iPhones Will Diagnose Users Mental Health Issues In Future

The Wall Street Journal has seen leaked documents which detail how iPhones will eventually be adapted to monitor the mental health of users. Future handsets will be capable of monitoring users’ mobility and sleep patterns.

The device will also be capable of analysing your mental state through your typing patterns. According to The Times:

The features are still in the planning stage but are likely to be part of the company’s collaboration with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), which is studying stress, anxiety and depression, and the pharmaceutical company Biogen Inc, which is studying mild cognitive impairment.

UCLA researchers are using movement, sleep and facial expression data obtained through the Apple Watch and iPhone, and plan to compare what they find with participants’ answers to mental health questionnaires.

Biogen and Apple said in January that they were experimenting with how to use handsets to track cognitive function over time and identify mild cognitive impairment, a condition that can develop into Alzheimer’s.

Apple claims that it will eventually create an App to warn users that they are at risk and advise them to seek the advice of a specialist.

And they said that we were paranoid when we claimed that smart phones are watching us and monitoring our conversations, didn’t they?

This has the whiff of Minority Report about it doesn’t it?  Apple will no doubt maintain that the App will be secure and totally confidential. What a load of crap. This has pre-crime and the social credit system written all over it.

Philip K. Dick couldn’t have dreamt it. In the future, your phone will tell you that you are mentally unstable and advise you to seek a specialist, while simultaneously notifying the local authorities.

Failure to book a health visit will result in the authorities coming to see you in the interest of public safety. They’ll have no problem finding you, even if you throw the device in the toilet. Why? Well that’s obvious. There will be a chip inside you, whether you know it or not.

The phone will also be adapted to inform the authorities if it thinks that you may be about to commit a crime.

In fact, in the future, you won’t even need to be carrying a phone as everyone else will and they’ll all be interconnected. That’s what the internet of things is. You might turn yours off or leave it at home, but every conversation you have will be heard, because you’ll never be more than a few feet away from a smart phone or watch.

“Agent Harris, Agent Harris!” “Get to Langworthy Road, Salford. Citizen #1133456 (Richie Allen) is spreading misinformation about the vaccines. Apprehend immediately!”

It’s coming….

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The irony – smart phones cause mental health issues!


Latest episode of False Flag Weekly News with Dr Kevin Barrett.
FFWN: “Accidental lab leak” DEBUNKED—deliberate bio-attack CONFIRMED.}{}}hour

Last edited 10 months ago by txgmxad

Ice Age Farmer is back.. he’s been MIA for a while, so much so that even Max Igan had a search team out looking for him!!

An interesting return.. with some synchronicities to the technological threats being discussed here today.. 👀!!



Good video That professor and his ilk are psychopaths, they are so cold and totally lacking in humanity. I can’t understand their way of thinking at all.


I’ve listened to quite a lot of Harari over the years and have always found his talks to be more of warning about these technologies than anything else. However, it’s fair to say that he’s singing from the globalists hymn sheet now alright.

Though one should take his thoughts very seriously as he’s well versed in what’s coming…

… and without total global rejection..
(Which at this stage of the game simply isn’t happening such is the cunningness of their AI assisted/driven psyop — which Harari alludes to — AI which also “learns” as it goes, thus will always be many many steps ahead!)

There will be no stopping it.



Of course their creations might very well turn on their creators one day.


Undoubtedly Jennie.
Though, this is where “transhumanism” kicks in.
Hence the relentless priming today in preparation for it…


They are playing at being God.
That is their way of thinking.


Always said that the i in iphone stands for ignorant but now I think it stands for “Intrusive” (into people’s lives)

Meaning: tending or apt to intrude; coming without invitation or welcome.

Last edited 10 months ago by Jake
Anne Talbot

My iPhone automatically reduces the volume while I’m out walking and listening to my music. It’s turning into a tit for tat game. It reduces the volume, I turn it back up ! I’m not going to let a phone dictate to me what is considered too loud in my own ears ! It’s only a matter of time before I sack apple anyway. Got an old Nokia in the drawer that’s looking more attractive by the week, day even.


So does mine and it also sends a message to tell me to turn down the volume (with a really loud ping).

James Taylor

You can fix that. Goto settings > Bluetooth>. select the Information icon for the headphones you use. Change the device type from “Headphones” to “Speaker”. You won’t be nagged again, it doesn’t affect anything else.

Anne Talbot

Thanks James, I’ll look at that 👍


I see where you are coming from. I have dusted down the old motorola 1990 just need to find someone to carry the battery.


We Have a Way Bigger Problem Than “Disinformation”
Analysis by Jonny Bowden, Ph.D.



Good article. Death threats for advocating vitamins, wow. Science is just theories until better ones come along, there is no such thing as settled science.

Urban Fox

This is what crashed my account couple days ago. Dont want to risk doing again.

There is no V+++s. D***d I**e November 2020

Fill in the gaps above. Put in search engine. Its 35 minutes long i think.. What’s startling, is the video and report from John Hopkins university, was written before the official numbers for total death stats were printed. Would be interested to get your input.

