Ireland: Vaccinated People To Get Extra Freedoms.

Gript News is reporting that Ireland’s National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) is considering whether vaccinated people should receive a “bonus” for taking a coronavirus vaccine.

Ireland’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ronan Glynn said;

“Obviously, we are looking specifically at the issue of nursing home visitations this week, so again, I’m hopeful that over the coming weeks we will start to be able to tell people what the bonus from vaccination is and what it means you can or can’t do.”

According to

Taoiseach Micheál Martin had last week expressed his opposition to allowing vaccinated people additional freedoms compared to the general population, but NPHET’s openness to the idea might yet prompt a reversal within Cabinet.

He did confirm however that vaccinated people will be issued with a certificate that might, “over time”, develop into a vaccine passport system for the EU.

“Over time, whether it evolves into something greater than that remains to be seen,” Mr Martin added.

“The WHO wants it as a health passport, not as a passport to travel or anything, so that’s a debate that’s yet to be had.”

The World Health Organisation wants everyone to have a health passport. We are witnessing the birth of The Social Credit system in the West. People who refuse to be medicated by the state will be blacklisted and precluded from travelling, working and socialising.

This used to be the stuff of dystopian sci-fi novels. What happened to my people? A government doctor promises bonuses and extra freedoms if the people take a jab that they do not need and could cause them great harm. The response? Not a peep.

The Irish, just like the British, can’t take any more of this miserable, soul-destroying existence. The great majority of people will have the jab, even though many of them are uneasy about it.



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I am always amazed when Ireland’s government of all countries, choose to inflict suffering on it’s own people. From a casual study of Irish history I know that most Irish regardless of where they live surely put a high price on liberty. Freedom is non-negotiable or it isn’t freedom. When they parcel out freedom, it isn’t freedom it is privilege whereas those who don’t have it are punished for not taking the jab. This obvious coercion is already illegal in most countries who were a part of WW2 in the European theatre. This obviously as a result of the Nuremberg code.

Wes Baker

And…Denmark halts the AstraZeneca frankenshot due to blood clotting woes. Who’d a thunk it?….

So here’s the question when these gene therapies only prove ‘effective’ for 2 months, if that. Do the UK and Irish governments come out this Fall and say, ‘well, those of you who’ve had the ‘vaccine’ have to get this third and fourth jab, because, if you don’t, there’s thing called, ‘delayed immune response’. You have to get that third or fourth jab, or you’ll ‘kick the bucket’.

How does that scenario play out?

Last edited 10 months ago by Wes Baker

I just received a phone call from a hospital with an offer for Astrazeneca WACKseen jab


They think that they have pacified Ireland.

They think that they have purchased half of us and intimidated the other half.

They think that they have foreseen everything, think that they have provided against everything.

But the fools, the fools, the fools

They have left us our “ELDERS” DEAD


Ireland unfree,

Shall never be at peace.


well said Gerry boy, Richie is spot on the vast amount of people in Ireland and the U.K. will fold and take the jab, they will do anything within their power to get all of us vaxxed, at the moment stopping people from working who refuse the jab might be outwith their power but have said before they will just put a bill through whatever house U.K/ IRELAND/ SCOTLAND/ WALES it will pass and it will be law, this will be done over a few years with care/nhs staff targeted first, nobody should be under any illusion these monsters will not stop now, question is can we stop them.


Yes we can Martin.

But we must UNITE in order to achieve this.


Seen that link never worked if you want to watch it Gerry go to bitchute, put in the search box computing forever, that will take you to the channel, on that page in the relevance box put newest first hit search, scroll down it is a video about 12 mins long, Well worth a watch, more so for people in Ireland, it gives a great insight into the guards mentality, they believe all the propaganda they are being fed, if you go over it’s a great channel, Dave Cullen is the boys name, Irish guy, has loads of great videos, doesn’t load up on you tube anymore.


Just watched that one Martin.

Yeah , I’ve been following Dave Cullen for a while now, but have missed a few of his recent ones as I’ve been directing my energies here with whatever free time I have.

That’s an excellent representation of the frustrations that we’re experiencing over here and just how fruitless any attempt at unplugging the brainwashed from their delusion is.

Dave’s sites on his various channels (ex gestapo censor tube of course) are all on my homescreen.. like Max Igan and a few others!

And like Richie, he’s an exceptional and truthful journalist that deserves the utmost respect for what he has done and is continuing to do.

Cheers for the prompt Martin, as that little clip is a diamond!!



