Hancock Panics When MP’s Ask: “How Many Die After Vaccination?”

Two Conservative Party backbenchers shocked Health Secretary Matt Hancock yesterday, when they demanded to know how many people have died after having a coronavirus vaccine. Hancock, visibly flustered, had no answers.

Hancock was in the House of Commons, explaining why his government wanted to extend the covid emergency powers until October. During his speech he gave way several times to MP’s, as is the custom. I bet he wishes he hadn’t.

He gave way to William Wragg and then immediately to Christopher Chope. Here is the exchange in full, taken from transcript on the government’s website:

Mr William Wragg (Hazel Grove) (Con): My right hon. Friend mentions data on occurrences within the NHS. Does the NHS have data to suggest how many people have, sadly, died from covid in NHS hospitals three weeks after receiving their first dose of a covid vaccine?

Matt Hancock: Yes, the data on the impact of the vaccine—including side effects from the vaccine and the rare occasions when, sadly, people die after having had the vaccine—are published by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. If there are any data in this area that are not published but my hon. Friend would like to be published, he can write to me and I would be very happy to look into publishing them. Essentially, we take an attitude of being as transparent as possible, because there are side effects to the vaccine as there are to all pharmaceutical drugs and we want to be completely open and transparent about those side effects—essentially to reassure people that the risks are extremely low.

Hancock then attempted to make progress in his speech, but within seconds gave way to Christopher Chope:

Sir Christopher Chope (Christchurch) (Con): My right hon. Friend answered a question from me on this very subject by saying that the data was not available. I cannot understand why crucial data—such as the number of people who have been vaccinated for more than three weeks, who are then admitted to hospital and subsequently die—is not collected. Why is that?

Matt Hancock: This data has been collated recently; it is in the so-called SIREN study from Public Health England. I am very happy to look into exactly the data that my hon. Friends are looking for and, if we have it, to publish it. I think we have what has been asked for, but let us try to do this by correspondence to ensure that we get exactly what is being looked for. On the face of it, my hon. Friend is absolutely right; it is exactly the sort of thing that we are looking at, but I want to make sure that we get the details right.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Hancock looked stunned. He stuttered and spluttered, which doesn’t come across in the transcript. I’ve watched thousands of hours of statements from hundreds of Secretary’s of State and I have rarely witnessed anything like it.

Two Tory MP’s asked for data on how many people have died after having a vaccine. Chope said that it’s crucial we know. He couldn’t understand why Hancock’s department didn’t have the answers.

Hancock shut it down and told him to communicate with him privately.

I am in no doubt that people are dying as a result of receiving a coronavirus vaccine, but I have no idea as to the scale of it. I do not have the resources of the British press.

Hundreds of journalists witnessed that scene yesterday. Like me, many of them would have gasped. But not a single newspaper covered it this morning.

Update: Here’s the video of the exchange:





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Boris J, Dr. Niki Kanani & Hancock all stumbled and fumbled when asked the same question. Once live and in Parliament whom Hancock misled.

For those unaware the Death from Vaccine & Adverse Reactions data is here. Write to your MP, your Police Commissioner, Local Newspapers, your GP, be polite but firm and put them on notice. This is genocide and a Crime Against Humanity.

Vaccine Analysis Profile – Pfizer/BioNTech




Vaccine Analysis Profile – Oxford University/AstraZeneca




Vaccine Analysis Print – Moderna




Vaccine Analytics Profile – brand unspecified




FILING DATE: 5.05.2021



TOTAL ADVSERE REACTIONS:                   786,350


Please, please, please; Use punctuation marks to indicate when something written is a quote.

Joe Public

I am presently banned from twatter another 4 days to go, for encouraging suicides, by suggesting someone slap themselves hard in the face! Hardly supporting Suicide in any way ?

I believe I’ve made the…complete connection regarding Geert Vanden Bossche‘s going public on the 6th of March 2021:

Regarding *immune escape* generating deadly mutatiors for virtually all Mankind.
Well…I don’t believe in coincidences.
11 days ago, I sent detailed information to 24 reporters/journalists at the SVT-Swedish National TV plus 9 days ago an additional 4 reporters, regarding Geert Vanden Bossche letter to the WHO.
I received no reply.

