Is The Government About To Ditch The Vaccine Passport?

According to The Telegraph this morning, the UK government is set to scrap plans to introduce vaccine passports for domestic use. Ministers have been looking at whether the law could be changed to make passports a condition of entry at football matches, concerts, festivals and business conferences.

However, The Telegraph is reporting today, that it’s not going to happen:

Plans to make Covid-19 passports a legal requirement for large events are set to be dropped, The Telegraph understands. 

Officials working on the review into Covid-19 status certification believe there is no chance the law will be changed to mandate their use within the UK.

“It’s not a case of ‘it’s finely balanced’. It’s not going to happen,” said one well-placed government source close to the review. “Everyone says it’s dead.”

Showing proof of a jab has become accepted for international travel, given that some countries demand evidence for entry, and UK travellers are already able to do so via the NHS app.

However, their use within the UK is much more controversial, with critics warning that making people show proof of their medical status for social events raises serious ethical questions.

UK prime Minister Boris Johnson is on the record as saying that a vaccine passport would never be required to enter a supermarket or see a doctor. He’s also been fairly cool on the idea of needing one to go to the pub or book a table at a restaurant.

Is it really dead in the water? Something’s up here. It doesn’t make any sense. Nothing matters more to this government than vaccinating everyone in the country. The passport has been their ace card.

Now I’m thinking it may have been a bluff designed to boost uptake. As of this morning, 64, 592,000 doses have been administered. Nearly 40 million citizens have had one dose and more than 25 million people have had two.

Is it a case of job done? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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Words and Comments

Wonder if they are lying about the vaccine uptake? Some kind of cooking the books going on. If they were to introduce a vaccine passport and pubs, restaurants, etc remained empty, the jig would be up.




Don’t have a TV so can’t watch it but please come back on here and tell us what they said.


Good for you Jennie. I haven’t watched terrestrial TELL LIE VISION for a great many years, and probably never will again. Once one is truly awoken to the lies, nonsense and trivial nature of all media broadcast et al; one cannot stomach the smug, patronising, inane, grinning presenters and their sycophants. I’ve found that the only real truth is music, there are no lies in Led Zepplin, Count Basie or Beethoven; just the quest for something beautiful and pure.


I think we’d all like to know your take on that programme; will it be gaslighting by numbers?


Gave us all a good mauling!! Nah, just another opportunity to promote this treatment. Must think we’re all bleeding clots!!


Watching it now.
Usual load of bollocks, misdirection, lies, twisting of the truth and what those classed as being “Anti-Vaxx” are saying.
Can not expect anything else from MSM.

Hermione Granger

Regardless none of my family are having the Geneshot


Good for you. I hung up on a son of a bitch from the NHS this afternoon.


The Halfwits will fall for it again…..”.Take the jab and i will let you go abroad on holiday…….anyone even attempting trying to leave the country will get a 5 thousand pound fine as of Monday “


Pretty much all of the team I work in have had at least one shot of the Devil’s Urine and they’re STILL stuck at home….LMAO…


The only people who truly learn from history are those seeking to gain tyrannical control. Apart from a minority of individuals and groupings, the masses readily comply, surrendering their faculties, many becoming agents of the state, becoming increasingly drunk on their stupor of stupidity.

Today we witness the crews of covid conscripts actively campaigning on behalf of the government. A few germs of policy considerations are repeatedly tossed out via the MSM, until these agents demand these punitive measures become mandated. Self-flagellation for supposedly daring to spread the virus.
I can confidently report that the programme is well on track. The policies ‘oven ready’ having been carefully crafted over Davos decades.

Andrew Marr made a dismissive reference to Saturday’s March, claiming a low attendance. Know to be untrue as have viewed footage – any believable estimates?

