Independent SAGE Wants To Vaccinate CHILDREN Against Coronavirus

Dr Anthony Costello, a paediatrician and member of Independent SAGE, today recommended that all children be vaccinated against coronavirus. Children are virtually immune from the health consequences of Covid and there’s no evidence that suggests children are spreaders of the infection. However, Costello said that he and his colleagues are baffled as to why children are not affected and warned that they may be susceptible to so-called Long Covid. Therefore he said, they should be vaccinated.

Independent SAGE is a hodgepodge of cranky scientists and academics who formed, not to suggest alternatives to the draconian lockdown policies recommended by real SAGE, but rather to demand even more austere measures. Lockdown harder, faster and longer is their mantra.

On children, Costello said that they are a “very special risk area” because there was a chance that they may face effects that last for decades even if they don’t get sick to begin with. Yes, that’s right. He said that children don’t get Covid, but vaccinate them anyway, lest they develop the mythical Long Covid in later life.

Costello told the All-Party Parliamentary Group’s meeting on coronavirus today:

“The worry is this: we don’t really understand long Covid and what it means. We don’t know how long this virus lasts in people’s bodies and even in their brains.”

Costello went on to say that there are 19 million kids in the UK and if they were left unprotected after lockdown, half of them could catch the virus and millions could suffer long Covid. Millions of them could catch Long Covid? Was Costello challenged to provide any modelling, any study or anything at all to back up such a wild claim? Not a chance. He went on to say that:

“We don’t absolutely know what the impacts are going to be, long term. Should we be vaccinating children, even if they’re the lowest priority group? This needs some new consideration.”

Dr Deepti Gurdasani, an epidemiologist at Queen Mary, University of London chimed in: “We don’t understand long Covid yet… given that, it would be completely negligent to put children at risk.”

If you don’t want to put children at risk, don’t go anywhere near them with these vaccines. Better yet, order an inquiry into the current vaccine schedule for children in the UK. Take a close look at the real harms they are causing and the long-term health impacts on children who have had a dozen or more totally unnecessary jabs, before they’ve reached adolescence.

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Dr Fahar Qureshi

Total bollocks. Total pseudoscientific bollocks from people who should know better. Children seem to be asymptomatic and unharmed so there is no justification for vaccinating them. Viral infections have been known to cause post viral fatigue e.g. after flu or mumps infections. There are, unfortunately always a small number of people who are debilitated after exposure to a virus.
SAGE are anything but wise sages in this matter. Shame on them.


There was a research paper, released January 2020 by a team of Indian scientists, that claimed to have isolated the SARS-COV virus. Furthermore, the researchers stated that they had found it to be a coronavirus with attached HIV protein spikes.
If this were accurate and true, would it account for cases of people who present as asymptomatic with regards a respiratory illness, but then later show the autoimmune symptoms of Long Covid?

Stephen Hardy

This clown paediatrician, Costello, claims children are in a very special risk area, because there’s a chance they may face effects that last for decades. Newsflash: children are already facing serious psychological damage and other harms through social isolation, separation from their friends, disruption to their education, and by being prevented from living their normal lives as children. As for Costello not providing any modelling or study to back up his claims, be careful what you wish for: Neil “pants down” Ferguson might be working right now on another of his infamous computer models to frighten parents into getting their children jabbed every day, and twice on Sundays!


And there it is ….all this time saying send the kids to school they can’t catch covid I’m sick of the constant backtracking they seriously don’t know wit they are doing


This is the scariest proposal of all imo. What if they say your kids cannot attend school unless they are vaccinated? This concerns me greatly.


So they aren’t worried about the fact that they don’t know about the long term effects of the vaccine and that people could suffer from those for decades.


Always enjoy your show and dr Vernon coleman just cant get people to listen not even my own family so feel I am wasting my time hope the truth comes out soon


I’m getting where you’re coming from…I just can’t seem to get through to people, asked my partner to listen to just one Richie Allen episode on Spotify, he said he would..then talked all the way through! Hopeless.

Richies daily podcasts are the only thing that keeps me sane in this mad world at the moment, I’m a courier driver and have it on whilst driving.

Thank you Richie, much love 💓


My husband is the same wont listen gets very frustrating did talk to some one in my local neighbour hood who is very awake gave me some hope thank you Richie and Dr Vernon for keeping me sane too 💓


Long Covid is the perfect cover for ‘vaccine’ induced illness.
If, of course, you see things from a non-standard perspective (colloquially termed ‘conspiracy nut’).