5 days ago I sent a detailed letter regarding Geert Vanden Bossche, to the *WHO-World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for International Drug Monitoring* in Uppsala Sweden and it’s 35 international scientists:
I received an automated reply only.

Now, here’s…the ‘bombshell’-acknowledgement, publicly placed, which will be ignored by 99.98% of the Swedish Public:

The blue-colored link with the word SCIENCE gives the following.
The scientific paper is dated the 26th March, 2 days ago(!) and…it just so happens the SVT-science program that same evening would ‘report on this paper’.
Listen Everyone.
They never do this. Never. Ever.
Too complex, in English, and…the same day as release of paper?.
Nope. Never.

READ the last paragraph:
“The growing evidence for the emergence of immune escape mutations in protracted SARS-CoV-2 infection and for multiple, rapidly spreading variants should raise broad concern and action. Reducing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 is most likely to prevent further selection of immune escape variants. This will require a coordinated and comprehensive global vaccination and prevention strategy. Partial roll-out and incomplete immunization of individuals leading to suboptimal titers of neutralizing antibody could promote selection of escape variants that negatively affect vaccine efficacy. Increased genotypic and phenotypic testing capacities are essential worldwide to detect and characterize circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants that may emerge from selection by natural or vaccine-mediated immune responses. Infections that occur among vaccinated individuals should be aggressively evaluated for the mechanisms of breakthrough. The explosive, global spread of SARS-CoV-2 and the devastation it has wreaked is a stark warning of the potential for new variants to further complicate pandemic control. Vaccine manufacturers are now testing potential booster vaccines against circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants, and more broadly active monoclonal antibodies are in development for therapy. Such proactive approaches are likely to be needed to ensure pandemic control and elimination.”

There’s the plan. In-your-face.
This Geert Vanden Bossche is…part of the plan!
He’s one of them.
WE are being played.

Now You know.

additional helpful links:


Here’s an interesting one to perhaps validate your post Christopher.

My own personal bottom line on this is that the therapies are useless, dangerous and totally unnecessary.

And if Del Bigtree’s interpretation of the Bossche interview prove true, then this only serves to support the urgency of exposing the whole fraud.

It’s already blatantly obvious what they’re intended for (digital ID linked directly to the renewable gene therapies with regular updates to reinforce them!)

So.. all of it points to one thing!

A very dangerous and totally unnecessary human experiment is now taking place in an attempt to enslave us all by way of manipulating the common cold/flu to appear like a highly infectious and lethal disease.

And it needs to be stopped or we’re potentially looking at a global cull of biblical proportions..

Just my thoughts..

Nothing more!



Last edited 6 months ago by Gerry
Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

I’ll get back to You later today Gerry.
I’m busy and got things to do.
OUTSIDE. Fresh-Air! Yes!




Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Absolutely excellent link-interview with Dr Mike Yeadon.
Great Catch Gerry!
Thank You.

No question about it then; the Geert-guy is a f_ckin’ scumbag.
0-Zero cred for him telling us, “the Truth, whole Truth, Nothing but the Truth”.
For me, geert-guy is now put in the wastebin.
I wont waste anymore time on him.

You heard the Richie’s radio show today with Dr. Tess Lawrie.
Did you notice/hear her mention the WHO & Uppsala Sweden?
Well, it’s the exact same place I sent my detailed letter to which I mentioned ^^^^ ABOVE.

And, you read how Dr Mike Yeadon is willing to testify in Reiner Fuellmich’s(Germany)
pending court cases right?
Well, I actually sent a copy of my letter to the WHO-in Uppsala Sweden to…Reiner Fuellmich as well.

Instead of bitchin’ about getting comments ‘disappeared here’, I’ve been doing my part to…expose these b@stards.
They must be Stopped! ASAP!
They will be stopped.
That I can promise You.
WE Will Win.


No problem Chris!

I’m with you all the way!


Neil Blair

If we are all vaxxed then they will just blame it on a mutant strain.

Neil Blair

I believe they are pushing for 100% Vax take-up, because they are expecting a significant outbreak next winter, which will mainly effect the vaccinated, maybe because of pathogenic priming.
If the unvaccinated are significantly less effected there will be some explaining to do.


