Javid: “The Un-jabbed Are Standing On The Shoulders Of The Jabbed!”

UK health Secretary Sajid Javid said this lunchtime, that people who refuse a covid vaccine are standing on the shoulders of those who came forward and that the unvaccinated owe the vaccinated their freedoms. While delivering a statement in the House of Commons Javid said:

“Now there are of course a small minority of people, who could get the jab, they could get it if they wanted to, but they have chosen not to. Let us be clear, the reasons that those people have also been able to enjoy the freedoms that they have today, is because they are standing on the shoulders of those who have come forward, the nine out of ten people across the UK who have stepped forward to get the jab.

If we are to maintain the collective protection that we have built, we need everyone to choose responsibly and to take the simple step that will help secure greater freedom for us all.”

What an odious little thug Sajid Javid is. I am free because I was born free. How dare that scumbag threaten to curtail my freedom if I don’t take his toxic medicine?

You know what’s worse? After Javid made his ugly threats, the Shadow Health Secretary took to his feet. That would be Labour’s Wes Streeting. He would have you believe that he is a socialist and a trade-unionist. He’s neither.

Did Streeting defend the inalienable human right of bodily autonomy? Did he roar at Javid and demand that he withdraw his remarks? Did he ask him how dare he threaten to impose restrictions on people who say “I’ll decide what goes in my body thanks very much?”

No chance. Streeting is merely another whore for the agenda.

As for Javid, I wouldn’t mind five minutes alone with him. I’d soften his cough I don’t mind telling you.



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Lol, yeah and I’ve got a great view from up here of all the stupid fucks collapsing and dying from their “protection”.


Check these fuckers out and their sneaky nasty pathetic coercion games, stand strong freedom fighters, HOLD THE LINE Xxxxx French lawmakers ban unvaccinated from public venues with new virus law (msn.com)


F’ing tyranny…


It’s out there in plain sight now that these ‘leaders’ have been in training for this, all in the exact same place (just another one of the many coincidences lol). If alarm bells are not ringing loud and clear for all to see the scam by now…..what the hell will it take!!


It is so deep that the people involved are also in local government.
Common Purpose training was used as a tool to place individuals who would be part of the scam..


FFWN: Bill Gates: “The Worst Part of the Pandemic Is Coming – It’s Ending!”

False Flag Weekly News Live Today at 16.00. With Dr Kevin Barret.



Dear sweet Jesus, is there no lows they will stoop too, 700 sheep and goats getting dragged into the madness, poor animals 🙄


Ted Nugent has a few words to say on this!

Rocker Ted Nugent likens vaccinated people to sheep.


Last edited 4 months ago by Jake

Lol 😁 🐑🐑🐑🐑


I watch that occasionally to have a laugh…


I fucking love it, watched it a fair few times myself now, keeps our spirits up being able to laugh in these dark times 🙂


So true 😁


No Javid, you lying wee shite, I owe my freedom to myself and all the other freedom fighters because we never gave our freedom away, and we have stood strong against this tyranny. We owe the jabbed nothing but I wish them all the luck in the World, they will need it!!!


Spot on Layla 😁👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


Oh definitely Jake, these fuckers have tried this on countless times but we see them, we see right through them 😉


I brought up Zika, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Aids, Ebola etc at the start of this and some, including my father, could see this.
Then they went and fell for the Scamdemic which I think was listening to the brainwashing MSM onslaught.
I have not seen my father since before the start of the tyranny and there is a “no jab, stay away” policy at my family home..

Last edited 4 months ago by Jake

That’s really awful Jake, this is 100% planned to come in between families, it’s very sad to hear the wedges driven in between families and friends. Your on the right side of this, as hard as it is, the truth will out and your family will eventually see what you see ❤


It has been tough not being able to go home to the village and getting a break from London which was a much needed twice a year occurrence.
Thanks for the kind words Layla and I hope that that comes to fruition… 😁😁😁
I hope that all is good with you.

Last edited 4 months ago by Jake

I’m doing good Jake, thanks, just keep on, keeping on. That’s all we can do, your memes crack me up, brilliant!! Lol x


You are welcome and I am happy to hear that..
I like this one!


just kill this piece of vermin, sick of listening and talking about them, we all know what has to be done, ah fuck that, lets march in circles and talk shite, that might work eh.


It feels the other way round to me. Where I work the vaccinated are all off sick! after they had the Covid booster! and flu jab. I would like to see him say that to the the un – Jabbed NHS staff who were working on the Covid wards and still continue to do so Jabbed or not. Bet Jab man was working from home in the early days.
The majority of the jabbed wanted it so they could go on holidays, football matches, Clubs and concerts. Others because they believed the lies and were scared they would catch it themselves or pass to a vulnerable family member.There are few who did it for the good of mankind. Most had personal reasons which is fine.
This is a blatant narrative aimed at dividing Communities. AGAIN.


