Govt Minister Refuses To Rule Out Vaccine Mandate For UK

Business Minister Paul Scully refused to rule out the possibility of mandatory vaccination in the UK. Scully was appearing on Julia Hartley-Brewer’s Talk Radio Show this morning.

The presenter wanted to know why government ministers wouldn’t categorically rule out locking down the country again and reassurance that the covid jabs would never be compulsory.

In reply, Scully Said:

“We will never say, we won’t do something. We want to make sure we have a Plan B to fall back on.”


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They will never say they “Won’t do something” in case there banker controllers tell them to do something, but I suppose it depends on what politician is blabbering.
Boris don’t seem to mind what he says, when or about what, if caught he just bumbles about and if necessary starts a into a meaningless Latin maxim,or better still puts a hard hat on and walks into a Refrigerator.


Uncensored: A Conversation About COVID, Vaccines and Dwindling Trust in Global Public Health Officials
Paul Mills, Ph.D., professor of family medicine and public health at the University of California San Diego, hosts a conversation about COVID with Dr. Peter McCullough, vaccinologist, Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D. and Rob Verkerk, Ph.D., founder of the Alliance for Natural Health International.

In a world where scientific and medical dissent is marginalized, ridiculed or censored, Alliance for Natural Health International and co-hosts at the Westreich Foundation, presented an uncensored conversation chaired by a leading, highly published, U.S. professor of family medicine and public health, Paul Mills, Ph.D.

His guests were world leading cardiologist, Peter McCullough, M.D. MPH FACC, vaccinologist, Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM Ph.D. and our founder, Rob Verkerk MSc DIC PhD FACN. The topic of conversation was nothing less than some of the key issues around COVID-19, mass vaccination and early treatment that have split societies all over the world.


He means plan B is our plan A.


“We will never say, we won’t do something. We want to make sure we have a Plan B to fall back on.” Quite sinister really, if they would never say they won’t do something then that leaves a lot of things open.

Aldo Bennedetti

Also shows a lack of experience, leadership and confidence in themselves and their plans.

It comes across as we don’t know and we’re just taking a shot in the dark here.


Comes across that way but they know that the unvaccinated will be locked down again, the jabs will eventually be mandated for all and those that refuse will be held in shielding centres. A debt forgiveness programme will be introduced when the economy goes down and those isolated in shielding centres will be given an opportunity to take the shot and be released; those that refuse this offer will be held indefinitely and stripped of any and all assets. That is what I believe and these sell outs know what is coming.

Aldo Bennedetti

Whatever is coming and that of which you speak may well be it will be bleak.

That dipshit political hasn’t a clue but his masters do.

Tim in Brazil

Same phrase as in the Guardian article.. “my patience is wearing thin”


Unfortunately this morning i caught part of the Morning Live programme on Newspeak (sorry BBC 1!). Their resident quack Dr Xand van Tulleken was, as always droning on about ‘Covid’. He claimed that all of the people he’d seen in ICU’S were ‘Covid’ patients which is a lie obviously, but the chilling bit was saved for his final words aimed at the unvaccinated and those who don’t want to take a ‘booster’………”patience is wearing thin”. Is that a BBC employee threatening me with consequences? What does this muppet want to see happen to me and others who make an informed choice not to allow a substance to be pumped into our bodies? He should, of course, be dropped by the BBC but there’s more chance of Dan Dare landing in Salford.

Aldo Bennedetti

They’re plan is not going according to plan with threats like that.

Amazing he wasn’t so passionate about cancer and heart disease.

Urban Fox

The last few weeks i have been writing a Monday review about David Icks latest video. This week iv just finished watching a remarkable film of one of his earliest talks back in 1994. The contents of this film i think are as relevant today as they ever were. In light of recent events. He had recently released his book ‘The Robots Rebellion’.

The Robots Rebellion – David Icke Talking In 1994 About The Plan To Enslave Humanity That We Are Witnessing Now – David Icke

This was filmed in the early days of his research. Much of which had come from the discovery of two remarkable documents. One found in an IBM photocopier in 1986, called ‘Silent weapons for a quite war.’ And one that was found many years earlier in the 19th century, Often just referred to as ‘The Protocols’. In recent years there has been speculation as regards the authenticity of these documents, suggesting they are a hoax. But the only relevance regarding them is in there content. Because both these documents remarkably describe in detail the manipulation of world events and the plans for the future of mankind. In the same way that David himself was to do years later.

He starts by talking about our true spiritual nature, and how certain forces throughout history have tried to keep the truth from the masses in order to manipulate them. Who are those that control from the shadows.? They have gone by many names, though the one they commonly use themselves are ‘The Illuminati’. For centuries throughout history they have sought through family bloodlines and a network of secret society’s to control the course of mankind. They have called there Fascists plans for a one world goverment various names over the years. Including the ‘Great work’, ‘The New world order’. The latest incarnation of this has been the term ‘The great reset.’

