Doctors Told To See Patients Online & Discourage Surgery Visits

Doctors are being told to promote the use of virtual consultations and discourage face-to-face appointments. New NHS guidance instructs GP’s that anyone wishing to see their doctor, must have a consultation on the phone or online first.

The guidance does state that if a doctor thinks a patient does need a face-to-face appointment, they should receive one. NHS bosses believe that around one third of all patient requests can be dealt with through online messaging.

The advice was first issued in April last year, as a way of  limiting the spread of covid-19 infections in GP surgeries. It was renewed last September. The NHS wants online doctor visits to be the new normal.

According to The Telegraph:

Guidance issued by NHS England and seen by this newspaper says when a patient calls, they should be encouraged to go online. Doctors are instructed to “avoid directly booking patients who telephone the practice into an appointment” to prevent “disincentivising use of the online system”.

Although practices may decide some “agreed exceptions”, patients should be deterred from finding ways around the system, the national advice suggests.

GPs should “discourage” patients from turning up in the hope of securing an appointment, with such cases given a demonstration of online forms using a smartphone, it says.

Professor Martin Marshall is the chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners. He believes that the changes promoted by the guidance will damage the doctor-patient relationship. He said:

“Once we get out of the pandemic and things return to a more normal way of living and working, we don’t want to see general practice become a totally, or even mostly, remote service. A lot of what we do is to build a trusting relationship, and to do that you need to be in the same room so you can pick up the ‘soft signs, such as anxiety. While remote consultations could work well for straightforward conditions, or those where a physical examination was not needed, more complex and sensitive cases were likely to need face-to-face assessment.”





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He’s a good man John Pilger and an excellent journalist, I’ve always liked him.


The £400 billion Covid bill will simply accelerate the sell-off of NHS services and pave the way for a US-style healthcare system. The excuse will be that we simply can’t afford it anymore. It’s a lie. As we saw with the bank bailouts of 2007/2008, governments can find huge, unfathomable sums of money when elite interests deem it necessary.


GPs stare at their screens for most of the ten minutes anyway. Although this new shift to zoom is no good for non technical people. For me personally this has worked out because sitting in a waiting room skyrockets my anxiety and I’m in no fit state to be on the ball in the brief consultation. Also, the private doctors, functional therapists and naturopaths who were previously out of my geographical reach are now all set up for online consults. I bet there are many many others like me, not by accident either. Those pulling the strings will know that moving healthcare online will pave the way for more people choosing private healthcare. The NHS is dying and not fit for purpose, but as is their MO, they need to be able to blame us pesky ship-jumpers instead of blaming themselves

Last edited 1 month ago by LoopyMoo

The NHS used to be the best in the world.

Alex Romero

I’ve always felt there’s something dehumanising about tech interface. We have so many ways to communicate these days and 99% of them are remote. I never suspected that the dehumanising aspect was deliberately intentioned but the Covid scam has revealed where these technological ‘conveniences’ were meant to lead and what they have in store for our way of living, whether it’s doctors appointments or online shopping, the future appears grim and soulless.


And yet it is promoted as ‘interactive’.
Cars of the future are promoted in this way, and yet all a person would do is get in one and talk to an AI program.
A car that you fix yourself, service yourself, and drive yourself is far more of an interactive experience. Motorbikes even more so. Add to that a need to understand how road and weather conditions must inform how you drive/ride; an understanding of vulnerabilities; an understanding of how other road users (such as lorries) maneauver; the sound and feel of the engine; the feel of the tyres; the sounds and smells beyond your immediate environment; and so many other sensory inputs and you quickly realise how uninteractive the technology actually is.

Alex Romero

Promoted as ‘interactive’, in the same way monoculture is promoted as diversity, and dullness is sold as ‘vibrancy’. Anyone with an intelligent mind can see straight through their limited word salad.

Urban fox

Notice to all patients.Please don’t go to your local surgery unless it is to have Bills poison jab. Thank you for your cooperation. We are all i

Urban fox

All part of the plan to keep people indoors more doing everything online. And with the added benefit of making people sicker,that was a major part of this from the start. Befor the covid scam people were lucky to get 5 minutes with a Dr, now they won’t be seeing one at all. Unless they have private medical insurance. Thereby killing off the poorer first. First we had empty hospitals now the empty surgerys. The only thing that will be full is the morgs. Let’s make people sick by isolating them,making them wear masks and putting poison in there arms. Then let them fend for themselves. It almost seems like it was planned. God help anyone who is ill,in this ” Brave new WOrld” Because these monsters now running the asylum won’t .


It’s also a curious thing (unless a person knows better) that during lockdown the weather was glorious in the UK; the fuel lines free flowing in the US; and inflation artificially supressed.
No that lockdown is lifting, we still can’t go anywhere or do anything.
Not that I expect the majority to realise that it’s all connected and deliberate.


I really don’t think the majority will ever get it. They don’t think like us. They’re naive and sadly I know many like this.