Anyone else hoping that big boat stuck in the canal is full of v**cines that have gone off and will need to be dumped? Ahhh one can only hope.

Ronald Templeman

Hancock is a slimy little weasel who will never tell the truth.
I gather those that have had 2 jabs seriously need to not have a third. I will never have on jab, I could not live with that poison in me wondering when it’s going to react in a bad way in my body.

Last edited 6 months ago by Ronald Templeman

Has he answered the question yet? Or has anyone followed up with the two MPs or got word from them since they asked “the question”?Presumably those two are going to ask wankcock privately since he suggested they do this? How are we going to know what wankcock told them? The suspense is killing me. Wankcock will probably block their email addresses and then pretend he didn’t receive anything or try to say he receives so many emails and blame his assistant or whoever he has doing his email filtering for him. This sort of behaviour makes me start wondering what the figure of the monetary bonus might be that has been promised to him and what % of people he needs to be va**inated in order to qualify for it. It must be huge and the idiot has promised over 90% of the population. I bet the fine print wasn’t read or he skimmed over it and it says something like “the people who were jabbed still need to be alive in order for him to qualify for this huge sum”. Maybe he was crunching the numbers when he was asked “the question” in parliament and he was flustered because he realised he wasn’t going to qualify for his bonus.
I can’t for the life of me understand, how any of this madness can be possible or how anyone on this planet could be so bloody negligible to dismiss and purposely leave out imperitive information such as the number of deaths to this gene therapy, unless they were somehow either gaining something unbelievably fantastical to themselves personally i.e. money or they were trying to hide something so embarrassing that they would rather forsake everyone else’s lives in order to keep their secret from being revealed. These are the only possible reasons that i can boil things like this wankcock example down to because none of this sh*t makes any sense. Its frigging depressing the sh*t out of me. I’m from Australia and our MPs are equally as f*cking sh*t and dodgy as this wankcock bloke. Spineless tyrannical monsters. Just tell people the bloody TRUTH! f*cks sake. 😠😭 (sorry for ranting 😔)

Andrea Cook

So here’s the vaccine / lockdown scam. No emergency vaccine authorisation without emergency measures like lockdown. Vaccines cannot be licensed until live trials end in 2023. Why did our useless MPs vote to extend the coronavirus act? Why are they deliberately hiding vaccine deaths and injuries? It’s in our faces now.

Scott Jardine

One of my customers died suddenly last Sunday. He had the jab the previous Thursday (I don’t know which one). He was 68, no known health problems, swam in the sea and walked along the prom every day, didn’t smoke or drink, fitter than me (I’m 51 and fit). He looked great when I last saw him about two weeks ago and was talking about how excited he was to be able to use his beach hut this summer. His partner is totally in shock, found him face down on his bed, fully clothed. No complaints of pain or anything beforehand. Post mortem was on Thursday, I’m not privi to the results but will try and find out. Shocking.


There is a questionnaire going around from 38 degrees asking people to persuade everyone else to get the vaccine. Fill it in with your concerns and comments, I have.
Also I’ve put NO THANKS to putting a persuasive poster in my window. They are using desperate measures now.

Stephen Hardy

Hi Annette, 38 degrees is a petition platform, and I’ve signed various petitions in the past, so they have my details and have recently sent me several emails asking for donations so they can send “vaccine packs” to help me to persuade any hesitant friends or family members to get the jab. And as you say, window stickers etc. I didn’t know of any questionnaire, since I just delete the emails immediately, as I figured clicking on any links might assume some sort of agreement from me! It does make me wonder where 38 degrees are getting some of their funding from, they’re really keen to push these experimental injections. If I get any more emails from them, I’ll see if I can fill in my concerns!

Jane Edmonds

Hancock seemingly lied in Parliament again (as covered by UK Column on Friday) as he replied that the information had been collated recently in the SIREN study within Public Health England but the SIREN group has not been set up yet, they are still recruiting as UK Column exposed….. more ammo for Nuremburg trials, well you gotta live in hope!


So how many may “really die” after vaccinination…???

Folks you need to watch this Del Bigtree video from “start to finish” if you’ve not seen it already..

I know it’s probably been mentioned by others here already, but Del Bigtree basically dissects it and reaffirms the grave seriousness of the issue in this two hour video..

