Kids Who Refuse To Wear A Mask Will Have To Sit At Back Of Class

The Telegraph is reporting this morning that pupils are facing “mask apartheid” after parents were told that children who refuse to wear one will have to sit at the back of the class. They will also be banned from eating lunch with their friends.

The government has recommended that all secondary school students wear face coverings during class, but it is not legally enforceable. Schools were told that students who refused to wear a mask, or take a twice weekly rapid covid test, must not be sent home.

But, according to The Telegraph today:

….parents fear their children will be discriminated against and forced to miss out on lessons if they come to school without a face mask.

Pupils at The Stonehenge School in Amesbury, Wiltshire were told that if they refuse to wear masks they will be “asked to sit near open doors or windows and must understand that their peers may not wish to sit with or work with them”.

Meanwhile, students at The Warwick School in Redhill, Surrey were advised that if they do not wear a mask in the classroom, the school will “make alternative arrangements” for them to continue learning “where we can maintain social distancing”. 

Another secondary school said pupils without masks will have to enter the school through a separate entrance and sit at a table alone at the back of the class by an open window. They will also be banned from sitting with their peers at lunch time and blocked from group activities such as PE lessons, drama or after-school clubs.

One parent said: “I am appalled and feel blackmailed into accepting these measures so that my children can partake in exercise, class learning and their social groups at school.”

Coombe School for Girls in London warned parents that girls who came to school without a mask would be sent home to get one. Park Academy, also in London, told youngsters that if they arrived without a mask, they’d have to wait outside until one was brought for them. Failing that, they’d have to go home.

This is outrageous. The government was explicit in telling head teachers that children who refused to wear a mask could neither be sent home, nor discriminated against. Allyson Pollock, a professor of public health at the Newcastle University told The Telegraph:

“This is not informed consent, its coercion and other harms are emerging as a result – psychological trauma, isolation, segregation stigmatising children and its a form of abuse and harassment and intimidation of children and parents.”


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Delighted to report that the children in my kids school rebelled…no one appeared to enforce the ‘ruling’ deeming it wasn’t mandatory and classes remained mask free. In the meantime, Lawyers for Liberty will be sending an email on my behalf to the head, just to reinforce things a little. Result.


I am having a really hard time getting my daughter not to wear one when schools reopen. I have emailed the school a number of times regarding the mask policy and have managed to obtain a badge and an excemption card for her, but she fears she will be ‘canceled’ by the other students if she doesn’t comply.
There must be a lot of other kids feeling the same way. Peer pressure is a major factor in secondary school.
She also wants to be tested for exactly the same reasons. It’s not a big deal dad, so what if they test me 2 times a week.
She won’t be getting tested as we won’t consent to testing but regarding the Mask, I am not sure as I can’t br there to police her. Apparently it’s more embarrassing to wear a badge than a torture device…

Last edited 1 month ago by Pennywise

I really feel for you and your child. If there are any Jews amongst the teaching staff; it may perhaps be an idea to remind them that their ancestors were forced (not coerced or persuaded) to wear a yellow star in order for them to be ‘marked for discrimination and much worse’.

Inhaling and exhaling are just so last decade.
If you want to be up with the times you should Rehale, all the kids are doing it!

Wear a mask, it’s just common nonsense!


Well crafted 🙂

Thanks Backbeat, I think it’s meme worthy but haven’t yet found the time!


I was at secondary school from 1990 – 1995, thinking back there was a lot of social issues going on then and some real tough situations, as always. In that melting pot of the then demographic of Middle-Class English, Pakistani, West Indian, Ukrainian, Polish, Indian, Working Class English, Mentally Challenged, Hard-of-Hearing, Socially Awkward, Sexually Confused, Obese, Malnourished, Introvert, Extrovert, Macho, Abused, of Losing Parents, of Divorced Parents, of Sporting Prowess, Geniuses, Dumb Fucks, Clever Bastards, Under Achievers, Bullies, Diminished Bullies, Wiggers, Wannabes, Grebs, Rude Boys, Goths, Oasis Fans, Blur Fans, BritBoppers, Grungers, Hip-Hoppers et all
But come the last year, there was so much respect, apathy, and fondness of all our differences that we worked out by ourselves so that any future encounters socially were always pleasant and reflective, sometimes awkward but always with respect. Nobody had to teach us that, or drill it into us, we worked it out for our fucking selves. FUCK OFF you self obsessed, narcissistic, self appointed politicians and school governors who are fucking it right up for future generations.

Slightly off topic, more unconscious bias bollox i suppose, but seeing the photo of the pupils wearing masks, I reckon most of us back then would have not conformed. Rose tinted glasses? don’t know, but there were some tougher cookies back then. Let alone previous decades. I thought late secondary school kids and uni students were about restless minds, pushing back and challenging the authority. Now they can’t wait to have the most stylish face diaper on.


Everything you say is spot on.

Nick Lewis

Likewise Jennie, there are no words but monster is accurate. I noticed at the start of this shit show what was happening. The government’s website gives up their game, but no body wants to look. Using behavioral Insights Team the government set out to induce mass hypnosis through promoting first fear, then confusion. Add to that the 3 slogan’s and hey presto! Any hypnotist will tell you that an analytic mind is easily by-passed by using fear and confusion. After a short time those who were stupid enough to keep watching the briefings would see nothing but STAY HOME SAVE LIVES PROTECT THE NHS! A mind in the state of fear and confusion is in an hypnotic state and therefore incapable of any critical thinking. That’s why we are here. It takes a few days of not seeing or hearing the never ending bullshit before the mind begins to see the bullshit. I’ve managed to avoid most of lockdowns as I’m a Landscaper and usually work alone. I’ve managed to avoid wearing a mask except for 5 minutes when I went into hospital for major eye surgery. Once in my room it was off. Subsequent visits to the eye unit to see my consultant and not worn a mask once. I just say I can’t wear one. I go out with my dog in the morning and I see kids and teenagers muzzled up and it is heart breaking. They are going to be changed forever. My mum broke her self free from the hypnosis when she stopped watching the propaganda, I visit every week as does my siblings. Same with my gorgeous grandson and my own children, there is no way anyone is going to prevent me seeing and hugging my family. I won’t be coerced or black mailed or threatened, because I can see no signs of scores of sick people or streams of ambulances up and down the street.

