“Falling Sperm Counts Threaten Humanity” – Top Epidemiologist

New York based epidemiologist Shanna Swan says that falling sperm counts are a threat to human survival in her new book, “Count Down: How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperilling the Future of the Human Race.”

Dr. Swann is an environmental and reproductive epidemiologist at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York. She led the 2017 study that revealed that sperm counts around the world have fallen by more than half since the early 1970’s.

In her new book, Swan claims that sperm counts are declining rapidly, so much so that by 2050, most people will need technological assistance to have children. There are many environmental factors causing infertility. Swan believes that household chemicals called phthalates are a big problem.

Phthalates are found in lots of products. They make plastics pliable, they make it possible for our skin to absorb lotion and they are found in food packaging like cellophane. They’re also to be found in vinyl flooring, detergents, lubricating oils, automotive plastics, plastic clothes (raincoats), soaps, shampoos, hair sprays, and nail polishes).

However they can leak into our food and into our bodies where they can disrupt the endocrine system that controls hormones, including testosterone. Swan believes that this is a primary factor in male infertility.

Shanna Swan has given several interviews to UK newspapers to promote her book. As far as I can tell, nobody has asked her about cell phones, laptops, WIFI and microwave ovens. I don’t know her and I am not an epidemiologist, but no credible examination of the causes of male infertility can ignore the impact of non-ionising radiation.

Last October, Pooja Negi and Rajeev Singh from the Department of Environmental Studies at The University of Delhi, published a review entitled: “Association between reproductive health and nonionizing radiation exposure.” The researchers found that:

Male infertility is likely to be affected by the strong exposure to heat and radiations. The most common sources of nonionizing radiations are cell phones, laptops, Wi-Fi and microwave ovens, which may participate to the cause of male infertility. One of the major sources of daily exposure to non-ionizing radiation is mobile phones.

A mobile phone is now basically dominating our daily life through better services such as connectivity, smartphone devices. However, the health consequences are linked with their usage are frequently ignored. Constant exposure to non-ionizing radiations produced from a cell phone is one of the possible reasons for growing male infertility. 

Recently, several studies have shown that cell phone users have altered sperm parameters causing declining reproductive health. Cell phone radiation harms male fertility by affecting the different parameters like sperm motility, sperm count, sperm morphology, semen concentration, morphometric abnormalities, increased oxidative stress along with some hormonal changes.

As the researchers say, the health consequences of smartphone connectivity are frequently ignored. Scientists who have taken it on in the past have been attacked and discredited, most notably Dr. Christopher Busby, who has appeared on The Riche Allen Show.

I’ve no doubt that we are exposed to harmful chemicals every hour of every day. They’re in our food, in our clothes and our cleaning products and I’m sure they don’t do fertility any favours. But when it comes to male fertility the smart money (pun intended) is on mobile phones, wi-fi, laptops, tablets and microwave ovens. But Western academics don’t want to go there.





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We need to return to a simpler way of life and we would actually be much happier and I’m not talking about ‘own nothing and you will be happy’. The exact opposite in fact to what the psychopaths are planning. We should have less technology, more natural remedies for health-care and good natural food.


Nature has processes to control population sizes. Humans have been interferring in those processes for more than 100 years, causing an undeniable population explosion: and yet, any suggestions of man-made population size control are often met with hostility. We are like the child who, once allowed into the sweet shop, doesn’t leave.
We, as a multi-generational collective whole, have brought these troubles on ourselves. Through compassion and sympathy we cure naturally fatal illnesses and diseases; we have extended life expectancy; we have bought the products that makes our lives easier, more convenient and safer; we have empowered the individuals who make our lives easier, more convenient and safer, by making them super rich and influential (make no mistake, without us the likes of Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Schwab, etc could never have grown powerful); we readily use the poisons that make us and the environment sick: we just can’t stop ourselves, it would seem.
And, of course, all these things have happened gradually and, generally, quietly and unchallenged. We, most noticeably in the ‘developed nations’, have grown accustomed to letting other people take the responsibilities of our lives – doctors, nurses, teachers, priests, police, politicians, etc. No longer do we build our own homes or the furniture in it; no longer do we grow or raise the food we eat; no longer do we keep our own homes lit or heated; no longer do we take responsibility for the creation or destruction of life; no longer do we educated our own children.
We have sacrificed it all. For an easier life. For more security. For more safety.
Just like children.


So it’s now critical for us to wake up and act like adults..

..Otherwise we risk facilitating others to enslave our children!

