Enforcement Teams To Patrol Pubs Looking For Rule-Breakers

Some UK Councils have set up “enforcement teams” to patrol pubs from next week. The enforcers will look for customers who are not wearing facemasks or not sitting exclusively with their own group.

Government guidance says customers should wear a mask inside the pub if using the toilet or paying at the bar. The government has not requested that customers wear masks outdoors. Councils are going a step further. According to The Telegraph:

Landlords have been told they must enforce mask-wearing by their customers when they are walking around beer gardens, despite national guidance that only requires face coverings indoors.

Councils have set up enforcement teams that will patrol pubs looking for rule-breakers, and landlords fear they could face fines if their customers are caught……

One notice from Ribble Valley Borough Council told pubs in Lancashire that “face coverings must be worn by customers, except when seated to eat or drink”.

Stosie Madi, owner of the Parkers Arms pub near Clitheroe, contacted the council to ask if the notice was a “misprint” and whether her customers needed masks outdoors. A council official told her face coverings must be worn in her beer garden unless her customers are eating and drinking.

Speaking to The Telegraph she said;

“The council said they had set up a task force that will go around enforcing this. For me the worry is, what happens when a task force comes into my garden and sees a customer walking from his table and going to his car without a mask?

“What do they do? Are they going to turn around and penalise me in some way?”

UK Hospitality CEO Kate Nicholls said that she’d heard from landlords who told her that they’d received similar orders from their local authority’s.

Last week, The British Beer & Pubs Association said that 10,000 pubs would close their doors for good this year. Local authority’s should be doing all they can to facilitate the reopening of the hospitality sector, not threatening businesses with enforcement teams.






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The Brown Shirts are back on the streets with heads full of stupid and pockets full of 30 pieces of silver

Web Ferrett

Councils cannot make up laws – their ‘fines’ they issue are unlawful – just don’t pay and wait for the court summons – you won’t get one because they are unlawful and unenforceable – no court would waste their time – I would write to your local council and request for a council tax rebate based on the money they are wasting and NOT following the guidance the government have in place, but doing their own thing! – unbelievable!!!!


Most things that council’s do are ‘a shot to nothing’. The ethos is ‘have staff, will invoice’. There MUST be a way to avoid paying these parasites for only occasionally emptying bins?


I abhor violence. That said, the only real response to some proto-nazi demanding papers whilst you have a drink is to beat them until the ‘fuck’ is out of them. Again, it’s not my preferred response when dealing with JFOs (Just Following Orders) but it’s the only one that makes sense.


No need for violence at all. Just find out where they live.

Then don ‘yellow vests’ of our own and organise 24/7/365 peaceful protests outside their homes!

No violence whatsoever..

Just music, song and dance!!

And lots of banners!!!

Like “Scab lives here”

“Get a life and a proper job!”

“Loser at home”

They’ll soon get the message!!!


Last edited 28 days ago by Gerry

Agreed. I was being silly really. However, I do hope people give these scumbags both barrels when they skulk over to a table. Unfortunately, Brits have revealed themselves to be ‘ball-lite’ so I imagine they’ll just buy them a pint.


Not at all!!

You’re not being silly at all!!

First and natural impulse from any sane and rational minded ‘intelligent’ human being, would be to “unleash the dogs of war upon these goons!!”

But in these instances, a peaceful solution will be far more powerful and symbolic!

Eg. A more passive but immediate response would be to ‘drown them with the pint’ (not literally, but a good ol fashioned rinse — then who knows, maybe a few more punters will follow suit here???)

Money well spent!!


Last edited 27 days ago by Gerry

I know how you feel. I’ve speculated about how I would feel if I had all the people who are really behind this lined up and I had a loaded machine gun which I had been trained how to use. But if I gave into temptation the person to suffer most would be me because we are all ultimately answerable for our own actions.


Jennie, as distasteful as it is; someone will have to sever the snakes head. Evil NEVER gets tired and needs to be kept at bay. Just imagine how much better the world would be if the entire Rothschild and Warburg families were euthanised?


Remember when bouncers were the enforcers, sad thing is these brainwashed idiots will carry out their duties with glee, while spouting ” we are in the middle of a pandemic “.


I don’t know where I saw this, maybe it was on here, but it said that the idea of wearing masks everywhere but at your table is like having an open p***ing section in a swimming pool 😂😂😂

Caroline Fealy

We went to a pub last year after the first lock down. They did give us a form to fill (which we did not). This was out door seating only and was not happy that we wanted to see what ale was on sale. Anyway we got a pint of beer each sat in the very nice garden. But the atmosphere just was not there really, sad to be honest. We have not been to one since and will not be going until all this madness has gone.

