Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Causes Fatal Blood Clot

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is launching an urgent investigation into safety of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine. Four cases of blood clotting have been reported including one death. Three of the incidents occurred in the US.

A statement from the EMA read:

“Four serious cases of unusual blood clots with low blood platelets have been reported post-vaccination. One case occurred in a clinical trial and three cases occurred during the vaccine rollout in the USA. One of them was fatal.”

The Johnson & Johnson jab is only available in the US for now. 200 million doses of it will be delivered to the EU next week. Johnson & Johnson claims that the jab has shown 67 per cent efficacy in fighting covid-19. The EMA approved it last month.

Johnson & Johnson said that it was aware of the reports of blood clots and that the company would be working with regulators to assess the data.

In a short statement the company said: “At present, no clear causal relationship has been established between these rare events and the Janssen Covid-19 vaccine”

The UK regulator MHRA, has not yet approved the Johnson & Johnson vaccine but the government has ordered 30 million doses of it.

Predictably, politicians and scientists are being rushed on to news programmes today, to remind you that the benefits of these vaccines, far outweigh the risks. This is nonsense. I must repeat again and again that you do not need to take one of these experimental therapies.

The odds of you becoming seriously ill or dying from a mild respiratory infection are astronomical. You now know that these jabs are causing real harm in real time.

They were produced in mere months. It normally takes up to ten years. There have been no medium or long-term studies. Neither the manufacturers, nor the doctors administering the jabs, can credibly claim that they are safe.

Why on Earth would you take a chance?


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Important notice to the Irish electorate from Tracey O’Mahony (Barrister at law, Republic of Ireland).


There are links assigned to the video linked above, where a spreadsheet can be sourced for what politician to lobby and who not to waste your time with.

Also, there is another link where a draft letter can be easily obtained, that you can edit if needs be, to then send by email and ‘post’ to your relevant constituent TD.

NB: (The postal aspect is important as some of them have spam bots scanning for buzz words to try and block certain email they may not wish to see!)

Time to get at them folks!!

Enough is enough!!

And “Go tell your friends!!”


Hermione Granger

Why can’t more millions of people see that covid is a con? It’s complex to answer but they lack courage, they are afraid to change their mind, they are naive/ gullible, they dont see malevolence, they don’t understand true history, they don’t understand the financial facts about the few companies that run the world, they are too narcissistic to be able to change their mind, they are clever idiots,  cognitive dissonance stops them seeing, also Stockholm syndrome and behaviour conditioning restrict their perception of the world controllers.


From the document “SPI-M-O:Summary of further modelling of easing restrictions-Roadmap Step 2.

Date 31st March 2021

32. The resurgence in both hospitalisations and DEATHS is dominated by those that have received two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60% and 70% of the wave respectively. This can be attributed to the high levels of uptake in the most at-risk age groups, such that immunisation failures for more serious illness than unvaccinated individuals.”

They KNOW that the 3rd wave WILL be caused by “THE VACCINE” and WILL use it to implement compulsory vaccination. This needs to be spread far and wide.

Now to the phrase “THE VACCINE”, it is in the singular. I have written before that the ‘choice’ of vaccines may be an illusion, it does seem odd to me that they refer to there being only a single vaccine and that it was published this year, so they knew there is more than one ( supposedly ) available .

Gene Hunt

Whenever I mention to people the fact that the “vaxx” was produced in months instead of the standard 10 years, they sometimes come back with……. “the reason for that is because they massively increased the funding for Covid, thus they were able to get the 10 years work done in such a short time”…… Can anyone shed any light on this? Does this stand up to scrutiny?


You might wanna check these guys out for an answer to your question

Last edited 29 days ago by Herb
Gene Hunt

Bookmarked! Cheers Herb

Hermione Granger

Means nothing unless they have a microbe covid 18 – there isn’t one


No it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny because the long time period is not about developing the vaccine but allowing time to see how people in a trial react to it. It can take several years before adverse reactions show themselves.


Johnson&Johnson&Johnson have us all by the johnson. If it’s not a blood clot, it’s a paternity test.

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