This is not about a ‘virus’ or looking out for our children’s health or wellbeing. It is sinister and wrong, and if no ones getting that yet, they never will. My kids will not be getting vaccinated, they don’t get that awful flu jab, and low and behold they don’t get the flu, so not a chance in hell would they get a vaccination for a virus with a 99.97-8% chance of survival, MADNESS


The very fact he is making these kind of statements proves to me he is nothing but a pharma lackey, honestly who in their right minds would advise children fit or otherwise to take this vaccine that anyone with half a brain knows is not safe, this is not incompetence it is something much darker, these people need put down.


Children do not get convid, then why would you WANT to vaccinate them with ‘something’ that does not prevent infection, does not prevent shedding and at best reduces symptoms………..unless you’re a psychopath.


Yes a mad dog, we know what to do with them


“…Dr Anthony Costello, a paediatrician and member of Independent SAGE, today recommended that all children be vaccinated against coronavirus…”

speaking of stupidity … I recommend to take a listen of this short but insightful video clip



Looooooooooooooooooooooooooong covid :))

10 Reasons that SARS-CoV-2 Is an Imaginary and Theoretical Virus


I’ve been saying for months that there is no evidence whatsoever that this virus exists and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find such evidence but people just will not listen.

Urban fox


Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is Lying.

Please encourage anyone you know who believes in this massive covid hoax to read the downloadable books of Vernon Coleman on this site at the bottom of the page.
And to read his amazing book about vaccines and vaccination. Let’s spread the truth to all of those still in the Matrix, in any way possible. Thanks for listening,
The Urban Fox


Try and get a hold of Jon Rappaport interviewing a guy called ellis medavoy a very interesting guy talks about how they made hiv/aids a hoax by the way, in fact this covid hoax is deja vu in the way they were both carried out, at the end of his career he worked mainly with big pharma where he got a glimpse of the future not the big picture but enough that he could no longer work with these generic nazis was how he described them, ellis readily admits he was not what people would term a nice guy, he had no respect for the general public thought they deserved what they got so to speak, Jon asks him about what he seen and asks what will the future look like, what do these people want to achieve 1984 ?, medavoy replies we are in 1984 these people want a future similar to huxleys brave new world. These interviews were carried out between the years 2000-2001 twenty years ago, I personally think what these monsters are trying to do is take us into their brave new world.

Urban fox

Thanks Martin, interesting. Vernon has spoken about hiv/aids. He always believed was exaggerated and expressed scepticism about it. There are certainly some similarities. I was thinking recently , after my Lidl experience, written about on this site. Where I witnessed staff refuse to help a man on the floor crying for help. Because they said he may be infected. ,( 27th July, Lee High Road, London, 14.20 ) That the fear expressed is similar , only several times worse. I know, as I’M old enough to have lived through it. The difference of course is, that whatever the truth about Aids was. There was not the readily available, overwhelming evidence that there is, in the present day. Regarding the phantom covid plague. And certainly no internet. With all the information in the world, at the click of the fingers, or click of the mouse. What we are seeing now, is willful ignorance on a mass scale. People just refuse, to look at anything other than main stream media. And to use critical thinking and think for themselves. It really is hard to believe, how people are still even now. Despite overwhelming evidence of the biggest hoax in history, willingly going along with things. And dragging us all to hell with them.


Alright mate tried to get the direct link for this was not happening but if your interested click this link it will take you to their page in the search box in the right corner put in ellis medavoy click that and a link should come up by matt79 click on that link it should take you to the page, scroll down it gives you a bit of info about the interviews, if your interested just download the links, medavoy is not the guys real name and usually i would be a bit sceptical but I trust jon and no way would he put them out if he thought the guy was talking crap the contents are varied everything from John Lennons murder, how the aids thing took off, he worked on it, philosophy, how he worked out early on that there were higher powers than presidents that realy called the shots, how decent guys like Jimmy Carter were manipulated by appealing to his good nature, talks about Clinton and what he was like, his last years working with big pharma were he was shown a small bit of the plans they had for us, oh meant to say his job was propaganda that’s what he done he explains how a lot of that works very interesting and spooky at the same time, they touch on 9/11 at the end it happened during these interviews, again he had a very interesting take on that, defo worth checking out.


Found the link, thank you. The interviews with the hypnotherapist look interesting too.


