Laurence Fox Threatens Met Police & Calls Them “Thugs”

In a series of extraordinary tweets, the actor turned politician Laurence Fox called the Metropolitan Police thugs and said that there would be trouble if they kept returning to his house for no reason.

Yesterday, police visited his home for the second time in two months. The officers said they had received reports of a party at the actor’s address. He says he was having dinner with his father.

Fox tweeted that the police presence had made his daughters cry and that officers should go and solve knife crime. The Reclaim Party leader was previously visited by Met Police officers in March ahead of the City Hall elections.

The officers warned him then, that his campaigning could be in breach of lockdown restrictions. Fox filmed the encounter and shared it online.

We really are here now. The police really are knocking on doors to count the number of people in your home, in your private residence. Maybe the Met police should rename themselves the stasi.

Even more worrying for me, is that there’s no outrage. Look at Twitter. Rather than pile-on the police for behaving like Nazi’s, users prefer to mock Fox and his family and call him a racist.

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Hermione Granger

why answer the door ?


They’ll kick the door in because the flu might cause someone to sneeze. It is why ‘THEY’ needed a pandemic to use health nazism to enter our homes without a warrant.


Not too long ago many would have chided you for making a statement like that; nowadays; even people who wouldn’t agree out loud know that you’re NOT a conspiracy theorist. The weak are not going to inherit the earth; they’ll give it away by being spineless.


I see that Sadiq Khan was re-elected for a further term, what a surprise. No-one but the large parties allowed to campaign and several candidates banned on msm or social media, hardly a level playing field as they used to say.

Good for him for standing up to the bullies, disgusting the way he and his family were treated.


Much of the way Laurence Fox is due to out and out jealousy; why is it that people believe that all actors are loaded and being paid millions per movie? ANY entertainer has to work their guts out to get and keep decent gig; just ask a dancer, musician or stand-up comic about job security.


I heard that the Met were changing their crisp white and blue pressed shirts for brown ones to reflect their true nature. I’m sure the lefties will lap up that if it were news


Here in Canada- i just read on Rebel News that the prison guards refused to let Rev. Artur Pawlawski out of prison, even though his lawyers and the judge had approved his release…..He is now free [along with his brother who was also hunted down and made to kneel on the side of the road this weekend, surrounded by 6 police cars full of thugs] Welcome to your health protection in Canada.


I’m feeling so bad for Canada, Castro’s love child needs to be ‘ended’ before Canada is destroyed.


None of this will ever go away. These people get, for lack of a more accurate word, an erection from having this kind of power. As Richie says, they only have it as long as you keep giving it to them. They have to keep up the fear because if the larger group of people were to wake up, there would be mayhem and these people would have to leave the country.


They seem to be angling for ‘mass public disorder’ and seem to be praying for us to be violent in order for the armed pyschopaths of the Met and even teh Armed for to quell a terrorist uprising.


What’s the bet that those very same people who have been mocking Fox are the same ones who, last year, were screeching for the police to be defunded?


You won’t get many opposing bets. Laurence Fox was called out by a BBC shill on Question Time and has been a target ever since.

ian heaver

Well done to Laurence Fox for standing up to these fascist baxtards. This is how the awful mainstream media go after the likes of Laurence Fox. I have copied this from page 3 of the May edition of the Light Paper . This is a very interesting article (one of many) of the Ten Steps To Mass Mind Control. Quite a long article but the bullet points of Ten Steps of Mind Manipulation are as follows

1. Repetition of the lie ad infinitum 
2. Maximum media exposure to the lie and minimum exposure to the truth
3. Implanting the suggestion that the truth is an elaborate lie by by labelling it a ‘conspiracy theory’.
4. At the same time suggesting that the truth is obnoxious by calling it ‘hate speech’. Truth telling allegedly leads to public disorder and the death of certain targeted individuals, and so the expression of unpopular truths must be classified as ‘terrorism’ .
5. The systematic fabrication of false conspiracy theories by paid agents , in order to create maximum obfuscation and bring the truth into disrepute by associating it with a plethora of discredited ideas and far fetched , ludicrous lies. 
6. Subjection of the truth to mockery and contempt .
7. Character assassination of truth tellers by a variety of underhand means , including misquoting, telling lies , and digging up their irrelevant past.
8. Organised outrage at any expression of the truth by a public figure , i.e . systematic intimidation.
9. Severe punishment for telling the truth
10. The use of bribery and blackmail, the carrot and the stick, to reward the promoters of the lie and deter potential truth tellers from speaking out.


The Ten Commandments of pure evil.

Jane Edmonds

People need to put on their big pants! They are scared to do anything for fear of reprisal. They need to go on a march, once you have done that you feel empowered, I don’t wear a lanyard, I shop in the Supermarkets with no questions, I just go in with my ‘question me and I will give you a low down face’, seems to work. You have to be prepared and be brave, too many pussies in the UK!


Jane Edmonds… I may just be in love 🙂 Well said…


Let’s hope the side effects don’t out way the positive tests.


If you want an accurate way of searching the adverse reactions database this link is your best option the link needs printing out and posting outside every Doctors Surgery, Health Centre, Bus stops, schools and VACCINATION centres (so they can see the consequence of taking the JAB SHOT). It IS better than the Ment-Governs poor effort that cost £1.5 million.

Last edited 1 month ago by sven

I’m a self confessed coward but I would rather read the “satanic verses” aloud on the streets of Teheran. Then go around somebody’s house and accuse them of not being afraid of the coronavirus. Officers, if you don’t want to investigate crime, go help little old ladies across the street or pick litter up on the M1.


“Go solve knife crime” ?🤦‍♂️

Gene Hunt

Difficult to say which is the worse….. The increasing authoritarian police actions or the couldn’t care less attitude of the public?


Gene, sadly, one is just as bad as the other and work ‘hand in glove’. Those who are keen followers; or ‘good Germans’ are sleep walking mankind into the abyss. Mark Twain said something about people finding it harder to admit to being wrong than to changing their minds. The fact is that most people are lazy and cowardly to boot governments rely on this in order to rule.

Gene Hunt

Backbeat, your last sentence absolutely sums up everything that is wrong with society at the moment………


I can only call it as I see it brother; and am in deep despair as a result of the ‘weak NOT inheriting the earth; they’ll end up giving it away’.


Most people are controlled by their routines and habits – including habits of thought. This isn’t lazy or cowardly, just human nature.
Societies rarely ever change by the will of the majority. It has almost always been the minority that dictate change with the majority following docilely in their wake to minimise the disruption to their habits and routines.


Sorry Craig, but it is morally and intellectually lazy not to ‘check yourself’ on a regular basis whether it’s habit or not. I’m just as guilty as everyone else; but feel weak and disgusted with myself. This has hardened my attitude; not a bad thing IMHO. Craig, we ALL need to place our shoulders to wheel, or we’ll disappear.


That was the best comment on the thread 👍👍


Thank you Sir.

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