Urban fox

Hi Nick, your spot on about the methods used. The mind is one of my fields. They have used things like, NLP and covert hypnosis techniques from the beginning. The clapping was very sinnister. I thought from the beginning it didn’t seem right. Then I saw a government document suggesting it as a way of encouraging compliance. Every time People clap it helped to reinforce the verbal commands, useing what is known as an ” Anchor”


What we observe is a methodology akin to cult programming. Non mask wearers become “the other” thus a threat to the programmed cult members.

How it works – The Wave – 1981 ( apologies for the 80s naff production )
Based on a true story, “The Wave,” was a made-for-TV movie The experiment took place at Cubberley High School in Palo Alto, California, during one week in 1969. Ron Jones, unable to explain to his students why the German citizens (particularly non-Nazis) allowed the Nazi Party to exterminate millions of Jews and other so-called ‘undesirables’, decided to show them instead. Jones writes that he started with simple things like classroom discipline, and managed to meld his history class into a group with a supreme sense of purpose and no small amount of cliquishness. Jones named the movement “The Third Wave,” after the common wisdom that the third in a series of ocean waves is always the strongest, and claimed its members would revolutionize the world. The experiment allegedly took on a life of its own, with students from all over the school joining in.

Urban fox

Hi, thanks for reply.


The problem is trying to tear them away from the telly box. 😔


I’ve run out of words to describe these monsters. What they are doing to humanity and especially to children beggars belief. What will it take for the majority to stand up to this, mass public hangings of dissenters? Not sure if even that would rouse some of them.

Urban fox

It doesn’t matter what the law says. As I predicted on this topic a few days ago. The masses are so brainwashed, most are just policing themselves and making up there own rules now, as they are so terrified. They are doing the job of the authorities for them.
People have shown there disregard for their basic freedoms and rights, the way they so easily gave them up. If it wasn’t for a general attitude of guilibility, apathy and complacency back in March, this whole thing would not have worked. I don’t believe people would have excepted any of this 30 years ago. But they have been conditioned over many years. The only thing that can stop all this. Is for people to wake up and stop believing, and start asking questions instead. .And then stop cooperating and soon.!.


Spot on Foxy. Where have all the normal people gone?

Urban fox

Hi Kathy, thanks


Out to run around with the rest of the “chickens” ….
That’s why we need Foxy!
To frighten them back out of their delusion by flashing his gnashers!!

Jane Edmonds

Coercion by encouraging children to ostracise their fellow classmates is pure evil!

Urban fox

Total evil, yes.


Calculated deliberate evil.

see Susan Michie & Cass Sunstein … WHOdunnit.

Bulletin of the World Health OrganizationBehavioural and social sciences for better health: call for papers
Listed as reference there is this little Gem from UNICEF


page 65 bold mine

Education programming
:a vast array of programmatic efforts that aim at improving the accessibility and quality of learning opportunities through strengthening inclusive and equitable education systems. Interventions include the provision of quality learning materials, improvement of accountability systems, capacity development and training for quality teaching, community mobilization and training school management committees, provision of alternative education in emergencies, etc. Education is critical in changing societies not only because it is necessary for children to reach their potential and contribute to change, but also because a significant part of the socialization element, which underpins most social norms and future adults’ behaviours, happens in school where, it is hoped, children spend a large part of their lives.


I can hear a song…

“There are times when all the world’s asleep… The questions run too deep.. for such a simple man…
Won’t you please, please tell me what we’ve learned… I know it sounds absurd.. please tell me who I am”

Their answer would be…

“A vegetable!”


Jon Taylor

This is disgusting kids should not wear masks. The trivium was removed from the eduction system which are tools we all have of how to think and are the lost tools of learning. the liberal arts free people so they can break apart bullshit. If we had a trivum educated populous then this covid narrative and the bullshit measures would have gotten nowhere but people are not discerning properly so we have this shit show.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jon Taylor

I tried to influence the head of my child’s school, to no avail, although the ‘guidance’ falls short of saying masks are mandatory – they use the word ‘should’ a lot in their mind warping literature and acres of other fluff. I have advised my child that they are a sovereign being, and if they do not wish to take the knee to all this bullshit then they should tell whoever is wearing the jackboot to kiss ones ass.

Wes Baker

Never underestimate the barbaric cruelty of the herd. Particularly those who think they have God science on their side. They know no bounds.

This is an ancient phenomenon/ritual.

Jennifer Robertson

The Telegraph gets sillier and sillier. Utter garbage.


I always headed for the back of the class anyway


Me too cos I was naughty 😆


so after all this time of locking them inside zoom calls and their own heads, handheld devices and pill popping; the powers that think they be are blackmailing and using peer pressure to subdue the young and vulnerable. WELL DONE BOJO, YOU ARE THE CLOWN WE KNEW YOU TO BE


Parents should take these idiots to court but most likely they wouldn’t


So much for Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity. It doesn’t even satisfy the WEF’s new concepts of Belonging, Dignity and Justice.


Disgraceful, but far from surprising. Unfortunately.

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