Is The Covid Jab Linked To On-Field Collapses Of Footballers?

Why have so many professional footballers suffered on-field collapses in such a short space of time? Wigan player Charlie Wyke was taken to hospital on Thursday. In the past week, John Fleck, of Sheffield United, and Sheriff Tiraspol’s Adama Traore also fell ill during games.

Last week, it was announced that Barcelona striker Sergio Aguero would retire after developing a sudden heart condition.

Could the covid jabs have anything to do with it?

“Absolutely not,” say the scientists. According to Prof Robert Dingwall, a public health specialist at Nottingham Trent’s School of Social Sciences:

“There are many reasons why on-field collapses may occur, even in clusters. We should all be careful not to blame any particular cause until they have been properly investigated.

It may be tempting to blame Covid vaccines but pundits do have a public responsibility not to fuel vaccine hesitancy without any real evidence that this is a common factor in widely separated events.”

In other words, please disperse, there’s nothing to see here.

According to The Telegraph:

TalkSport, for example, had to cut off Trevor Sinclair, 48, from a broadcast as he questioned whether Fleck, who collapsed during his side’s win over Reading, had recently had the jab. “I think everyone wants to know if he [Fleck] has had the Covid vaccine,” he said.

With former professionals, such as Ramon Vega and Matthew Le Tissier, also wading in to demand investigations into links, scientists responded by reminding them of their “public responsibility”.

“Given the track record of certain footballers in the field of anti-vaccine beliefs, it is totally irresponsible to make these unsubstantiated comments, as opposed to getting them properly dealt with,” said Prof Keith Neal, who has 25 years of experience in the research of the epidemiology of infectious diseases at the University of Nottingham.

Keith Neal is a disgrace to science. It is obvious that something is very wrong here. Footballers and athletes in other sports are collapsing. Nothing like this has ever happened before. So, what has changed in the lives of professional athletes? What is the common denominator?

The jabs.

Take a look at the twitter thread below. It is punctuated by links to stories in national newspapers and international news bureaus.


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I’ve been following football for over fifty years and I can only remember one or two cardiac related incidents in that time. In the last six months I’ve lost count of the number of professional and non league players suffering heart problems. Over the next year I believe it will be impossible for the authorities to hide the consequences of these vaccines .

Tim in Brazil

“We should all be careful not to blame any particular cause until they have been properly investigated”
“it is totally irresponsible to make these unsubstantiated comments, as opposed to getting them properly dealt with,”
Please note that neither Prof. Dingwall nor Prof. Neal provide any details on who is investigating this, what they have already discovered and how long it will take to reach a conclusion. Surprise Surprise


Well those of us still around in 2076 will know the results of their investigations because that is when they are planning to publish them.


This is bleedin’ Clown World, what sort of medical system do we have when an ex-winger from Blackpool knows more about respiratory diseases than a fucking infectious diseases professor.

Aldo Bennedetti

From the NIAC approve vaccines for everyone over 16

Pregnant women will be prioritised first followed by 40 to 49-year-olds and so on.”

Shear bloody madness.


Have you heard about the sneaky legislation their planning on rushing through the Dáil in order to set up enforced quarantining of those suspected of having Covid..!!

Oh yes.

This phase is escalating quickly Aldo..

Get ready.

Aldo Bennedetti

This is the final big push that I suspected.

So is this the part where your neighbour calls the gestapo and reports you for non-compliance?


To say the least..

There may yet be ways to stop this, but they’re coming for us..

It’s plain to see now.

Aldo Bennedetti

And its fuck all got to do with health.

It will be interesting to see how they plan to that.

How do they catch me?


I think it will need to be brought to them first.

Without violence obviously, but something decisive will be needed shortly.
Is it achievable or possible??
I’m not certain…

Time will tell.

Aldo Bennedetti

Well they better get it right because if it doesn’t work out thats their careers gone or maybe thats a price they will be compensated for by the man.


Not if we can round them up and reverse the process they have planned for us first.

A long shot, as it will require determined mass civil disobedience.. (which seems a million miles away at present!)

But stranger things have happened.


It is not only the Athletes / Footballers who are collapsing at events. Spectators are collapsing too.

Ian Greig

So is it gonna be Black Friday followed by Drop Dead Saturday? Jus wonderin




Of course it’s a coincidence, just like teenage boys suddenly developing myocardia, the incidence of stillbirths and miscarriages suddenly rising dramatically and perfectly healthy people suddenly developing tics or becoming paralysed. These top scientists including Nobel prize winners who have put their careers on the line and doctors, nurses, care workers and others who have spoken out, often at personal cost, are just wicked conspiracy theorists spreading misinformation. I mean would your government and the mainstream media lie to you?

Last edited 1 month ago by Jennie
Aldo Bennedetti

Not only that governments don’t even kill people. We’re in safe hands.