Worth watching short clip on today’s (31stMay ’21) Jeremy Vine at around 9.52 -54am on my5 (about 37 mins in). The topic was mandatory vaccinations for NHS staff. A female caller accurately claimed that the vaccines were still currently in experimentation until 2023.
Dr Sarah Jarvis – a turbo charged propaganda machine with a contorted expression on her face, positively rabid blasted thus:
“Could I just point out, not only have the clinical trials been done, I don’t know what she’s talking about when she said they won’t be finished until 2023! There is no other drug in the world that has been tested now or has been given or has been given to 200 million people and we have the results of the very close monitoring like the 200 million people. So believe me that is how we’ve checked up for safety and we all know infact how safe this is and it’s been given to far more people than to 99.99% of people than other drugs ever!” (hers, not my command of English.
This doctor has been making a genuine killing out of the covid scam. Wonder what her patients think seeing her doing almost daily prolonged and pop up appearances, during surgery hours.

No right of reply, no expansion or cross- examination. Ofcom may have been held at bay.

I would suggest the most scientifically inept could rhyme off at least half a dozen properly licenced medications that have been/are subject to the same yellow card regulations. Billions of people worldwide for each medicine in the following categories,
Includes Penicillin, other antibiotics, statins, viagra, anaesthetics, analgesics, anti-psychotics, anti-cholinergic, antiemetics, antihistamines, sedatives, hypnotics, steroids etc


Not sure if you’ve seen this one yet Brenda, but if not, I suspect you’ll appreciate it.


Thanks Gerry, will get around to it ASAP.
Bombarded with podcast suggestions and links – all appreciated of course.
Have been able to persuade, using evidence and reasoning, some 20 -30 year age group ladies to seriously question the vaccine. 2 have made a firm decision not to partake but these were ones that had already been asking questions, so not completely spellbound. Also in intensive discussions with some family and friends, proving labour intensive but hopefully fruitful. Those most concerned about- that repeat the mantras rather than asking questions. Channel 4 tonight- Anti-covid vaxx conspiracy. So will record and then dissect tomorrow, expect it to be so predictable we could write their script for them.


Oh no doubts Brenda.
You could recite their garbage word for word at this stage.

And yes, lots of data circulating at present which is extremely time consuming.. so getting harder to separate the wheat from the chaff!!

Re discussions with family or friends.

Em… That candle blew out for me months ago (but went “boom” — if you catch my drift!), so you’re doing far better than I in this regard!!

And hats off to you.



The passport is a real goal and they won’t back down. Gates was talking about it before the pandemic. I know this from watching Corbett Report. If anything, they are perceiving pushback and might try to redirect. Recall that both England and USA governments have said they won’t push passports but then left the door open for commerce to do it themselves. In America, I can guarantee that Walmart and most other major corporations will go along with it. Add to that, Kroger Foods, which owns the majority of the grocery store chains in America.
Years ago I asked myself the question of how would they implement the part of Revelation where it says we can’t buy nor sell without the mark. The answer I arrived at was what has happened last year and still going. Destroy small businesses and exert control on the major corporations. Exactly what we see now. It’s not that I was smart, rather it is the only way this would be possible hence, it is now happening.

Urban fox

Spot on Kevin

Urban fox

This whole thing is a script being played out. Planned for decades. Vaccination passports,may have been put back.? But they are major part of the agenda 21/30 plans. They are not just to do with vaccination compliance. They are needed for the tracking and social credit system they plan to control our lives with. At best this is a stay of execution.

Tim in Brazil

Is The Government About To Ditch The Vaccine Passport?No. They have invested too much so far.


The end game is clear; almost as irritating as that end game is the fact that they’re using our money to FLCUK us over.

Urban fox

Below is mistake. I have just spent 2 hours on post that wouldn’t send. And posted that link instead.


Should be scrapped altogether, every aspect of this so called pandemic is a total fraud.


We can’t settle for just stopping this assault on the human race; we MUST push these backstards back into the sea. This can be done by dismantleing the private central banks and have ever country’s treasury issue it’s own ‘value based MONEY’ not currency. Knowing what I know now, if I had a time machine and could deal with one person in one era it’d be Nathan Rothschild. I’d gladly stab that motherplucker (below) to death… It really all started with usery running out of control.


