Facemask Wearing Runner Collapses After Winning 800 Metre Race

Track runner Maggie Williams, a student in Bend, Oregon, broke a school record in an 800 metre race last week. Williams won the race, but fainted as she crossed the line. She had run the race while wearing a facemask.

When she recovered enough to speak, the junior athlete said that she felt unable to breathe during the race. State guidelines mean competitors must wear a face covering during competition.

“In the past, this has never happened,” Williams said. “Then this race I was wearing a mask and it did happen, which I don’t think is a coincidence.”

Her coach Dave Turnbull agrees with her. He said:

“It was a different response than I’ve seen for kids that have collapsed to the track just because they were exhausted. She wasn’t sure where she was.”

Oregon’s health authority (OHA) released  a statement yesterday. It said:

“The Oregon Health Authority regularly reviews COVID-19 guidance based on medical evidence and evolving science. We are revising the current guidance on the use of masks outdoors during competition. The guidance will allow people to take off face coverings when competing in non-contact sports outdoors and maintaining at least 6 feet of distance from others and the other virus protective protocols.

*   The exception will not apply while training and conditioning for these sports or for competitions.
*   The exception will not apply before and after competing.”

There is no evidence that facemasks protect the wearer or anyone they come into contact with. There is an abundance of evidence that facemasks are harmful.

Wearing one while running can kill you.

Don’t wear one, ever.




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They “think” it was because of the mask? Seriously? Anyone who has ever actually run, competition or not, could tell these fools that, YES, it was because of the mask.


i had to laugh when she started speaking about the event on camera WEARING A FOOKING MASK omg how brainwashed the sleeping masses are…… TV the most dangerous weapon on the planet, has been for a long time.

Urban fox

Has anyone else had to go into high street banks last few months/weeks?. And noticed how hard core they are with rules/ enforcement?. They are openly asking people not to go into the branches as well. Even in 2019 it was not uncommon,for them to walk down the que and say, ” could you not do your transaction online sir”

My Natwest,asks for track and trace details upon entry. And HSBC which was my recent exciting trip out for the day. Only allow 3 people at a time in the bank.What do they think will happen if 4 go in.? After waiting outside for 30 minutes,on crutches in the rain.( Don’t want sympathy,just making a point about the new humanitarian utopia). I was aggressively asked, ” do you have a mask”?. Even though I had a bloody big exemption card round my neck, she could clearly see. Which I avoid using most places.
They have a sighn on the counter that says “Our staff deserve to work in a safe environment,so wear a mask and observe the rules”.Yet there staff are damaging there own health wearing masks.Therefore not in a safe environment. One woman scrubbed her ✋hands not only going in,but also upon leaving. When I eventually left “the lions den”myself.Or should that be “Lizard den”?.See what I did there,? ,I know my talents are wasted right?. A woman rushed past me on the street,wearing a mask and trying to 🚬smoke at the same time. And she was making a half decent job of it as well. I don’t know about Huxleys “Brave New world 🌎” . But it’s rapidly decending into a bloody stupid one. How much longer can this madness continue,before the masses question there own sanity and wake from there stupor.?

Resist, Defy,Do not comply!


Agree fox, had a strange experience with my bank. on phone and online, very strange.

Urban fox

Yes the woman did have 2 ✋hands.Not just the one shown.But just to prove it,here you go ✋. Laters guys.


Talk tomorrow maybe ?, putting the headphones on, trip out for a couple of hours, take care all.

Stephen Hardy

You’re right Fox, for a long time now banks have been pushing customers towards online transactions, particularly credit card payments. I suppose it creates the “lack of customers” excuse as justification for closing more and high street bank branches. With regards to masks, I’m sure I’ve seen signs in (I think!) HSBC warning: “REGARDLESS OF VACCINE STATUS, FACE COVERINGS MUST BE WORN”. So you can have all the jabs you like, but you ain’t coming in without a muzzle! To date, I’ve had no problems with TSB, but I always wear my exemption lanyard, and I’ve had no hassle. I was a bit reluctant to wear one at first, but now I don’t mind, I almost view it as a badge of honour proclaiming “I am exempt from idiocy”. It took a lot of soul searching mind… it was in July last year, and I realized having two arms and two legs, I’m not a bird, I’m not a fish, therefore I must be a human being, thus I need to breathe at least 19% oxygen, which the wearing of a face nappy would prevent me from so doing – so I am exempt, as, of course, should everyone else be!


