Enid Blyton Saved My Life. Thank God For Her

I’ve mentioned once or twice on the radio show that I had a rotten childhood. I won’t go into it here. Reading Enid Blyton’s books saved my life. I immersed myself in them. They were my escape from reality. As a child, my reality was a nightmare.

English Heritage has linked Enid Blyton’s books to racism and xenophobia. According to The Telegraph:

Enid Blyton’s books have been linked to “racism and xenophobia” in updated blue plaque information produced by English Heritage. 

The heritage charity administers the blue plaque scheme, which has installed more than 950 signs in London commemorating historical figures.

English Heritage vowed to review all plaques for links to “contested” figures following Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, stating that objects “associated with Britain’s colonial past are offensive to many”.

Blyton’s work has now been linked to racism in updated information on the Famous Five author following the review of historic legacies. 

The prolific writer composed more than 700 books after attempting her first work in 1922 at 207 Hook Road in Chessington, now in southwest London, where she worked as a governess. In 1997 a blue plaque was installed there in her honour.

Information on the plaque provided online and on an English Heritage app states Blyton’s work has been criticised “for its racism, xenophobia and lack of literary merit”.

Visitors using the official app to learn about blue plaques they encounter in London will be told about the charges against Blyton’s work.

Blyton published a book in 1966 called The Little Black Doll. In the book, the doll is called “Sambo” and is only accepted by the little girl who owns him, when he washes his “ugly black face” clean.

I couldn’t care less. That was nearly 60 years ago. Enid Blyton was a woman of her time. Attitudes were different then. Just look at TV sitcoms from that era. Racist stereotypes were the norm. It wasn’t right, but those responsible weren’t evil or even necessarily bad. They were ignorant. Times change. People change.

Has Enid Blyton not got anything in the bank? Wasn’t she responsible for turning millions of children onto the joy of reading, the magic of escaping into a book? How can she be dismissed as a xenophobe, because of The Little Black Doll or the golliwogs in Noddy?

Aren’t we the sum of all of our parts? Not in 2021. In the woke world, we’re all defined by our least flattering quality, or the last offensive opinion we expressed. That’s madness. That’s dangerous. We are complex beings, constantly evolving, emotionally as much as physically.

Last November, when I was at my lowest ebb for years and about to consign The Richie Allen Show to the dustbin of history, I bought a copy of “The Magic Faraway Tree.” I wondered what would it be like, nearly 40 years after I first read it. It was everything that it was when I was eight years-old. Thank God for Enid Blyton.

Anna Eavis, English Heritage’s curatorial director, said last year: “We need to ensure that the stories of those people already commemorated are told in full, without embellishment or excuses.”

But that’s impossible! Enid Blyton is long dead. You cannot possibly tell her story in full. You have no right to denounce her as a racist. You didn’t know her, or how she really viewed people of colour.

These woke loons can say what they like. I love Enid Blyton’s books. If I had children, I would read The Famous Five with them. Mallory Towers too. Her wonderfully diverse stories continue to entertain and educate millions of children today. That’s her legacy.




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I love that you turned to something that gave you comfort as a child when you were feeling in need of escapism. My partner and I found ourselves getting back into the old movies of our childhood towards the end of last year. I guess we all need to go to that place of familiarity when our worlds get turned upside down.

As for the attitude to our historical culture – it’s ridiculous. A little bit like the guy that gets abuse for something he said 10 years ago on twitter. Are we not allowed to recognise our own growth? Are we supposed to be perfect all the time? If you want that, design a robot! Oh, wait….

Your article has inspired me to go buy an old EB book. I too loved the Faraway Tree.


Comprehensive international authority of rights. Use while still in existence, my fear is that the Laws and Conventions cited will be torn up as part of the Great Reset.


And mine too Brenda.

But if enough of us wake up, there’s always some hope to end this.

Good link and thanks for posting.


I went to the first social event I’d been to for a long time on Saturday (outdoors of course) and saw people who I hadn’t seen since before this madness started. I was shocked at how many of them had fallen for all this and had had the jabs, people I would never have expected to.


I’ve had similar experiences recently Jennie with both outdoor events and revelations surrounding mRNA experiments.
And I share your concerns.