Ronald Templeman

I have a phone that works with windows, sadly I can’t vouch for how healthy it is but it plays up at times. The chances of it telling how I am are not good as it has no idea. I like the phone and have no plans to upgrade it, so that puts a cog in the works if they want to know about me.


You won’t be able to wreck your phone, either, because disrespect towards such an effective diagnostic tool would clearly be a sign of dangerous mental health instability.
I’m joking, of course. Or am I?


Branded as an extremist if you have any other narrative than the Government one.
Issued medication in the form of a vaccine or sectioned for re-education.

Urban Fox

Hollyoaks Soap is running a story last few weeks. Where one of the characters has met this woman. The new friend believes that vaccines and smart meters and 5G are dangerous. And doesn’t like child flue shots either.( but the agenda is obviously to promote child covid jab, without saying the word covid). The new friend is portrayed as insane. And the husband of the first woman has now stopped her seeing the new friend. And has booked her an appointment with a psychiatrist. What’s particularly sick, is Hollyoaks has primarily a very young audience. Many are school age. I only watch out of long time habit, and because it can be very amusing. But now I’m finding it sickening. But I’m keeping an eye on the soaps for research. It sounds like I’m making this up. But i swear every word is true. How can the actors not see what they are doing is propaganda for the state, is beyond me. Even if there was a real virus and plague, this could still not ever be justified. What the hell has happened to peoples ethics. Can they not see what they are doing is wrong.


On board with you mate there was never a new virus, they never needed one only the illusion of one.

Urban Fox

Yeh, several reasons why i believe that, as people on here will be getting me bored in saying. Cant understand how so many on our side have bought the Wuhan lab crap.
Wont post what did other day, as might get deleted again. But i went into some details about total deaths officially published late December/ January. The numbers tell the whole story. You dont need anything else.

But i found a David Icke video with an article link that had missed. In November before any official stats had been published. The assistant director of John Hopkins university, who were used for much of this scam with there modeling. Had written a report saying there were no excess deaths. The article was withdrawn soon after it was published. And they said the information was not true. You will find it if you look around. But i think my account got buggerd because of the heading of the video i wrote and link. I dont think by Richie, unless a fault with the site. But i dont believe in coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. I think this site is being tampered with by the security services. In fact i am convinced it is. They have the capability.


Yep intell all over this site, as with all sites, fecking weirdos spying on people for a living, convincing themselves they are protecting our national interests, deluded cowards.

Urban Fox

” Spider made a mistake, he went into town alone. A man alone is easy prey. Only by standing together can you stand up to the
 Le hoods of this world. He was a good man ,bury him well”.

Pale Rider, oh the classics. And appropriate as well. Got it on now.

Urban Fox

Been watching the Dirty Harry films last few weeks.

” I shot him because he intended to commit rape”

“Callahan, how do you know what he was about to do?”

” When a 6 ft 4 male is chasing a 5ft 2 female down a dark ally way. With a butchers’ knife and a hard on. I figure he’s not out collecting for the red cross”.


Love Clint Eastwood mate, so many great films hard to highlight them. The good the bad and the ugly, sergio leone the so called spag boll westerns. Million dollar baby is a great film fox, grand torino also.

Urban Fox

Yep, all good. Braveheart is on now. William Wallace a hero of mine ,along with Boadicea from olden times. You could do with him up there now. Watched it the other night. Sad ending getting betrayed. Film was pretty accurate they say.
Hung, drawn and quartered. They were pulling his intestines out, and then told him, say you capitulate and we will give you a quick death. And he is trying to speak. And they think he is gonna back down. And he shouts, “Freedom, Freedommmmmm! I’m having a phantasy of him and Boadicea coming through a time loop with there army’s ,and marching on Whitehall. Oh we can but dream.


To think those executions were the ticket of the day. Not sure about the Wallace story to be honest. My hero is my country, like the English, the Irish and the Welsh if they wake up we win hands down, sad to see what we have become.


Defo a virus but not a novel one is my take on the situation.
Last nights not the bcfm show covered this subject.
(excellent show)

Urban Fox

P.S to post just wrote.

There is no V+++s. D***d I**e November 2020

Fill in the gaps above. Put in search engine.


Complete brainwashing.
I have never been into soap TV thank God. Being young in the mid 80’s I started understanding that some things were no right.

Michael B

I can save Apple the bother with this quick assessment. ‘If you need your phone diagnose mental health issue, you ARE MENTAL. Diagnosis over


Can you still get an old Nokia?


i maybe completely wrong but this sounds as if apples client side scanning for child abuse will eventually be repurposed to include all manner of scanning, from mental health to the types of conversations people are having and reporting it to authorities. Any alment should be between you and your doctor, not a multi billion dollar corp as well.

Jeananne Crowley

We know the plan…how to screw it up is what I’m interested in or is it too late?


Learn electronics and build an EMP device?


