Government: “Don’t Shout Or Sing During England Game!”

“Can England fans sing when their team is playing tomorrow?” asked SKY’s Kay Burley this morning. She posed the question to the Conservative MP and foreign office minister James Cleverly. He replied:

“Well we know the things which increase transmissibility, being in an enclosed space, being in close proximity to other people. Speaking at volume because particles come from the mouth so we would encourage people to do things that we know are safe.

Be outside, be socially distanced, keeping your face away from other people’s faces. We want people to enjoy the football, but we want people to enjoy the football in as safe a way as possible and we know what that is, being outside, being spread apart and not shouting or singing.”

Burley is a prize goon, firstly for posing such a ridiculous question and secondly for not laughing Cleverly out of town for his ludicrous answer. He really did say particles come from the mouth, keep your face away from other people’s faces and no shouting or singing.

It’s beyond Kafkaesque. Cleverly wouldn’t be drawn on the rumours circulating this morning, that the Prime Minister is set to announce that covid restrictions will be extended for four more weeks.

Boris Johnson is expected to address the nation on Monday and announce that Freedom Day will be moved from June 21st to some time in late July. He will blame the prevalence of the Indian or Delta variant. It’s bullshit of course, but we knew it was coming.

Presumably, hundreds of thousands of people will descend on London next weekend or the weekend after that, to voice their disapproval. Protesting never changed a damn thing. If it did, it wouldn’t be allowed.





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Kevin Duckworth

Have Richie and Vernon Coleman had a fall out?


I was wondering that too. Dr Coleman does seem a little curmudgeonly of late. Not wanting to second guess Richie’s motives or protocols; perhaps he wants to move the show on from the convid1984 discussion/ I’m glad that the Fred’s mentioned Laura Dodson; I really enjoyed her contribution to the Deligpod recently’ a very smart and engaging lady.


No one has any right to tell us we can’t sing! The tyranny has reached epic proportions and is also becoming commonplace. How dare these ass clowns even think they should treat us like ants.


Slaves in the American south were forbidden from reading or having writing materials; singing was ok, as that helped productivity in the fields.


Have managed my first link, courtesy of Gerry – thanks for the tutorial


A pleasure Brenda!

And well done…

A smooooooth freeee floooowing link if ever I saw one!!!

And I’ll go click on it now as the temptation is simply too much to resist!!!




You’re too smooth!!
Play yourself that song by Rob Thomas and Santana!!


Good taste Brenda!!!

Oh yes..

To Carlos I go!!

How about some

“Samba Pa Ti”




I love Samba Pa Ti, great piece.


A classic Jennie!!

Oh and while we’re on the subject of ‘Guitar Legends’

Check this out!!

I believe Eric Clapton is now smelling the Agenda bullshit too!!!



Had already seen this, unsure how much this cuts through with a different generation – yes some younger followers but relatively marginal


True Brenda!

But hey.. IT’S CLAPTON!!

And he’ll definitely leave impressions on many of the older ones, who have and continue to be the most terrified from all of this!!

We can but hope!!



Sadly, unless a musician is bragging about money, bitches and hoes this generation seem immune to tone, harmony and musical adventure. Sure there are some great and original new artists; but not many.


Spent a few hours with Lenny and the boys from Motorhead with a guest from Columbia which was an experience and a half.


Nice one Jacob!!
Bro… I’ll be looking you up if I ever make it out of this $h1te hole again!!

I’ll be tracking you down pal!!

Mark these words!!



I will look forward to that and be a pleasure to have you as my guest.


Cheers mate!
And may I extend the same to you if ever you make it over here!




Yes I will thanks.


lenny from motorhead, is that lemmys brother lol.


I suspect Clapton only piped up through complete self interest; once his ability to play was threatened he felt the need to make comment. Now, Van Morrison; there’s a cussed shamdemic trench warrior.


Yeah Backbeat!
Clapton bought the lie and took the knee… That’s the bottom line!

Though, the more he sees the light the better for the overall scheme of things, so I suppose we’ll wait and see how that pans out.

And 100% with you with Van THE MAN!!




If Van Morrison had written only Moondance; his place would be secure in my musical hall of fame.


“Into the Mystic” for me Backbeat (which comes from the album ‘Moondance!’)

Where did that tune come from??
(Seriously… Where???)

The original version by Van obviously could never be bettered, but there are a few quality covers to be found also..

And ‘on that note’ and just the other day..

I happened across this:

A Texan named Dave Fenley..

Aged 34! πŸ‘€

(Note:: Give the sound some gas!!)



I love Bobby McFerrin’s version of moondance.


Very very ‘smooth’ Backbeat!!

I like it mate!!