Discovered Dave last year as you say deserves respect for what he does, trying to shine a light on these monsters. In that video the guy was brilliant, dealt in facts and was polite, the thing that should worry people is the guards mentality, they basically believe the nonsense being spouted and have bought it, was thinking about the police and the way they are acting and came to the conclusion, in order for a lot of these people to act in this way I think some have convinced themselves this is a deadly pandemic we are in, by doing that it makes it far easier to do what they are doing. In the video the guy tells the guard he has a choice, the guard basically said he had no choice, then the guy tells him you could go see the police union or you could resign, the guard seemed shocked and said resign as if the boy was mad for suggesting it, I bet you what that guard was thinking but never said would have been ” resign, don’t be stupid there are no fecking jobs out there “, and he would be correct in that, without the thought even crossing his mind, him and his pals are complicit in the destruction of jobs and lives


They have no jobs to lose.

They’re trained state sponsored slave enforcement agents now… Nothing more, nothing less!!

They couldn’t be having it easier out there… Everyone locked up.. no crime.. This is pure unadulterated utopia for them!

They are no more than egotistical type bouncers who derive sadistic please from refusing entry into night clubs or similar..

They’re complicit in the whole conspiracy globally.

And they will be the last to turn if there is to be any global push back…

Mark these words!


Ronald Templeman

If anybody has anything about them they must fight, because if you give in you are doomed. If those out there think that if they have the jab and go along with this crap then everything will be OK, I have news for them it WILL NOT. If you think it’s bad not, let these lunatics in power win and it will be a lot worse in the future.


Agreed Ronald, coming up for a year of this nonsense 3 weeks to flatten the curve nonsense and still people cant see they are being lied to ffs, remember last year only the vaccine can save us from this terrible disease, once we get the vax we can all go back to normal, I have no doubt a lot of those people lining up screaming for the jab thought, once jabbed they will be safe and things can go back to normal, now it’s well it doesn’t stop you from catching the ” virus ” doesn’t stop you from spreading it ?, you still need to wear a mask, anti-social distance, and as the alien whitty said the other day you will be getting locked down and there will be more deaths, yet a lot of these people still follow and hang on every word that comes out these liars mouths, these people have been brainwashed on a scale never before seen.

Urban fox

I don’t know what will happen if they stop unvaccinated people’s benifits money. How will people live.? I think this is a real possibility.

Ronald Templeman

I don’t think that will happen, because as the saying goes if you end up with nothing you have nothing to lose and those in charge will not like that situation.

Urban fox

I hope your right. But bear in mind the following. A couple of years ago, Australia stopped paying child benifits, to parents of unvaccinated children. According to Vernon Coleman. ANd if no jab no job happens. Anyone on unemployment benifits will be breaking the number one conditiOn to receive them. ” A person has to be available to work”


When they bring in the u.b.i, what they might try and do is people that have taken the jab will be paid more money than those that have refused, also a few other things will be used against those that have refused, making it far more uncomfortable for them, the people on the u.b.i. that have taken the jab will be basically left alone while the unvaxxed will be hounded, with the goal of getting them to fold and take the jab.


Ever wondered why those ‘credit score’ companies are blooming? Check how crap your credit is…see how shit you are, etc. etc. All part of the conditioning, readying the sheep who believe you must ask for permission to be free, to accept a social credit system.I wonder how easy it is to declare an area of the UK as independent?

Steve Satch

Turns out the term “Fighting Irish” nothing more than a complete myth Richie. Almost ashamed to walk among such dumbed down imbeciles who are accepting absolutely everything that’s thrown at them with open arms.


To be fair, it’s not just Irish. I’m far from Ireland and I see a bunch of slaves conditioned to mount Mickey Mouse ears on top of their empty sculls if gubberment tells them so. No exaggeration here …

Ronald Templeman

Not just the Irish, I can’t believe how a big majority of the world have gone along with this.


Openness to the idea, might over time, looking at are euphemisms for this has been the plan all along.

If I get the chance I will leave Ireland without a backward glance but it’s finding somewhere to go to be free. It’s become a fascist state and I won’t say led now by utterly corrupt politicians because that’s been the case for decades. These people are beyond despicable.


Hi Jennie am I right you live in Ireland?? I moved from UK 9 years ago, to Roscommon I love it here, my home is facing the Shannon River I wouldn’t be mortgage free in UK. I don’t think it makes any difference where you live right now…I go shopping once a week, I am the only one in Dunnes store without a MASK never worn one no JAB FOR me, people don’t understand the government’s world wide are laughing at them….. HUMANITY has fallen, the minute we are born we are lied to…., poisoned by our food, air and water, dumbed down AND indoctrinated by TV, media and the education system
From 5 years old I have always questioned and not believed anything, NEVER bought a newspaper never listened to the TV news never voted never was on Facebook book, Twitter ect……I could go on I am lucky???.sending you love and strength🙋🙏🙏🐕🍀


Thanks a lot Rocky. You’re probably right it doesn’t make a difference where you are. I’m in a village that I moved to literally weeks before this started and so I feel incredibly isolated and I get treated like a leper by most people because I don’t wear a mask. With one or two exceptions it’s impossible to have a rational conversation with people anymore and it has actually got worse as this has gone on. So getting to know people here under these conditions is just not possible.

