Is Government Facing Commons Defeat On Vaccine Passports?

A Labour Party spokesman has told The Telegraph that vaccine passports are “costly, impractical and open to fraud.” The unnamed spokesman told the paper:

“We need to see the detail of what the Government puts forward regarding vaccine passports. We oppose the use of Covid vaccination status for everyday access to venues and services. It’s costly, open to fraud and is impractical.

Being double jabbed doesn’t prove you aren’t carrying the virus. Testing for access to venues would be more efficient, and would give people and businesses more certainty.”

Around 42 rebel Tory MP’s have signed a petition declaring their opposition to vaccination passports for “general services, businesses or jobs.” If all opposition MP’s were to vote against the passport bill, the government would be defeated.

A glimmer of hope maybe? I’m not sure. The Labour spokesman was hardly scathing in his condemnation of the idea of vaccine passports. He proposed testing as a compromise, but that’s equally as Orwellian.

Are we being manipulated here? Was Johnson’s declaration that people will need to prove that they’d been double-jabbed to get into a nightclub just a ruse?

Was the introduction of testing as a condition of entry to pubs, clubs and theatres the plan all along? If so, it makes sense to create outrage in the population with the passport scheme plan and then offer testing as a compromise.

You’d also drive up injection uptake that way. The government could say, “Alright then, no vaccine passports, but you must be tested before going to a pub, nightclub and other indoor venues. Every single time. However, if you get double-jabbed, you can avoid the hassle of testing.”

In actual fact, you’d be creating a covid certification scheme by the back door.

Sneaky bastards aren’t they?



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Stephen Sampford

If one truly believes that the Government is undertaking a sinister plan of coercion in pursuit of an evil subjugation of the world population and want to have any chance at all of combatting it, then we must be prepared to sacrifice a lot of the things that we love doing – at least in the short to medium term – so that we take away their primary weapon against us all. Namely: bribery.

Jon Taylor

I always though it was a ruse to drive up the up take of the jab. i had not thought of the idea they might be looking to test everyone going to venues except the double jab to drive up the up take as well.


The path to victory is this…unplug the technology, don’t use it. Sounds simple, it’s not, but it is the only way we can all fight back. Non-compliance is the only way to deal with “Dear Leaders.”

Request for Sunday’s Show…

If you don’t comply with my request, there is fuck all I can do about it …Hmmmmm

Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

Stay tough


Nice request.

One from me as it was in my head since last week. Maybe the warm weather and me wanting to be near the sea?

Sailing by Christopher Cross.


Ahh, a lovely tune! Here we go Jacob, one from the vault!





Love that tune.. and he’s playing it on a twelve and six string electric guitar combo!!

What a contraption!!!





Indeed indeed…


Indeed Indeed


The first thing i said to my (notably low number) of clued up friends about this was that uproar would occur enough that the passport wouldnt happen but mass testing would be the “compromise” inevitably still rolling out the passport eventually but this way the public would DEMAND the passport in time. Textbook. Problem reaction solution. That was just my opinion though of course. Either way it’s shite. Here we are. Just theatrics now as Labour U-turn some MPs say they won’t blah blah. Glad Richie picked up on this though.

It occured to me , why am i clinging on to these posh knobs to decide my future? I’m 31. I don’t even know if that’s considered young in this anymore. But I’ve many a year ahead and I’ll do it standing up and not on my knees and certainly not listening to these people or crossing my fingers behind my back for a revolution.
Time will tell our countries fate. But in the meantime self sufficiency to the best of my own ability and complete non compliance is all i have to go on. Should have done that from the moment i could walk anyway!


You’re right, the testing would be as bad and of course it would enable them to get even more cases from more fake positives.


It should go without saying that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear — especially if you hear it from the mainstream media.
Here’s a perfect example — it’s a video of Barclay Crawford, the editor for the Daily Mail in Australia, one of the world’s most visited English news sites. 
The leaked video was captured during a recent editorial meeting about the outlet’s pandemic reporting, and it perfectly illustrates why many have lost their trust in the people we expect to report the news accurately.

Fiery Jack

Instant U-Turn wasn’t it?


REMINDER: The HighWire Live Today July 22nd, at 19.00 UK Time. The War On “Anti-Vaxxers!
Straight after the RAS show.


I’m posting this like a man possessed today…

But it’s worth sharing!


