Johnson Claims Toxic Masculinity To Blame For Ukraine War

Boris Johnson has blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s toxic masculinity on the Ukraine war. The Prime Minister was speaking to German broadcaster ZDF after the G7 summit in Bavaria yesterday.

According to the BBC:

While speaking about gender equality and the importance of education, he (Johnson) said “you need more women in positions of power”.

“If Putin was a woman, which he obviously isn’t, but if he were, I really don’t think he would’ve embarked on a crazy, macho war of invasion and violence in the way that he has,” Mr Johnson said.

“If you want a perfect example of toxic masculinity, it’s what he’s doing in Ukraine.”

Mr Johnson also said that while G7 leaders “desperately” want an end to the war in Ukraine, there is “no deal available” currently.

But he also described the summit as “incredible” as leaders “got closer and closer” to an agreement.

It’s a shame that the German reporter didn’t ask Johnson to comment on the fact that on his watch, the UK has become the single biggest sellers of arms in the world.

Couldn’t that be described as toxic?

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Yes, those girlies are nothing like as warmongering as us Bullingdon Boys, eh Boris? BoJo is a fuckwit whose balls are held by those nearer the top of the pyramid and who has no choice but to do what they tell him to do. To think he has any say in what happens anywhere to anything is ludicrous – he is no more “running the UK” than Biden is “the most pwerful man on the planet” – BoJo can’t even dress properly or comb his hair and Biden can’t even walk up the stairs of a plane without falling over. Anyone who pays any attention to these eejits is deserving of all they get as a result of their own stupidity. And Putin is probably in on it all as part of the bigger game that is being played by all of them in their puppet show. God have mercy on anyone who believes any of this shite and who still watches the MSM and thinks it’s all real.


No it’s caused by toxic people. There have been both male and female political leaders who have been aggressive warmongers. Victoria Nuland, an under secretary under Obama, played a large part in the coup in Ukraine that has a lot to do with what is happening now.


Not a word about when Thatcher murdered those Argentinian sailors on the Belgrano or when Liz Truss was telling council estate kids it was a good idea to go to the Ukraine to fight for freedom.
Hypocritical lying bastard.


The political currency of using sex and gender interchangeably is that it can be used against any real or projected polical opponent.
Masculine, like feminine, is a gender trait. But neither are absolutely specific to biological sex.
History is full of tales of aggressive and dominant women, predatory women murderers, and warrior women. Regarding the latter, they crop up in Norse and Germanic mythology, Chinese mythology, Greek mythology, Roman mythology, and in Celtic mythology (including the Ulster Cycles of Ireland).
But violence and aggression (especially physical based, rather than emotional based) are viewed as classic masculine traits; whereas compassion is viewed as a classic feminine trait.

Both Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May were accused of thinking and behaving in a masculine fashion by their opponents and detractors. Ursula von der Leyen certainly behaves in a masculine fashion. Many have accused Jacinda Arden of behaving in a masculine fashion, though Arden does present herself as feminine (and thus compassionate).

Again we are presented with the simplicity of opposing binary opposites when it comes to gender, when in reality we all have masculine and feminine traits in varying degrees.

And, of course, what isn’t being discussed is how femininity, as expressed through compassion, can often harm and kill just as effectively as masculinity.
As a physical force, it could be argued that the police represent the masculine and much is made of the harms done by that institution; yet there is little coverage of the harms done by the feminine healthcare services.
Yet under the auspices of ‘the feminine’ operates the pharmaceutical industry with its manufactured opiate addiction crisis, Midazolam scandal, thalidomide scandal, euthanasia, abortions, vaccine injuries and deaths, puberty blockers, and transitioning surgeries. All of this has come about in the name of the feminine quality of compassion.

Likewise, Marxism, Cultural Marxism, and ‘climate change’ are all based in the compassionate, caring model.
In other words (and in my opinion), they are all representative of toxic femininity.
But we must not discuss that for fear of compassionate censure.

Stacked against that the accusations against Putin are, again in my opinion, nothing more than the currency of poliical theatre.

Urban Fox

The war in Ukraine serves the real agenda, by further destabilizing the world. Adding to the already precarious situation with energy and food supply’s and costs, brought about largely down to the policy’s of the last 2 years. But perhaps most importantly it serves to distract the masses from the unfolding tyranny. This was the primary reason for the war in the book 1984 according to its author. Orwell also believed that in the future for tyrannical systems to be successful perpetual war was necessary.