Didn’t you know – tics and spasms have been added to the list of Covid symptoms.


Anything new that comes up gets added to the ever growing list including blood clots and myocardia now.

M T Hadi

Bill Gates Scientists reject pundits ‘vaccine theory’ after three footballers collapse in a week…
Believe the science – 112% safe & 123% effective…

M T Hadi

Nothing to see here Richie, just another coincidence – It used to happen once every 30 years & make front page news… Now, because of White, Racist, Unvaccinated BREXITeers & Baldy Gammons, its happening every day, and at every jabbed age…

Follow the science – 112% safe & 123% effective…


So the jab doesn’t work well with high intensity sports when the heart has to work harder. What a shocker.

I did read that Ericsson had not had jab and aguero has an existing heart condition…unsure how true this is?

Aldo Bennedetti

I’m not a doctor but I would put my rent on it if Paddy Power would take the bet.


108 registered fifa players and coache have died in the last 6 months.


Good one Chris.
It might just start getting interesting now??
It also matches up with nurse Campbell’s research — so irrefutable now and perhaps many more of the ‘zombified ones’ may just start to wake up..

We live in hope!!


Tony K

Nice one, saw that earlier and was going to link to it.

It’s starting to spread on the MSM now, won’t be long till the house of cards falls, I do believe the tide is turning

Here in SE Asia seems like the ghost towns are vanishing, and the people are starting to flood back in.

City centre traffic has gone up tenfold in the last month.

There’s light at the end of this here tunnel folks, hold the line.


There will be no investigations into the sports ‘collapses’ – there will be no media follow up into the increasing number of incidents – for me now, what we are witnessing is the normalisation of murder

Aldo Bennedetti

Your observation/prediction also proves there is an agenda or conspiracy on the public regarding the media, government and big pharama.


Someone will say it




TheHighWire covered this a few weeks ago as they do.

They are at the peak of health, and the top of their profession. So, why are dozens of amatuer and professional athletes around the world inexplicably collapsing on the field, with heart-related issues, in just the past few months?

#CollapsingAthletes #Covidvaccine #Myocarditis #TheHighWir

I wonder if match of day will gas light us on this issue or just plain ignore it?

Last edited 1 month ago by Jake

I recall watching one of Dr Vernon Colemans videos and him remarking on that people who have had the jab must desist from strenuous exercise ,i think we can all agree that what he said is correct.


This GP has always been pro vaccine, he looks a little concerned to say the least!


He’s not a GP Chris.. He’s a nurse with a doctorate that has everyone believing he’s a GP.

A nurse doctor!!



So strenuous sex sessions are out then for the ‘Jabbed’?
Surely that would wake people up if they can no longer have sex.. 🤔


Dropping dead ‘mid-hump’. I suppose the jabbed will have to refrain. Can’t be getting the heart rate up to those levels! Too dangerous.


Nurse Campbell is knowledgeable, articulate and obviously well educated.
But, I tuned out of him early on in the scamdemic when it was clear that he was only ever going to discuss one side of the narrative and one side only.. (ie. Their side!!)

He’s also on the gestapo hub ..

That’s telling in itself.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

Never got into listening to him Gerry.


The man’s a world of knowledge on his own personal pandemic quest, but refuses to acknowledge anything else.
So, once I realised he was biased (like the rest of them!) and his data was only endorsing all things officially recognised as ‘covid’, that was that for me!


Sorry Gerry my mistake. I should have put Dr, even though he isnt!


No apologies necessary mate!!
I’d say the majority of his 1.5 million plus subscribers believe he’s a fully fledged medical doctor too..

And it’s fair to say, that he does seem genuine in his beliefs and most definitely knows his stuff.

But, alas, I’m doubtful he’ll ever fully understand what’s actually going on here, as he’s simply blinding himself with his own science and is exceptionally good at it!!



This could build pressure against the vaccine. Footballers are in the public eye, their collapses are visible and newsworthy, not like an average bloke at home. who can so easily be ignored. They are young men, a group which seems more prone to cardiac problems post jab. Most football fans don’t follow alternative media I’d guess, but they do follow news on their players.

Aldo Bennedetti

Very true. It will interesting to see how the media cover it up and how censored the players are on social media who speak out.


in the past there has been instances where players have collapsed and in some cases tragically died, but, lately I have never known so many in such a short space of time, it used to be a a rare occurrence not say multible instances in say a week.

Last edited 1 month ago by Patrice

Look what happens when you ask the question on MSM


Dirty snakes..


obviously Trevor Sinclair made the mistake of asking a question, this is not allowed in the media, repeated questions will result in a deduction in social credit, now move along, all hail the jab and all that.


Must have been a technical problem. They seem to happen quite often when people question things.


I’d gaurantee both “experts” are receiving pharmaceutical, government, Gates, Soros funding. If so their opions are worthless

Last edited 1 month ago by KIM
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