Excellent video G.

The below video contains some great info on “Banking” and the alternative system that would benefit the people.

ALBIEN Academy / Justin Walker – “100Years Bradbury Pound and Corporate Slaves”


That one is worth posting everywhere, every word she says is the truth.


It’s also short and sweet Jennie.
So if it reaches them, it might even penetrate the many covid believers who seem impenetrable!!

We live in hope!!!

Margaret Hossack

What if you’ve paid £100 for a concert ticket, get tested at the door and it gives a false positive? Couldn’t take that risk.


labours motto “we don’t agree with the government, it should be worse”


I would vote for any party except for Labour or Conservative right now that promises me to investigate all these doctors , lawyers politician sage etc with the intention of sending them all to prison.


All parties have the same aim but using different scripts to deceive us into believing we have a choice.


I’ve studied Ponerology and if these people are as evil as I know they are, they will have used their epidemic of fear to inject their victims with an mRNA serum which they know damages the immune system. When the annual cold and flu season arrives, the increased death rate will satisfy both their eugenics agenda plus create a heightened demand for their new “vaccines”, marketed as protection against the latest “variant” but really the result of their first jab.The solution is simple, don’t take the Trojan horse injections and resist passports and compulsion.


Funking hell mate I was thinking the same about this vaccine been a trojan horse from the other.

Have always appreciated your…perspective BigOak19.
Posted in February here. Signed by the Author.

... - Kopia.jpg

Hi Chris.
Is there a pdf of the book available?


Not sure if this is the right one but it’s the same topic.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Not that I know of.
And, it’s not an easy read even for the best ‘layman’.
It can be bought on the site mentioned below.

BUT, considering many around the World will be out in the streets tomorrow, and many will be traveling hours to ‘Voice Their God-Given Rights’, I believe this is an excellent opportunity for All to familiarize themselves with the *Psychology of Evil*-Ponerology let’s use this for starters.
It’s number 5 in a 6-part discussion series which began in March 2019.

“Fifteen years ago the world was introduced to the research of Polish psychologist in his seminal work Andrzej Łobaczewski Political Ponerology. In it, he outlined the danger of pathological revolutionary movements, the poisonous influence of psychopaths in positions of power, and the real origins of totalitarianism – as well as why relatively normal people are left woefully vulnerable to pathological thinking and psychological ‘infection’.”

The others in order of dating from SOTT are-
1 The Truth Perspective: Inside Ponerology: Why Individuals Are Essential for a Healthy Society
2 MindMatters: How Psychopaths Infect and Destroy Hierarchies of Competence
3 MindMatters: What Is A Pathocracy?
4 MindMatters: How Responding to Evil Can Unite Humanity
6 MindMatters: The Emperor Has New Clothes: Wokism Is a Mask of Sanity , which was done the 24 June last month.

Regards. Please Learn Everyone.

Last edited 2 months ago by Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

I downloaded the audio and have been listening to it today whilst in the park. Very interesting indeed and recommended listening.

Last edited 2 months ago by Jacob
M T Hadi

Nah, the Labour Party will make sure that it passes…


Let’s not forget that more testing will drive up case numbers, prompting more hysteria. More hysteria will aid the eventual introduction of the passports.
It’s a win win scenario.


When a publication funded by Bill and Melinda quotes an unnamed spokesman, I struggle to see a glimmer of anything other than more bullshit. And analysing bullshit is futile.

Bottom line is that even in the unlikely event of the vaccine passports not being passed in the UK, they will be replaced by an equally-sinister alternative which will be every bit as insidious. The totalitarian machine doesn’t have a reverse gear.


Neither does it appear to have any brakes. The runaway train will just clatter on.


“Train coming and I know it’s destination.
It’s a one a one way ticket to a bad bad situation”


I am quite sure that most of the opposition will be in favour of the passports, even if all Labour MPs were to vote against it (and I find that highly unlikely), I could still see SNP, DUP etc supporting it. It would take more than 42 Tory rebels to defeat imo.


SNP, DUP and the Welsh mob would following convention abstain from voting as this would be an England only issue. On this matter they are thefore irrelevant.


Yes, a good point.


Thank you for the reply. When push comes to shove I’m not at all convinced the Labour party will oppose vaccine passports. Starmer is merely grandstanding he will fall into place in due course as the crises temperature is dialled up.

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