Hi lovely people- just writing to share this experience –
We returned from a 3 week holiday from North Queensland Friday of last week (7th Jan). My 19 year old son, the previous week, went on a 3 dive excursion- exhaustive, but fun. A few days later he developed a sore throat and a dry cough. bare in mind that the only people permitted now to attend tourist activities are the injected, which he is. he phoned on Tuesday 11th, that he had a COVID test on Saturday 8th, and that he was positive. He stayed with his girlfriend and yesterday, 13th was clear of all symptoms. What he had was what he usually gets when he goes diving after a long break- a sore throat.
Anyhow, Tuesday my husband and two other older children (16 and 22) run off to get tested as they are ‘close’ contacts. I refused and I also refused to let my 13 year old go. We are both unvaxxed. of course they HAD to go as government states that anyone who has a close contact with covid MUST get tested even with NO SYMPTOMS
Today, 3 days later they get the result- negative. no one had any symptoms when they left- and I tried to explain the science behind viruses- to no avail. So much for the highly contagious virus! We all travelled back home in a car together for 4 days.
My husband started back on work on Monday- 10th and had to wear a mask all day- he works for government -and speaks on phone all day. he has a weak chest and suffers bronchitis.
Anyhow, yesterday due to stress of ‘possibly having covid’ anything was a symptom- some a soft stools, tiredness, feeling hot, feeling cold and a tight chest. I suggested that the bronchitis had flared up due to mask wearing and stress.
Today, after the negative result was given, he rings up the clinic and states that he has a tight chest- it could be covid! he goes in and they give him a box of RAT (rapid Antigen tests). NEGATIVE
now- it gets even more bizarre. His doctor states that 1: not only did the government PCR test give a negative- it gave a negative as he was asymptomatic when he did the test on 11th.- 3 DAYS AGO……does this make any sense to ANYONE- so technically ALL of those people queuing up to take gov PCR tests without symptoms- well- they can all be positive as they did the test with no symptoms!!!!!
AND 2: the RAT test is probably wrong as well – that if my husband had taken the PCR test yesterday when he first got his tight chest (13th and not on 11th)- so TESTING WITH A SYMPTOM, then his result would be positive.
However it doesn’t matter that he still has the tight chest, the RAT test is possibly not reliable. And he HAD COVID on Wednesday and Thursday but not TODAY—however his doctor is going to report him as a case anyway, and pocket the money for doing so…
AND that ladies and gents is how they are fuelling this scamdemic

OH and also- contact tracing is no longer being used as gov have lost control of this, and with the RAT tests now being used, Prime Minister states that positive DOES NOT mean you have to come to hospital! The fear has been sold so much that anyone testing positive think they are going to die!!
RAT tests equate to letting people be their own pathologists. This would be like me testing myself for bowel cancer and permitting doctors to cut me open because I tested positive.- no further diagnosis needed.,
if I had told you two years ago that I had the flu, based on a test, but I had no symptoms, you would call me mad or a hypochondriac. Now, any hting goes.

Please click on this link and read- VERY important- this is what is coming down the line. Dr. Zelenko issues chilling warning: ‘They are getting ready to go full totalitarian’ – LeoHohmann.com


Oh ffs, you’re falling for the con, they want you to think there’s a possibility of complete totalitarianism so that when it doesn’t happen you’ll be hugely relieved and just happy to go back to normal. Meanwhile they’ll have quietly slipped off the stage with their huge financial gains safely pocketed. You can see it happening already, just look at Van Tamm. It’s always been about money, nothing more, the other stuff is just a distraction to get you to look in the other direction.


For some people it’s about money but others have more money than they know what to do with already and for them it’s all about control and de-population.


You are wrong about this.
Complete totalitarianism is definitely coming.


This whole thing is a complete farce. The PCR isn’t even a test as it can’t look for anything specific. My mother used to suffer from bronchitis and it sounds very much as if that’s what your husband has. The loose stools is probably due to medication or something he ate.

People have got to come together or life will get so bad we’ll all start wishing something would come and carry us off.


aww Jennifer it is indeed a scamdemic, it’s insane!! Thanks for sharing your story, I was laughing at the RAT test, brilliant LOL, thanks for the link, ill take a wee look x


What they REALLY mean by “living with Covid”
Why are media dialling back on the Covid hysteria? Is it because the “pandemic” is really over? Or is it an important part of the gaslighting process?

Kit Knightly.

The past few days, even weeks, have seen a definite alteration in the media’s attitude to the Covid “pandemic”.

There have been numerous examples of what, if the media were not so tightly controlled, might be referred to as “dissent”. But, since the media is tightly controlled, we must call it an apparent change in the message.

Famously, Dr Steve James, a consultant anaesthetist, confronted UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid over the weakness of the science supporting vaccine mandates.