Most disturbing and doesn’t bode well for any of our collective futures!



Agreed. Even their own rules and statutes mean nothing to them as they gradually place the manacles upon most of the global population. I had an awful dream recently in which my front door was being hammered upon and was about to give way; it was right at that point that the dream ended. It frightened the crap out of me.


Had one recently myself Backbeat..

It ended up with the gestapo chasing me through a suburban jungle I once knew in a previous life!!

Not nice!!


I know of some people who have dreams for around 20yrs in which them and their families were attacked.
It did inspire some of them to leave the UK and advice was for us to do the same.


I’d leave Ireland in a heartbeat if I knew where to go to be free. Someone said there is a lot of freedom in Katmandu but perhaps that’s a bit drastic although who knows it might come to that.


But where do we go now??

And more importantly…

How do we get the hell out of here!!!



Out of cities and towns preferably.
God knows what they have in store for us.
Cyber Polygon — Clues to the Elite’s Next Pandemic.


Just like event 201..

The dress rehearsal for the ‘stakeholders’.

To give them a heads up.

I suspect they’ll land this blow when next season’s “variants” start to work their ‘black magic’.



Jesussss whatever happened to peacefully counting sheep bounding over fluffy clouds? Gerry, they WILL NOT break me, but there are certain things have changed forever, I have no heros anymore; but one of the good things is that I’m seeing matters for what they are and starting to say ‘no thank you’ when I disagree. More power to you Gerry.


I feel exactly the same way Backbeat!

I’ve never seen things as clearly as I do now, but no sooner does this ‘awakening’ take place, the rest of humanity then goes completely ****** GA GA!!!

You couldn’t make it up buddy!!

Not a hope!!!


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

For those living in Ireland and advance warning to the rest of us.

Last edited 1 month ago by Brenda

Terrifying Brenda.
Absolutely shocking..

But I second Dave’s thoughts on the matter.

They most definitely won’t be getting mine either….

Come hell or waters high.


It’s Ireland you’re talking about – it’s gonna be waters high!!





I’ve just viewed this and am disgusted, and will be abandoning my smart phones very shortly in favour of my old conventional unit. Jesse Ventura used to be chided for proudly proclaiming never to have had a mobile phone; and, like David Icke people are beginning to realise that he was right.


Thanks for posting this Brenda, it’s really important that EVERYONE sees this.


You & everyone else thanks for heeding. We all need to keep each other informed.
‘LESS SCARED BY BEING PREPARED’ is a good motto for us all

Tony K

I met criminals as far back as the advent of mobiles who would disconnect the battery when discussing things.

This is thirty odd years ago.

Even then, they knew that even if the phone was off but the battery was connected, the phone was a bugging device.

The easiest and simplest way to deal with this if you don’t actually want to do away having access to a smartphone at all times is to have 2 phones.

Set one up as clean, i.e nothing to see.

Use the other one as a burner.

For anybody who has never been on the wrong side of the law, this little bit of advice from people that have been, and know how dark the system really is, might get you out of a tight spot.


I believe that’s why they developed the integrated battery, not just for obsolescence.
If you can give advice on how to keep the burner phone ‘hidden’ & unconnected to the person, please let us know. Even if you choose not to link your old email addresses to a new phone, Google plus whoever the provider or network is made aware.
In the last number of decades have purchased a new phone from someone it was gifted to but unwanted and to any network. Always ensuring it was not a traceable upgrade and don’t have a contract. During the activation process & even using vouchers paid with cash you have to give personal details. I have an older smart phone -sim free that I use for surfing the net, email address for that still identifies me. I also have a Nokia – which isn’t smart but can connect to the Internet for very basic functions but have never used it for that purpose. Only other way is, that I can think of is using a basic phone from some unrelated elderly person who has died.
Here’s a link, is it really foolproof?


I’d heard about this and some other sneaky legislation the Irish government has been pushing through recently while people’s attention has been on the covid madness. I don’t own a mobile phone so they won’t be able to get me on this.


I just went to my local Iceland shop and on the self service tills, there are tablet sized screens with a camera on top that record the people using them.
A person using the tills face is projected on to the screen like taking a selfie which I do not like. I have never been one really for having my photograph taken and how is this legal??
This is dystopian and I am not happy!