Most people have a strong need to believe in something external. Humans are also prone to fear and superstition.
Combine the two and even the most rational person will have a blind spot (or more) in their ability to think critically.

Urban fox

It’s the old everything is random or cock up theory of the universe,life and politics view isn’t it Craig.No cause and effect and nothing is ever deliberate. Incredible that even now,people can’t join up the dots. What more Will it take.


In my experience (as in yours, I suspect), most folk never see, no matter how obvious it is. Many don’t even want to see.

Chris McLee

Here in Ontario Canada, I have been on virtual visits for a year now because of “Covid 19(84) along with the majority of others.
There was also a change in physician systems in December of 2020.
However the new system that they put the citizen virtual visits on was on an open system run by the USA phone company Telus. The privacy statement said that they would use the collected video in anyway they saw fit.
Which puts it in line with our medical records being for sale here, like so much facebook data (if you’re on that shit).
I opted out of and continued with the old virtual system with strong privacy statement geared to the old school way of what was considered medical privacy going back for some time.
The USA made it legal to trade in personal medical records back in the fall of 2019. and a week after that was announced, there was an extensive data breach at a Canadian blood lab.
So in my opinion watch your medical records, read the privacy statement of any company they try and get you hooked up with for virtual doctors appointments. You have the right to refusal.
I am no expert, but I believe that public trading of your medial records was meant to coincide with the jab.


That’s shocking. There is absolutely no justification for allowing the trading of private medical records, none. Morality along with logic, sanity and humanity has just gone out of the window.


I have a face to face appointment with an NHS specialist coming up. The appointment letter encourages appointees to have a lateral flow test beforehand (they can sod off on that) and it mentions ‘mask rules’, so that also promises to be a fun conversation.
If I have to walk out before going through with the appointment, so be it.


Soon enough for me too (only in the Irish equivalent! — though no ‘instructions’ have been forwarded as of yet!).

Should be fun.



Before The Mass Murderers in charge pulled this Crime Against Humanity, I was up for a a hip replacement, I know I will never get my hip replaced or any other medical treatment, SO BE IT, because not only will i not get tested, there is NO F’ing way I am going to take their genocide jab shot.

Last edited 1 month ago by sven

I feel the same, I’d have to be at death’s door to go near a hospital and maybe not even then. Sorry about your hip replacement, let’s hope something changes and soon.


I worked with GPs throughout last year as a community nurse. Biggest bunch of cowards the lot: refusing to see patients; giving out DNACPRs for fun; trying to verify deaths over the phone!! Dishing out end of life drugs instead of reviewing a patient. I left that job last year because I could no longer associate myself with such wastes of space. If nurses were the so-called ‘front line’ in this ‘war’, then GPs were deserters. Cowards the lot.


In London its now often well worth it and far easier to simply pay £50 for a private GP consultation. These walk in private centres (many now at major railway stations/transport hubs) are booming and you can have an unrushed appointment were you’re not made to feel that the Doctor thinks your a fecking nuisance. A whole new healthcare eco system is now evolving outside the failing/non existent NHS. I don’t even blame the GP’s so much as the grinding bureaucracy you have to get through to actually see one of them.


A short term solution possibly but the problem is, is that this opens the door for being the only available medical care in the future and then they can charge what ever they want in the future so only those who can pay will get a consultation.

I agree Jacob but the plain fact is that if you’re sick and need to see a Doctor or have a worrying health issue these guys are increasingly the only show in town. The alternative is to wait hours and hope to be seen eventually at an A&E or minor injury unit. If you can afford it why would you not if there are no alternatives. Increasingly no one trusts an NHS doctor anymore.


Deserters, that sums it up perfectly and they’ve also been paid handsomely .


So let’s call it out for what it is!

The majority are useless cowards who will jump at the chance!

How much are they charging for their ‘consultations??’
(lol!! Gimme a break!!)

And how much more convenient will it be to sit back on their lazy gutless ‘genocidal’ holes and cash in while doing f*** all as usual!!

There are exceptions to the rule, of course there are and indeed many of these REAL doctors have found their way onto Richie’s show.

But as for the gutless cowards who are standing behind this despicable global horror show and actively plunging this poison into everyones arms without so much as a hint of a warning about the risks…

They can go kiss my ass!!

Gutless cowards!!

Shame on the lot of them.


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

They’ve been kicking the ones with guts off the medical register for daring to challenge their precious genetic engineering jabs.


All part of the Great Reset Jennie.
No insubordination allowed!


They want us all glued to the black mirrior’s Richie, ready for Skynet to take control, it will be an AI doc like in Star Trek, ” please state the nature of your medical emergency”. Most don’t even know what a quantum computer is, yet they have been commercially available for some time now!

I wonder just how lucrative, someones entire biological system data being streamed live via 5g to one of the D-Wave systems, with a little help from some nano tech inserted via the volentry experimental medial trial currently underway.

Could be wild crazy talk, but then again hmmmm 😛

Last edited 1 month ago by Mick

We already know that personal data is the new oil, so your comments are not a stretch.

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