Finn: “New Variant Might Mean Christmas Restrictions”

Adam Finn, a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), said today that the public should prepare for the reintroduction of restrictions at Christmas, in light of the emergence of a new covid strain in South Africa.

Speaking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain this morning, Finn said:

“On the one hand, I don’t want to induce unnecessary anxiety in people, but on the other hand, I think we all need to be ready for the possibility of a change in the restrictions. 

We now need to wait and see just what kind of threat this new variant may pose. If we’re lucky, it won’t be a serious one, but it could be very serious.”

According to The Telegraph:

The Government placed six African countries on a new travel red list yesterday evening amid concerns about the variant.

Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, said the new variant “may be more transmissible” than the delta variant and added “the vaccines that we currently have may be less effective”.

Asked what the new variant meant for Britain in the run up to Christmas, Mr Javid said: “We’ve got plans in place, as people know, for the spread of this infection here in the UK and we have contingency plans – the so-called Plan B.”

Dr Susan Hopkins, the chief medical adviser at the UK Health Security Agency, told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme that the new variant is the most “complex” and “worrying” seen thus far.

They’re liars, every single one of them. How do I know this? That’s pretty simple. I and others predicted this exact scenario only weeks ago. In fact, I was pretty specific.

Speaking on The Richie Allen Show I stated repeatedly that a new and even more transmissible variant would be discovered in the run-up to Christmas and that it would be used to justify the reintroduction of restrictions, and also the roll-out of vaccine passports in England.

In fairness, it was pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain.

This will get worse and worse unless we stop it. Something needs to be done and it needs to happen yesterday.





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Some of you are saying that covid was not isolated and purified fully, this being the case, then it follows that it was never in reality fully sequenced. But, this is how immunology works, it is pure fiction, voodoo. The published studies are unreadable and couched in ‘code words and phrases’ for the immunology gang to follow. This is necessary to hide the fact that the so called science is a load of rubbish.
How does the ‘flu jab work on different ‘varients’? It is a confidence trick based on seasonal differences. One year, the ‘flu ‘bug’ is not particularly transmissible, not many people go down with it. The jab is given the credit, we ‘guessed right’, hurrah for ‘science’. The next year, the ‘flu bug is particularly agressive and many people jabbed go down with it. Then they declare, “sorry, we guessed wrong that time, but keep taking your shots, we’ll get it right next time”.

Last edited 8 months ago by Jay

How incredibly convenient!! A whole plane load of passengers returning from South Africa have tested positive for ‘Covid’! This new variant must be amazingly catchable!


I live in South Africa. Our Dr. who identified the ‘new variant’ stated that those infected had mild discomfort and required no hospitalisation. Our scientific advisory body met and no restrictions were deemed necessary. This reaction by the UK and a few other European nations are seriously moronic. Besides, those who were originally identified as having the virus (4 from Botswana) were fully vaccinated.

Tony K

The four people in Botswana first identified with “it” we’re all vaccinated.

So that’s now indeed proof that it’s a pandemic of the vaccinated.


It’s a pandemic of the tested because where all the ‘cases’ are coming from.

Tony K

It’s all rubbish Jennie, I agree.
Just saying that the sources of the latest rubbish story are all 100% vaxxed.

Their story has fallen apart.
The narrative is now unbelievable at best.
Yet still, a good 50% of people just don’t seem able to wake up and smell the coffee.

Urban Fox

Fantastic, agreed. Wish i had thought of that one. Because that is precisley what it is. I may borroiw it ,if i can. I cant understand why so many on our side. Regarding anti jabs
and lockdowns etc. Are now implying not only that covid is real, but that the hospital cases prove that you have more chance of getting if you have been jabbed. Because whilst the official stats now show that twice as many jabbed are being tested positive, this is because most of the population being tested is jabbed. This has nothing to do with them having covid. What it actualy shows is that the hospitals are filling up with Jab victims, then being tested with the fake test. Everybody seems to have forgotten, that by there own admission, most tests are producing false results. In fact all of them would be closer to the truth.


Very convenient, Another variant. Now that it obvious to all that the jabbed people are still catching and transmitting Sars Cov2. New hospital cases can be blamed on the new variant not the fact the jab serves no purpose and has only made the population more susceptible to all viruses.
However,If this is a natural mutation not a made lie.It really is a hilarious mess.
Boost or not to boost ? or maybe one prefers a new frankenjab tweaked without any trials, the brainwashed will line up again and blame the un jabbed for it all.HOW can people still fall for this utter tripe?


Apparently Queenie’s having her brood around for Christmas. If people accept restrictions knowing this they’re bloody barking!


Well it’s doable standards all round. Apparently a member of the CDC was asked if they were all jabbed and she managed not to answer a simple question.


Yeah, jabbed with saline lol


Without doubt.

Gareth Mckean

Dr Tom Cowan was on Ickonic last week. He said 140 health institutions around the world including the CDC and NIH have admitted that they have not isolated found the SarsCov2 virus in any fluid from anyone deemed to have “covid”. The whole things is a scam the variants the original and the whole of viral theory. It is a cover for the evil deeds and toxicity that big pharma and industry are responsible for.