Question Fox:

What do you call a group ‘of bankers??’




(In question, change group to wunch, then repeat quickly!)


my bank (Nationwide) tried but i have never worn one once ever! get yourself an exempt card, i see some people just print off the badge lol, no one ever asks me for my badge, and when they do i dont stop, i just say im exempt and tap my pocket suggesting i have a badge. its extremely rare for them to run after me wanting to see my badge. They have to go through so many hoops to see my badge mate they just dont bother most people 😉

Urban fox

Hi Mick,your right. When it comes to dealing with others,A lot is to do with what we project on a psychological and energy level. But the fact we have to now live this way is beyond repulsive. Dogs 🐕 are treated with more respect. Great to hear from a new voice in the wilderness,of this open prison camp. On this sunny Saturday morning. 🌞🌞

Urban fox

Also interesting as what your doing with the pocket tap falls under the field of covert hypnosis techniques.I used to know someone many years ago who used to hold up his empty hand when going on the tube,pretending it held a ticket.The mind can be tricked into thinking it sees or hears hsomething.


Just as well it was not a photo-finish, all masked up, wearing a mask is submission to the cult, said it last year, the mask was a test ( implemented at the height of summer ), the public complied, and failed, sick of saying this, but the evil ones knew then, last year, they could get away with anything.

Urban fox

Absolutely, as others have observed. If last March people had questioned things,and objected to the totalitarian regime being imposed. Instead of not only ,not objecting. But openly applauding it. Things would never have been able to gain a foothold. Once our enemies saw how guilable most were. They just went full speed ahead. And every time the masses aquese to yet more insanity,they grow bolder still. And why not, they know they are onto a winner 🏆.


Fox, the mask mandate WAS the test, we lost, they won, that battle, still a lot to fight for


And then she goes and does an interview wearing another muzzle!!

I mean… What can you do!!

I heard Artur Pawlowski mention in an interview about the irony of seeing a man walking his dog wearing the muzzle, meanwhile the dog was breathing freely!!




Anyway… Video of the day folks!!

I’ve just seen this one made by ‘happen network digital media’ posted back in January entitled ‘The New Normal’.

Well worth watching and well worth sharing, as it highlights quite a few “abnormalities” from within the whole scam that is ‘Covid 19!!’



It’s horrifying where we are heading.


An absolute dystopian nightmare Jennie.

But it can be averted!
(It can!!)

Can’t give up on trying to awaken the sheeple!

That’s all that is needed!



“And then she goes and does an interview wearing another muzzle!!”

Yep…..that was my exact thought too. The ‘New Normal documentary’ is still one of the ‘showcase’ vids on Brandnewtube. Still up there on the front page. It’s a good one to see 👍🏻.


It is Jo!

Only saw that ‘New Normal’ one today myself!

But it’s very relevant and becoming more so by the day!!


Urban fox

Hi Joe, how you.😄?


Hi Mr Fox ☺️. I’m good, how are you? Just about to catch up on Vernon’s recent vids.


Alright jo. hope all is good


All good here, Martin 👍🏻🙂

Urban fox

Hi Joe, I check to see if he has done any new vids,or articles each evening.As well as about 8p.m so very late. Just gonna make a brew and do it now. Speak soon, maybe on private message when time. Take care, Fox


Vernon has put a couple of new ones on this week. I’m on catch up 👍🏻. Speak to you soon ☺️


alright mr fox, hope all is well in fox towers.

Urban fox

Hi Martin, wrote you on private message. But then my device crashed again,just before sending. If it went into hospital,they would put it on the covid ward,and put a DNR notice on it.Will try again when time.


no worries mate, cheers.

Urban fox

Hi Gerry. Keep saying ” you can’t make this stuff up” myself. Then I remember ,they are making it up.


Exactly Fox!

Biggest global hoax ever unleashed upon humanity!

And still they run around with their slave compliance symbols hiding their faces!!

No stopping them…

As I said before..

They’re “Living the Covid dream”

And loving every deluded second of it!!



