France Suspends Around 3,000 Unjabbed Health Workers

French Health Minister Olivier Veran confirmed this morning that around 3,000 healthcare workers in the country have been suspended for refusing to take a covid jab. Yesterday, vaccination became mandatory for all healthcare and care home workers.

Speaking to France’s RTL radio this morning Veran said:

“Most of the suspensions are only temporary. Many of them have decided to get vaccinated as they see that the vaccination mandate is a reality.”

According to The Telegraph, a hospital in Nice has just suspended 450 staff who refused the jab.

Meanwhile, here in the UK, care home bosses have been telling the media this morning, that they fear staff shortages will force them to close.

Today is the final day for care home staff to receive their first jab in line with the Government’s policy for the sector. Under the compulsory vaccination policy, they will lose their jobs if they do not get jabbed.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4 this morning Martin Green, chief executive of Care England, said:

“There’s a real crisis around recruitment in the social care sector which has, in the pandemic, gotten a lot worse. Lots of things the Government has done, including the mandatory vaccination process, hasn’t helped…

Care homes are now in a difficult position, facing the reality of do they have enough staff to maintain safety and quality of care? They are in the position of either having to transgress the law or expose people they support to levels of staffing that are not going to deliver the safety you’re required to.

There’s the inevitability that in some areas, if you can’t get the staff, then there will be care homes that close.”


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The same thing happening worldwide. It’s NOT just a Coincidence! It’s the plan to weaken the health care systems making them all easy pickings for the elite.

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Danny Warden

Véron is an absolute liar Richie. Here in France 300,000 health care workers has been suspended not 3,000. 30% of fireman have also been suspended as they are paramedics too.
Gendarmes have been suspended too for not getting the jab.
Florian Philippot has created a resistance party to all the covid madness. It is called the patriot party and it is from him that I got the figures.

We are getting more and more people demonstrating every Saturday all over France and we’re making a difference !!!

The presstitutes say we are getting less and less but they would say that wouldn’t they.


Wow! They have weaponised the health care system

Tim in Brazil

I don’t think the government would shoot itself in the foot. So, logically, they want the quantity (and so, the quality) of care available for the elderly and vulnerable to plummet.(Thinks……….why?.)


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If you die within one month of a positive PCR test your pension automatically defaults to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 😈😈😈😈


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Ronald Templeman

I do hope in France and the UK anybody working in health that does not want the vax does not take it, if then they sack you, you may have a chance of redress. I will never ever have it and if I was still at working age would sooner loose my job than risk my health/life.

Urban fox

Persecution of Jewish people – Nazi control of Germany – National 5 History Revision – BBC Bitesize

Hi everyone, i wasn’t going to post today, but just did a quick search. Ironically this is the first relevant link that came up. Ironic because it is on the BBC website.
As we know, the BBC are well known Supporters of Tyranny and Censorship.

Anyone still in any doubt as regards what is happening, should consider the parallels between the escalation of events in Nazis Germany and how they treated the Jewish people. And what is happening all over the world today and in the UK in 2021. Just replace the word Jews with Un Jabbed, and look at what this report says about medical staff.

Courts and solicitors didn’t help then, nor will they now. Many more need to be woken up before its to late. In order to turn the tide, by opposing everything that is taking place in enough numbers, to make Tyranny unworkable.

As the musketeers might have said, ‘ All for one, one for all.’


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Urban fox

Certainly are, and thanks for printing up my badge.


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The rfid chip embedded in the badge is such a lovely little touch. Heinrich Himmler would be so proud.


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Jon the Paranoid.

We the people have the skills and we need to connect locally so that we can barter our time and what we can produce, for what we need.

Tim in Brazil

Yes. Small self-supporting communities are the answer and will become a reality when the SHTF.

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