That’s been my thinking from the beginning that every aspect of this is a total scam and I’ve seen no evidence or reason to change my mind. As well as big pharma and industry we need to include the bankers in there as some of this is a cover for what their greed has done to the world economy.


The real hidden bwankers (not the ordinary folk who are unfortunately employed by them!) are the true underwriters of the entire scam and should all be rounded up when all is said and done.
In fact, much of the tyranny bears their hallmarks of insidiously evil oppression born of greed and their lust for parasitic savagery.

And lest we forget the “Mengele’s’ who are plunging this toxic shite into every man, woman and child globally without so much as obtaining a nano second of “informed” consent!!

Only following orders doesn’t cut it for me I’m afraid.

They need rounding up too… No excuses.


So agree with you that justice should prevail but sadly in this world that doesn’t always happen. In the next world they’ll have to face up to what they’ve done at least that’s what I believe.


Sad but very true Jennie.

But I especially wonder how the ‘jabbers’ actually sleep at night..
Surely they must be aware of the risks involved and the damage these things are doing globally!!??

It’s their damn duty to know!!

They’re just the butchers of the jabattoirs helping out with the slaughter!!

That’s all!

Shame on the lot of them.


Yeah but thats not tue is it? You can just google sars cov 2 isolated – you are on the internet – why not try it now?


Look at the work of Dr Stefan Lanka, he has proved that the results they claim can be achieved without any virus being present.

Gareth Mckean

Exactly Jennie. That is great you know about that. You are the first person to bring Dr Stefan Lanka control experiment up in a conversation that i have been in. The 140 health institutions admit they cannot isolate or find it in any fluid of a person deemed to have “covid” But the dozens of papers that claim to have isolated the virus have used a “culture” were they take the fluid of someone deemed to have “covid” and Mix it with monkey kidney cells then poison the cells with antibiotics which means “anti-life” and starve the culture. The cells break down and they call this the Cytopathic Effect and proof of a virus. But they do not distinguish which results are produced from the experiment itself. In fact John Enders in 1954 who invented the culture technique said he got exactly the same results when he did a control experiment with no sample from any person with a “disease. Dr Stefan Lanka a virologist from Germany did a control experiment this year proving that it is the experiment itself that produces the Cytopathic effect. Jennie Its great you know about this. I love Richie and he does so much great work. I wish he would interview Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Stefan Lanka or Dr Sam Bailey to explain why Virology has been DEBUNKED.

Last edited 8 months ago by Gareth Mckean

You have explained it far better than I ever could, brilliant. I also wish Richie would have them on but maybe he’s tried who knows, they are very busy people. The mainstream media should be covering the science and the fact that they aren’t shows that they are totally controlled.


Whatever happened to the Mu variant that was supposed to take the world by storm and bring humanity to the edge of extinction? It seems to have quietly disappeared. Just like the old Betamax video recorder it was surpassed by a better product (nee variant) and became obsolete. Dr Fauci’s little creation has simply faded into obscurity.


Off topic I know but I have been told by several people that Betamax was the better product.

Gavin Ledermann

Quite obvious there was going to be another fictional variant. Got to remind people to keep being scared or they might forget there’s a ‘deadly virus ‘.
Also this variant will have symptoms that effect younger people so they can attribute the adverse (intended) reactions from the fake vax to the new scariant.
Nearly 2 years of this Convid nonsense and I bet many people are still not aware of the scam.
Maybe this thinning of the herd will end up culling those that are naive, gullible and unable to think rationally. It’s the kids I feel sorry for.

Caroline Fealy


Kerry McDonald

This is very predictable and I saw it coming ages ago!! They can stick their restrictions up their hairy arses because I won’t be following them.


Whatever!…the more bullshit they throw out the more I’m strengthened to stand strong. Fuck ’em!

Aldo Bennedetti

Just spoke to a pal and he said that they word in the ether in Ireland is a lockdown from the 23rd December to the 3rd of January.

Is that true? I’ve no fucking idea but it solves the problem of movement and close contact over the Christmas quite easily not to mention most people will be off from work on those dates.

Urban Fox

This was indeed very predicable, or at least it was for some of us. Only a few weeks ago, i said i was expecting a replay of Xmas 20. Which for me was being in the isolation Zone, as a terrified family batterned down the hatches. So i dought they will want an unjabbed plague carrieing Fox sitting down to Xmas dinner with them.

So here we go again, ‘ Dont kill your Granny leave her alone
If she cries speak on the phone
No more Christmas, no more joy,
Wash your hands and sanitize that toy.’

Thats if Granny is still alive after the Poison Jab.

Im just back from the local big shopping area, which now looks like a Dystopian film set. They are still wearing masks and have one way systems. In Natwest bank one member of staff, had a fit because i walked the wrong way. Then seconds later, she walked past me, brushing me as she did. If there was a genuine plague going round, how would it know only to infect people walking in a particular direction.