The simple trouble is the word in smart affiliated with every device allowed to connect the user to the internet of things, although they are a wealth of information to the many, they also have the ability to interfere with our everyday activities and monitor when they choose to conversations and much more at a push of a button. Surveillance when required, so a misused word or conversation will be picked up and dealt with, as again i remember when Samsung admitted a few years back to having the technology in their smart tv’s to be able to listen to conversations in the home. Just look at the outrage over the last few years with smart meters providing energy to the homes.
Samsung spy telly scandal erupts after firm admits its television will RECORD your “personal and sensitive” conversations – Mirror Online

Last edited 10 months ago by Darren

I opted for a dumber SMART TV with no webcam or mic (in theory), yet I suspect they are secretly just as intrusive anyway. Only used as a monitor, as all TV is purest garbage and propaganda.


So much depends upon people continuing to carry these phones. Just get rid of them. I manage perfectly well without one. I can’t stand seeing people’s attention glued to them so much, especially youngsters. Porcine aviator alert.

Last edited 10 months ago by Stubini

its strange when you see people walking down the street eyes glued on the device at all times, its like they have already been assimilated.


Zphonbies they are..


Few people, now, especially among the younger generations have a landline, and even basic mobiles are internet connected.
Without the mobile phone, people are less likely to be able to communicated with family and friends.
We are told we have more choices, but actually we are getting less of them.

Urban Fox

Very true. A lot of well meaning advice regarding things like this. Is simply not grasping the magnitude of the situation. A lot of these solutions are not really workable for most people. And without a majority waking up, its a highway to nowhere. I keep hearing. if you don’t have a smart phone they cant make you have a vacc pass etc. But this is nonsense of course. People can be made to have one. Or provided a cheap one by the authorities. They can be given paper pass. Or most likely, a credit card type thing. Everybody’s information can be put on a strip on a card very easily. We are not going to be allowed to simply say ,no thanks. It is incredibly naïve. Then of course eventually a chip under the skin. Résistance in large numbers, i believe is the only way. Because that makes things unworkable. But where ae these numbers, i dont see them.


Where I am there is virtually no kickback against anything no matter how inhumane or illogical. I do now understand how all dictatorships have arisen, mass compliance.

Urban Fox

Just had a gas engineer in the Fox Lair, doing the safety check. He was the first workman iv had in here over the last 18 months with no mask on. But i bet he was jabbed. Its incredible that all these jabeas, are still wearing masks. And you no they have had the jab. Because if they didn’t believe the story, then they would not be mask wearing. Do they not see how illogical it is, that if the jab is meant to protect them, why are they still being advised to wear a mask. How can they not see how illogical everything is. Sometimes i wonder if I’m the mad one.

The Chinese takeaway on my road. Were shut for months, even when they could have legally been open. They are open now. And they are all cooking in masks. I keep looking to see if they have removed them. I want a Chinese. But i think that wearing those in a hot kitchen cooking. Is not only dangerous for them. I think there is a real chance of food poisoning. Because there is no way, they can not be touching there faces in the heat with those on there faces. I dont think they will ever take them off.


Yes the raised fomite transmission from mask fiddling, mingled with all their own bacterial soup is a recipe for disaster. Find another takeaway is a wise proverb now, unless you wanna see how the fortune cookie crumbles!

Urban Fox

Hi Pan,
My only one for miles unfortunately. I will just have to go without like so many things. People should not be cooking in masks, its bloody insane. Loads places doing it. It is clearly a food poison danger. Love my chicken balls and egg fried rice as well.


If they were to go through all the tests and studies on mask wearing for the past 40 years they would find that none of them found that masks prevent the spread of infection even where there is an infection that’s real (unlike now). But the powers that be love the masks as tools of control and submission.

You have only to stand and watch people wearing masks for a few minutes to see that even if they were in any way effective (which they aren’t) that would be totally cancelled out by the way people use them.

Urban Fox

All very true. I tell you a story. Early on in this covid escapade, before summer 2020. When i was open to the possibility that there may be a real virus. Always knowing that whatever was going on, there was an agenda still. That was never in doubt for me, day one. This was before people were really talking much about masks. At the time they were just floating the idea. And a few people were wearing. I thought i would test run just wearing a bandana over face, in case had to. Always like to be prepared that’s me. I did it in the shop for about 2 minutes. And straight away, my nose was running, and i was touching my face. And immediately i realized. This isn’t right. Even if they block things getting in. At the very least, they are going to spread filth with people touching them. And that was it, it ended there. It wasn’t until a few days later, i started looking into the research. I basically didn’t need any research, because i used my common sense. I dont understand how others cant do the same. And there are dozens of papers on masks all saying the same thing as you say.


Did you know that they are planning to phase out landlines? Obviously they are not as easy to monitor. We have to face up to the fact that governments, corporations and pretty much every organisation is working against us. The problem is what can we do about it?

Last edited 10 months ago by Jennie

I’ve heard about the landlines. I think mass none compliance is the first thing. None compliance with everything. Turn off your tv.


Haven’t had a TV for over a decade now.


No, I didn’t know that. Can’t say I’m surprised, though.

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