To levels of enslavement like none that have ever gone before!

With no chance of going back…

Ref: 😷💉😷


Last edited 6 months ago by Gerry

Well said.


Bet Gatesy is loving it….mind you he will probably come up with a vaccine for it.


G.M.O. sperm, but only if you have been vaccinated


No doubts..

No doubts whatsoever on all of the points mentioned above!

We’re walking through a soup of ever increasing density of their ‘electro smog’ and we’re consuming an ever increasing amount of their manufactured earth destroying chemical garbage.

The same earth annihilating MUCK that they then accuse us of consuming and creating the problems that they all too conveniently profit from by way of applying their taxes!

And the reducing sperm counts and fertility is even more ‘convenient’ when contemplating the ‘eugenics’ side of things!

But reading through this article and the Schwab WEF article (who pretend to be climate preservation champions with their ‘carefully selected climate preservation spin doctors!’) and subsequent reading of these posts attached…

It’s becoming more and more apparent that ‘one thing’ above all is contributing to our own demise here and that’s technology.

Electro communication technology!

And it’s not just the ionising radiation that’s doing it , it’s our complicity in its evolution…

*Think vaccine passports just for starters*

So.. consider how our corporate stakeholding designing slave masters might feel about a global push back against these technologies and in particular a complete silencing or vastly reduced use of the most widely adaptable ‘multi tool’ of the day…


It’s very SMART isn’t it!!

So… If we collectively start to simply reduce our usage of the smartphone, the whole house of cards starts to fall all around them!!


Go f**k yourselves you pyschopathic b@$t@rd$!!

We ain’t playing your digital games no more!!

How do them apples grab yeh!

And you can stick those health passports right up your corporate arseholes…

Where they rightfully belong!!



Can’t wait for you to get a slot on the next phone in. At least I’m doing something right. I haven’t got smart phone.


Cheers Kathy!

Though I’d probably stutter through the whole conversation in fear!!

And well done for your non compliance with the smartphone!



Hi Kathy how you keeping, did you have a look at the r-a-i-n-s list


Yes Martin, it’s sickening isn’t it. All those protected barsixes. I also looked at the other link about Hates, l mean Gates. Did you see the funny clip at the end. Very clever.


I did that dude is pretty funny, he’s doing well, Kathy I think gates is mad, part of me thinks, he thinks he is doing the right thing he is crazy and I think his days are numbered, not from us, his own scumbag friends, he steps on too many toes in my opinion.


Really, that’s interesting. Suppose it’s watch this space.


Kathy meant to say, not sure if it was David Icke or the other person who for the life of me I cannot remember their name, but one of them said when they talked to Joan before they left she said some of the names she had been told that were involved in this but was not supported by anyone else hence she did not include them in the list, was unbelievable, in fact I think she told the person you cannot imagine for various reasons where this goes.


It really is pure evil. I think most people wouldn’t believe the things we’ve learned.


Me neither. Landline and ten year old desktop is the extent of my technology.


You’re ahead of the game Jennie… This is where we need to go (just for starters!) … And back to the smaller type basic cell phone.. like them little Nokia types… And if they continue with this ‘utter insanity’.. we then need to stop subscribing to them too!!

As for radio and Richie..

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum..

Arr Arr!!


Urban fox

Hi Gerry, agree with everything as well. I investigated smart meters recently, as they are trying to force me to have one. The electronic, magnetic radiation from them is between 150 and 200 times that of a modern mobile phone. This is something, that needs to be brought out and made known immediately. As well as the dangers of 5 G , all of which is connected. And all of which, I believe is part of the Agenda 21/30 massive depopulation plan.

Smart meters and 5 G damage, and the poison vaccines will I’M afraid make the effects of these particles and even the damage so far from mobiles and laptops seem insignificant.! In terms of fertility and health in general.


Well said Fox!

Oh the SMART meters!


And the SMART grid!

And the SMART cities!

And on and on…

The the inter NET of things..

And the world wide WEB!

See the connections??

Everyone “connected”


Right where they want you, me and the rest of us!!

Spying on and controlling the entire narrative from hero to zero!!

Be “aware” of it!!

Then combat it by way of simple non compliance!

Here’s a trick…

All the new SMART phones don’t have removable batteries!!!
(🤔 Wonder why that might be??)

So.. let the thing discharge completely next time you use it!!

Then leave it for as long as you can before charging up again.

Leave it there.. don’t plug it in.. just go on a walk outside into the nature of your environment!!

You’re now ‘silent!’

Just you and your life!!