David go’s on to talk about indoctrination through the media and Education system and about the future plans for a cashless society and to control us through the use of technology. Concepts that many would have said was Ludicrous back in 1994. The remarkable thing to me is that so many today are still denying these things whilst they unfold before our eyes.

What i find Ironic is the title of the book, ‘The Robots rebellion’. Was referring to how mankind has been controlled like basic robots. Being told what to think and which direction to go. It referred to how we have our strings pulled. (It may have been appropriate to call it, the Remote Controlled Toy Robots Rebellion or The Puppets rebellion). However since the release of the book, there has been evidence the plans for humanity are for us to become actual robots. Controlled directly by an A.I hive mind. Carrie Majed and David have provided evidence of these plans and of the technology existing. Many will say that this is as crazy as the things David spoke about in 94, however look at where we are now.

At the end of the presentation David asks the question , ‘ Are we going to make a stand against this agenda for ourselves and our children.? ‘.I would suggest that this question is more relevant today than ever in human history. And if the masses of people that were laughing all those years ago, had heeded the warnings we would not be where we are now in present times.

Perhaps if those that are still laughing can wake up to the current evidence , of the truth behind events. We can finally pull back from The Abys before its to late.

Aldo Bennedetti

Very interesting.

While cooking or cleaning around the house I put on old Ritchie shows I haven’t heard for sport.

The craic of it is to listen to something broadcast 3 or 4 months ago and see how much of it they got right today in November 2021.

Its hilarious.

Urban Fox

Hi Aldo thanks, hope your well. I better crack on with a few chores.

Aldo Bennedetti

Clever Fox I see what you did there.

Urban Fox


Aldo Bennedetti

(Richie allen voice)

Aldo Bennedetti

The lockstep and predictibilty of all the governments is spooky.

All singing off the same hymn sheet from the man.

M T Hadi

It’s all bullshit – the bastards haven’t a clue, and are just awaiting the next set of instructions from their masters…


“We know that chasing the virus last year didn’t really work”.
In other words, masks and lockdowns didn’t work last year. But we are are continuing to use those tactics anyway. Oh, and we’ll add the Holy Poison Water as an added experiment, just to see what happens (while we fill our pockets from our chums in Big Corp).


We have a pandemic that’s so bad that it is turning country after country into fascist states and yet no-one seems to know anyone who is sick. We are now in our 21st month here and I have still never met anyone who has had this mythical virus but I have met people with vaccine injuries and I do know of previously healthy people locally who have died within a few days of having the jab. No-one I speak to knows anyone who has this supposed dangerous, virulent virus.

This virus and pandemic only exist in the mainstream media, not in the real world.


My mum remains convinced that my sister has C19 in the summer.
My sister, on the other hand, knows that she had a summer cold but because of stupid rules had to get a test to satisfy her employer – and the test, unsurprisingly, came back positive.

M T Hadi

But did she get over that Summer-Co(ld)vid, or is she no longer with us (and in that case 🙁 )…


Yes, she did get over it.

Aldo Bennedetti

Its so deadly and virulent that the hospitality sector doesn’t use paper and plastic disposable utensils.

Urban Fox

Hi Jennie i agree with every word. And regarding to the posts on the other page, relating to Africa and certain other country’s. Many are starving due to polices as i said. But if they are not being recorded as covid. It has nothing to do with being given certain drugs, its because they are not being tested for the imaginary virus with the fake test.


Spot on. I’ve been told that even in Croatia the supermarket shelves are virtually empty. I haven’t been able to get my usual order from the local bakery because they are having a job getting supplies. Most people have no idea what’s coming.

I’ve just watched David Icke’s Birmingham speech and it’s excellent.

David Icke Speaking At World Freedom Rally In Birmingham


The UK doesn’t have enough police to enforce such a mandate – so the question has to be, how will the government ensure such a mandate is complied with?

Unless, of course, the allegations of bluetooth signals coming from the jabbed are true (I haven’t checked this myself), in which case it will be rather simple to ascertain who hasn’t been injected.


Here in Ireland they have been advertising for more police even though we haven’t been experiencing any upturn in crime (except by politicians and those behind them of course). You have to wonder why.


I suspect a lot of that is through many current serving coppers walking away or getting the push (it’s been the more experienced, older ones getting the push – no pension pay outs required then)). It’s been happening for years.

For years the media have led attack after attack on the police, reporting whistleblowers to senior officers (that usually leads to dismissal and occasionally to prison sentences), isolating them from the general public and generally forcing them ever deeper into a siege tribal mentality (the police, after all, are a minority group that the media constantly stirs hatred against).

Sara D

Of course that is the plan. It is simply a matter of timing.

Urban Fox

The forces that are really controlling the agenda, will stop at nothing, to complete there end game of a half a billion transhuman race of slaves. Whatever we have seen over the rest of the globe, is intended to come here, if we except things. To the cabal there are no borders or country’s. This is why we must stand our ground and never give up.

