“Get Vaxxed,” Says Grandson. “Get Fucked,” Says I.

Grandson is a singer, apparently. Yesterday, he attended the premiere of a film called “Suicide Squad.” It’s about super-villains who are sent to take control of an Island in order to save humanity, or something like that. Sounds shite. Superhero films aren’t what they once were.

Christopher Reeve is the true Superman, nobody played Joker like Jack Nicholson and Wonder Woman should have been consigned to the dustbin of history when Lynda Carter could no longer fit into that delightful red leather bodice.

Anyhoo, Grandson thought he’d make a bold political statement while traipsing down the red carpet in LA last night. So he scribbled “Get Vaxxed on his left hand and flashed it at the assembled Pavarotti. I betcha Bono is shitting himself.

Get vaxxed? Get fucked. Mind your own business. What others choose not to put into their bodies has got nothing to do with you you ignorant bastard. Read the fucking newspapers. The jabs are killing people young and old.

Pandemrix (the swine flu jab) was withdrawn for doing a fraction of the damage that the covid jabs are causing. Look at your own government’s official figures

Celebrities are annoying enough. Celebrities with a cause are nauseating. There was a time when people would exercise a little prudence before opining on anything. When you knew fuck all about a topic, the intelligent thing to say was; “I’m afraid I know very little about that. I’ll look into it.”

We live in a post-fact world now though. Facts and truth are irrelevant. Before you say it I am well aware that it goes both ways. The vast majority of so-called truthers are just as bad as Grandson. I know. You’ve heard me say it many times.

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Hollweird scum Richie feck them. Big Linda Carter was a bit of a darling no question, is she still kicking about, wonder gran ?.

Danny Warden

Over 11,000 deaths in the US. Data from VAERS and they have an extremely bad rep for reporting on adverse effects and deaths from the jab.
It’s been said that they only publish 1% of deaths


Recently VAERS were observed deleting reported deaths in real time – the figure remained static during additions!!

Jane Edmonds

Looks like a Satanic agenda follower to me!



Anybody else think that these ‘influencers’ always look like Dickheads?


Yes. Weird is the new normal.


Funny thing is, I used to like ‘weird’. I no longer do 😳😄.




Weird for me was getting a mohawk. It always grows back.


Now that’s the ‘good’ weird I’m talking about.


Bloody Nora! His grandparents must be so proud! If this was my grandson, he would get a dose of reality and sharpish!!!


Has he been ‘Puffed’?
How mediocre politicians, actors and singers are “puffed”

This technique is what is known as “profiling”, and can be applied to individuals, small or large groups of people, mass groups of people and or organizations of all sizes. They are then “puffed” to become “stars.” While still in his early twenties in Arkansas, William Clinton was profiled for acceptance in the Rhodes scholarship program. His progress was profiled throughout his career, and especially during the Vietnam War period. Then, after he proved himself, Clinton was “groomed” for the White House and then constantly “puffed.”

The whole operation was under the control of the Tavistock Institute’s brainwashers. This is the way these things work. Thus are the tools forged to literally make candidates, especially ones who are deemed suitable for public office; candidates who can always be counted on to do the “right” thing. Congress is full of them. Gingrich was a typical successful “Tavistock product” until his conduct was uncovered. Trent Lott, Dick Cheney, Charles Schumer, Barney Frank, Tom DeLay, Dennis Hastert, Dr. Frist, and so on are other examples of Tavistock “graduates.” The same technique is applied to actors, singers, musicians and entertainers.


With some essences of Panda.



Nooo! Not Whoopi! Ffs!


Yeah… Another one Jo!




Nice one Gerry thanks.


Yes the swearing of allegiance to the ‘One Eyed Deceiver’

Jane Edmonds

Looks like it to me! I am a fan of Mark Devlin….


There was a time when the distinction between ‘villian’ and ‘good guy’ was clearly defined. That is no longer the case, in many instances.
Super-villians are not supposed to ‘save humanity’; that’s the role of super-heroes.

As for ‘celebrities’ virtue signalling: it’s hardly news these days.


My ALIVE body, my choice. Dead ‘vaxxed’ bodies, don’t have choices, they let little tossers like Grandson choose for them and are now maimed for life or dead in the ground, so ill stick with my alive body, healthy & vax free 🙂

Alex Romero

Liverpool City Council are rolling out another public information board ‘don’t tell me who to love’ with the LGBT rainbow in the background. This from the same useful idiots telling you to ‘get vaxed’. The communitarian hypocrisy knows no bounds.


And not one Scouse rate payer was ever consulted I bet.


I guess that includes ‘loving’ people of any age.


The irony there is that very few people give a damn who someone else chooses to love, providing it’s consentual.


Craig, I believe that’s been a major contributor to where we are now.
Accepting any biological perversion with no functional perogative all foisted in our faces and on our children was never meant as a benign agenda. Preps society for any other degradation.

Biological twisting for the morally twisted.


‘Functional perogative’? The only functional purpose of sex is for procreation. Fun or pleasure has nothing to do with ‘function’, therefore by your logic should be considered ‘a perversion’.
It should also be considered that if we are thinking in terms of ‘functionality’, then children as young as 12 can procreate (once upon a time the age of ‘consent’ was a lot younger to reflect this). Increasing the age of consent was, then, a population control agenda.

The trouble with looking backwards is that people tend to do so through ‘rose tinted glasses’ and cherry pick what they want to remember.

True Libertarianism is the masses shucking off the systems of control. This will, inevitably, create a period of chaos as adjustments are made.
However, what we are currently experiencing is not true or natural Libertarianism – it is the illusion of it. Beneath that illusion, very old conservative values are being reintroduced – and because of the surface illusion many people are calling for it without fully understanding what they could get.

Tim in Brazil





So, Andy Warhol was right after all.


He was.

Kelly Maher

It is embarrassing they ever had an influence on me. I look back at myself and feel ashamed that I thought self esteem could be attained by having shoes and a handbag that matched. It is sick how they’ve brainwashed us.


Kelly, it appears that they duped us all; this being said we won’t let the same dog bite us twice. I’ve always been wary of salesman; and now I know why.

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