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob

Same in all the major supermarkets Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury etc
At the very least intimidating! Should use a balaclava mask at this point only!!
It’s a cheek – implied consent, if you don’t like it will tell you to swing your hook!! Too many people just happy to accept these ‘creep’ (creepy) measures!!


I will use the manned till from now on even if I have to spend time queuing up.


Unfortunately taking someone’s photo without consent is not illegal. I was surprised when I found this out a few years ago but it’s true.




The Irish version of the Light Newspaper is now launched. They claim that as well as online, hard copies will be distributed throughout the 32 counties of Ireland.


I briefly saw a copy at the Dublin march on Saturday Brenda.
So, good to know of this now!!



Would love to hear a bit about the March.


It went reasonably well and the march itself did bring some Dublin city traffic to a standstill for a while!
(A warm day to be stuck in a car wearing masks I should think!!)

It culminated at the GPO with some talks by Dolores Cahill and Ben Gilroy.

I’ve just checked Dolores Cahill’s website, but as of yet there’s no video there.

But here’s a little Hugo Talks clip which manages to include a snippet from the march itself!!



I didn’t know about this thank you for sharing. I’ve met Gemma O’Doherty and she gets a very bad press but she’s actually a caring person.

Tony K

I’m not religious.
But I am born again.


Love, never failed me yet

Tony K


Before that horrible cvnt Simon cowbell came along, we humans used to make real music.
All over the world.

Cue up a bit of Fela Kuti

Tony K

I think that most of us know how legendary James Corbett is, but don’t miss this one. One of his finest recent works; and that’s saying something.


He’s way better than anyone in the mainstream which is where he’d be working if we lived in a sane world.

Tony K

Bang on Jennie.


Just a reminder that latest video from Dr Vernon Coleman is available

Last edited 1 month ago by Brenda

That phrase ‘lack of literary merit’ is a curious one as literary merit, like offense, is purely subjective. Tolkein’s works have also been labelled in that way; and HP Lovecraft has long been labelled with that and the extra ‘racist and xenophobic’ labels. And yet both of them have had significant influence on popular culture.
The same cannot be said for the critically acclaimed ‘best sellers’. I have tried reading some of these over the years. Most I couldn’t finish, as I find them tedious and boring.
So give me the works of Tolkein, Lovecraft, and Blyton – and so many more.
Tales of Conan; of Druss the Legend; of Jon Shannow, the Jerusalem Man; of Harry Dresden; of Mercy Thompson; of Rachel Morgan; of PC Grant; of Drizzt the Drow; and, again, so many more.
Give me fantasy; give me escapist fiction. If I want gritty reality, I’ll step outside my front door.


Ready to stick these around town 😉 get people to watch Real News🙏


Ready to stick these around town. Get people listening to real news!

Tony K

For any younger people, or anyone that missed out what happened on 9 elevernn,

You should start your research with a book called “another 19” by Kevin Ryan.

If you image search the phrase you’ll find a cheat sheet.

Tony K

Fuck that, all the images have been deleted. Duck duck go are no different from the Google cunts


Spot on.
Finding things on that lame duck is getting harder.


Hear reports that Gibiru search engine app best for uncensored

Tony K

I’ve known about and respected the work of bill cooper since around 2005.

They killed him for sure.

But in all the stuff I’ve seen and read from him, I’ve never heard this.


Message to Irish folk.

Professor Dolores Cahill and many others will be speaking at the Customs house Dublin from 2pm today.

Worth going if at all possible!


True story this time and one that could save many more lives.

“The Romney family in Utah and their experience and misguided adventure with the mRNA therapies”

Buying into the lie, they thought it a good idea to take part in the unlicensed experiment in order to fast track their participation in the digital ID global enslavement health passport social crediting scheme.

Both mother and father opted for the Moderna experiment, the son opted for Pfizer.