There’s no stone left unturned in my opinion..

Even Fauci gets it!!! (worth watching for this alone!!)

But he discusses the Gert Vanden Bossche interview in detail and it’s this that absolutely everyone needs to see here!!
(I’ll put a link up here in a reply to this … I’ve also posted them on ‘my page’ on the site!) (replying to yourself — first sign of social media madness!!)

See… Watch… LISTEN:
(Please!! and pass it on!!)


Gert Vanden Bossche interview:

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Hi Gerry.
I’m…really pissed-off, irritated this minute.
You have succeeded in posting the 2 links I posted, with 3 — between the p & s 12 days ago!
I wanted to inform Everyone here about these sensational(!) developments.

My comment disappeared within 2 minutes then.

Got that?
A 12-day lead-time folks, You’ve been deprived of this important information.

Hello, Administrator. Hello Richie.
I refuse to post here anymore until this (½-automated?) ‘deletion process’ is addressed.
At my age, my time is precious.
Spending a ½ hr or more to supply credible information in my posts with links and then to have them ‘possibly erased’, I will not do.

If you agree with me, please + -upvote this comment.
Hopefully this problem(bug in the system?) will be corrected ASAP.
Until then.


I genuinely think ‘someone’ is trying to rectify this problem Christopher and I suspect they fully understand the significance and urgency of it all now!!

But, I only noticed that ‘some’ links were getting through from seeing it on other posts… So I decided to try again and ‘hey presto’ it worked.

I’ve also known that this particular intel was out there a few days, as I myself was late to the party with this one I’m afraid!!

And of course I agree with you with resolving the issue, as indeed I suspect admin does too!

Fingers crossed!!


Zac Baled

Mads HandonhislittleCock was completely hit for a six. If any of you have not seen the video on Ritchie’s twitter page – watch it asap! If that was a boxing match – the commentators would have got off their seats with high pitched voice in excitement “his legs have gone its just a matter of time the referee to intervene and stops the match madman is all over the place its all over….its all over” my God hats off to the two mp’s they knocked him out with a sucker punch.

The look on mad cocks face is classic comedy gold. He really did look like he shitted in his pants with a bout of diarreah. Looked as tho he was about to start crying the babyman.

Fuc%$*n msn! The whole government would have had to resign today if the fuc%$*s would have been like a pack of hungry wolves (ok, im exaggerating a bit) who was them two honourable MP’s?


William Wragg and Sir Christopher Chope, their names are in the article Zac. Love your comments, really made me laugh 😂.

Zac Baled

Hi Kafla glad that made you happy heres some more…..
Boooom! “Its all over, its all over the anti-lockdown, the anti-vaxxers, the peoples champions, the 99%, the protesters, the love over fear brigade, the pro-lifers have won…. who would have ever thought the underdogs, would have ever pulled the shock of the millenniums?” “Against all the odds theyve gone and beaten the living day lights out of the world governments, despite their billions and trillions at their disposal, the underdogs have gone and won the game at their oppositions own back yard…… what a deserving victory for the newly crowned peoples champions of the world”

And then sadly we all wake up the next day and realise it was all a dream. Lol.
Nevermind we live to fight another day.
We will never give up! Till the end and beyond!!
💪united we are, in the name of Luv💪
They will never break us, God willing☺


That was such a lovely fantasy. He who dares wins as Delboy would say……..well let’s hope so Rodders 😆

Katharine Madden

The government doesn’t want to tally injuries or deaths that are a direct result of these “vaccines”. Even though there’s a way to report so-called “adverse reactions”, the reality is less than 10% (possibly as low as 1%) of adverse reactions are ever reported.

That said, it’s important to know that none of these injuries and deaths are accidental. The “vaccines” are doing exactly what the psychopaths at the helm intend. These people despise humanity, refer to us as “useless eaters” and are intent upon culling the worldwide population such that 14 out of every 15 people will cease to exist. Johnson and Hancock are just political puppets doing the bidding of those in the shadows of power.

Earlier today I published this post:

“Is COVID-1984 the Answer to the “Problem” of Too Many Humans?”