By constantly supplying arms to Ukraine, the puppet leaders have done all they can to keep the war going. It will end when and if those really pulling the strings decide its time to end it. Though i believe that constant conflict somewhere may be the aim.

Toxic masculinity is an interesting phrase, and is a typical example of what Orwell would have called ‘Newspeak’. The language that we use is closely related to, and directly effects the way we think. This is the case with the way we speak to ourselves, and what we hear around us every day. Therefor changing language actually changes our thoughts and the way we think. The word Toxic means poisonous, very harmful or unpleasant. Masculinity according to the dictionary, qualities traditionally associated with being a man. This relatively new phrase is creating the impression on a subconscious level, that qualities traditionally associated with being a man are poisonous, unpleasant and harmful. I dont believe this changing of certain words and there meanings, and the introduction of new phrases is by chance. But rather is one of the psychological tools, the hidden hand is using to manipulate the publics thoughts and perceptions. I’m just trying to think when the last time i heard the phrase toxic femininity was.

Last edited 1 month ago by Urban Fox

I’ve been musing of late over how many Countries seem to be throwing money at Ukraine. I am beginning to feel this is a ruse and actually its a way for said Countries to continually screw their people into greater poverty or Ukraine is acting like some sort of holding account for the elite – it all feels very contrived – another way to ensure we have nothing and money becoming irrelevant. Sorry if my ramblings don’t make sense…that’s how I’m feeling about how everything is unravelling


What do Authoritarian systems do if not centralise power (and capital wealth is simply one expression of power)?
It does not matter what mask it wears – religion, capitalism, Marxism, or Socialism – the outcome will always be the same. Because the underlying psychology is always the same.

Urban Fox

Hi Clair thanks for reply, hope your well.


Hi Mr Fox, all good thank you, hope you are well too.
I took a break from everything for a number of weeks – just needed to clear my head. Now back to being engaged with it all and cannot believe what is unravelling in front of our very eyes still and so many people just going along with it!!

Last edited 1 month ago by Clare
Urban Fox

Thanks C, Was it you i was talking with about your children previously. Please forgive my memory.
Not had chance to read this properly yet. Doesn’t look good.


no my eldest turned 30 this year! I don’t envy anyone with school age at the moment, the whole situation is amplified when you have young children too


Yesterday I got into a brief discussion with a few well educated people about our supply chain issues. One of them immediately blamed Brexit and the others went straight into nodding dog agreement.
Having had plenty of experience recognising the signs of closed, docile minds, I walked away.
The irony is those people – fully invested in, and masked up – work in a science museum.

Urban Fox

Hi, Dont know if you saw, but Jennie told me same thing yesterday, think it was. But i cant find the post. But basically i wrote a long list of reasons for energy and food shortages and price increases. None of them anything to do with Brexit. Problems were starting even before Brexit for one thing. But most things are down to the last two years covids policy’s and the environmental policy’s starting to impact. Even Russia has not effected most of the world yet. Apart from a handful of country’s. We are yet to see the impact of that , which will come later. The other thing is that Brexit is totally irrelevant now, after open tyranny has been declared two years ago. I was always suspect about Brexit. Now i have an absolute conviction, that they knew what was coming in 2020 years ago. Meaning the whole Brexit thing, was an almighty con job. But what gets me, is most people blame absolutely everything apart from covid and environmental policy’s. Its like they have a blind spot, where they just are unable to see what’s before their faces.


Nothing there I disagree with.


Hi Urban,

I hope you are well.

Brilliant commentary on Ukraine. Keep the posts coming.



Urban Fox

Hi Adam, good to hear from you. I really appreciate that, especially as i got some stick recently regards my post under the Nazi article. I think last time i looked , i was on a red tick score of 7. I know who they are. There are about 5 accounts at the moment, that may or may not be the same person. Its good to get some encouragement now and again. Not that I’m chasing approval, but otherwise ones gets to think why bother.


I’d take Johnson over Sturgeon any day of the week, if you put a gun to my head. Having a vagina is nothing to do with it. What a prat he is.

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