Leading Scientist Says Lockdown Is Biggest Mistake In History

A leading scientist has told The Telegraph that lockdowns are the biggest public health mistake in history. Jay Bhattacharya is a professor of medicine at Stanford University and a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Speaking to The Telegraph’s Planet Normal podcast, Professor Bhattacharya said:

“I do think that future historians will look back on this and say this was the single biggest public health mistake, possibly of all history in terms of the scope of the harm that it’s caused.

Every single poor person on the face of the earth has faced some harm, sometimes catastrophic harm from this lockdown policy. 

Almost from the very beginning, lockdown was going to have enormous collateral consequences, things that are sometimes are hard to see but are nevertheless real.”

Bhattacharya went on to cite the harm that lockdowns do to the wellbeing of children. He spoke of the harm caused to people who had essential medical treatment delayed. He said that lockdowns are killing sick people because they are not being diagnosed in time to save their lives.

Asked about the likelihood that the UK government will delay the removal of covid restrictions and not fully reopen on June 21st, Professor Bhattacharya said; “I think the government should declare victory and move on.”

Inevitability though, the professor went on to promote the covid-19 injections. He said that he had lost relatives in India to the virus.

Listen to The Telegraph’s Planet Normal podcast here:



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Tom M

Meanwhile it is being reported in the MSM that a record 5.1 million people are still awaiting NHS hospital treatment, with nearly 400k people waiting more than a year.

Well what else do you expect when you lock an entire population down and turn the health service into the National Covid Service?

Will Johnson, Hancock or any of their puppeteers be ever brought to account for all the unnecessary deaths caused as a result of people being unable to access medical treatment? Nah, doubt it.


is it a bird? Is it a plane? No; it’s BATTMAN…..

Urban fox

Lock downs were never about saving lives but destroying them. By bringing about economic dependency and deprivation. To further the aims of agenda 21/30 . And the evidence is redibly available. And they were sold to a gullible public on the grounds of a unproven virus and the myth of asymptomatic transmission. Without which there was no excuse for locking up perfectly healthy people. And regarding deaths in India,the same scam is being played out,as has been the case all over the world since the begining.Plus there are extra deaths in India from starvation And lack of medical aid. As was predicted by many. And none of this was a mistake.


“Inevitability though, the professor went on to promote the covid-19 injections. He said that he had lost relatives in India to the virus.”


Hermione Granger

The so-called professor hasn’t even read the rockerfeller lockstep document from 11 years ago – all planned all faked


Yeah but professor none of this was a mistake!!!

Last edited 4 days ago by Gary

Gary, I was listening to a VERY interesting guest on the James Delingpole Podcast the other day; in which she mentioned the father of PR Edward Bernays. This man is worth a read as he was Sigmund Freud’s nephew and clearly developed a great many theories on behavioural science. Her name is Laura Dodsworth – here’s the link –


In linkage to that, HUGO TALKS reckons Edward Bernays relative is the head guy from NETFLIX and they are clearly influencers too! Seems the “keep it in the family” of persuading PR, is a very tight knit cabal indeed!


That would make perfect sense. It brings to mind a line from Longfellow’s poem ‘The Psalm of life’ …”be not like dumb driven cattle, be a hero in the strife”. I’m not too sure what is more offensive for me; knowing that there are people who go along with social conditioning to the extent of the Maskholes; or being lumped in with them by the behaviourists?


Hi I watched it I’m a patron of James. I watch everything he puts out. It was a great listen.

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