Government Accepts That Pregnant Women Are Mothers Not Persons.

The government has agreed to change the wording of a bill that allows ministers to take maternity leave, so that it uses the term “mother” and not “person.” The bill was introduced in time for Attorney General Suella Braverman, who is expecting her second child, to take maternity leave this year.

As the law stands, she’d have to resign if she needed time off after giving birth. The Ministerial and other Maternity Allowances Bill will when passed, give ministers up to six months paid leave with full pay.

The Bill has already been passed by The House of Commons, but The House of Lords sent it back down, demanding that the word “person” be replaced with “mother.” In a debate on the wording of the Bill yesterday, Cabinet Office minister Lord True said that the government “recognised the strength of feeling” on the use of language in the Bill and would change its mind.

The government had been accused of “erasing women” in the wording of the Bill. Tory peer Baroness Noakes dismissed as “garbage” claims that the word women could not be used in the legislation for inclusivity reasons.

During the Bills second reading, she put down an amendment expressing regret at its drafting which she said, “does not respect the fact that only women can be pregnant.”

She went on to say that; “It is a biological fact that only women can be pregnant and give birth. That is why laws that relate to maternity issues have in the past routinely been drafted using the words woman, she and her.”

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I’m not being funny or anything, but i think that it’s time to stop deminishing the importance of motherhood – and it’s links to feminity.


Maybe they should tell that to the butt baby lot. I’m happy for them to have their butt baby, as long as they keep it there for nine months!


Well it’s good that they’ve finally shown bit of sense but it seems that they’ve only introduced this legislation because it affects themselves.


Tony Gosling strikes me as not trustworthy, when Richie said the PCR test was labelling people with flu, Tony’s reply was ‘I don’t really know about that’. It is obviously the case that flu is being labelled as convid, and tony thinks it is convid isn’t giving the flu a look in, ‘ollocks.


Not liking what someone says should not equate to trustworthiness. There’s a lot of what Mr Gosling says that irritates me or that I disagree with, but I’m not going to question his trustworthiness – either for or against.


I’d agree with that. To me it’s beyond obvious that flu (and pneumonia) is being re-labelled as covid19 but there are people I know who can’t see through this scam but I don’t think they are untrustworthy just blinkered.


The fact that flu cases are at zero should be raising red flags left, right and centre. It suggests that flu is being labelled as covid because of the similarity of the symptoms, and also because the dodgy test could attribute signs of flu as covid.

But the media is attempting to write off this point but claiming that lockdown and the vaccine has caused the complete elimination of flu cases. Such as here:


Yes whilst ironically failing utterly to stop a flu like “covid” virus! They cannot have it both ways!


Exactly it makes no sense

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