Hayden Hewitt’s New Film “Unseen” Premieres Today At 6.30pm

Good afternoon friends,

I mentioned on last night’s Richie Allen Show that my great friend Hayden Hewitt has written and directed a new short film. It’s called Unseen and will premiere today at 6.30pm UK Time.

For my review, listen back to the first five minutes of last night’s programme. Please do watch the film later today or over the weekend and let Hayden know what you think.  I loved it.


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Keith matthews

How has humanity come to this, we all know and most just ignore as we are OK. We have lost are way for sure.


Really powerful. Absorbing and very believable. Very well done.

Caroline Fealy

We are going to watch it today after Sunday Melodies :).


Very good film-making. The short production certainly brought a lump to my throat.


The current and future economic problems facing many sections of society homelesses will be on the rise, its all fun and games when the politicians instigate lockdowns and destroy jobs, but they are not the ones that could be sitting on a pavement in the street. Thought the film was thought provoking, liked it, timely considering the current issues facing the world.


Well I liked it , it’s very moving , but I don’t feel sorry for him. Considering this is Hayden first movie an in the budget I would give it 10/10. So bravo Hayden and the rest of the crew. Keep going ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Aldo Bennedetti

5 outa 10

I spent 13 minutes of my life watching that and I’m entitled to comment as I see fit about said film as its no longer Haydens’ but the audiences. He finished it. Now its ours.

Its clear he shot it in colour and graded it to black and white to me.

Shooting colour as black and white is a bit of an art.

The Irish film The General comes to mind with Brendan Gleeson as an example from the late 1990’s.

Direction is not great as a result nor is the editing as you can see the cuts. Its very static also. No movement. This would be better as a play in my opinion.
Also very on the nose with the fella with “the nice car” in a derelict location.

Also I would have cast a real homeless person as he looks this fella looks like an actor.

Or I would of made the actor go homeless for a week then shoot the film on the 8th day.

He looks implausible to me as homeless.

I’d probably throw the script out and just make a documentary about real homeless people as it would be more profound and moving based on what I really hated to say or highlight in society.

The actor doesn’t have the face or complexion of a drinker also.

The character also is quite unlikeable and selfish. He’s a drinker, gambler and wife beater and now you only see me? Well are you not the architect of your own downfall? You certainly are not a victim?

Your wife and kids were the victims.

Just calling it as I see it and I certainly don’t care for hoyerblic or pleasant reviews/promotion.

5 outa 10.


What about the mans death and his spirit looking at the two women engaging with his deceased corpse..?? The women treating it like it was some kind of diseased animal not to be touched.

I thought the entire message contained within the short movie was captured here.
(The message of the “unseen”)

Not bad for a first production in my opinion.

Not bad at all.

Aldo Bennedetti

Fair enough Gerry. Its all subjective.

I dont take first time, budget or limitations into consideration with filmmaking.

Thats the filmmakers job.

Is it good or not?


I enjoyed it.

But then I wasn’t looking at the intricacies of the film production..

For me, it was all about the spiritual essences of the films meaning.

That’s usually how I roll Aldo.

Different horses for different courses I guess!

Aldo Bennedetti


It was false to me.

No truth in it. Pants.

Show it to a homeless person and get a real response.


Yes, perhaps next time subject the actor to some real homeless suffering for a bit. That might serve to enhance the authenticity and improve performance, though how might this affect production costs and is it really necessary for such a short film?
Also, will doing so change the overall intended message conveyed all that much?

With regard to a homeless person seeing it, there’s many different ‘interesting’ opinions to be found here I’m sure, so I can only imagine what that feedback might sound like on the premier night.
(What with all the glamour, the media, red carpets, frenzied fans and what not!!!)

Joking aside though, to see what is ‘unseen’ appears to have been the intended message of the film here and I believe that message was achieved.

So, hats off to all involved in that production.
It worked for me, no complaints.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

I remember for a particular role Dustin Hoffman immersed himself in the experience of the character he was playing and Laurence Olivier who was in the film with him said to him, “Have you ever tried just acting dear boy”.


Have to agree with you. I found it too contrived and unconvincing. The idea of an actor living rough for a week is excellent.

Brian Edward Lender

I spent 5 minutes reading your comment I’m entitled to comment, the comment is no longer yours but the streams.

Nobody uses film it’s all digital now so all colour or lack of is post production.

“you can see the cuts” visible cuts are sometimes the directors choice to imply time has passed for instance.

How long would you have auditioned homeless people to find an capable actor, and what actually constitutes to looking homeless? is it a stick over the shoulder with a hankie sack tied to it?

“Derelict location”? it was just off a busy street there were cars everywhere, looked like an office car park to me the type of off street fenced area often frequented by homeless during the day where they can drink or do drugs free from passing foot traffic but close enough to people as to not be isolated.

your suggestion that the actor should go homeless for a week is beyond stupid for such a small production.

Since you commented that it was black and white I’m intrigued as to how you think the complexion would be visible…I mean red cheeks would need colour to appear red or be visible below the dirt. Or maybe you suggest they actually get the actor to become an alcoholic while he’s living on the streets to add authenticity.

The character is unlikable? So you had an emotional reaction to him? who did that, who gave you that emotional response?…maybe the film maker, the director the writer or the actor? isn’t that the whole point of film?

I can see you value your own opinion and wish others to do the same but really dude you slid right past objective criticism and ran head long into bitter online asshole territory.

But hey you’re free to get a camera and show the world what you can do I mean it’s easy right and you’ve got the head start of knowing more than anyone else about it.

I look forward with baited breath to see the fruits of your labor.


Very moving, thank you Hayden.


That was special.



Anyway of watching it later?



Brian Edward Lender

it’s on youtube “Black Octopus Productions” it’s their only film so far I think, but I watched it this morning had about 600 views so far




Nice one Gerry, that is a Beauty… 😁😁


I knew you’d appreciate that one J!!
When I saw it myself first, I fell off my chair!!



There is absolutely no need for anyone to be homeless, it’s all down to economic systems and greed. I thought Hayden made a very telling point when he said that people see the homeless but not homeless people. I’ll definitely be watching the film.


No need – unless they choose to be. Which a small percentage do.


Very true but many don’t.

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