I’m very fond of Bobby McFerrin’s music; he’s like a Billy Eckstein 4.0 and more like a horn player in the way he uses his voice,


I’ll endeavour to now go listen to both!

Thanks for the tips!



Check out Kurt Elling too; he’s what Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr should have been. Elling does a great version of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Golden Lady’.


Awesome Backbeat..

That’s a first for me!

Then the Sax and the improvised ‘Scat singing’ mix at the end..

Just imagining sitting in the audience drifting off to that..

In Paris no less!



I believe the Arts to be the last truth in humanity. When one listens to a Shakespeare monolog or a great solo by the likes of Hendrix, Pastorius or Coltrane etc; there’s no fraud in it at all just beauty.


I concur.

True art transcends time.

In fact and in spiritual terms, it transcends humanity itself.


Germany this time..

No auto tune happening here!


If you like that you’ll love these…

Claptons second chorus is when the afterburner is lit –

RIP Gary Moore and Phil Lynott –


That was interesting. It definitely is creating a kind of apartheid in society. I know what he means about the antagonism because I get it quite a bit. The psychopaths rely on people’s ignorance, they are absolute monsters.


Agreed Jennie. What really alarms and disheartens me is the extent to which the medical profession is absolutely ‘lock-step’ behind this lie. Remote GP appointments (for one thing) are something that I just can’t see the sense of…but then again I didn’t go to medical school; and am by definition a moronic useful eater…pass me my pork pie and cup of tea please πŸ™‚


There are a few brave souls speaking out but they are the exception. Me too, I’m a useless eater now.


Yes Jennie.
It’s mind blowing how it all keeps evolving.

With virtually no resistance to speak of.(Especially where we are!!)

Truly astonishing.



Oh yes, used to zone out with this, a packet (or two) of McVities dark chocolate digestives and mugs of tea – when supposed to be revising for my exams in the 70’s






Yes to your elders- if that’s not too presumptive lol?


I was reared to respect my elders!!

But I’m now one myself (or thereabouts!!), so I don’t need to worry too much about that one anymore!!



Respect for the elders was common when I was growing up.


Good to know l’ll be in safe hands Jacob!

That responsible attitude will be most useful in assisting me out of a nightclub come 2 or 3 am!!

Assuming they allow them in the NWO that is!!



Big fan of the Dark Chocolate Digestive which I keep in the fridge at home with all my Chocolate.
70% min Cocoa in my chocolate bars.
Spent 2 weeks in Ghana which produces some fine Chocolate but I did not find any to buy but the common milk chocolate bars.
Bit disappointing it was.

Tunnocks Wafer, now that is a fine biscuit.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob

Enjoy while the supply chain still available. If non-vaxxed ban from shops – need to start up our own black market.
Yes the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer is on my list too.


A true rennaisance woman πŸ™‚


I love McVities dark chocolate digestives and I am having a few of them as comfort eating. I could eat half a packet at a sitting but so far have resisted it.


We must be keeping the factory going.



Just watched it Brenda!

An excellent and witty presentation by Dr. Colin M Barron.
(An author and a friend of Dr. Vernon Coleman also I see!!)

A momentous ‘first link’ I would say!!

And no doubts “Lulu” would concur too!!!



Nice one.


Enjoyed that, both funny and informative. Actually we should still be using leeches and blood-letting according to today’s thinking because they keep saying that once science decides on something it’s settled.

I remember as a child having butter put on burns and not surprisingly it didn’t help at all.


Most old wives tales are just that!!


Wonderful to watch our covid-safe role models testing out the ‘new’ rules 4 weeks in advance for us. How self-sacrificial of the G7 attendees pretending to enjoy a crowded beach barbecue. The filming from a distance, so that we could only witness the laughter and guffaws, sparing us from the pained anxiety etched expressions on their visages.
They will all be rushing to book a PCR test – with a 95% false positive rate; this will give them the perfect excuse to self-isolate on some private sun-soaked island contemplating and plotting their next coercive mind-bending public imposition.
No longer a case of mask slipping, they have been dispensed with!
Plus ca change!!!

Boris is asking for a little more patience – (or was that more little patients?) – begin jabbing the kids and his wish will be


My oldest friend married a Cornish man and they live literally down the road from where the G7 is being held. They’ve stopped the trains from running there, closed some of the shops and stopped people using their boats and the security is massive. I know the area and the hotel where it’s happening very well.

Every year prior to last year I’d go to stay with them for a week in May or June. As one perfectly healthy individual I’m not allowed to nip over the water to visit them and stay in their house (I’m in Ireland) because I’m considered too much of a danger. Yet hundreds, if not thousands of people including journalists and security, can come from all over world and can crowd into the hotels, beaches, restaurants etc. How does that work exactly?