Like you I haven’t followed mainstream media for years and I don’t do social media, that’s probably why we’re awake. Anyway it sounds lovely where you live, being near water is very soothing.

Love and strength to you too, thank you for replying. We need to remember that this is just temporary incarnation, we’re here to learn and experience. That’s what I believe anyway. Thanks again.


Despicable? Or compromised?
We are all at risk of the latter – it’s part of the reason so many people are advocating for vaccine passports or reluctantly taking the jab.
Want to go on holiday? Compromised.
Want to keep your job? Compromised.
Want to get a job? Compromised.
Want to see a live band or go to a festival? Compromised.
Want to see friends and family? Compromised.
A person is compromised if something can be held over them to achieve an outcome – and that is how the system works at all levels.
A collaborator is simply someone who recognises this and makes a survival choice.
The right or wrong of this is nothing more than a purely emotional response based on personal beliefs.
For myself – cynical and pessimistic as I’ve become – these behaviours surprise me not one jot. I just think it’s part of the ‘long game’ to break down resistance.


I’ve been a campaigner for some years and I’ve learnt how much corruption is going on here. When I say despicable I don’t mean the average person I mean the bureaucracy, big business, politicians and those pulling their strings.

Last edited 10 months ago by Jennie

I know.


Agree with most of what you say Craig. As for being compromised, well if you take someone who is not bothered about a foreign or local holiday, who though they used to love going to concerts or theatre or sports or anything as a live experience, but decide they can live without those even though they would miss them, if they had enough finances to see them and their family through, basically if they didn’t need to work again, they, if they refused to fold and stood their ground would not be compromised, it’s all personal choice at the end of the day, I could get on without most of the above, lets be honest we all have for a year, but I don’t know many people with the finances which will be needed to get by, have thought for months employment is where a lot of people will fold, no jab no job is where we are headed, but as I say if someone has got all they need, and are a bit older, have lived a bit of life they can choose not to be compromised, different ball game altogether for young people starting out on life they will most likely be left with the view they have no choice, they are most certainly compromised.


The last time we had to deal with nazis the MO was to firebomb their families in their homes until they surrendered and then we hung them. Churchill showed us what needs to be done to beat them.
I sense that eventually the public will use these same proven tactics against this next generation of nazis.

When you strip away all the bullshit; tests, cases, pandemic, media, NHS etc it boils down to one thing; fascists vs the people.
History has shown that that ends one of two ways. Either you are dead or they are dead, there is no middle ground on this one.


The problem with that analogy is that the fascists were also ‘the people’ – and still are (outside of the overlords).
So what, in essense, you are advocating the same idea as our overlords – depopulation.


I’m not advocating anything. I’m just pointing out that these people, the politicians and their enforcers, are indeed genuine card carrying fascists and must eventually be dealt with as such.
The Stockholm syndrome suffering population are victims in this and I don’t think they are ready to take up arms to defend their captors just yet as the population in Germany did. I think my analogy is a good one.


It is a good one. I just offered a different perspective.


Through various mechanism, the simple concept of ‘no means no’ has been eroded.
However, as far as I’m concerned it remains important.
Now more than ever.


They are desperate to get this “wackseen” crap injected into people. That alone should be a red flag for anybody with two brain cells to rub together.

I’m sure they would require the proof of wackseenation to have a valid driver’s license


It would be a good first step to reducing traffic, wouldn’t it? Ties in nicely to their environmental plans.


Another crystal clear example that this coercion is being led by behavioural psychologists reminiscent of the situation in the U.K. The NHS has official guidance sent to pushers of the vaccine in order to ‘nudge’ people into doing something that they are instinctively very uncomfortable with, or totally oppose (the document was forensically analysed on Monday’s U.K. Column).

We must recognise that this is a psychological attack with the usual laughable transparency and this is the time to stiffen our resolve. If the people who refuse to surrender their bodies to medical experimentation are excluded from society, creative solutions will emerge. Build our own schools, grow organic food and trade with our own neighbours in a more rewarding and natural way. Don’t need your system or your medical tyranny, thanks very much.  Be happy with less. Choose freedom.    


Video has been removed.


Englands vaccinated will be gutted.
They are still required to walk around in full hazmat suits.

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