Both father and son reacted with blood clotting, resulting in the son almost dying as the clotting entered his brain…

But there’s a slight twist in the tale here, as it is stated that both father and son tested positive for ‘covid’ at the time , thus implying this may be related to the underlying cause of the adverse reaction in both cases…
(An almost certainty, as remember they each received a different brand of experimental mRNA therapy … 🤔)

If so and in my opinion, it is likely that it’s this that’s causing many adverse reactions globally and thus further reinforces the possibility that come next circulation of coronavirus in the winter seasonal norms (which is ultimately all it ever was and ever will be!!), those who have already taken part in the experiment could face a similar fate…

This one takes 36 minutes…

And could save a life if it prevents someone from doing what Romney family now most definitely wish they hadn’t.

See social for details as the link won’t work here due to technical “spam bot awaiting approval and the magic vanishing sequence!!”



Sad story but goes to show that people should really do some research before going down that path.


They were blessed their son survived Jacob. A very hard lesson to be learned.
(And I hope the kid makes a full recovery and gets to play his basketball again!!)

But the overall sequence of events that occurred is what’s raising my concerns the most here.

If this reaction holds firm and becomes the global standard of when mRNA therapy meets coronavirus within the human body…

then come the seasonal circulations next the winter…??

Not good mate…

Not good at all.



Scotland beat England o-o tonight, were still in it.


Alright Dave lol


I switched it off after about 20 minutes it was all rather tedious and boring. Watching the drunken antics of the Scottish crowd in Trafalgar Square was far more entertaining and funny. Just like the days of the old Home Internationals.

Last edited 1 month ago by Mark

Your not wrong, wasn’t the best of games, yep they fans enjoyed themselves for sure, not much trouble, the pubs and shops got some well needed custom, most people happy apart from the krankie, khan and the met police, nae change there then.


It was the football equivalent of the Eurovision song contest. We need to finish second in the group & you needed the point.


Graham norton should have been the referee, but if it was Eurovision there would not have been any points on offer surely.


Just wondering… The “green” wristbands on the supporters in the sheep herding photo here??

Solidarity with Ireland perhaps??



Gerry the green wristband looks like a numbered sheep tag they are required to wear in order to get into their allocated sheep pen. They are being treated like cattle. The only solidarity on display here is stupidity.



I was exercising some Irish sarcasm Mark!!

Killing two birds with the one stone as it were!!

Ireland’s uselessness versus England’s submissiveness!!

A most unlikely match up!!!



If you look at the picture on the right side rail you can see another big green tag with the number of the pen. I would simply refuse to submit to that stupid regime. Why do these idiots keep complying with this bullshit?


And there lies your problem Mark.

They’ve somehow turned absolute normality into ‘civil disobedience’ now..

But the serf’s just don’t get it!!

And most likely never will!!



ha ha, not sure where that is, they look like England fans Gerry, did you see the jocks in London lol, seen a lot of comments from English people saying they would have them down every weekend, wouldn’t go that far myself, think they saw it as a two fingered salute to that piece of garbage khan, oh and the krankie who told them if you did not have a ticket do not travel, we had 3 thousand tickets, they reckon there were 25/30 thousand that went down.


I’ve no Idea myself Martin, but it looks very “current” and definitely some unfortunate English lads!

Yeah the Jocks looked like they were having a ball (aswell as watching their balls!!)..




I found the books magical..


At 17.00 today.
With Journalist Tony Gosling, regular guest on the RAS.

Piers Corbyn Special: The Fight Back Against Matt Hancock and UK’s Dr Mengele Big Pharma Run Government – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling.

Tony K

Interview with Cynthia McKinney.

If you don’t know who she is, she was the first person working inside the pentagon who walked through the dust of the destruction in real time and told us that there was no aeroplane involved.


Even more famous for refusing to pledge allegiance to the delusional squatters living on stolen Palestinian land which they call “Israel” which is non-existent.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob

I’m the same Richie. I had a difficult childhood and my escape was books and films. I also read and enjoyed Enid Blyton when I was young and never even thought about anything to do with race. I’ve had discussions with people around my age group in more recent times and none of us ever associated golliwogs with black people anymore than we thought of teddy bears as real bears.

To my way of thinking the ones who are racist are the people who see race in everything because most of us don’t. I’m glad you didn’t give up Richie, we would miss you and we do appreciate what you do.


