House of Lords Says No To Government Plans To Clamp Down On Protests

Last night, the House of Lords sent the government’s Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill back to the House of Commons with a firm “hell no” to measures in the proposed legislation that would criminalise noisy and disruptive protests.

According to The BBC:

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is a huge piece of legislation that covers major proposed changes on crime and justice in England and Wales.

The most controversial part of the bill is on the planned changes to protests – which the government proposed in response to environmental activists who have blocked roads, glued themselves to trains and stopped printing presses in recent years.

The government was hoping to get the Lords to support its proposals, but in a series of votes lasting until the early hours of Tuesday morning, the Lords repeatedly voted against the government.

Ministers were defeated, by 261 votes to 166, over plans to give the police new powers to stop protests in England and Wales if they are deemed to be too noisy and disruptive.

And peers also turned down other measures which would make it illegal for protesters to lock themselves to things and to give police officers powers to stop and search people in an attempt to prevent them taking part in illegal protests.

Green peer Baroness Jones described the government’s plans as “oppressive” and “plain nasty”.

“How do you seriously think a protest is going to happen without noise?” she asked.

Labour Peer Lord Hain said that the proposed changes to laws on protesting would have “throttled the Suffragettes.” However, Baroness Williams, the government’s Home Office minister in the Lords, defended the bill by drawing attention to anti-vaxxer protests outside schools and nursing homes.

Williams said that the police should have powers to disrupt and break up those types of protests if necessary.


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You’ll be free to protest providing you don’t have the power to change anything.


A good lesson in how to deal with a fellow politician..

Watch: Rookie Dutch MP Routs PM Rutte, Speaks Truth To ‘Great Reset’ Power.
This young man, during his first appearance on the floor, managed in just two minutes to completely humiliate Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Watching the video will make your day.


The girl laughing in the back was hilarious, the lying git with the glasses was well caught out lol 🤣


While I can acknowledge the perceived victory this represents, I am somewhat suspicious as well.
Insulate Britain, like its parent organisation Extinction Rebellion, is a corporate backed organisation – the same corporations that have influence within the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
So I detect yet more theatre for the edification of the masses.

Urban Fox

I dont see this as a victory. The system does not do anything that is not in the interest of the system. Anyone who thinks that, with respect doesn’t grasp the whole picture regarding how things work. I’m not saying that there has never been incidents when a handful have done the right thing. But we are now under the total control of the fanciest powers behind the curtain. These protest groups are funded with cabal money. The same names are backing them all, as they fit the agenda. The only group they dont want protesting is us. This way, they continue to support there own plans, and will just find more ways to come after us separately. There is zero change that has taken place here.




Hi Fox, I hope you are doing good, yes I don’t trust any government aka those in positions of power telling us plebs what to do. Anything they do come out with, there is usually skulduggery behind it, in fact scrap that, EVERYTHING they come out with is highly suspicious. I agree there is zero change that has happened here, all talk and no action, it’s us against them, and the house of useless lords is them.

Urban Fox

Hi Layla, thanks for reply. Not to bad.


Same here, it’s suspicious as F, camera, lights, action, the shit show must go on LOL.


I know this is off topic but this could be another attempt to censor us. Will there come a time when we will not be able to type certain words? I stopped using Word over a year ago as I didn’t want to give any more money to Microsoft and now use Libre Office which is absolutely fine and free.

Microsoft launches ‘inclusivity’ checker


It’s certainly good to hear that the brakes have been put on the freedom snatching bills for now.
My nose is screwed up at this one though…
Peers voted for new amendments to the bill that would:
require police officers to tell the truth in public inquiries.
Am I misunderstanding something or picking it up wrong?


Does that mean that they have been lying up to now and that there has been no legal requirement for them to tell the truth? Like you I’m a bit bemused by that.


Police are already required to do that.


We have been having a weekly protest in the village square for about 10 months now, since Ireland went from full to partial lockdown. In all that time the Guards (Irish police) have never bothered us, until yesterday. They said there had been complaints, funny how there hadn’t been any before. They wanted our names but they didn’t get them.

Also all the members of the Irish cabinet are suddenly to have greatly increased protection, at the taxpayers expense of course. Why do they suddenly need so much more protection after nearly two years?

Are they getting worried that a few more people might be realising that they are tyrants? I do hope so.


Brilliant Jennie, it sounds like they are getting rather feart about the people turning on them when the jig is finally up, sounds positive LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂


I sincerely do hope so too.


Well done Jennie.
Stick it to the bastards!




I’m more inclined to see that as a pre-emptive action to counter something in the near future.

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