Stephen Hardy

Good work from Richie and it clearly shows the unbelievable obfuscation from Hancock:

“… I think we have what is being asked for, but let us try to do this by correspondence to ensure that we get exactly what is being looked for…”

I mean we wouldn’t want to alarm the public and put the vaccine roll-out in jeopardy! How hard can it be to provide this data? I’ve been saying for months, it’s now incumbent on the BBC to show daily data of ALL deaths occurring within 28 days of a covid vaccination, if only for some balance.

The BBC constantly informs viewers of the number of positive tests and daily deaths “from” covid, and usually gives a weekly overview of all the data collected so far. Last week they gave the total number of deaths attributed to covid as 125,000 – and in the small print underneath, this seeming disclaimer:

“Deaths for ANY reason within 28 days of a positive test”. (Emphasis mine!)

How much more blatant does it have to be? In fact, I’m amazed the BBC has fired its news graphics designer!

Stephen Hardy

Of course I meant to type: “I’m amazed the BBC hasn’t fired its news graphics designer!”


Thank you Richie for the great job you’re doing. I honestly believe that they deliberately putting the most incompetent people they can find in these strategic posts.


Jenny, every organisation has what I like to call ‘the family cat’. Fat, complacent; who contirbutes litte or nothing to proceedings. The bigger the group; the easier it is for them to hide.


Stroking a cat sat on ones lap has been shown to lower the blood pressure, so unlike the government, the family cat is theraputic.

Dave of Donny

I am reminded here of the press conference by Hancock in May of last year when he was asked what message he had for the “anti-vaxxers”. He erms and errs, stutters and corrects himself.

Having given answer to the question the tension in his voice completely abates and he speaks freely again.


The most vulnerable have been given the poxeene first. This made perfect sense for other more nefarious reason too, the old have been compliant with high uptake. Any adverse reaction such as blood clots, strokes etc will be blamed on frailty.
On the other hand, Older peoples immune systems are weaker than the young. So anaphylactic reactions are more muted. When they start to ramp up the under 50’s, will we see more deaths that are harder to hide?
This is the perfect strategy for reasons other than caring about Gran and Gramps.


I was amazed the BBC reported on a story a couple of weeks ago.

Regarding nine residents from a care home in Exmouth, who passed away after receiving their first dose.

No doubt there will be more. Well done to Richie and the backbenchers for getting this out there.


97% effective

comment image

Last edited 6 months ago by ame

That’s great, so funny.


Hand cock the f**k outta here!!

Wonder how long it will take before the gestapo tube take it down on the grounds of mis/dis information or even perhaps


But while it lasts…

Good one Richie!!!



These two gentlemen will be going to the whips office with the phone book down the back of their trousers.


Absolutely, they were falling over themselves to bang out the numbers of deaths with/of covid and over-amplified positive tests by the hour.

The public need to know the EXACT number of fatalities following a vaccine (mostly only one dose so far!) And ANY serious ADR’s. ON A DAILY BASIS PLEASE

Thank God for you Richie. You’ve been spot on right the way thru.


You have to get with the message. If someone has had a positive covid19 test even if they are 102 and have stage 4 cancer when they die obviously they have died from covid19. But if a perfectly healthy 40 year old dies within hours of getting a covid19 vaccine then obviously it’s just a coincidence and nothing whatever to do with the vaccine.


Nice report Richie! Such crucial info for the public to be aware of, funny how they count the deaths of people who just tested postitive for covid in last 28 days of being alive as a covid death! yet the deaths and problems going on after vaccination is, hmmm nothing to see here move on!

They seriosuly need rounding up and held accountable for their actions!

Stephen Farrow

Thank you Richie, These articles and website are terrific! I do not buy newspapers anymore or rarely watch mainstream news on TV – can’t stomach it. As far as Hancock is concerned I think there is a huge dam of information waiting to explode on to the public domain regarding COVID deaths both from the vaccine and the supposed virus. The dam is leaking and about to break once it gets out even the controlled mainstream media will not be able to stop it and will be falling over each other to go to press first.

Interesting times! Keep up the good work both here and your radio show. Thanks.


I hope you’re right. I seem to be surrounded by zombies and I know they’d be totally unaware of this. I just wish the dam would break soon before it’s too late.


The dam will break when the script allows it to. By then it will be too late for the millions of vaccinated.


Sadly 😔. And they think we’re the fools.

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