Last edited 29 days ago by Caroline Fealy
Urban fox

Hi Caroline, Similar thing here. Once or twice this last year. My friend had to order on an ap he had download on phone. We had to sit outside or give our details. And when I went to the toilet, a staff member was in there. He told me, make sure you wash your hands, and why wasn’t I wearing a mask. This was in empty toilet 🚽. I gave him a mouthful, and nearly got us kicked out. Lovely experience. I’ve no interest in going anywhere in this atmosphere. But on the other hand, this is exactly what those in power behind this want. Nearly 30 years ago, I said, they wanted an Orwellian state, with people indoors most of the time. And watched 24 hours a day. This is exactly what’s happening. They don’t want us going out, not ever. Nor is this ever ment to be over, it is ment to continue and get worse. The best thing is if people still go out,but DEFY and don’t COMPLY. And generally make a nuisance of themselves. But personally I just don’t have the energy half the time. But somehow we have to find it. But it’s horrible even going out down the road where I am. They even wear masks in the park. Take care, speak again. Fox


alright mate. 100 % spot on in what you say about them not wanting us to go out, off the streets and indoors for most of the day and they have been social engineering us for decades to achieve it, people can survive and get everything they need without leaving their houses these days, anything they need, also the young do not go out as much, well pubs, clubs and generally just hanging about the streets, when people say they could not have got away with this 25 or 30 years ago they are correct, because a lot of the toys that are available now to older and younger people were not there and they would not have been able to keep us off the streets.

Urban fox

Hi, I’ve posted regarding 25 / 30 years ago myself. Wouldn’t have got away with it. I saw this coming, with the gradual brainwashing and complacency over that time period. I warned people what I saw as early as 92/93. This is when they seriously started to chip away at civil liberties. Under the disguise of ,anti racist, anti gay, anti this and anti that. All of this was already rightly covered with harassment laws etc. Everything since then has just encouraged people to be frightened of expressing opinions and attacked free speech. I always believed,at that time,that this creeping exceptence of this. Along with other things, such as massively increased surveillance,under the guise of protection was never going to end well. And I was just laughed at. I believe that all of this fostard an attitude of complacency etc. And that come 2020, the public was practically asking to be abused. The general public brought this about themselves over the last 30 years, culminating in accepting things last March. It’s not a popular view, but I have total conviction in it. Even at this late stage, if enough people stoped believing and stopped complying ,there plans could not continue.

Urban fox

And yes, of course the technology that people have in their homes, does mean people less likely to get bored.Good point.


77sth fox brigade ????


It started with the “Hate Crime” agenda where you could be reported for behaviour that wasn’t actually a criminal offence but was not approved of by the state or considered politically incorrect. In the early nineties the police crime reporting system was computerised so all of this stuff could be entered onto this large database (in London called CRIS) and recorded as a non crime incident. From there it simply grew into the monster we have today.

Urban fox

Yeah your right. Thanks for replie.I suppose what I was trying to say. Was that, come 2020 and the covid scam. By that time, most people just didn’t have any belief in civil liberties anymore. They just said they did. Freedom of thought, belief,to express onesself. Right to pRIvacy. Alian concepts to most ,by 2020


Hi Foxy, there will never be enough people to put a stop to this as they’re bloody brain dead. Just got back from a friend’s. She brought up the conversation (they generally do) about the situation. I kept it to the lockdowns saying it is illegal and against our civil liberties. Then the old chestnut came out about all the people that have died and I’m an anti vaxxer blah blah. I told her it wasn’t a vaccine and she’s in a trial. And these people think I’m the stupid one. I explained the pcr test and Kary Mullis, the consistent propaganda and lies and the fact that Chris Whitty has twice said that the majority of people will have minor illness. My husband, the weak git just wanted the conversation to end and naturally on the way home blamed me for arguing, which I wasn’t. People bring the subject up but have to intention of listening. Really pissed off right now.

Urban fox

Hi me to, sent you private message.


I meant to say no intention of listening. Sorry for ranting but it’s a new day and the sun’s out. Will message you.

Patricia Deakin

I feel your pain, I’ve been in a few situations like that. I try my best not to give my views but as you say the conversation comes up. My problem is that most of the people I’m talking about are usually anti government and now they follow all instructions and rules because the government tells them. I find I don’t want to be in their company much because I’m too stressed trying not to give my opinion which of course is considered “crazy.”


