Govt. Source – No Chance Of A Return To Freedom On June 21st

UK prime Minister Boris Johnson will meet with his cabinet today, to discuss delaying his so-called irreversible roadmap out of lockdown. ITV is reporting that a government source has said that there is a “close to nil” chance of life returning to normal from June 21st.

According to The Mail Online:

The PM and his senior ministers are meeting with anxiety over the fast-spreading Indian variant of coronavirus running high.

Ministers are preparing emergency plans that could see local restrictions used to combat hotspots, or even the next stage of the roadmap delayed.

There are also growing doubts about whether lockdown can be lifted across England on June 21. Just a week ago Mr Johnson was holding out the prospect of a broad lifting of legal constraints and social distancing, but it now appears that a review of the rules is unlikely to report this month.

One government source told ITV News that some of the loosening that took effect this week – including ‘Rule of Six’ socialising indoors and in bars and restaurants – might have to be rolled back.  

‘It is clear some social distancing will have to be retained, not everything we’ve set out for 21 June is likely to happen,’ they said.

‘But it is also possible some of the easing we’ve done today will have to be reversed.’

The penny will drop eventually won’t it? Surely the tens of millions who eagerly rolled up their sleeves and rushed to vaccination centres when they were summoned, will realise that they’ve been had? Will they be able to face up to it?

At some point they’ll have to acknowledge that this was never about a virus. Will they have the courage to accept it? It’s not easy to admit that you’ve been duped. No one likes to feel foolish. Pride stings.

They were told that Vaccines macht frei so they presented their arms. Not only are they not free, but they’re being threatened with more lockdowns, while being told to continue wearing masks and social distancing. Oh, and they should expect booster jabs this Autumn.

So they get angry. Damn right. But angry with who, the SAGE witch doctors and Boris Johnson? Not a bit of it. They’re angry with me and with you, because we saw it coming and refused to bend the knee to tyranny.


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Expect the Stonehenge scariant by the last week of June. That’s what you will get for hugging these upstanding pillars of the community!!


Littles wonder – it’s a pagan festival so Satan’s taskforce will be celebrating the restrictive covid agenda implementations and the levels of compliance.

Harry Derriere

Oh Drat! Foiled again!
Well, we must be protected from the double ultra mutated Uzbekistan variant!


They had the Kent variant to scare the white folk; the Brazilian variant to scare the Latinos; the South African variant to scare the black folk; and now the Indian variant to scare Asians.
Add to that the xenophobia such labels will cause among the moronic (as we were told would happen by calling it the Chinese flu), and a multi-layered strategy becomes obvious.
Distraction and division remains a popular tool because it keeps working.


Wow, just heard the show from today and Cindy’s harrowing experience…i hope she is able to sue to the heavens, utterly ridiculous, and what about the girl detained with her crying relentlessly… ? If you guys have not seen the documentary entitled, The Strawman, i highly recommend it, it’s an excellent source, explaining your rights and how we can break the enslavement to the system. Doubt it’s on ScrewYouTube, but Bitchute has it and probably others like, lbry. (Watch it soon before Cyber Polygon hits… 🙄) It’s made from a UK perspective, but applies everywhere, including the States, Canada, etc. Well done to this lovely lady and thank you very much, as always, to dear Richie. Much love, respect and appreciation from a Florida mother of 3.


Check my comments in the past. The UK won’t be leaving lockdown. Ever. The governments around the world will try to harden the divide between vaxxed and non-vaxxed. They want total obedience but they also want to be able to say they didn’t force us. I figure in the USA we will see something at the stores or possibly someone will inspire street vigilantism. This doesn’t end. They can’t allow it to end. Somewhere there is a bullet with my name on it. Somewhere else there is an angel who will take note of the asshole who fires it.


