Joggers Should Wear Masks Says Nutty Professor

Oxford Professor Professor Trish Greenhalgh should spend the rest of the scamdemic in a cell, preferably the one between the semen-chucking Multiple Miggs and Dr. Hannibal Lecter. She told Good Morning Britain earlier today that, “joggers should wear masks when passing people.”

The batshit-crazy boffin had Tweeted something similar late last year. I covered it on the radio show. She was in fine form this morning. Egged on by the cretinous Piers Morgan she said;

“There is no doubt the virus is in the air. There is no doubt you can catch it if you inhale air that someone else has exhaled. The exercising jogger, the puffing and panting jogger, you can feel their breath come and you can sometimes actually feel yourself inhale it. So there’s no doubt that there is a danger there.

So you’re jogging along, you think you’re fine and the next day you’ve developed symptoms of Covid but you’ve actually breathed that Covid on to someone. You know an old lady walking a dog or something like that. I think it’s very important to be socially responsible.”

Dr. Chilton, Dr Chilton! Paging Dr. Chilton! Restrain the bejesus out of her Barney ’til Chilton gets here! In fairness, public disease expert Dr. Jake Dunning dismissed it as idiocy.

He said on Twitter:

“Forcing joggers to wear masks is totally disproportionate to any reasonable estimate of risk. Stop whipping up hysteria and anxieties. Stop singling out outdoor runners for no good scientific reason and instead focus on avoiding the actual high risk, indoor scenarios for transmission.”

Attaboy Doc. It’s all happening now eh? SAGE is considering updating its advice on masks to recommending people wear two and we’re being told that the new Brazilian variant is almost too deadly to mention. We really are suckers.

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fab nocivelli

Keep those gyms shut!

Zander More

Oh my god I better get a tin foil hat to stop her bullshit from making me go insane

Mr Collier

I don’t know why we don’t all just buy a fucking zuba ball and be done with it. At least it would make golf interesting.

Mr Collier

If people end up being harmed by this insane advice, and they have the evidence of the medical advice provided by these experts then is there a case for a class action lawsuit against the individual, the TV channel and the presenters?


“you can feel their breath come and you can sometimes actually feel yourself inhale it.”

Confirmation she’s NUTS, really,
She can make a quick 225,000 euros if she is fast enough, there is a reward for proving the virus exists, uuu

Last edited 1 year ago by sven

The nutjobs are enjoying this far too much. They seem to hold the power by displaying their irrational fear. My next door neighbor’s parents showed up for a visit, wearing masks as the walked to the front door. I cannot abide fuckery in my own neighborhood. I have pretty well lost my mind. I haven’t shot up a supermarket yet but there is the future. The gun counter at the outdoorsman shop near me has had a line every day since last March. Never used to be a line before.


We don’t have that luxury in the U.K. 😆


The porn industry is the last bastion of sanity 🙂


I think you’re right. Can’t give a hummer with a mask on.

Urban fox

Yet more insanity. Round here joggers already wearing them. Their is no evidence of flue type viruses, spreading by any means other than coughs And sneezing. As has been pointed out by Vernon Coleman and others. Even then a certain length of time is normaly needed for transmission to occure. But this was never about protecting health,but about the agenda, and harming health.


Actually, there is no scientific evidence that flu “virus” is spread by sneezing, coughing, etc. On the contrary, there were at least 100 people who took part in experiment back in 1918-1919 at US military base, described in a book Virus Mania and not a single person got infected from the sick patients. Sick folks coughed, sneezed, you name it at healthy ones, nothing happened and “doctors” were confused and stay confused to this day It’s all well documented, not my conjecture …


yep. the truth, the U.S. army study, reading virus mania not came to that bit yet, think the army basically arrived at the conclusion they had no clue what was causing the illness, vaccinnes ?, or wireless,whatever it was that study proved it was not a infectious disease.


And there is a good question … what is “the flu” after all?
here is Jon Rappoport’s article on this one

Wes Baker

Good people, the responsible ones, should be wearing them while they swim as well. Particularly diving. All non-scuba divers should be double masked. Think about it. They are exerting themselves and exhaling their evil flux as they project themselves extraordinary distances over a semi-permeable substance.

Pole vaulters should triple mask.




Here you go …

Wes Baker

Yea, I cheated. I had seen that story of castrated men and their children in a pool. That’s over here, Stateside, as I recall. Absolutely worthless, feckless cowards who are traumatizing their children for life.


I remember when the phrase ‘love is in the air’ was rather popular. I guess we aren’t getting the chance to breath that in either.

Wes Baker

Love of ‘humanitarian totalitarianism’ is certainly in the air… The state is going to ‘help’ your arse, either at the end of Tomahawk missile or a fine for your primary children kicking a ball around a pitch.

You-is about to be ‘helped’ like you’ve never seen before!

Jake Crane

She’s absolutely bonkers that one but people keep listening. I despair sometimes. I wonder how long it will be til the double maskers are calling the single maskers granny killers?


And God only knows what will happen when the triple face nappy wearers emerge from the twilight zone…


They should start wearing tightly fit plastic bags with ends secured by duct tape around theIr necks and as added protection pull a hosiery product over it to save lives

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