Facebook Tells Staff To Wear Facemasks Even If They’ve Been Jabbed

Facebook has told its US staff to carry on wearing facemasks in the office even if they’ve been fully jabbed against Covid-19. The firm says the measure is in response to rising cases.

The policy will come into effect next Tuesday. It applies to all the company’s offices in the US. Last week, Facebook said that employees must be vaccinated before returning to the office.

Maybe Mark Zuckerberg will grow a neat square moustache. We’ll never know, as presumably he’ll never be seen without a facemask again.

Facebook plans to fully reopen its offices in October and expects staff to work from home up to half the time they are working. Amazon and Google have also asked staff in certain offices to continue to wear a face covering.

Various polls in the UK seem to show that as many as two thirds of Britons plan to continue wearing facemasks in some settings. A YouGov poll published yesterday, indicated that the majority of businesses expect staff to work from home as often as three days a week.

If there was/is an agenda to transform human behaviour and lived human experience, it’s certainly working a treat.

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If you are on rubber nuts platform you deserve all it entails, tefal nut makes chris whitty look like a model, a fucking freak, log out.

Hello Martin! Long-time-no-talk.
Thought I’d inform You & All that, I’ve never had a f_ckfacebook account and never contemplated having 1.
Why? I knew immediately it was a ‘data mining project’, which subsequently was revealed to have been started with cia-‘seed money’ the day after the DARPA-NSA-Wall St-nexus discontinued their own ‘government funded project’.
Imagine that.
Thank God I’m not a conspiracy theorists otherwise I’d go nuts.
Cheers and Have-1-on-Me. Chris

Morning, here, Chris.
Thank you for your comment which I agree with.
Many were duped into falling for FB being a cool thing along with the rest of the SM tools.

Hi Chris. Good to see you, hope you and your dear ones are well. Regarding space book totally agree.

Thanks Martin. Listening now.
Reminds Me of the ‘Stag’s Head’-pub in Dublin, just a stone’s-throw away from Trinity College.
Belfast was a ‘divided city’ with barriers, patrolled by brittish soldiers.
It was early 1979 then.
The Giants Causeway on the north coast was serene & powerful; surely the same as my Irish and Scot-Irish forefathers, the McPhearssons and the Mahoneys. Yes. Somethings last Forever. Knowing this, makes Life easier.
Strength and Honor. Chris


Flatulent sheep. So they want to kill off anything that farts? Johnson is shitting himself at the thought that they might move on to humans.


Johnson will be rubbing his hands together at the thought of the ‘Useless Eaters’ and commoners being erased.



Flipping hell that was a load of bollocks and one of the most stupid things I have ever heard.


Only a matter of time before home workers required to wear masks whilst on zoom – role models need to keep up appearances……and they will comply…..

No mask, no task!!


I’ve seen plenty of NHS staff complaining about no jab no job, but nobody from Facebook or Google. Two reasons I speculate, #1 those orgs mostly employ yes wo/men and #2 they have no way of protesting without losing their job within seconds of it appearing online

John Heffernan

Do know something, Msm and all the social networking platforms will never again be trusted again after this

William Henderson

The thought police


The checka

William Henderson

Good evening from the rolling hills of Morayshire. We Hitler 2.0 aka Nicola Sturgeon was hinting at jabs at pub and clubs… what sort of cocktail would that be?

Pick your poison or have a chicken kajab😅🙆🏼‍♂️

Hermione Granger

I don’t wear masks and no one has to if its makes you feel uncomfortable

Last edited 1 month ago by Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger

Dehumanisation see Albert Biderman. In 1956 the psychologist Albert Biderman (studying Chinese and Korean methods on POWs) developed a framework for understanding the methods  used to control people.

These methods include:

* Isolation/ lockdown lockup’s 
* Monopolization of your perception (repetition, behavioural methods, NLP, media lies, fake events)
* Induced exhaustion / debilitation
* Fear / Threats (you’ll die poisons viruses)
* Occasional indulgences (and promises of better days) (flatten the curve, will stop at Christmas) 
* Demonstrating their power ‘omnipotence’ and ‘omniscience’ (ascot, G7, Wimbledon, beating citizens, stopping entry to places, fines) 
* Degradation (eg masks, anal tests, swabs, infantilisation)
* Enforcing trivial demands
(Eg standing 6 metres, Pointless masks and alleged tests)

Last edited 1 month ago by Hermione Granger

This is very clever stuff thanks ! I think absolutely spot on with the behavioural strategies etc media repetition etc fear etc

Hermione Granger

Yes its like soviet Russia here isnt it ?


