium supplements for the arthritis.


Thank you very much for the tip, I’ll try that.


Hopefully it helps. I picked up that tip from a doctor who now advocates natural therapies.


Also good for the heart and rather pleasantly can be found in large quantities in dark chocolate!!

That along with potassium and phosphorus.

All constituents really good at making one feel good!!

So .. now you know which sweets to target in the boxes this Christmas!!

Pass it on!!



I much prefer dark chocolate anyway.
Sitting down with dark chocolate and a glass of full bodied red wine.
Taste bud bliss.


The red wine’s good too!!

Urban Fox

Hi Jennie, I know what pain can be like. As iv been crying with pain before, but still not taken the pain killers. In hospital was screaming and let them drip me up in the end. However as i may have said before, the principle of ‘tolerance’. Means that every single drug you have ever taken throughout your life, your body builds tolerance to with each and every tablet that you take. This happens both collectively and regards individual type of drugs such as pain killers as well. So a person with very little drug history, will often react more quickly and positively to medical drugs they do eventually take. But if a person has taken many drugs through there life time, then drugs will have little effect. With pain killers, as with all drugs. If a person has pain, and they have never taken a pain killer before. A very small dose will knock out a really bad pain. Then the next time they have a pain, they take another pill. But it has very slightly less effect. So they feel the pain slightly more. This continues throughout a persons life. Until they reach a stage where they feel pain more, and need more and more pain killers for the same thing. It seems counter intuitive, but basically, the more pain killers you take , the more pain you will eventually feel. This can be reversed, but it is difficult if you have a long history of pain killers. The way to reverse it, is to very gradually cut back from the pain killers, whilst trying other ways to manage the pain. But pain killers condition a person to feel pain as well. Because of the mind body connection. But in any case, when people cut down pain killers they have been taking a long time, they often find that the pain go’s.

  • Regarding Arthritis. I started getting pain in my left hand and left knee many years ago. I used to be a banqueting waiter, on big banquets . Often working 7 days a week , day and night. Stacking plates on the fingers of the hand whilst clearing tables. And was bending the left knee repeatedly to serve the food. Later i got arteritis in those joints, as most did. As soon as it started i took big doses of Glucosamine Sulfate. This is the only known substance that repairs cartilage between the joints. Which is the real cause of the pain. Gradually i cut back from the high dose, and now all these years later, i have no pain at all. But i was lucky that i caught it quickly. If everyone did this, they would not suffer from this pain. But main stream medicine is ignorant of this. Its a lot harder if you have had the pain for a long time. However it could still help if taken over a long period, in higher enough doses. I highly recommend researching this and giving it a try. But they are not pain killers, so dont expect that. But they actually heal the problem at source. There are many kinds of Glucosamine, but the one you need is sulfate.

There are some exercises that may help with pain. I will try and write more another time. And i will copy this to your message page to make sure you get.

Urban Fox

There is actually a very clear balance, psychotropic drugs ( drugs that directly effect the brain) cause harm. Whether bought on a street corner, or prescribed by your family drug dealer in a suit or white coat. Not only do they cause harm, but the side effects of these drugs has been known about for decades. Which is how long natural health practitioners and researchers have been saying this very thing. I dont say this on a whim, as the mind is something i have made an extensive study of, and i also speak through personal experience. Admittedly i dont have a medical qualification, ( Though i am trained in Life coaching and counselling ) and people should do there own research, and be responsible for there own actions.

However the science behind psychiatry is generally even more fake than the science behind body medicine. And anyone who does any brief research will see that it has changed little since its inception. Psychiatry as well as psychotropic drugs have been used to, subdue and control people who are an inconvenience, in the names of profit and control. Often with people who dont conform to the norm locked up against there will, having committed no crime. People who even in present times, electrocute victims by putting high voltage electric currents through there brains, do not have our best interest at heart. One of the original scientific ideas behind this. Was the principle that if you hammer someone’s thumb with a hammer, they will no longer feel the pain in there tooth. If the pain in the tooth is less than the hammer blow. What kind of a lunatic came up with that idea.

The idea behind anti depressants, is that by stopping signals that send messages to the brains emotional center , emotional pain is blocked. The downside of this, is that they tend to block all emotion, both good and bad. They also cause a long list of other side effects, some of which are extremely dangerous. The worst being suicidal thoughts and violent outbursts. Often these do not manifest until many years later.

Emotional pain is held in the mind, which is separate from the body. And the mind rules the body, rather than the body ruling the mind. Therefor it is a pointless exercise to try and treat the mind, by using drugs on the brain. Even in severe depression where it is claimed there is a chemical imbalance, there is no conclusive evidence of this. I believe that its possible. However if this is the case, it is down to nutrition or the effects of the depression. In short any chemical imbalance is an effect, it is not a cause.