Yep, as the bold Richie has said in the past, there are scumbags being paid, big bucks, to make this garbage up, they are laughing at us, pretty sure about that, will we have the last laugh as they say ?, time will tell, it’s up to us.


It is up to us Martin.

At this stage, I won’t be happy unil I see them all handcuffed, wearing ‘yellow’ jumpsuits and on trial in Nuremberg 2!

I’d say… The more push back, the more sheeple will turn and follow.

Once that pressure gets applied, then it’s ‘payback’.




I was thinking the same thing. Zombieland


Alright Simon, are you Scottish


Definitely Simon. Can’t be unplugged.
But they are sheep too (So Zombie sheep, as even the regular ovine is more awake than them!!).

Sheep will follow the flock… So, the more push back, the more they can be turned!

Well… In theory at least!!



The net result of cognitive dissonance. I actually saw a post where youngsters of about 10 years old play 5 – side whilst wearing masks; this is euthanasia pure and simple. The crazy arsed people we’ve entrusted with the administration of our day to day lives have decided to take the masses out.

Last edited 11 days ago by Backbeat

And the masses are up for it.


Can’t wait to see the Olympic swimming gala. Be a bit like mass waterboarding. Do you think they’ll have mask stations along side the water stations during the marathon? Yaayyy GO SPORTS!

Melanie Howd

The tragedy of stupidity!


Agreed upon.

Urban fox

Hi Jacob, good to hear you on the phone☎in. Would like to call myself sometime.


You should fox, Richie should or could, not trying to tell him how to run his show, my opinion, 99% of people that phone in are well worth listening to, not sure, maybe Richie will know, sure I heard someone say years ago, you can judge a radio program by the calls they take, the listeners so to speak, though Richie does not have phone ins all the time, the quality of the calls speak for themselves, and in a way, that speaks for all of us.


I must be of that 1% that are not worth listening too. Chortle


No you were not mate, to be honest even though Richie does not do a lot of phone in’s, I cant really remember thinking ffs, next call Richie, when anyone has phoned.


Thank you.
You should do that.
I did not get across my story really

Urban fox

You made interesting point. Just realized my bad grammar above. It reads as though I want to call myself. Lol.😂😂😂


I have always tried to duck and dive out of giving speeches, presentations as my heart beats crazy with the fear of speaking in public.
That is my phobia!

Urban fox

Iv had couple of those occasions myself and also some pretty good efforts when got going. But that was with many hours of rehearsal using psychological tecniques.Which is only way I managed the eulogy at my dad’s funeral few years back the way I did.But you didn’t seem nervous.I’ve done few workshops for students as part of my business in the past. But not much. And now,just when wanted to relaunch myself and do more,the world ended. May never be another opportunity. But may have to live with it,unless we can pull this back. A lot of people even on our side,don’t seem to grasp the full weight of what’s happening.


There will be another opportunity fox, the march in London was inspiring, talked to a few people that were there, they to a man and a woman said it was such an uplifting experience, a great vibe all round, apart from the police in Hyde park on Saturday night getting their ” right wing lockdown sceptics attack police ” headline. Wish Richie would do more phone in’s, the calls are brilliant, trust me after listening to phone ins for years, if you want to find some of the thickest people on the planet, just listen to a football phone in, Richies phone in’s are quality

Urban fox

I wanted to go. As not been on one yet. My leg injury started giving me trouble that week,so I couldn’t make it. Would have been great to meet up. If you don’t mind being seen with a Fox with a crutch and a bad attitude.


Was not there myself mate, just spoke to people who were there.

Urban fox

The phone one are good. Gonna listen to repeat as well. More often would be good.


Would be for sure, up to Richie though, told you I was listening to David Kurten, who along with Piers Corbyn is running for mayor of London, amongst others , they will split the vote and sadie can will get back in, he is after all a globalist shill, vern said if Corbyn wins he has asked vern to be a health advisor, or something along those lines, corbyn, kurten, maybe the fox chap, not you laurence, they should join forces and go as one, otherwise can will be re elected.


You are right on the “once you get going” bit.
The worst part for me is the build up which can start hours before I have to speak.
I would be useless if I had to pitch on Dragons Den..

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