Spot on honey


this will really anger some people if they were promised if they had the jab they did not have to wear a mask, and then they changed their minds again.


Worryingly, a lot of jabbed folk that I know, think it’s perfectly reasonable to continue to do so. It’s bizarre.


They’ve consumed so much of the Kool-aid; that there is mercifully small amount left :-). I’m quite glad that I haven’t been so desensitised to the insanity that I am no longer capable of being gobsmacked.


Same 👍🏻. Nothing shocks me these days 😄.


This mask thing its like a child growing up but refusing to stop using a dummy or insisting on carrying round an old favourite Teddy bear. Its a sort of comfort crutch that they just don’t want to let go.


That’s really true. Someone told me that they feel bare without their mask now. The mind boggles! 😳


Loss of too many Brain Cells due to oxygen starvation.


Good point. A lot didn’t have many to start with. So are now well and truly f*cked.




In your own words Richie, it’s Batshit crazy! Things look promising where I am. I’ve noticed as the days pass, more and more are maskless in shops. Many people really are natural born sheep. They’ll follow the herd. It’s like they need approval to actually go into shops without a mask!

As I went into a shop today (maskless obviously), a lady was stood just outside the door, fiddling with a tangled mask. As I walked by her, I gave her a big smile and walked in ahead of her. As I turned around I noticed she followed me in……maskless!!! We just need to show some folk the way! That there is nothing to be afraid of. Then as I left the shop, some twat was walking around outside with a mask firmly stuck to his face. We can’t help them all unfortunately.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jo26

My experience has been similar to yours Jo. I rushed to the supermarket last Monday to observe and was horrified (although not surprised) that other than myself there were only 4 other women in the shop bare-faced. However, gradually as the days have gone by, more and more are freeing their faces from the tyranny of fabric.

I agree with you, leading by example and giving encouragement by way of a smile to others can be empowering to those just wanting to fit in. As for those that are hell bent on carrying on with the facial imprisonment, all we can do is feel sorry for them and wish them well…..


I felt exactly the same. The first day I was mortified by the sheer amount that were still masked up. You’re absolutely right about leading by example. Some folk are scared to death of confrontation.

It’s funny how we do the headcount too. I was more interested in counting maskless people versus masked, that I actually forgot what I went in for 😏😂.


Same here peaches. Even though a few are going maskless I assume the majority have still had the snake oil, masked or otherwise. 🥰😘


Yep, you’re probably right, my lovely ☹️😘


Jo26 one cannot ‘bring everyone to Jesus’ although quietly leading by example is the way to go. Good on you.


Amen 🙏😊


We still have the mask mandate here in Ireland and I went into a shop this morning and there was another person in there apart from me not wearing a mask. I’m currently taking quite a lot of pills because of toothache and I might just have been hallucinating as this is such a rare occurrence.


🥺 bless you. It’s such a nice feeling when you see another smiling face. Hope that the toothache dissipates soon. Not nice at all 🙁

Noel cox

Google in Dublin have ordered their office staff to be sure they come back vaxxed or no job, Ben Gilroy did a video on this BS the other day, they pay no tax here ffs, neck


Tried the link Noel, but I’ve to sign into fakebook which I won’t do.

Does Ben put up videos anywhere else other than with this shower???

On that note… How long before Ben gets pulled off this gestapo propaganda outlet??

Fakebook and goongle need to be run out of the country Noel (and all similar cohorts also now established in Ireland!)…

If we can ever run out the shower that’s running our country into the ground first that is!!??

Unbelievable what these bastards are now getting away with.


Noel cox

Yes he does indeed, there’s an app on play store called make change happen, it’s all on that


Cheers Noel!
I actually heard him mention that outside the GPO a few weeks back, but forgot all about it shortly thereafter.

Go raibh maith agat!


I too will not have a FB account and sign in to them to watch anything.
I used it years ago but gave up after watching people constantly put their whole lives on line…


Sometimes you can watch a clip without the necessity to sign in, but when they start the signing in crap, I draw the line.


Me too, I had an account to keep in touch with people till I found out that it was all about data collection.


Trouble is there has been a brown envelope culture here for many years now.


Without doubt Jennie!
And lots more besides.

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