Did you download them Jennie, I downloaded them and put them on a stick like everything else these days, i found both interviews a bit hard going at times but well worth seeing through, currently going through the medavoy interviews again makes much more sense, will revisit the jack true interview also. Don’t know if you go over there but jons website is well worth checking out, he puts a daily blog up very interesting think Richie knows him pretty sure he was on the show.

Urban fox

Thanks Martin, speak soon


Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, has also called out the link between HIV and aids and he was extremely critical of Dr Fauci’s role in all that.

Urban fox

Hi Jennie, how you doing. Yeah nothing would surprise me anymore. It would tie in with the population reduction agenda. Which we’re all aware of now. I’ve seen agenda 21/30 documents, which talk of not ruling anything out to reduce population to half a billion by 2030. Says it all eh?
And that’s literally written in stone. On the Georgia guide stones. Look them up if not heard of. I only found out about them recently.
The lockdowns, hunger, poverty, cancelled medical care, vaccines and face masks are going to kill a massive amount of people, if this agenda isn’t stopped. But it won’t be down to the phantom plague. But because of policy that’s driven by a massive hoax. We can include exaggerated( at least ) man made climate change as part of the means to an end as well.
I’m having mince pies and custard now, hope speak soon.


Mullis said of the fauci, if a good journalist could get him sat down he could expose him for the fraud that he is in under ten minutes. Said there is or was no credible medical paper that showed that hiv caused aids, said he couldn’t believe it, the present covid hoax is a mirror image of how they carried out the aids hoax, lets just say a guy has been partying far too much far too many drugs, eating terrible food if he was eating at all,his body starts to give up on him, so he ends up in hospital where lo and behold they discover a new virus never seen before, now this guy is not the only one in this condition in the community he lived, they too end up being told they have this new virus and are started on the drug program which starts to destroy their already weak immune system, word spreads like wildfire in the community, by this time I think a test has been developed to detect the killer virus( sound familiar) people are that scared they rush to get tested even the healthy ones, who also test positive and they all start taking the cure or better known now as the killer, that’s my take on how the so called aids epidemic got started, joan shenton a English woman has done great films( i haven’t seen any) on the subject she said the test they used was not fit for purpose it was useless, again does that ring any bells, i have heard Joan speak she comes across as smart and truthful, she speaks of the lengths big pharma went to get her films banned, people have no idea the power these cartels have. Medavoy talks with Jon on how they took the plague to Africa, a village with usually toxic drinking water that was making the people sick, well they would turn up with their dodgy test tell them they were all hiv positive get them on the drugs paid for by bribed government officials, once on the drugs the people would start dying, they took it all over Africa, same in Europe the world over, remember when hiv was a death sentence, there are people walking about fit and healthy who were told decades ago they had it, who talks about aids these days, what we are living through in this present moment is what I would describe as aids on steroids with a far darker outcome. It’s the same playbook they are using only on a far bigger scale, why would they change it.

Urban fox

P.S Your absolutely correct about “brave New world” It is definitely the way things are heading, even more so than ” 1984″ Particularly the babies grown in labs, and chemical engineering aspects . As portrayed also in the film Equals and the film Equilibrium.


I’ve been saying for a while that Brave New World is where we are heading and 1984 is how they are going to get us there. In Brave New World at least they had the savage reservation to run to, we won’t even have that.

Urban fox

How can anyone still believe in this hoax. The original virus was never isolated using Kochs postulates. They have freely admitted this and given no proper explanation as to why not. Other than to say, they have used more up to date methods to confirm a virus. But they have shown no evidence at all. Despite requests all over the world to different Government. Kochs postulates have been used since the late 19th century. And have now conveniently been tossed aside.
The Canadian authorities have actually made a formal statement clearly saying that they can find no evidence of a virus being isolated anywhere. This letter can be found on David Icke website. And iv no reason to dought it’s real. Why should i, when the statistics clearly speak for themselves.
For example official death totals from all causes in USA over last few years, clearly show the overall death figures are very similar to previous years.. In Spain, official statistics clearly show
, In 2018 their were 26thousand more deaths than in 2020. And in 2019 their were 17 thousand more deaths than in 2020.
So where is the pandemic?


My opinion is there is no new virus. Every winter people as you know come down with flus/colds whatever they may be, I think if these people could develop a so called deadly virus which could take out billions they would have released it years ago probably starting in Africa to see how it went. Did you hear that idiot on Richies show last night talking about the South African variant, it was a clip from a bbc interview, the interviewer gently very gently in fact asks this muppet how he could tell the new strain from the original, he said it was quite hard but you can just tell, this is what these evil lying pieces of garbage are getting away with sheer lies going unchallenged by anyone.Stefan Lanka the German doctor who as it stands proved in court there was no virus that caused measles said even Koch cheated in his experiments.