Reports are coming out that “living with Covid” is going to be the UK government’s strategy moving into 2022, with an official publication on this topic expected “within weeks”.

So, “living with the virus” is going to be added to the Covid phrasebook alongside “flatten the curve” and “the new normal”. But what does it actually entail?

When they say “living with Covid”, what do they really mean?

Well, firstly, let’s not make the mistake of trusting any government, media, or “expert”, just because they start telling 20% of the truth.

They are liars, they have an agenda, this is always true, you should always be aware of it, even when – or especially when – they are suddenly telling you what you want to hear.

They have not seen the light, they are not correcting their mistakes, they not finally seeing sense, and they are not switching sides.

There have been no Damascene conversions. There is no wave of guilty consciences sweeping through the elite.

They have an agenda. They always have an agenda.

You should also dispel all notions of “getting back to normal” from your mind. That isn’t happening.

How do we know? Because they said so.

Half the articles talking about “living with Covid” go into detail about how things won’t really change……



Premier in Queensland states now that she has opened the borders with other states (!) is that we ‘have to live with Covid…..however all indoor dining, cinemas and tourist attractions are off limits to the unvaxxed.’


Totalitarian tiptoe towards totalitarian digital enslavement.

End game.


These people are psychopaths. I just can’t get my head around how they can look themselves in the mirror.

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

At some point in the future, I’m sure that all those who met an untimely death having had ‘gene therapy’ will be lauded as ‘heroes’ who ‘did their civic duty’ and ‘sacrificed their lives to save humanity’. I’m also certain that there will be some kind of worldwide annually recognised memorial day instituted to commemorate those lives, thus reinforcing this inversional illusion/spell for generations to come. This will, in turn, be underpinned by legal changes that will end bodily autonomy, thus ending all and any choice in the matter. That is, IF HUMANITY DOESN’T WAKE THE HELL UP, STAND UP AND PUSH BACK EN MASSE FOR THEMSELVES AND FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS. We need to end our complacency, our wilful ignorance and timid complicity, before we are unable to do so…….


Mrs Thatcher type image!

Is that what she thinks she is?

We are truly F****d


REMINDER: thehighwire live tonight at 19.00

The War on Pro Athletes; Ethics Expert Fired Over Mandate.
Vaccine’s Flopping Against Omicron.
New Docs Expose Fauci.
ICAN Landmark Wins & Critique of SCOTUS Hearing.
Guests: Jonathan Isaac, Aaron Kheriaty M.D., Aaron Siri, Esq.



that people who refuse a covid vaccine are standing on the shoulders of those who came forward and that the unvaccinated owe the vaccinated their freedoms

I beg your pardon??? and I’m meant to take this lot seriously? I also read somewhere today china is as no surprise influencing via money donations, they must be giving loads of money to come out with trollocks like that.

I take it boris and his parties certainly had there freedom with no jab in 2020. also, by that logic, does the state owe people that have cancer, heart liver, kidney etc etc surgeries cancelled and are unable to see there GP some treatment?

Last edited 4 months ago by Patrice
Steven James

I ponder Richie if all the Doctors & nurses on the ground that keep their mouths shut to keep their jobs knowing full well this is all a dangerous scam ,I wonder if they sit on their beds some nights thinking 💭 ‘I could be getting a monthly pay check for committing Genocide here ‘
Ah well…least I have a job and my work load is decreasing rapidly’ 🤷🏻‍♂️😡

David Farrell

Now now Richie, calm down fella, calm down, we know violence doesn’t solve anything 😇 but it sure would feel bloody good! 😆

Urban Fox

Javid like all of these evil Tyrants and there masters, seek to invert everything. Whether it be love and empathy for humanity, true science, good health, freedom or in this case language. Upon reading that Javid announced to his fellow enforcers in suits, that the unvaccinated are standing on the shoulders of those that have come forward. The phrase
standing on the shoulders of Giants‘ came to mind. I spent many years attending personal and business development conferences, repeatedly hearing this phrase.

Issac Newton was thought to have first used it. But later an earlier reference was found by the 12th century theologian and author John of Salisbury, who used a version of the phrase in a treatise on logic called Metalogicon, written in Latin in 1159.

“We are like dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants. We see more, and things that are more distant, than they did, not because our sight is superior or because we are taller than they, but because they raise us up, and by their great stature add to ours.”

The phrase is normally used in recognition of those gone before us. Whose knowledge we benefit from. Or who we owe in some way the position that they have helped us to be in. This vile inhuman monster in a suit, has inverted in true Orwellian ‘newspeak’. What is meant to be an inspirational and respectful phrase. With what i know of mind tricks, i would not be surprised if this was deliberate.