The only saving grace is having this site to vent my spleen on occasionally as we’re all pretty much in the same boat. Like you, l don’t even bring the subject up, it’s always THEM!
We all seem to be outnumbered by the numpties in our various home locations 😂😷

Caroline Fealy

Hi Urban Fox, yes same as us. I do get that bit about standing our ground, as yes i can see thats what the gov want. Like you it takes alot of energy and sometimes i just do not have that. I went shopping the other morning, i was the only one with out a mask. I feel bad for people.
I see a lot of fighting back which is great :). You to 🙂

Patricia Deakin

When the madness started in 2020 I was at an aqua aerobics class and myself and my sister were having a little chat afterwards in the pool. The life guard came over and asked us to move apart as we were too close. Needless to say I haven’t seen a swimming pool in nearly a year since. Urban fox you sound like your a bit down, we all are but where there’s life in us there is hope. Never give up or in, as someone else said it plays right into their hands. We all have to prop each other up when the fight gets too hard. Think of the children, as I write I listen to the sounds of the school children in the school behind my house. They are in the yard laughing, shouting running around. They only went back yesterday after another 3 month lockdown. I pray that they can have a normal life with their freedom. We are the resistance and “we are all in this together”

Urban fox

Hi, ther, thanks for reply. Yeah it gets madder by the day. I just got a message, telling me my stepmum, is in hospital with a blood clot. Never been in hospital a day in her life. Just another vaccination coincidence.? I’M almost lost for words. Speak later.


Can you imagine having that job, or the type of person who wants that job? …..job brief….Yea mate just go over to that lovely sunny garden with a big yellow “im a wanker” vest on, in the middle of the loads of pissed up Brits sick to fucking death of the this bullshit!

Good luck with that! fuk me lol , i might have to go for a pint just to observe the obvious comedy gold coming our way!

Last edited 29 days ago by Mick

What a load of fuckin dogshit!! I’ll drink at home. Plus several of my friends have built their own bars in their gardens. Partay!! 🍻


Oops, pardon my french! 😇

Urban fox

Can’t think where your living Joe, but it sounds 👍great. Good luck to you.Mine is a Pepsi max, 2 cubes ice and slice Lemmon please.And being a fox, anything from your bins.


The bars are really impressive 👍🏻. They’re naming them and everything! 😂. Mine is a Cherry Pepsi….with half a bottle of rum…hold the ice! That’s another good thing about backyard bars….the measures are much more adequate 🙊.
Love the bin comment btw 😂.


Seems a bit quite fox, are a lot of the posters in mourning ?, old phil kicked the bucket, cut down in his prime by the toxic vaccine, heard they are saying it was natural causes, an obvious lie, he will be back in a few months, he will be the third wave, maybe jimmy saville fixed it for him.

Urban fox

Hi, Martin, yeah very quite.I’m trying to catch up some jobs. Don’t believe he died of vaccine.As a major part of the enemy network,bloodlines, it wouldn’t make any sence. Don’t believe any of those in power have taken it. They occasionally bump off there own of course. But can’t think why would have done him?.And of course he may have wanted to go. But only if it fit there plans. Which it may have.? As a distraction, sympathy angle. But that’s doubtful. For if it was deliberate, it would have been killed,before he pretended to have vaccine. And they would have said corona, for propaganda purposes. Speak later, good to see you back.


i believe you lol

Urban fox

Hi, how you, talk soon


Quite right Jo, when anyone says ” all hope is gone, there’s no way out, we are doomed ” just say feck it and Partay.


Might as well go down happy! 🥴

Hermione Granger

Well done morons clap clap

Hermione Granger

ADE – Antibody-dependent enhancement and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and therapies
Wen Shi Lee, Adam K. Wheatley, Brandon J. DeKosky

The gene manipulation taking morons are dead in 3yrs max. ADE will get them all. The idiots have destroyed their own evolved immune system forever. Those who have had the gene manipulation shot now have NON specific. Antibodies ..those who have not accepted the experiment have NON SPECIFIC antibodies that have evolved for millions of years …

Prof Dolores Cahill “the covid shot will kill people over 70yrs in 2-3 yrs and everyone else who’s taken it in 10 yrs”


how long before the whole money thing on what they spent during bs19! gets mentioned and things like CCTV camera facial recognition etc sending people fines via the post email for breaking the masks rules or not standing 2 meters apart crap becomes normalized

Mr Collier

Yeah, I agree. I wondered why all the screens appeared above self service machines in the supermarket, all at once. Stopping shoplifting seems like a crappy excuse, unless they suddenly expect a HUGE increase in shoplifting. But then you wouldn’t check out anyways. The camera literally captures only your face so can’t see you stuffing things in your pockets or bags with out scanning them!


The whole point of going to the pub is for leisure and relaxation not to take part in in some Government sponsored dystopian charade. The joy of sitting in a beer garden and being harassed by some high viz jacketed council jobsworth Covid warden. Why bother going?

Urban fox

My thoughts exactly. On the one hand I admire a friend of mine, who has kept going out and about, as much as possible. But even popping down the shops now, is massive drag for me. As everywhere is so bloody suppressive and misrable. But of course that’s whole idea. To keep us shut in, and it’s working to large etent. Apart from those conforming. We need more going out, but not conforming. But that will become increasingly difficult. The longer this is allowed to continue.

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