Excuse the pun..

But become and think like the fox!!

The beautiful creature that it is!!


Urban fox

Thanks man


I don’t have any smart stuff Foxy cos I’m a smart gal. Lol

Urban fox

I got a fairly clever phone about a year ago. As got fantastic price. And had managed never to buy a single mobile ever! As people just gave me ones they were throwing out. But rarely use it. And mainly tex. But it’s all to do with balance and priorities I think.

And as I said, 5G , smart meters, vaccines damage. And mask damage as well. The cumulative effects of these things, going forward, will make previous concerns seem out of date.


Just don’t forget that all you mention here are ‘their’ tools of control!

This 4th industrial revolution will be our last as humans I’m afraid!

That’s why the Agenda’s kicking out all the trans humanism and fecked up distorted social constructs..

I reckon they’re prepping us for the next phase of enslavement…

And having a laugh along the way!


how are you my urbanized friend, hope you are well.


Fox i love your avatar, where I live a town about 65-70 thousand people, just outside Glasgow we have a lot of deer, and foxes, living wild, for some reason the young deer hang about the lowlands where i live then head north when they are older, lots of foxes mostly seen at night, but when the lockdowns came in near the end of March last year I seen the foxes walking about where I had never seen them in daylight, they had sussed out the humans were for whatever reason not about, smart cookies I thought

Urban fox

Thanks ,lots of fox round here. I read the Tarot and Oracle cards. And often get the Fox card come up. SpeaK tomorrow maybe. I’ve just listened to David and Gareth Icke latest broadcast. It was very interesting. It’s labeld incorrectly as if it is an article. But if you click on the big photo of the police it will play the video.


hi Gerry spot on, i’m surprised we are still living with all the poisons and pollution we are exposed to, surprised it even came to the killer jab.


Very true Martin.

The jab is just another design though..

The jab’s only one part of the economic side of it..
(Keep the pharma furnace burning!)

The bigger gains are to be had in the ‘full spectrum dominance’ realms..

And once everyone’s tagged with their QR codes…

Then the real party begins!



The Covid vaccines will finish the job as regards fertility if the millennials are stupid enough to take them. Isn’t the spike protein cell that the vaccine in encouraging your immune system to attack also responsible for reproduction. What a coincidence, who’d of funked it.


I’m just watching ‘Utopia’ at the mo’ – the old UK version not the remake – talk about predictive programming! ‘Interesting’ that Prime decided to reshow it right now.


Pumping them out today Richie, articles I mean, the thing is can the sperm counters be trusted, are they using the pcr in the counting of said sperm, heard bill gates say his husband, sorry his wife, had his, sorry had her sperm counted last week and the count was positive, this sounds like fake news


Hehehe. Hope you’re ok fella.

Urban fox

Hi Kathy, how you, hope your well.


Yep, all good Foxy. About to watch a film and stuff my face with chocolate.

Urban fox

Good stuff. I may have to have some now. Trying not to. But you made me want some chocolate. I’M gonna attempt couple of jobs. And try and finish Bates motel. Speak soon.


Fine Kathy thanks, meant to say, was talking to my neighbour on Friday, I asked him if he had heard from the nhs regarding the vaxx he said he had an appointment next week, he asked me and I said maybe I had binned a couple of letters from them, told him it didn’t matter I had no intention of taking the vaxx, he replied Martin I have no choice I have to take it said he is type one diabetic, I was gobsmacked, he thinks if he catches the ” virus “, it will wipe him out, I said you better ask your doctor about adverse reactions, it was later when I was thinking about it, his doctor will tell him there is no danger it will be fine roll up your sleeve.


Because he thinks the doctor will know the ins and outs of a cats arse and assume the doctor has done his research. Poor fool.


he is a decent lad, just misinformed.


Aren’t they all 😒😒


Hey Martin… Just looking at the way these replies are laying out..

Just below here is a laughing face from me..

But I put that in response to one of your funnier one liners in another msg entirely…

So.. gonna try strike that one out cos I’m certainly not laughing at this one!


no worries Gerry, it’s Richie allen, he’s been a mi5 agent all along, the truth will out lol


Yeah.. was thinking that myself!

Has that look and distinctive sound about him!

You just know don’t yeh!!


Oi Mr. Allen…

We got ye sussed!!

Still though… I tried but can’t seem to figure out a way to delete these posts!


Twud be nice you know… Just in case you thought different at a later date or realised that shite , that one’s not sounding the way I meant it!!



David Moore

It must be another complication of ‘Long COVID’

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