I know there’s a belief the protests don’t do anything, but it was so massive in London on Saturday is there a chance the amount of people has put the government on the back foot. Im not saying they are finished with us and it could easily be a part of the Psyop. But that amount of people has to put shivers down MP’s spinless spines lol.


Maybe temporarily but it didn’t stop them invading Iraq sadly.


The Iraq invasion is very different to what is happening at the moment. Its a totally different thing they are trying to achieve, humanity is starting to stand up, who knows what happens next but the amount of people who took to the streets in London it shows people aren’t going to take the new world order on there knees.


What I was comparing was the fact that the British government totally ignored massive protests about Iraq just as they will ignore massive protests about this. If they have an agenda it doesn’t matter what the public think.


It’s a good start, but we need to ‘step this up’.


Do you think that protests haven’t been factored in to the plan? And what percentage of the population was represented by the protesters? Very little, I suspect.
The biggest threat to any system are those people who do not operate in plain site.


Gary, psychopaths have very little fear about anything. the members are probably in the bar laughing their balls off having a drink on us. Trust me, we need to go HARDER than a monthly gathering in the same place every time sanctioned and ‘managed’ by the Metroplitan CUNTsatbulary. I liked the idea of spontaneous night protests in random places; coupled with (national financial civil disobendience) Keep these scumbags on the back foot.


Just more psy-ops. Drove 400mile round trip on Friday. Must have been 3 radio adverts before 10miles telling folk how ‘they can spread infection without even knowing it, get a jab, dont have to have any symptoms blah blah blah, protect friends families etc” and I said outloud, “you basteeds, you know people are going to see family over the bank holiday, you cant let it rest for a day, “. It was an onslaught of constant ads. I would imagine that after listening to that lot, that for some get togethers they would have the atmosphere of a ‘last xmas, the party where you know it is the persons’ last do……


Yep it’s absolutely relentless. £325 million pounds worth of of the finest advertising propaganda garbage taxpayers money can buy.


They’re making us pay for the firing squad AND the ammunition. The flucking nerve really makes me mad.

Tony K

I think the numbers turning up to events now has got them shook.

The writing is on the wall me thinks.

They’ve lost.

What do they do?
Bring out the army and shoot people?

I mean it is a possibility, but it would lead to a guerrilla war the likes of which the UK government would not be able to deal with.

Tom M

This could explain why Michael Gove has been dragging his heels with his review into Vax passports for domestic use.

Perhaps this has been deliberately done to continue to boost uptake of the jab, as they have no intentions of ever introducing them (and to do so would be suicidal for the government).

But then again, considering the monumental amount of lies and propaganda that has been pumped out by the government and MSM over the past 14 months or so, who knows? As with every other ‘news’ story, I’ll the taking this one with a very generous pinch of salt.


People in the know were talking last summer about these vaccine passports (which have nothing to do with health or vaccines) and that plans were underway to bring them in.


yeah i read about this and not sure what too think,its a case of wait and see but i do not trust the scum one inch.


That is a total non-story the Telegraph are running, in my opinion! Reuters have put that out tonight but there is seemingly nothing behind it. Nothing has changed over the weekend, parliament didn’t sit today on the Sunday of a bank holiday weekend and agree to scrap what they’ve invested all that money in. The vaxx pass is the whole reason for creating a pandemic panic out of an unremarkable seasonal virus, it wont be dropped without a fight.
If you look at the story on Reuters, there’s a few paragraphs and then you click to read more and it takes you to an article from start of April! Somebody just phoned Reuters today and told them to put something out saying the vaccine passport idea has been scrapped but it is literally based on nothing. The Telegraph and loads of other media outlets are just regurgitating the “nothing” release that Reuters spat out!

Click the “read more” link at the bottom and you’ll see it’s from article nearly 2 months ago. They just put it out again now to appease us, possibly because of the number of people on march in London, all anti vaxx pass. I know the media doesn’t report on the march but the government and shadow government will be getting reports and stats on the numbers and will know that the support for anti vaxx pass movement is growing. Their plan has NOT changed!

Last edited 3 months ago by RATManiac247

Thanks for the info, good bit of research.


