Irish Warned To “Keep Apart” This St. Patrick’s Day

They won’t be dyeing the River Liffey green tomorrow so. Ireland’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Ronan Glynn has warned the Irish not to meet up on St. Patrick’s Day. Glynn’s message is blunt. Having a bit of craic on Paddy’s Day will lead to deaths. Speaking last night he said;

“The reason we’re giving this message is not because we want to be killjoys. We’re giving the message because we know what will happen if people do meet up. And some of those people will end up in hospital and some of those people will die, and none of us wants that to happen.”

Glynn urged people not to go buying takeaway cans either. There’s to be no congregating, not a bit of it. The instruction is to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at home and only with those who live with you.

While he acknowledged that people were tired of hearing the same public health advice, he pleaded with everyone to stick with it, as he said the level of disease “is still too high”.

“I would ask people to hold off on demonstrations and gatherings, please, until we get through this phase,” he said.

Over 2,500 Gardaí will be on duty at key locations and checkpoints in Dublin tomorrow to police planned anti-lockdown protests. Yesterday, Ireland’s Department of Health reported no Covid-related deaths and 575 new cases.

This morning, 360 Covid-19 patients are in Irish hospital’s. 85 are in intensive care. The situation in Ireland is farcical. Whatever covid is, it’s long gone. There’s no epidemic in Ireland. There never was.

A total of 360 people are in hospital, in a country with a population approaching five million, and the government is telling people not to have a party, because someone might become ill and die. “The level of disease is still too high” said Glynn.

It seems St. Patrick didn’t drive the snakes out of Ireland after all.


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So 2500 cops are allowed go around spreading bugs like ‘swine flu’ etc on Paddy’s day … and we can’t!!

That figures!!

Oinkachoo Oinkachoo!!

Oink! Oink!!



Where I am is like a ghost town except for the one or two I’ve seen walking around in their masks despite the fact that we’ve got a bit of sun again today.


I’m out in the sticks Jennie, so thankfully I don’t see that much of it(when I’m not in work that is!!).

And it is a nice Lá le Pádraig (weather wise!!)

So that’s now two the b@$t@rd$ have stolen from us!!

Perhaps last year was forgiveable..

But not this one!!


The TYRANNY is sickening. yes the SNAKES that were never there in the first place, have firmly built a nest of vipers snakeoil salesmen under Gates nonVAXXschemes vaxxtermination plans and the WEF and such!! Utterly disgusting and ALL OF THEM ARE DUE HANGING


A bit off topic but today here in Ireland we actually had some sun, a rare event and a perfect opportunity for growing youngsters and older people to enjoy the sun and get some much needed vitamin D but there they were walking around outside in their bloody masks. I’m avoiding people as much as I can I’m afraid because this maskomania is driving me crazy.

Not much chance of celebrating St Patrick’s Day where I am because apart from a handful of shops there’s absolutely nothing open.

Wes Baker

One further thought struck me….

“A total of 360 people are in hospital….”

Sounds like a kidnapping/hostage situation to me.

“We’ll let you go when we’ve had xyz.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Wes Baker
Wes Baker

I’d say that Ronan Glynn is the breeder serpent…

Time for some modern day St. Patty’s.

Get busy.

Zac Baled

Pope Francis was in Iraq last week to a huge fanfare I never seen any social distancing or other restrictions there unless iraq controlled the virus so good that she became convid free country for a few days (lol)

I wish the whole of Ireland and the Irish people all over the world a Happy St Patrick’s Day. You all know what you’s all have to do tommorow (double thumbs up) enjoy the day and always stay blessed. From what ive understood of Ireland and its good people is that you’ve always stood in unity against tyranny.
One Ireland
One People
Two Fingers To Tyranny
Peace💚 (Sorry I cant seem to find (is it?) the green leaf symbol that represents love to you’s? So I send a green heart)
Stay Blessed

Happy St Patrick’s Day🇮🇪


they’ll start testing the day after and cranking that dial up to 50..OMG the amount of positive results will mean lockdown til 2022


“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.”
This was, allegedly, said by Dr George Chisholm.
Dr Chisholm came up with the name ‘World Health Organisation’ and was its first Director-General.


such a nice and caring fella ..
more like World HELL Organization


🤣 😂


please consider inviting Gemma O’Doherty to your show. I don’t have a twitter so I’m posting it here. Thanks

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