Studies that have been done on prisoners of war, as far back as world war 2, also on modern day prisoners. Showed that isolation and stress can cause severe deficiency in vitamin B, leading to depression. Vitamin B is a good supplement to take to help keep us mentally healthy as is St. Johns wort, if one is already suffering. Other supplements can also be helpful, as can meditation, exercise, various mental and physical exercises. But ultimately depression is down to unhappiness. Even when the cause of the unhappiness is not know, it does not mean that it is not there on a subconscious and spiritual level.

Is it any wonder that people of all ages, are generally more depressed, more unhappy than perhaps ever before. When they are surrounded by misery, suppression, and fear. When over the last two years, many have had there likelihoods ruined, been separated from loved ones, had there basic freedoms taken away, and often been confined to there own homes. Similar to the prisoners i spoke of earlier. And just like the people who are are sectioned, not having been found guilty of any crime. Other than in the covid era, the crime of being human.

Popping pills will not cure unhappiness, and though there are things that can help us to feel better mentally, nothing can ever be a substitute for good friends and family and companionship. Nor a substitute for feeling useful and worthwhile. For feeling that we have something to live for and things to enjoy.

As someone once said, there are 3 things necessary for a happy life,

‘ Someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to.’

Useful and interesting resources:

Doctoring the mind, Richard Bentall
Natural Highs, Patrick Holford
Dianetics, the modern science of mental health, Ron Hubbard
Positively happy, Noel Edmonds
Creative Visualization, Shakti Gawain


Very interesting. I always think of that brilliant film ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ when I hear about electric shock treatment. Those who run society like conformists and anyone who refuses to comply with society’s absurd rules is considered as mentally ill and in need of treatment.


And what happened to Jack Nicolson’s character at the end, when he didn’t conform? They lobotomised him. Turned him into a zombie.
High strength antidepressants, and anti-psychotics like lithium do a similar thing. So, too, does Ritilin which is often prescribed to kids with ADHD.


I sobbed buckets at that film. He was such a great character, well they all were.


Not only a really good film, but also a scathing attack of the psychiatric institutions of the time.
Since then, most of those institutes have closed and the general perception is that the barbaric practices have likewise disappeared. But that isn’t the case: they have actually increased by becoming more subtle (steel rods, restraints and electrodes replaced by chemicals).
Society quite literally is the asylum.
After all, the only people who have no rights to refuse medication are those under Section orders.
A vaccine mandate is a Section order for all the inmates of the open asylum.


I must admit I thought the practice had disappeared, I didn’t know about that. Very true that society is now basically an open asylum.

Urban Fox

Hi Jennie, thanks for reply. What’s happening where you are, masks everywhere here today even in the quite back street i saw 4 one after each other.

Brambo of Salopia

As a child psychiatrist working with young patients with autism and other neurodisabilities I have seen and treated hundreds of severely anxious and depressed patients with very specific antidepressant drugs as well as other non-drug approaches. There is a wealth of evidence to support their use in these very specific circumstances by specialist clinicians. However, as you point out, GPs are so overwhelmed by people who are experiencing problems in living and are understandably unhappy. Their knee jerk prescription of medication (and it’s not just antidepressants but highly addictive sleeping tablets too) is entirely inappropriate, but desperate folk tend not to have such ‘easy’ access to other and more appropriate sources of help. Even in moderate depression in non-learning disabled half of any beneficial effect (if there is one) is due to the placebo effect of the fact that they are receiving trusted help. It must be remembered that very few GPs have formal postgraduate training in mental health despite the fact that such problems are amongst the most frequent they encounter in their clinics, so inappropriate drug treatment and misdiagnosis are common. Lastly, any patient prescribed antidepressants should be reviewed regularly for evidence of efficacy and safety.


A fascinating lecture which taps into many of your points.


Curious that you should say ‘autism and other neurodisabilities’.
While I do not deny the existance of genuine neurodisabilities, it strikes me that you are lumping together and confusing this with neuro-divergency.
Processing differently is not the same thing as having those processing mechanisms disabled; it’s just that processing differently to the norm is not convenient to collective mindsets.


Great article Richie, anti-anxiety and anti-depressants are ABSOLULTEY USELESS. I was on them for years, all different types due to getting side affects from them so they would just try another brand, they were awful. I came off them at the start of the plandemic, and it was the one of the best things I have ever done, as I feel better than I have done in years. Our GP tried to suggest to my then 11 year old, who was struggling with starting High School, that he could try medication to help ease his anxiety, they said he could try propranolol. I couldn’t believe that they would offer medication to an 11 year old, we obviously declined that suggestion and went with talking therapy via the School councillor instead.


Talking therapy – in other words, just the freedom to talk openly – is something you could do with your son, rather than putting your trust in a complete stranger who might not, necessarily, have your son’s or your family’s best interests.

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