Half Of French Care Home Staff Refuse Vaccine

Reports in France last night, suggested that as many as half of the country’s care home staff will refuse to take a coronavirus vaccine.

A Trade Union official told that mistrust in government and a lack of communication is to blame. French media reported recently that four in ten people are unlikely to accept a vaccine when offered one.

France has one of the highest vaccine skepticism rates in the world. Malika Belarbi, a trade union official with the French General Confederation of Labor told;

“We have lost confidence in the government over the vaccine process. People are concerned about side effects. Some want to wait and get more information.”

French care workers have good reason to be concerned. Last month Le Monde reported that;

Caregivers reported strong side effects, such as fever and fatigue after getting an AstraZeneca injection, with influenza-like illnesses, which are often very intense being recorded in people aged just over 34.

In response, France’s National Academy of Medicine suggested that the vaccine should be compulsory for care givers and health workers.

Scepticism is on the rise everywhere. Yesterday, several European countries suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine, after reports of serious adverse events emerged, including deaths and blood clotting.


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As far as I am aware, the only one of the lot which can be called a genuine vaccine is the Russian Sputnik V. The rest are gene therapies.

Jane Edmonds

The French have always been more resistant than us….good for them but where is our British spirit….more rioting over poll tax than this but I feel it coming!

Web Ferrett

Why does it appear that the French are much more ‘informed’ than the British?
Has the propaganda spewed from the BBC anything to do with it I wonder?


No doubt the BBC and the Cabinet Office team of Behavioural Psychologists (aka The Nudge unit) have played a major role in this. 80% of the population seem to have lost the ability of critical thinking. They will believe to the very end that Matt Hancock and his medical fascists have only their self interest at heart and are leading them to a wonderful victory over the deadly Covid pandemic in much the same way many Germans still believed in the final victory in 1945 as the red army were storming the Reich’s Chancellery.

Last edited 1 month ago by Mark

This doesn’t just apply to the French; it’s been reported that very many British health and care workers are refusing it too. It’s the case worldwide. I suspect the vaccine is not as taken up as much in Britain as the media are saying – that’s just the propaganda. Look at comments on social media. the anti-vax is far huger than the media would have you believe !!!


I’m sure that’s correct but the British take up has been far higher then I honestly thought it would be even if the actually numbers have been exaggerated. The problem with social media (and indeed this forum) is that it becomes a bit of an echo chamber. Nobody is tuning into the BBG or joining this forum because they are in love with the idea of being vaccinated (77 Brigade exempted).

Ronald Templeman

I am with the French, the more that don’t take it the more chance us getting to France from the UK who don’t take it either.
As for so called health passports, the so called vax is on trial for 2 years into 2023 so as I see it, no country can force it onto people. Until the trial is finished nobody can say whether it works, does not work, is safe or not safe and there are a lot of people such as me who do not take part in drug trials.

So to produce a health passport to travel, the government would have to make people take part in a drug trial and I feel that would be a very interesting one to bring before a court of law.


I used to hate the European Council and its Court of Human Rights. Now I think thank god we are still members, its the only legal body now offering any protection.


Mr Allen, you had a caller from Ireland a few weeks ago speaking about how the billionaires’ shadow economy (I think that’s what she called it) had crashed in late 2019/early 2020.
Part of this Covid scam (the PPE, new ventilators, ‘vaccines’, etc) – putting Agendas 2021 and 2030 aside – could very well be them scrabbling to recover that economy.

I suspect that this view in going to be unpopular.


I believe that was a lady called Claire. She was a very interesting caller and I was hoping as promised that she would be back for a full interview. Lets hope it does eventually go ahead.

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