David and Gareth Icke Speaking at Freedom Rally Birmingham – David Icke

All over the world this weekend many thousand’s held rallies and marched for our freedom. In Austria it is heartening that many police and military have said they will not comply with orders. Many of them marched in Austria on Saturday side by side with the public. David and Gareth went to speak to the crowds in Birmingham, the video is in the link above.

Gavin Ledermann

One thing I’ve been surprised about during this Covid fraud is they don’t seem concerned with Africa. Normally that’s the first place they want to depopulate.


That’s because globalist businesses currently have their greedy eyes on the opportunities that African nations represent.
It may very well be what underpins BLM and CRT: ‘persuading’ people that their future role is to serve African interests.
Essentially, that Africa represents a largely untapped new frontier for corporate takeover.
That is just my opinion, mind, based on various bits I have heard and read.

Urban Fox

Hi Gavin, It was predicted that aid would be massively reduced to both Africa and India because of this scam. This has already happened. Death rates in both country’s have been shooting up as a result. Goverment aid from the UK and other country’s has been reduced, this includes the withdrawal of medical aid. Also charities have seen huge drops in donations. I predict millions dying from starvation and the withdrawal of aid in Africa.


Some already died from starvation in the countries that imposed curfews. My friend in Uganda told me that there were queues of people trying to get food aid stretching back for miles.
This was the way that they kept up the scam as cheap HCQ is or was a widely available drug in use against Malaria.
Generally one tablet is taken every two weeks hence Covid being non existent
I asked my friend to source some HCQ for him to send to me and the price had shot up dramatically from a few Ugandan shillings a box to £40.00 a box UK price.
He said that the situation was very dire with curfew from 19.00pm until 6.00 am.


I have neighbours who are from Croatia and apparently even there the shops have very little stock of anything.

Urban Fox

They have been struggling with stock near me for weeks. There are multiply reasons for this, mostly down to the covid policies. Including transportation problems and many warehouses and farms regularly being closed down by the authorities just because of one positive test. But this is not being reported. I know it to be true because it has been investigated. People have taken photographic evidence and people have testified they have been closed down. Iv also heard the managers in the supermarkets talking. The governments are lying when they say no shortages. With the climate policy’s this is going to get worse still. And all of this will drive prices up.

M T Hadi

Slowly, slowly catchy monkey… They can’t do it all over just yet, few African leaders are not yet bought or controlled….


No Covid in Somali Land (not Somalia).
Two different countries.

Paul G

When they say they rule nothing out, why doesn’t the media say “Will you imprison and force vaccinations in to the public’s bodies?” That’s the real concern for us


They will first lock down the unvaccinated indefinitely; then they will mandate the jabs for all; those who continue to refuse their ‘offers’ will be taken to shielding centres and isolated from the vaccinated population; the final ultimatum will be the offer of the Debt Forgiveness Programme, if you accept the shot. Whoever holds firm at that point will have all assets stripped and held in isolation indefinitely ‘to protect the public. It is open tyranny at this point.
This is what is coming down the pike and has already been written. I can’t advise anybody what to do but I have children and assets. I don’t fear for myself, but I do for our children. I don’t want offspring of mine enslaved to this system and am prepared to go down on my feet. But my children don’t deserve this. And there’s nowhere left to go. States such as Florida, Texas etc won’t take us all. There is no resistance to this.

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

On Morning Live this morning, during an intro piece about stroke and stroke awareness, resident Doctor Xand – with a perfectly straight face – said
“If you speak to my colleagues on intensive care at the moment, I think a lot of them – everyone they are seeing – has not had a vaccination and I think patience is wearing thin, so get your booster”
Not a single shred of evidence to back his assertion, no figures, nada. Just straight up bullshit……..


Yet plenty of data to prove the opposite.

Urban Fox

Thats an outrageous lie Mama. Nurses have been filmed around the world, talking about how the hospitals are full of people with Jab injuries. Patients have also been testifying to being on wards surrounded by jab victims. David Icke did a recent film reading out story’s and interviewing nurses. People have only got to look at the amount of horrific injuries and deaths reported and ask where they are being treated.? I’m sick of hearing about the people who are meant to be in hospital with covid. Once you see it, it is obvious that they have been jabbed, and then tested with the fake test. They are saying they have covid, to cover up the injuries.

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

Hi Mister Fox – hope you’re all good 🙂
Absolutely agree with you and Craig – there is an enormous amount of (worldwide and ever increasing) evidence of all kinds pointing to the contrary whuch is studiously ignored by the likes of Xand Van Tullikan et al.
I get a kick out of looking hard into the faces of these shills and studying their eyes and expressions as they parrot their bullshit lines. I’m no expert but I swear I can see the inner battle going on inside them with cognitive disonance from time to time. I wonder how much longer they’ll be able to ‘keep a lid on it’ so to speak…..

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