This is a far more nuanced argument than is being presented here by Richie. it must be remembered that this is HIS point of view and not necessarily the right one. It’s funny how many of the fairly smart people on this site can recognised the Beranysian subliminal programming of swathes of the public to convince them that the ‘Reds were a few minutes away’ but cannot see the same in works such as this It may not have been planned but often had a negative effect (however mild). YES: Enid Blyton was a product of her time; but that doesn’t give her a ‘Hall Pass’ for the admittedly few off colour remarks that were published under her name. YES: there has been a stupid overcorrection by groups like BLM (bloody idiots) and Antifa (Rent a Thug).i don’t mind fiery debate , but hauling statues off there plinths or cancelling people long dead does no one any good at all. What I’d like to see is that; in moving forward we all take a moment to see things as they really are, however they were written. Let’s leave the kvecthing to the chosen tribe, appreciate the art nd achievements of the past and look forward. On the subject of English Heritage; why is there no Blue Plaque for the late great Victor Feldman, sone of Edgware and true musical genius?


make your mind up mate, you are talking nonsense, you want to move forward, yet all you do is talk about the past.


Perhaps you failed to understand the nuances; mentioned in the first line?


ATTENTION all UK residents. Today Govt testing emergency phone alerts. I advise you go to notifications on your phones ASAP as first test starts today 12md. Disable all emergency alerts. I am requesting that Richie have this rigorously
investigated for us. I believe a further sinister purpose to what is stated on Govt website. If you want to double down you can always place your phone in flight mode and/or switch it off & use another device meantime. Removing sim isn’t going to help as emergency override is built in.

For full info visit – emergency phone alerts


Meant to add, if anyone on this uses twitter please forward to Richie for him to post.
Thanks everyone

Melanie Howd

Had a look in my phone but don’t know how to disable any emergency alerts? doh!


Hi Melanie, go into settings, then notifications – scroll down and you should locate it there

Melanie Howd

Hallelujah!…it was in ‘messages’…I’m so inadequate!…Thank you!


Using a Huawei phone and have looked but can not find that.
I always keep off the location so maybe will not get one.
Cheeky bleeders doing it without asking our permission.


With your Huawei phone you will only get alerts from the Peoples Republic of China and the CPC. They will let you know when the invasion of Taiwan has started or when Joe Biden has done a ploopy in his trousers 😂😂😂😂. .


And weather reports from Shanghai which comes in handy when I plan a walk in my local park in London.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob

Along with the caption ‘Wish you were here?’


Hi Jacob, apparently the 4G/5G capability for these alerts does not require location to be switched on.
The persons whose phones will be activated U don’t believe have received prior notification. Can you imagine anyone including some vulnerable person hearing a siren spontaneously go off on your phone that you can’t deactivate – a few panic attacks – possibly attempting in the process to achieve some cardiac incidents.
Never lose an opportunity!!
Difficult these days not to see a hidden agenda in officialdom!!!


Its an all points broadcast to all handsets in a specific geographical area. There are 4 levels of alert the most serious is the “Presidential Alert” which cannot be switched off. When President Johnson (Boris not Lyndon) sends you an alert your phone will activate regardless. The 3 other alerts can be turned off.


Spot on

Tony K

This a bit esoteric.

But bear with me.

About 20 years ago I fucked up. A few people were looking for me. For debts I hadn’t actually accrued. Fines, etc. Not fucking murder. Minor things.

Big stress from red letters, threatening calls and people knocking at the door.

It took me a while, but I found a sound solution.

Disconnected the phone.
Removed the letterbox.
And removed the flat number from outside

That was it, end of, I shit you not.

If my phone emits a mental siren, I will smash the fuck out of it and not buy another one.


Nice one

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob

My phone is already on its last legs. The last failed flying lesson I gave it didn’t help.


Unusual tactic, but brilliant lol.

Keith matthews

FFS lots of people back then used terms and names that are inoffensive today, and the most woke of you are using terms and names that will be inoffensive tomorrow, im off to knock the pyramids down, them bastards had slaves.


yep 100%


Hang on till I get my coat and I will come with you.. 😁


The woke will all go crying to their mummies!!

Last edited 1 month ago by Brenda

Why are these people,is it a culture or is it a movement whatever it is why is it called ” woke “, to most people with half a brain they are considered asleep, stupid, thick, zero self awareness, useful idiots the list goes on, woke ?, they are comatose.