Jennie, I’m sure they work under an entirely different system, so have all the infrastructure in place to operate as they wish. Freemasonry, Illuminati, Opus Dei etc .Men in power!! The lassitude of the people allows this to prevail.
You’re only bet would be to do yourself a Carrie Symmonds and find yourself a Boris – is that a price you’re prepared to pay?


Absolutely not, the price would be way too high!



Urban fox

And when all else fails,stand together and sing this merry tune.

Last edited 1 month ago by Urban fox

Absolutely and what a great backing group he had. Thanks for sharing.

Urban fox

Hi,Jennie,how you?thanks for reply.


Not too bad thank you, hope you’re doing ok yourself.



The bold Fox returns!!

Good to see you haven’t ‘backed down’ too far into that lair of yours!!

The world needs the one and only true Fox!!

All hail the mighty FOX!!


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry
Urban fox

Hi Gerry, thanks. Still here,but onscreen keyboard on tablet barely working. So can’t write much. How you?Watching all 4 series of the handmaids tale . BlesSed day


Howdi Fox!

Yes.. watching the latest series myself believe it or not!
Some similarities to be seen relative to our present reality also..

The masks and totalitarian oppression to name but two!!

Perhaps some ‘subliminal’ programming going on to assist with the priming??


Urban fox

Don’t know about that. As book many years old. Author largely involved in series. Which been updated. Interesting in many ways though. As in many respects it’s very out of date. Series 4 be interesting. As Canada portrayed as land of the free. Wonder what the writer makes of that now.? Also the idea that an outside group could overtake USA,is of course barking mad. As we know the same people have always fun planet. And they have the military power. Also of course,author could not be more wrong regards them wanting to increase population. As agenda has always been opposite. So she got things back to front when originally wrote book. And never learnt from her mistakes in the update. However,good story well written. And she has accurately portrayed the power and control dynamics. Such A the way they are made to police each other and even carry out there own executions.

Urban fox

Many years back when she wrote, she just extrapolated how she Thought woman were treated into the future. And many ideas taken from old testament And various religious cults that were around. Also Islamic fundamentalist.I love the scean whEre they refuse to do the stoning. Go with Grace Gerry,uNder his eye.

Urban fox

Serena Joy can tell me what to do. Just saying.


Say no more!
Remember, I’m on team Fox!
And Serenity and Joy are a match made in heaven!

Yes indeed!

With regard to the series itself, I’m guessing you’ve read the book??

I’m not certain it’s on par with the book exactly because I’d doubt Margaret Atwood was promoting all that is ‘Woke in the world’ back in 1985..
(But I could be wrong?)

The series is riddled with subliminal Woke priming and no opportunity is wasted to promote it as far as i can see??

So was Margaret Atwood pro Agenda Woke think back then??

Don’t get me wrong here as I ultimately am not against many of these ‘live and let live’ ideologies, but I just hate the incessant programming that goes on these days and sometimes want to thrash the tv with frustration upon seeing it!

That said, the masks and the tyrannical control is very reminiscent to what’s happening today and as of the latest episode (I’m fully up to date in the series!), the dystopian theme is intensifying…

So this is why I say subliminal priming..

That and Zombie apocalypse movies of course!!

We’re nearly there Fox!!

It shan’t be long now!

Oh and I began writing this at circa 3.30 am after my first Agenda plandemic nightmare..

I dreamt I was in a pub somewhere frantically shouting at the top of my voice to other punters present about the dangers of taking the jab..

Needless to say, no one was listening and I was subsequently removed by force from the boozer!!

But it didn’t stop there as I woke up while being pursued by the police..

It felt like I was in a war zone…

Not nice.

Urban fox

If I had to sleep with a fascist,Serena would be my first choice or evil Hoshi.Not started number 4 yet.Think may have book? But not read yet. But have seen interview from 1980 tis. And recent one about the series.



I won’t answer with what I’m now thinking as it may be promoting too much ‘Woke’ in this instance!!

Suffice to say that three isn’t always a crowd!!

Anyway… I’m off back to sleep Fox.

Hopefully the remainder will be more pleasant than what went before!!

Hoshi… Serena…

Please be gentle!!


Urban fox

Can t get that image out of my head now.

Urban fox

That’s a good topic for a phone in show. Fascist I would sleep with. BlesSed be the fruit.


May the Lord…




Could definitely end up with a musical appreciation subset on here!! Xx

Urban fox

Hi Brenda, Was that you on Richie show?. I called last time.


You should have called tonight mate, worst phone in Richie has had, no fault of his own, pretty poor though.