Finaly i walked past the local church and read a sighn saying ‘ Please check the parish paper for opening times,in these covid times.’ Covid is now the new religion, and all these petty rules have become rituals. I fear that people have become so indoctrinated, the goverment has no need to tell them to carry out the rituals, now its just ortomatic. Few actualy stop to question the logic of anything.

Following these petty arbitory rules, and just excepting without questioning anything. Along with complacency and blind belief in authority. Is how we have got to where we are today. Full blown worldwide Fascism, on a scale never seen before. For those paying attention it was only ever going to go one way, once people rolled over in March 2020.

They Are Purging Humanity – There Is Nothing Left To Lose – David Icke Talks To Alex Jones – David Icke

In the above link, David and Alex discuss the latest developments around the world, showing latest footage. Including news of the Fake vaccine deaths, and the horrific developments in Australia, of forced removal of residents to concentration camps. They finish by looking at the real end game. Depopulation and the fusing of the survivors into The Metaverse. The latest buzz word, for the Tryanical mad scientist plan, to fuse us into tecnology.


That was excellent Fox!


Reminder: Tonight live at 17.00, also repeated later and available as a download, the excellent:

NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling.

Part One – News Review and Investigative Reports.

Part Two – Covid Climate Round-Up With End Times Prophecy Reports.

Last edited 8 months ago by Jake

Another 2 week lock down, for starters?


I did Mu not see that coming, “the vaccines that we currently have may be less effective”. opens the door for new shots coming to a town near you, the drug businesses must be loving the profits from the last yr.

The state can advise people but ultimately it should be up to everyone how they spend their Christmas,

Last edited 8 months ago by Patrice
Aldo Bennedetti

Fuck the man.

Urban Fox

In Australia they have started the forced removal of residents from there homes, to concentratioin camps, renamed quaranteen centers or sickingly ” Wellness camps.”

Australian Residents Removed From Their Homes & Placed In Camps – look into the eyes of Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner at 2.31 and you’ll see the psychopathic evil we are dealing with worldwide – David Icke

It is not clear at the moment to me, who exactly are being forced into these camps. As the dictator is talking about people who have been tested positive. But as we know, this fake test can find anybody positive. Also previously they have made it clear the unjabbed may be targeted. I believe with utter certainty they will be putting the unjabbed in these camps. The ” It will never happen, its not legal brigade”. May like to reflect on some of the abusive comments they posted to some of us. Also of course regarding mandatory Jabs.

I dont take any pleasure in being right about any of this. How long before this happens in the UK. Will people finaly wake up en mass, and say no more. Or will they still be saying
” This cant happen its not legal “, as there draged into the camps.


A good quick video that Fox.
It seems Ireland may be legislating for similar tyranny shortly.
Nothing official yet, but based on everything else that’s happened here.
It seems highly likely to me now..

Unless it can be nipped in the bud first…??

Urban Fox

Thanks for reply G, hows things. Its all pretty horrific, dont know what to say. Does that video show the double wire fence.? If not its on the David and Alex broadcast. Hard to believe my eyes. Even harder to believe that there is generaly an attitude of so what, or not interested. They rearly have done an amazing indoctrination job. One small piece of good news. The film about the Midazalam killings, is being shown in a cinema somewhere over here. That i read is owed by Ester Ranzen. She has been warned off showing it, and has told them to get stuffed. She is also encouraging people to ignore restrictions and has said that she will not be implementing them in the cinema. Ester a small ray of light in the darkness.


Yes Fox, I saw the Isolation camp, plus I saw it on a Max Igan video maybe last week sometime (ive lost track!).
Ive just watched the deeper metaphysical discussion between David and Alex Jones which was quite excellent too.
That’s good news about Esther Rantzen, honest, I think the UK is miles ahead of Ireland and many other nations with organised resistance to this tyranny.

Let’s hope it continues and strengthens!


Urban Fox

Just wondering if you have seen this regarding Ireland. Someone posted it on the comments section. If it doesnt work, scroll down the latest page, its a photograph of document with details about camps.

comment image

Urban Fox

Sorry for the mess iv just made all over the page guys.


Not at all, that you for sharing this vital info.


My goodness things are really accelerating. They can’t declare where I live a covid19 area because I’ve never met anyone here who’s had this mythical virus. But then things like facts don’t matter they just make it all up anyway

Urban Fox

Hi Jennie, i dont know how that happend, but the above post has somehow cleared itself up. It was all blured with computer code over the top. Maybe we are being helped by higher poweres. We need it.


I did Fox.
That was one source.
I’ve received others too.. so I’d safely say the communist traitors who’ve seized my country are going for this one alright.
No doubts.




As we all know, this will only stop when a significant percentage of the population cease complying – and there does not seem much hope of that.
Where I live I am seeing an increase, once again, of people wandering about masked up; shopping masked up; driving, and getting out of their cars, masked up.
They used to annoy me. Now I ignore them.


Ho Ho Ho


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