For the United States there still appears to be some hope with many of the States openly rebelling against the Federal Government. The Democrats are reaping what they sowed over the last 4 years when they made things so impossible for Donald Trump. Now its payback time and this Covid nonsense is providing the perfect vehicle for their retaliation.
In Britain its looking increasingly like we are totally screwed, far to many have swallowed the propaganda completely and the vaccine rollout has become a runaway train.


A good analogy; except in a normal world, a runaway train eventually hits the end of the line.
In our world that train appears to be on a loop circuit.


I suspect the train will hit the buffers at the end of September when the next cold and flu season gets underway.


We’ll see it hit the buffers. Everyone else will see the circular line illusion and fail to notice that the train that keeps passing them is the same one.


I think I may have caught the Indian mutant ninja Covid variant. Having foolishly gone out with a few friends last night to celebrate our wonderful new freedoms (thanks Boris) I drank six pints of Cobra beer and consumed a very large chicken vindaloo. Today I have all the symptoms, a thumping headache, dehydration, diarrhoea and extremely bad gas (so bad it frightened the cat). I think I need to get an urgent Covid test as this really could be the end. Perhaps Matt Hancock and Chris Whitty were right after all 😬 😬 😬 😬

Last edited 29 days ago by Mark
Boris The Toilet Mop

It’s worse, it’s the Clark Kent’s Super Mutant Absolute Load of Bollocks Ninja Strain Codenamed – BS.007.21


Throw in some mushrooms and you might get Covid hallucinations as well😉😆


well there’s a surprise!!!!!


Pssst, it never ends.

Jon the Paranoid.

Here is Michael O’Bernicia’s update on the progress of the criminal prosecutions he has launched against Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Sir Patrick Vallance and Neil Ferguson for pandemic fraud and, by default, genocide:


When only, what 20 base pairs of covid original has been established, leaving the remaining 39,980 added “in silico” (guessed by computer) or by “concencus” (guessed by the ‘boys’), how can “variants” be identified? Variants with perhaps a difference of 0.1% in their structure?

Boris The Toilet Mop

BS.06.21 variant


I am listening to the show. Outraged. An Irish lady allowed herself to be “detained” whilst trying to get to her father whilst travelling. She was put in a hotel room. Due to covid restrictions.

Unreal. This is unlawful arrest. She and the other detainees were – dare I say it – stupid enough to comply. I weep.

Hermione Granger

700 deaths now in the uk
1400 deaths in the US from the alleged vaccines
whats it going to be when ADE kicks in ? Who knows?

Last edited 29 days ago by Hermione Granger

“close to nil” is a numerology spell which equals 56

A few other 56’s

Toilet Paper
Covid Vaccine
Mind Control
Climate Change
Anthony Fauci

And don’t forget Boris is 56 years old.

Zac Baled

The shout of the happy gullible whilst being vaccinated after rolling up their sleeves……

…….Only to realise there is/was no freedom (to come forth!) 😁😃😆😊😁

Last edited 29 days ago by Zac Baled
Bill wilson

If only someone would’ve said this would happen.


Google Susan MIchie,i call her the bitch of SAGE,that tosser is virtually running the country along with her vile cohorts.

1967, I flew *PAN AM* to London for the 1 st time.
It was most definitely.. Newark Airport, New Jersey We used.
JFK-Airport on ‘long [g]island’ didn’t exist yet!
What I distinctly remember, being a normal, everyday guy from N.J. was…
“by God, these Londoners are primitive”, but the *Hotel Russell* at Russell Square and the…Brittish Museum nearby were worth the trip.

1968, If I remember correctly, We flew 1st to *Shannon*, then to Shitpool Amsterdam.
Ah, Yes, the *Frans Hals Museum* in Haarlem; the magnificent portraits from the 15-1600’s in mostly black, with collar & face details in nuances of…’white’.
What a contrast to Harlem in NYC ; only black.

Those wore the days my friends(I’d thought they’d never end).
It was 707:s for plane-travel.
Was I… 007, takin’ a 707?