Seems that with the best of intentions to encourage new callers with a fresh perspective, Richie gravitated to his twitter brigade. He makes the selection.


Yes – and trying to concentrate as my two cats decided it was just the moment to jump all over me vieing for my attention. Culminated in them having a scrap on my knee, so had to stand up.
Can’t bear to listen to myself so have no idea how coherent I was.

Urban fox

You sounded fine Brenda,very clear.


And again, i say…. Florida, South Dakota, Texas etc etc. Wonder if any of the morons out there wetting their pants at the thought of getting back to normal, have seen the images from Indianapolis 500 a few weeks ago. Hundreds of thousands of lovely free sweaty heaving bodies all in one place. No masks, no fucking retarded tests, no equally stupid social distancing. Just life as it should be.

Marissa Oatley

I’m so sorry to hear that y’all are still in lockdown, keep being brave and strong beautiful souls this darkness shall end like history has shown us.❀


Richie in no way would or should you know, but here’s me, when was the last time our kay got pumped, or more to point, when was the last time kay pumped someone, she plays the guitar ” kays song “, she could be a legend, she has chosen to be nightmare.

Caroline Fealy

If people who have seen the images from the G7 crap and still think its ok to put on a mask social distance ect, then there really is no hope for them.


Sorry, but anyone within earshot will not be spared my discordant bellows. Such a directive is surely encouragement to rebel. Football fans not known for their moderation- maybe have a special jab containing a silencer for this contingent.
June 21st is my son’s and brother-in-law’s birthday, smart enough not to have planned anything legal lol. Celebrate as we see fit. Also happens to be that of Priince William – woke celebration anyone? If four weeks extension to current measures (during which time we’ll see a predictable run on the jabs) and then decides to ease the restrictions ‘prematurely’ – homage will be paid to Boris, shame we’re being prevented from singing his praises – oh what a generous PM we have!!
Entire country, as well as football stadiums, being brought to their knees!

This week on Radio 4, Any Questions? – apart from one (token)lady who was ‘allowed’ some airtime but swiftly cut off when she referred to a dystopian state, the majority are there to reinforce the party line. One lady, very well-spoken (sounded middle-aged) was expounding on how considerate she was and prepared to abide by all and whatever measures and for how long it takes and as the Government sees fit. The applause ‘clapometer’ confirmed her sanctimonious thinking. Many similar examples on MSM during the week. The Government’s chalking up a lot of points on its covid compliance chart!

Northern Ireland – just announced that every region has become infected by the Indian Ganges Delta variant, after only being first discovered earlier in the week in Kilkeel. Anyone local knows if you want to catch something that it’s this lovely tiny fishing outpost (I’ll be lynched next time I visit!) is just the plaice to head. And that’s exactly what they’re all scratching – how did it arrive there? Maybe hitched a ride on a fishing vessel out at sea & decided this was a nice place to disembark and stir up the town as barred from entering Spain. Troublesome holidaymaker!!

So now we have the double- jabbed dying after being admitted to hospitals with headaches – proof boosters are needed ASAP. Crippling headaches is now considered a primary symptom of this covid variant – nothing of course to do with the micro bleeds and coagulation occurring in the brain precipitated by the injection.
On a lighter note………errrrr I’ll get back to ye all.


Can they not Hum ?

Julian Wilkinson

The legislation requiring face-coverings on public transport (SI 2020/592) expires on 21st June unless new legislation replaces it. I think this may be why the original “reopening” was scheduled then. Similarly face-coverings in a “relevant place” meaning shops, pubs etc, (SI 2020/791) lapses July 24th. Go to: to check this out, but I think I’ve got it straight. I suspect that the government are hoping they can bluff this without the political risk of introducing new legislation: we should understand what is actually law and act accordingly. I’m not trained in law but if anyone is, please comment.


Both of those pieces of legislation have been created via Statutory Instrument and can therefore be extended by the flick of a Ministerial pen. No need for Parliamentary legislation. The authority for this is the Coronavirus act 2020 which requires renewal every 6 months by Parliamentary vote. Its next due for renewal I believe at the end of September.


Soon they’ll stop pretending and make it permanent – they’ll pick a day when there is a dramatic rise in hospital deaths – raison d’etre!

Zac Baled

How long will it be before these douche bags tell the sheeples to avoid talking with fellow people (who are not from the same bubble bs) unless absolutely necessary?

Thursday’s show was very moving. Thanks for everything you do Richie, Thanks for giving a voice to the voiceless!
(I humbly say with respect) You are a good upright human being. Cant wait (was it Steve?) To come back on this week.
Heart felt condolences to every family who’s loved ones have been murdered during the last 15 months.

Last edited 1 month ago by Zac Baled