The idea of internal passports has been pretty firmly introduced into the psyche of the UK population (again). Although the uptake of it has not been too popular this time around, it may well be better received if the next ‘predicted’ outbreak is more serious.
Additionally, if we experience a series of serious cyber attacks that are blamed on ‘domestic terrorists’, more people may well buy into the need for a comprehensive ID system.
Or their is the simple explanation that a certain level of vaccine uptake has been necessary for Big Pharma (and their shareholders) to honour stock market promises.


Nailed it again Craig.

But I’d add in the Agenda and ‘stakeholders’ into that equation.

“Cyber Polygon” is scheduled for 9th of July 21, so unlike Event 201, we have a window of opportunity to expose this next deception ‘before’ it happens..

And IT WILL happen.

Here’s an excellent video by Dave Cullen of “Computing Forever” describing same.


You know as well as I that if the legacy media don’t report on something, then most people won’t believe it.
Sky News Australia have covered the upcoming ‘strategic’ meeting, but that’s about all in the mainstream.


Absolutely Craig.
Mass hypnosis and delusion reigns supreme.


Thanks for the link, Gerry. I’ve been following some of the Ice Age Farmer stuff for a while, so knew much of this already; but Cullen covered a few points I hadn’t previously been aware of.


You’re welcome Craig.
I believe this to be a critical piece of data that if can be highlighted, will assist those who are actually awake to start making countermeasure preparations.

I believe this is the advance notice for the ‘stakeholders’ and shortly thereafter they’ll implement it.

I would guess it will commence sometime next winter to coincide with the increased seasonal mortality (blamed on coronavirus variants of course!) for ‘maximum effect!’

It’s coming.


We just had a mini cyber attack apparently here in Ireland on computers in the health service (if you can call it that).


Early prep work Jennie.
Just planting seeds in the psyche.
(It’s been happening globally!)
Dave Cullen describes this very well in the video.


Yes he’s good. Do watch his latest one on Transhumanism. He has clips from a BBC drama about the subject which is really chilling.


Next up Jennie!!

I’m trying to keep pace with the data..

Lots circulating, so you’ve got to try prioritise!!

But you definitely can’t go wrong with Dave Cullen’s material.


I know what you mean, there is so much that is relevant and worthwhile to watch, read and listen to but only so many hours in the day.


Just watched it Jennie.
Yes the BBC drama he highlights is pure horror!!
But yet again Dave has produced another masterpiece of exposure.
I loved the ending and his description of defending our humanity..


“Those of us who see the truth have been called to defend this no matter what the costs to ourselves and no matter how difficult the challenge may be, there is no higher a responsibility and no cause more noble…

The challenge is so tremendously great…

Because it is …

… So worth while!”


In Lak’ech



As the last 15months have shown, we cannot believe a word coming from politicians or the msm. I dont think vaxseen up-take has been any where near what is being claimed, especially as reports of adverse reactions surfaced. Those that were maybe thinking of taking the poison shot will now be thinking again whether it is worth the risk. So at tbis point is a passport worth introducing for the small numbers? Who knows what is going on in the minds of the madmen (sorry, madpersons) in charge. On another note, have the 11yr old grand-daughter staying for half-term. Was expecting her to say something when we went in the motorway service station maskless but no, she didnt seem surprised. She then said, “nanna, lets just say I’m 8 if anyone asks why I’m not wearing a mask”. Ah, good girl…😂🤣


I have a gut feeling the certificate for the moment won’t get the go ahead from the government for domestic use, however after seeing the blind uptake of the jab I truly believe the pressure to use them will come from the vaccinated due to fear still being put out by the MSM. Time will tell.


Lest we forget that these are unlicensed experimental gene therapies with potentially lethal and devastating consequences.. (some immediately!)

They are also totally unnecessary for the vast majority of the human race.

So, why rescind on a campaign of relentless terror over the last seventeen months??

For people to let their guard down and think that it’s fine to take it…

That’s why!!

Then come the next round of seasonal respiratory illness mortality, they’ll vamp up the fear once more… And the last bastion of hope for stopping this insanity will be gone forever.


And never forget these words!