Urban fox

Thanks for reply, good to meet ya.Yes your 100 % right. When this first kicked off here in March, I considered the possibility briefly that it was manufactured weapon. But for months now, the statistics have shown the truth. Where are all the excess deaths and where did flue go.?
Propaganda and the fake test is being used to push the real weapon. Which is the vaccine. A real virus would be killing people. This clearly is not the case.

Urban fox

Yes heard the guy. All these different variant is beyond a joke. And yet people believe it!. I noticed once they started this variant nonsense, the fear level going up, by how many more mask wearing their was..
Couldn’t bear listening to Collins. I usually repeat the show. But will not be repeating that worm. Once was more than enough.

Ashley Matthews

I don’t like the fact that I have spent the best part of the year away from my friends and family,for no other-reason, other they have been been scared they may kill there loved ones. I don’t like I have just seen dr veron Coleman cry because of the deaths from the vaccine. I hope I have the Strength to say no!

Urban fox

I agree entirely. I am convinced now , not a shread of evidence the original virus even existed. Hundreds of freedom of information requests have gone into the authorities all over the world asking to see evidence of isolation of covid 19. All have been ignored, or been given some garbage about computer modeling. But Canada have just made a letter public. That clearly states ” we can not find any information anywhere regarding your request. ” I read the letter today. It can be found on David Ikes website.
And I to, have not seen any family for 12 months. They completely believe this garbage, as do the majority of the public. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence of a massive hoax to push through global fascism. I haven’t seen any friends in months either. I have lost my family and friends because of these evil bastards.


I would rather die than take it, and I mean that 100%. Watched a program last night from the U.S. where Dr Carrie Madej and Dr Judy Mikovits were guests and they spoke in length about this jab, first thing Carrie made clear it is not a vaccine it is gene therapy and anyone taking it was a guinea pig because these have never been given to humans before, she is in no doubt the jab is to alter peoples dna with depopulation the main goal.

Candide Schmyles

I dont always agree with your guests Richie, but its rare I dont agree with you.


In the year 2018/19 there were over 127,000 injuries/deaths due to road traffic incidents – in the UK alone.
Our government – like every other – never gave a rat’s arse about those deaths. Because there was no profit in it.
How do people not see? (I know they don’t because I’ve had arguments with quite a few).


Dr Mengele would be so proud of these parasites


Some of these parasites are from the same stock as the good doctor Mengele.


Hello Richie,

I was trying to get Vernon Coleman’s email just to ask but I did it anyway created info profile on Telegram, just to share on that platform. Wanted to ask for permission but well. Just want to say about one thing, Good Job You Old GAMMON.

Ps: I am Bald Too.


Covid is so feeking deadly it’s killed the flu

Zac Baled

I took my car for an mot today and the mot tester with 20 years of mot testing experience diagnosed a problem with my car engine at closer inspection of some of the components inside my engine his worst fears came true – unfortunately and with a heavy heart he said my car engine has caught covid-19 however he just could not understand how my car engine caught this deadly disease – he sat me down took his glasses off and asked me just one question – zac he said have you taken the covid vaccine? I said no I havent he said see by you not taking the covid vaccine you have passed it on to your engine components I asked him I dont understand how can that be possible? He said – you see zac when you have been driving the car you have been breathing in and out right? So whilst breathing out the covid droplets have somehow made its way thru to the air vents out into the inside of the bonnet and into the car engines components. Dissapointed that ive given my car the covid-19 I asked if he could remedy the damage – he looked at me in the eye put on his gloves, the mask and took the covid vaccine out and penetrated it into the car engine….. with a huge sigh of relief I asked is my car going to get better he said he has given the injection and everything should be tickety(fukin)boo!

I think its open season these socio-paths can come out with any cock n bull and people will just bend over and take it. I can already see parents getting their children covid vaccinated. How can he get away with such a cock n bull scaremongering involving children?


They need us all to take the jab, trust me mate when they ramp up the propaganda that children are at risk if they don’t get the jab you just know certain parents will be rushing with child in arms and in tow to the nearest jabbing facility, the piece of garbage who speaks in the article is just the start, as I said to describe these people as evil does not do them justice.


Excellent. Grass and hedges also pass on the virus because I’ve seen people walking across fields and down country lanes on their own wearing a mask.

Seamus Ryan

That guy should be locked up for thought crimes

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