What I distinctly remember was…the *Green of Eire* ; i.e. just ‘pastoral from above’.

52+ yrs ago, what do I think now, about, these 2 places?
They were always Slaves and, didn’t know it.

Good Bye.
I’m finished here.

Message sent.

Gene Hunt

Sadly Richie, I don’t think the vast majority of the eagerly vaxxed up will get it, they will still fail to grasp that they’ve been had, or even care that much. They are so indoctrinated in the cult of government owning you, that they are quite simply brainwashed and happy to be that way!

Simon Corbett

Sadly, I think you’re spot on. They will fear the new variants, & willingly take any booster jabs that are offered.

Gene Hunt

Simon, I think after around 14 months of this nonsense, most if not nearly all of us have drawn up lines and we’re firmly behind one “side” or another.
I wouldn’t think there’s anyone who follows this site or Richie and his peers, who isn’t quite certain that they won’t have the vax or quite sure that this is all a hyped up scam to further other agendas…….but the rest, including those that have some doubts about the vax, they are all of a mindset that what their government tells them/”advises” them to do, they just cannot go against.
I know what I’m saying isn’t anything new but I think it does stand up to scrutiny……….


Well did anyone seriously think that having gone to so much trouble to take away people’s freedoms that they would be handing any of them back?

The Indian variant is really massive propaganda from the globalist controlled mainstream media in India who have got together with Pfizer. The Modi government there kicked out Pfizer because as they rightly said they didn’t want an unnecessary, untested vaccine.

It probably wouldn’t be as easy to bump off leading politicians in a major country like India as it would in small countries like Burundi and Tanzania so they would have to find another way.

The presidents in both those countries died sudden and mysterious deaths after refusing to allow vaccines in their countries.


It is NOT the preserve of the political classes to run our lives; just the administration of our countries. STAY IN YOUR LANE.


If you’ve fallen into the hands of the deceiver, peddling a common cold variant as a deadly virus of death, you’re freedom can never be assured. You’re being held hostage by a deception with limitless possible mutations, a never ending imprisonment by medical tyranny. The virus is digital, spread across the airwaves, infecting the vulnerable with fear, causing a loss of reason, resulting in a pandemic of psychosomatic delirium. Started by a purposely flawed statistical model, fashioned into a propaganda weapon, a narrative of fear, the terrified have surrendered logic, truth and reason, not to mention future prospects, liberties and inalienable rights, to the State which is running a currency pyramid scheme of created debts and doesn’t have your best interests at heart.


You’ve described it perfectly. The future doesn’t look very bright sadly.


I re-read this article and had to walk away in fits of laughter. The roll back is happening a bit sooner than I expected, but it was so, so predictable.


I find myself doing a weird, involuntary, maniacal laugh whenever I hear the latest developments. Tis freaking me out! 😳😂

Urban fox

Hi, how you,speak soon.


Hi Mr Fox, I’m good. Just about to listen to tonight’s show. How’s things with you?

Urban fox

Like the film Groundhog day but without the fun.


I can relate to that. Great film though.

Urban fox

Yeah great film. Where you find photo, nice one,👍M


I just searched the internet for a gif. There’s loads of them 👍🏻. Did you click the pic? 😄

Urban fox

Not until you told me. Great stuff.




I have been increasingly coming to the conclusion that Humanity has barely evolved. Yes, technology has improved and evolved and systems have created a thin veneer of ‘improved civilisation’; but beyond that we still have tribalism and we still have the dominance of primitive fear mechanisms over rational thought.
‘Shooting the messenger’ mentality is a part of that

Urban fox

Some truth in that maybe. Sometimes I’m glad I’m a Fox.

Alex Romero

I’ve been close to violence quite a few times this year and I’m ready and willing to do whatever it takes to defend myself come what may.

Urban fox

Hi,me as well. Just noticed James bond photo from Dr no. I am a major fan. Have all dvd.👍👍

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