My initial thought was the sudden Israeli decision to halt the internal passports was motivated by the fact that they are at war once again and looked about to be on the receiving end of some very heavy Iranian armed Hezbollah rocket attacks. The last thing you need in those circumstances is a divided fractured society which they had become. The UK decision is a bit more complicated and dare I say devious.


Good points Mark.
Check out the ‘Computing Forever’ video I’ve posted above.
(I’ll put it up in the Social too!)

It discusses what’s coming down the line very shortly I suspect.

And if they carry it off, it could very well herald the beginning of the end of any hope of ever going back to what, not so long ago, we once knew!!

I pray I’m wrong…

But currently, I do not think so.


The Vaccine Passport didn’t worry me too much (apart from obvious privacy/rights Issues) as i don’t attend sports, music or cinema venues, niether do i travel or go to pubs, perhaps eat out a couple of times a year to celebrate a family occasion – but would give that up easily.

The concern of going to the supermarket and showing vax status was a problem but could be overcome with buying online – until they decide that in order to protect delivery drivers proof of vax must be given to recieve deliveries.
So maybe pay a friend who is happily vaxxed and wants to earn a few extra quid – but then they bring in the cashless society then that shuts that door.

But going off on a tangent the most worrying part of Richies article is not whether a passport will or will not be Introduced but just the staggering amount of our 67 million poppulation that has had the jab !

Decades of fluoride in the water, chemtrailing, previous vaccinations, gmo food, peaticides and herbicides and not forgetting the Idiot box sat in the corner of most peoples rooms often with extra ones in the bedroom, and the kitchen (to avoid gaps in programming ?)

Think we are fooked.


I do wonder what’s really going on. One minute the Israeli Government was 100% committed to this tyranny with all of its horrendous consequences and then all of a sudden literally overnight they did a full 180° U-Turn and the British Government has suddenly got cold feet. Everybody working in tandem once again and marching to the same step.


Israel didn’t do a u-turn; they just reached projected (or promised) vaccination levels.


I’m not so sure about that they still have a hell of a lot of vaccine refuseniks and some very stubborn die hard religious groups. Fractured societies are weak and inevitably loose wars and the decision was very sudden. Israel needed to be united to face down Hamas and Hezbollah.


Yes me too. I hate crowds so on a purely personal level an international vaccine would be more punitive than a domestic one.

I actually think we have been saved by the BAME communities because if there is one thing the power brokers cannot be seen to do it is racially discriminate. I say “cannot be seen to do” deliberately of course.

Tony K


“So maybe pay a friend who is happily vaxxed and wants to earn a few extra quid”

I was thinking that a while back.

The 90’s gave us crackheads.
The 20’s will give us vaxxheads.

Standing around outside supermarkets offering to do your shopping for another hit on the needle.


Well I have family and friends in other countries which is the aspect that bothers me but no way will I be blackmailed into having something which is neither safe nor necessary.

Simon Corbett

Yes, I believe this suggestion was created to increase jab uptake, just same as needing one for international travel.
Then Turkey & Spain announce no jab, or tests required.
Glad I never rolled over & took it 👍


Is Spain a pretty free country do you know because I am looking to move from the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ireland if I can find somewhere to go that is free?


Hi Jennie, understand your wanting to leave such a repressive regime, think they just might have put the scuppers on a United Ireland. My senior bus pass allows me free travel
throughout the island. As it’s not for work purposes prevented from crossing the border – that open one they claim they wanted to protect. You could try a phased withdrawal – NI nowhere near to martial law as you’ve been experiencing. Your lot are really on a power trip! Most here openly go about their business, limited only by the closure of facilities.
Are you allowed to exit? A new boom in people smuggling out of Ireland must be on the horizon. Try a 2 way swap with the immigrants, they will be looking for a swift passage back to France.
Considering this is a global programme and with the EU in charge, wouldn’t trust them at all. So it would appear to be a toss up between harsh treatment in the sun or harder conditions on soggy boggy Ireland.
PS . Actually have enjoyed many super holidays there – yearning for the days of yore!!

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