Dr. Joseph Mercola Joins Richie Today To Discuss New Covid-19 Book

Dr. Joseph Mercola will be on this evenings Richie Allen Show to discuss his new book “The Truth About Covid-19,” which he wrote with Ronnie Cummins. Do not miss him. Dr. Mercola will be on in hour two.

Before that, I’ll be speaking with Irish comedian and storyteller Aidan Killian. Aidan has had an extraordinary last year. I’m really looking forward to meeting him. Read about Aidan at

Remember, you can listen to The Richie Allen Show round the clock on this website. The show is also available on and on The TuneIn app.

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NNT vs NNH (plus ARR vs RRR in thread)
Data from NEJM Israeli study and Pfizer trial published by UK Gov MHRA.
(References and data summary pic in tweet link below, see thread for ARR vs RRR):


Any idea where I can buy a physical copy besides “The Beast” (Amazon) which I do not want to feed.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob

Massive Amazon Fake Review Scam (Grift) Exposed In Data Breach.
These Amazon vendors send to reviewers a list of items/products for which they would like a 5-star review. The people providing the ‘fake reviews’ will then buy the products, leaving a 5-star review on Amazon a few days after receiving their merchandise.

Upon completion, the provider of the fake review will send a message to the vendor containing a link to their Amazon profile, along with their PayPal details.

Once the Amazon vendor confirms all reviews have been completed, the reviewer will receive a refund through PayPal, keeping the items they bought for free as a form of payment.

The refund for any purchased goods is actioned through PayPal and not directly through Amazon’s platform. This makes the five-star review look legitimate, so as not to arouse suspicion from Amazon moderators.

…logged-in just for You.
What’s the name of the author?

Hello Chris. Nice to hear from you.
Dr Mercola. His new book.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob

It will be available soon here for You in the U.K. here:

I normally check *Goodreads* website for general information about books/authors.
There are always links to *abebooks* which can give quite a few ‘local bookstores’. The book isn’t listed there yet ’cause it’s so new.

The *bookdeposiitory* is a subsidiary of…amazoo[n] if ya’ didn’t know.

Really appreciate that information.
Thanks Chris.


You can get it from Waterstones.


Is that in-store or in line.
Thanks for the info.


Just incase you don’t have Twatter
As expected James Corbett is no longer on shit tube
This is the link for his site
IMHO the best researcher/investigator you will find


He is a very good investigator indeed..


Would absolutely agree with that. In a sane world he’d have his own show on the mainstream media, as would Richie and The Last Vagabond.


I am also looking forward to hearing Dr Mercola talk about his new book.
Not much chance of me buying a copy if it is sold only through Amazon though as I refuse to feed that “Beast”.
I am missing out on buying a number of books due to my “Boycott” of Amazon.
I specifically bought a product from Ebay which was £2 more expensive than the same product on Amazon due to my boycott but when it arrived it came from Amazon so I ask now if it is sold through them.


So agree about Amazon who are taking over the world. I pay more to buy things elsewhere too.

Tony K

Just googled that book and author, Google not listing it at all for me.

Par for the course I guess.

Tony K

One more thing.
No doubt I’m preaching to the choir.
But just in case someone missed it.

In the US in 1975 (when kids got the 3 or 4 standard vaccines), 1 in 10,000 kids had autism.

In the US in 2021 (when kids get 72 vaccines in total), 1 in 25 kids have autism.

“But there’s no connection, and you’d be a fool and a communist to make one”

Last edited 1 month ago by Tony K

So many heavy metals in modern day vaccines which are so damaging to the system.


Think electromagnetic spectrum.
(Full spectrum dominance)

Think glowing in the dark or lighting up like a Christmas tree.






I think the prediction is that within 10years as the trend continues it’ll be 1 in 2 kids autistic. Can society function then?

Tony K

Looking forward to hearing Dr Mercola – truly a warrior and legend in the fight.

Today in Texas doctors have been testifying against mandatory vaccinations.

Here’s a link on bitchute (mirrored)

It’s big.

We’re winning. No doubt.

Fight on folks, there’s light at the end of the tunnel and what’s out there is outstandingly excellent.

Bodacious dudes and dudettes.

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