Had 2 Doses Of A Vaccine? You’ll Still Need To Self-Isolate!

When will it dawn on people that they’ve been royally had? What will it take? It was revealed last night that even if you’ve been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, you’ll still have to self-isolate if you encounter an infected person.

According to The Telegraph, this is likely to undermine plans for a full reopening from June 21st, as it might put off the fully vaccinated from going out in crowded places, if they face the threat of self-isolation. According to The Telegraph:

The continued imposition of quarantine for those who have been vaccinated is likely to undermine plans for “normality” to return next month because people may be deterred from going to crowded places if they face the threat of enforced self-isolation.

Workplaces may also be loath to mix vaccinated and unvaccinated staff if a case of Covid could see dozens of staff being forced into quarantine.

In the US, those who have been fully vaccinated are not asked to self-isolate if they encounter an infected person.

Here in the UK, the final step on Boris Johnson’s roadmap is set for June 21st. At that point social distancing and mask-wearing are due to be abolished.

However, the government is likely to keep the track and trace system in place. Put simply, people who go to cafés, restaurants, cinemas, outdoor events etc, are expected to check in through an app on their phones.

If someone who was at the venue later tests positive for covid, everyone else is then contacted and told to self-isolate.

It’s madness but it doesn’t matter. The goalposts keep getting shifted around, promises are broken again and again, but it doesn’t seem to bother most people. Is there a red line at all, anything that would mobilise them?

I don’t think so. If Johnson and Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty told people to murder their first-born to stop the spread of covid, you’d have a bloodbath.

Ah well, there’s always Bacardi.

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This could be termed ‘natural selection’- those with common sense and brains to understand biology, history and manners, and those who don’t have those senses. Those who have taken this injection, and continue to harm themselves and their children with shutting down, fear peddling and mask wearing as well, will be taken out or take themselves out. Sad but true. i recommend that people listen to the ‘nina’ interview on james’ Delingpole’s site. This is a huge wake up but too little and too late.


I’m a critical care nurse who has no intention of taking experimental gene therapy. However, I’m rare, although when asked no other healthcare worker can explain what it is they have taken or why. The cognitive dissonance is genuinely astounding. They see no issue with ‘vaxxed’ people still isolating etc.
This generation has finally had it’s Test and boy has it failed.
Can you imagine relying on these fuckers during the Battle of Britain……


I reckon people will continue to do as they are told until the Government decides that all pets are carriers and it will mean a national cull. They don’t mind throwing their kids under the bus but a cull of their beloved pets might finally wake up.


This is national Munchausen’s by poxy proxy


Of course you do – the more often you’re jabbed, I believe, the greater the danger any virus poses to you and you to others.
Their version is one of protective sincerity lol


I have seen loads of people on social media really griping about this. They’re finally getting it. They’ve played by all the rules, they’ve had their vaccines, and now they’re seriously seriously p****d off with the government and some are even saying “NO”.

I would love to say that’s good news, more people finally understanding. But then you have the dumbotrons on our side mocking them and rubbing their noses in it instead of treating them gently, and the government with their high powered psychologists and crowd behaviour experts. It won’t be long before they’re all fully blaming the unvaccinated. There’ll be no time transition between waking up and blaming.


They need to keep this thing going until the flu and pneumonia season kicks in for them to re-label as covid. They have no intention of giving people back their freedom, we have to take it back.


Doublethink is a massive problem and it’s driving this whole thing. As well as the whole “death 28 days after covid +ve, definitely covid. Death a day after vaccine, definitely underlying health issue”…… there is the “covid is increasing because people aren’t following rules, but flu is decreasing because people are following the rules” which explains the redefinition of pneumonia and flu as covid.

I’ve seen pneumonia pre covid, and it’s horrific…. terrifying.

It’s really really difficult to snap people out of doublethink because they are told over and over that this way of thinking is sophisticated and intelligent, whereas simple logic is dumb and only for those who can’t understand the government approved “science”. And so even if they start to figure it out, they’re stuck in their rhetoric as they don’t want to appear dumb and uninformed to their peers.


You’re absolutely right. If people would just analyse the statistics, look at the evidence and give it some thought they would see as clear as day that this is a fraud. That’s all it takes.

Michael Benjamin

These people are brainwashed they believe that two 15ml vials of liquid toxic pus can protect their whole 160 lb bodies from a virus (aka the Flu) and if they believe it then why get upset when the Government says that it doesn’t protect them from they bump into an unvaccinated person. The fact of the matter is they should realise that this is not about virus it’s about locking us in our homes and destroying lives, jobs, freedom to roam, speak, communicate. They will still get sick come the flu season as the flu is the natural cleansing reaction of the body trying to rid itself of excess mucus which the number one cause is mucus forming foods (cooked meats, and cooked starches) and the body not being able to cleanse via the channels of elimination kidneys, colon and the skin.

Urban fox

Can t argue with that.


When will the penny drop?

Tim in Brazil

It won’t….ever.


Went out last week for a drink,went into several pubs entered sat down ,bar person came over i told that person what i wanted came back with drink no questions asked,no form too fill in, nothing,easy peezy,Covid plainly is a load of bollocks.on the subject of vaccines,its plainly obvious they are a total waste of time,i mean if the vaccinated fools come into contact with an infected person they have too self isolate WTF is going on?and 21st of June is never going too happen it never was.


I don’t know where you are but I know it isn’t Ireland, pubs here have been closed since 12th March 2020.


That’s absolutely ridiculous you poor people must have just about the worst politicians in the world. Come on Ireland 100 years ago you rose up and kicked the British out, time to rise up once again and kick out these globalist devils.

Last edited 20 days ago by Mark

Well I believe that Italy used to be the most corrupt country in Europe but I think that crown has now been passed to Ireland. The rebel spirit of 100 years ago has all but gone although only a small proportion of the population gave their support even then.




People can bleat about the unvaccinated all they want, but they clearly haven’t been listening.
The jab doesn’t stop infection, so even if everyone were to get the needle self isolations would remain in affect.


I still can’t grasp how they have been told asymptomatic people are a threat for a year, and yet now they’re fully on board that asymptomatic people aren’t a threat but only if vaccinated.


That’s because you’re using commonsense and logic which isn’t part of decision making anymore.

Alex Romero

Sorry, can you repeat that? I can’t believe my fucking ears …..

Urban fox

Me neither😊😊

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