Government Wants The Vulnerable To “Avoid” The Unjabbed

People considered to be clinically extremely vulnerable to covid-19 infection, have been told that they should avoid indoor spaces this Summer. They’ve also been advised to “avoid the unvaccinated.” How will they know who has and hasn’t been jabbed?

The new guidance, tailored for the really vulnerable, comes after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed yesterday that covid restrictions, including compulsory mask wearing, will be removed next Monday July 19th.

3.7 million people in the UK are believed to be extremely vulnerable. Typically, an extremely vulnerable person will have chronic illness, such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease or cancer.

New guidance published last night, advises the vulnerable to meet outdoors and to find out if those they are meeting with have been vaccinated.

The Department of Health guidance states:

“Consider whether you and those you are meeting have been vaccinated. You might want to wait until 14 days after your second dose of a covid-19 vaccine before being in close contact with others.”

Avoid the unjabbed eh? Two-tier society here we come? Yesterday, Boris Johnson urged businesses to seek covid certification from customers before admitting them. If like me, you have refused the jabs, you won’t be going to concerts, restaurants or to the cinema this Winter and maybe forever.

Now they’re advising people to give the unjabbed a wide berth. Suits me. If there is any truth to the claim (by prominent scientists) that in fact the jabbed themselves pose a risk to the rest of us, I’m happy to be avoided.






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Devastated as my youngest sister has just received her first jab, this despite her having access to and being exposed to all relevant information. Even Dr Yeadon’s evidence couldn’t dissuade her.

Only my son and I have not received the jab within the family. No wavering from us. Does make you feel more isolated tho.

Alex Romero

I’m ready and willing to start throwing punches. Enough of this shit.


Yes… We have to protect our families.




Sir Patrick cunt Vallance The Chief Scientific Officer, proponent of masks in crowded spaces, sitting unmasked in the VIP section at the full house Wimbledon final. comment image QUOTE Monday 13 july press nonsense Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said families should still ‘avoid unnecessary meetings’ with other households with normal life returning only ‘very slowly’.Unquote

Last edited 3 months ago by ame

That photo says it all ame, Evil hypocritical mass murderers.

Last edited 3 months ago by sven

getting free tickets is really adding insult to injury


Today’s made up daily infection ‘cases’ 36660, in your face taking the ‘Michael’ ( 3×666 )


Very happy to avoid transmitting shedders yes! Very real as I know several folk affected by others jabs personally!


Me too.
Best to avoid the transmitters of the “Experimental Gene Therapy” jabs.
I do not want to spend time around those fools who took one or two of those.


What absolute disgusting people run this country. I so hope hell exists


People considered to be clinically extremely vulnerable to covid-19 infection should be warned to stay away from the NHS this summer.


by the autumn they would of had 5 poison darts
i no people who have had flu poison dart and 2 of the 97% effective
in the next 3 month they wil get the booster and the yearly flu.
i also no people who tested positive after the 97% effective which caused the small business to have skeleton staff to nearly 2 weeks which caused of sorts of issues.



My mum has been thoroughly jabbed and has been a stickler for the rules. Respecting her wishes, I have barely seen her for 16 months.
I wonder if she’ll abide by these new suggestions? If she does, it’s her loss. I’m done feeling sorry for the gullible.


I’m beginning to feel the same way too.

Urban fox

Same here,not seen one of them since Xmas 19! And regards discrimination,even now their are people on this website this month,saying it can’t happen here. And U.K law is strong. And take them to court. Are they finally getting it.Or am I just being negative again?I’m Sorry but it needs’s time to wake up aś we both know.


It’s not just you. I’ve done some challenging on that blind faith in the legal system. And it is blind. As if the systems that created those laws can’t change them. Foolishness.
Still, if that’s what gets them by, leave them to it. It has become a pointless exercise trying to point out the bleeding obvious.

Urban fox

Hi Craig,thanks for reply. Yeah good point.


works both ways, perhaps the un jabbed don’t want to be near the jabbed.

Last edited 3 months ago by Patrice

They’ll turn out to be way more of a danger to us then we are to them.




Jacob, its getting to the point where I dont come on here to read your comments anymore, just to see what pics you put on that I can use, thats 4 now 🤣😂


That is ok and I will take that as a complement thanks.


Quite …


We will be endangered but still have comparative integrity of our immune systems. The jabbed will be at greatest risk – stressed underperforming immune system, where every pathogen – even the usually non threatening ones could prove hazardous if not fatal!!



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