I put to Sajid Javid that i and others are standing on the shoulders of giant’s. The shoulders of our ancestors who fought to defend the land of our birth. Including Boudica, Douglas Barder and many thousands of those that have laid there life down, including a relative of mine that was killed in action in the battle of Britain. And more recently we are standing on the shoulders of the likes of David Icke, Pierce Corbyn, Vernon Coleman and Dolores Cahill. What these brave people have in common, is courage to fight for what they believe to be right. And to never stop fighting for freedom no matter the odds or personal cost.

Whilst you Javid and your fellow conspirators, are standing on the graves of tens of thousands of victims of those killed. Through Midazolam, DNR notices, Untreated medical conditions, increased suicides’, and tens of thousands dead through a toxic fake vaccine. Deliberately created to cause harm, under the pretense of a fake plague. Personally i know where i would rather be standing.

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

Well said, Mister Fox, very well said 👏 👏👏👏🙌

Urban Fox

Thanks for that, how you doing?

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

Not too bad, Foxy; keeping on keeping on. Hope you’re all good 👍

Urban Fox

About average. I’m gonna enjoy my cheesecake though.


People like Savage Jabhead should steer clear of quotations especially from Titans of this country; those words could very well be the ones that end up choking him to death.

Urban Fox

Hi BB, thanks for reading and reply. What you doing today?


Good eveiing my bushy tailed friend. I doing quite well and stealing myself for the daily lateral flow test in order to be told off again by the unit line manager at work.


Just a thought on their little “Build Back Better” mantra…

Two years into this monumental SCAM of the highest order.

And just when you think the 🤬rs couldn’t stoop any lower…

You see this:

(In this instance, it’s those following their ‘build back better’ orders — McDonald’s no less!!)




Is this another symptom ? Covid shoulder?

Last edited 4 months ago by Abdel

Only one request Richie.

I wanna be ref!!


I also have a request: when or if we find his little Tandoori testicles; would I be permitted to administer a sharp kick to same?


You’d have more fun with a hammer Backbeat!!

Or one of these:


Celtic hardcore is alive and well…. lol


Gotta make sure the serving is tendered and chopped up well!!



Even as the house of cards is visibly falling they’ll still argue the toss! I know they are still holding control and can twist the knife into us at a whim, but I do feel there is a light at the end of this maze. So screw them!


Spot on Clare! WE hold the power, but have never been educated to understand this simple fact. We need to perform a multi pronged attack on these evil entities encompassing passive economic resistance and non compliance, legal remedy and as a last result insurrection.

Anne Talbot

They will stop at nothing will they ! just as you think they can’t possibly dream up another phrase to widen the divide or attempt to terrorise us even further.

The more they do this, the more my firmly my feet are firmly fixed to the ground.


Anne, we’re all backing our convictions; the other side of the conflict HAVE to stay committed, as the alternative could mean the gallows for many of them. Our side of the ball have the deeper and far more profound need for victory – SURVIVAL.

Anne Talbot

Absolutely BB, survival is paramount. Just what part of our refusal to be bullied for the past two years are they just not getting.


I would only stand on the shoulders of the vaccinated if I knew I was close to a defibrillator.


I wouldn’t mind standing on his windpipe; for what it’s worth.


Yet more sales tactics by guilt tripping. It will fall on deaf ears. Savage does need that time alone with any of us, as do they all. When this finally goes off, they are not going to like it at all. I suggest they 6uild 6etter 6unkers! 😉


Jabid can spout as much hate speech as he wants, fill yer boots savage.

Most of us know someone or people who have been jabbed twice that are now done with the nonsense.

He also knows this, that’s why he is yapping away like a little frightened terrier in a house that offers him special privileges from prosecution. 


I spoke to one of my TRIPLE JABBED colleagues at work today; she fully admits to being aware of the f£$kery, but will blindly follow the other lemmings over the cliffs edge. I can’t bring everyone to Jesus; sadly, some people don’t actually deserve to be saved. Perhaps useless eaters really do exist?


What was here reasoning bb ? 🤦‍♂️


I actually don’t think that there was much reasoning behind that (potential) decision. Sadly some people exist in a virtual state of torpor; one might call it autopilot, it’s very sad, but not everyone is worth saving from themselves; I prefer to focus my energies on those who’re at least open to other points of view and to the fact that the may just have made a error.


I’m glad I’m not him. If things go in a different direction one day, and folk turn against these lot, he’ll have few places to hide. The pure arrogance of these fuckers amazes me.


He will run and hide in Tel-Aviv seen how his love for democracy in Israel makes him happy.


And just when you thought you’d seen it all!!!

Mother of the good lord and divine Jesus!!!



Gareth, they are ALL ‘acting as if’. The confidence is a façade; the hubris is paper thin, and their arguments are so illogical that they fall apart upon contact with oxygen. Even THE most cognitively impaired are (some grudgingly) emerging blinking into the light of truth.

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