Documentary Screening Cancelled After Trans Activists Storm Theatre

A screening of the documentary Adult Human Female was cancelled after trans rights activists stormed a lecture theatre to prevent the event going ahead.

According to The Telegraph:

A showing of Adult Human Female, a documentary which challenges transgender ideology and examines opposition to it in the UK, had been organised by the University of Edinburgh’s Academics for Academic Freedom group.

The university had defied calls to cancel the event from the University College Union and the student Pride Society, which had condemned the film as “transphobic” and claimed showing it “endangers trans people on campus and beyond”.

The 439-year-old institution, known as one of the homes of the Scottish Enlightenment, insisted it was committed to allowing discussion of “controversial topics” and freedom of speech.

However, around 10 activists “occupied” a lecture theatre at George Square, preventing the screening from taking place there.

When organisers attempted to move the event to an alternative venue on campus, other opponents to the screening entered another building.

Eventually the screening was cancelled, amid angry exchanges between the activists and people who had tickets for the event.

Marion Calder, a director with the For Women Scotland campaign group, called for the university to take disciplinary action against any students who had been involved in closing down the showing.

“This was not free speech – it was a bunch of spoiled children who were upset that they hadn’t got their way,” Ms Calder, who was at the event, said.

“If they think this sort of thing will do their cause any good at all, then they clearly have no clue about campaigning.

“A lot of people had just turned up with an open mind, to see what all the fuss was about and to watch a documentary. They were all absolutely horrified at their behaviour and this approach to free speech.”

She added: “We applaud the University of Edinburgh for sticking to their guns in saying the screening could go ahead. But at the same time they were absolutely toothless when it came to dealing with these children.”

Several of the activists who prevented the screening going ahead wore Covid surgical masks.

Many of those who turned up to watch the film chanted “women won’t wheesht”, meaning women won’t be silent, a slogan that has been adopted by the gender critical movement in Scotland.

Robyn Woof, a trans and non-binary liberation officer at the University of Edinburgh Students Association, branded attendees “a gang of Twitter bigots”.

There were howls of derision when Woof, who identifies as a female, claimed to be a “trans woman” and an “adult human female”.

It comes amid huge controversy in Scotland over transgender rights, with a crunch vote on legislation that would allow Scots to change their legal sex simply by signing a declaration taking place at Holyrood next week.

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