Legoland: “You Must Wear A Mask On Our Rides!”

Visitors to Legoland will be required to wear masks on rides, while walking around the park and to maintain social distancing at all times. Theme parks, zoos, gyms, swimming pools and outdoor hospitality have been given the go ahead to reopen from next Monday, April 12th. Self-contained holiday accommodation is reopening too.

Legoland is opening its outdoor attractions and rides for what is left of the Easter break. All guests aged 11 and over will be told to mask up on all rides with the exception of water rides.

To maintain social distancing, rides will have some empty seats. Visitors must follows the government’s rule of six and not mix with other groups in the park.

There will be additional hygiene and safety measures in place throughout the park, including temperature checks on arrival, enhanced cleaning, one-way systems, screening in queue lines and social distancing markers in ride queues, shops, restaurants and more

Visitors can look forward to seeing 15 new Lego models made from 1.2 million bricks and featuring a host of characters such as a mini-figure scientist, a musical dragon and a family of roller-blading giraffes, which collectively took more than 8,000 hours to build.

So come to Legoland then. Have your temperature checked at the gate. Wear a mask at all times. Don’t hang with anyone outside your group. Be screened in queues. Be shouted at by muppets in yellow tee-shirts to follow the one-way system. No thanks.

It’s a Brave New World.

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The pastor on dear Richie’s show used the power of his voice to vanquish the police and he said they did the same in Poland when he was a child against the Communists….They used the power of many voices… Simple and effective…Power to the people, we are many, they are few. Thank you to dear Richie…


God bless Pastor Pavlosky (Pavloski ?). He fired them up and didn’t stop. Notice how insistent the cops were. How arrogant they were in the video. They feel that their authority is higher than Almighty God. They better learn before God gives them a personal warning or worse, a spanking.

Hermione Granger

Lego land is finished


What will happen to the Wasps that hang around in large numbers around the rubbish bins?
Only enjoyable on school trips, of which I did 3 times, when there is no queueing up for a couple of hours to get on one ride. Only did that once but never again.



Is there a way to donate to the programme without going through PayPal as I’ve tried a number of times but always come up against this stumbling block? They insist on a mobile phone number but I don’t have a mobile phone.

Inverdaroch Kerr

A park that will go out of business.


Yes, it’s barmy. My fianceand I went to Blackpool pleasure beach last year and it was madness with the masks there, but we told them we were exempt and got a wristband, but it was madness to watch people in masks all day long, even on the water ride. The masks help compliance because it causes permanent damage to the brain and because people are in a state of fear they cannot think rationally. The Government know exactly what they are doing. it’s a depopulation agenda to push pharmaceutical drugs as the cure. Evil and satanic at its core.

Urban fox

I grew up in Blackpool as a young fox, and the thought of this both saddens and sickens me. Masks are very unhealthy and wearing on rides is beyond insanity!


ok, kids like it. However adults thinks it’s crap. Your going out of Business.

Marissa Oatley

Fing A man… definitely not worth the no stop asthma attacks and suffocation for me(which happens every time I would wear one)(its been 3/4 of a year since Ive worn one and I’m not going back lmao no way…

Soooo these guidelines are a hard pass for this family woman. Give me a place to go see some animals in their natural habitat and not any guidelines except to just enjoy life, thats a hard yess type of family time for me❤

Love you BBG💛


We really are living in a Lewis Carroll novel. To see society collapse so quickly, and to have the weakness of people revealed so starkly and suddenly has left me in a genuine state of shock. If this is seeing through the illusion of the matrix, I’m not sure I want to.


I work for a public high school in USA. I’m the Forrest Gump there. I drop a question or response now and then to see where teachers stand. I only perceive a few who are awake right now. I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I believe in God and also that what is happening is prophecy. On the other hand, I served 4 years in the Army and I feel insulted that so many Americans feel compelled to give up their freedom so quickly and without question. Then there are those who are outright defecating on civilization such as with riots last summer. Most days I feel numb.


Understandably. i am keeping a list of those who have not failed humanity because it is shorter, haha…. That is who will receive support after this… whatever it is, spiritual war. i doubt this is a unique thought.

Stacy Young

This definitely seems like a trend. Disney has some of the strictest covid measures. Why would anyone want to go there now? I sure don’t.

Web Ferrett

Disney are wholly owned by China, have been for years now – so it’s not surprising that the communist style ID credit score system our government are hell bent on rolling out will start with these companies.
But we have a choice by simply boycotting such companies untill they understand that we will NOT consent to such totalitarian life styling..


There was a time but that time has long gone

Hermione Granger

Just wont go now

Urban fox

The way things are going, they won’t let the non believers off their own doorsteps soon. I loved you in Harry Potter, by the way. It was on recently, all the best, Fox

Danny Warden

Like you say Rich “brave new world”.
When will the public say no to these lunatic rules ?
Parents who give away their freedoms to go in these places are part of the problem.
If we all said NO!!! There little games would end


If you do visit Legoland Windsor don’t forget to purchase your special Lego Covid-19 themed toys available for purchase at their shop.

lego Covi.png

And the social distance message.



Urban fox

How you? Our films coming on at 9pm, surrogates. I’m going to watch, even though no jobs done today. The way things are going, it may be the only way we are allowed out. Once you have seen film. Yo will see what I mean.


What channel, Mr Fox?


Got it 👍🏻. I’ve not seen this one. I’m gonna watch now 😊


Ffs 😡


Thank you Colm.

You took the words right out of my mouth.



🤣 indeed!




Poor kids! Fun got cancelled. However, theme parks are a form of organised fun that even as a kid, I couldn’t quite stomach. Might we see a return to camping trips and climbing trees in nature? Parents need to think outside the box and get creative in ways to entertain their kids in places where all this BS is non-existent.


Yes let’s hope families boycott these places. Hit these companies where it hurts, in the pocket. Maybe people need to get back to a simpler life of beaches, playing in parks and picnics etc and being more involved with each other.

Urban fox

Hi there,how you. There just aren’t the numbers i’m afraid. The majority believe The scam and always did. People need to get together in groups and disrupt these bussinesses, that would have an effect.50 people sit down ,on floor, maskless and refuse to move. Same with supermarkets.


Maskless flash-mobs! I like this idea. And probably far more effective than protests. I saw a post on telegram where a bunch of people got together and went maskless shopping as a big group.

Urban fox

People saying they will boycott places will only make life more difficult for the person doing the boycotting. As rapidly we will not be allowed to go anywhere. And it mises the point, that it is us who are the boycotted ones. But disruptinG there operation is entirely different matter.Needs to be more of this.

Web Ferrett

Hi Fox, I’m afraid I don’t agree – voting with your wallet does wonders to bring to heel corporations – all they are interested in is MONEY for their shareholders.
I’ve often thought with all the banks now giving >1% interest on savings, yet still charge masive interest for loans and credit cards, that if everyone immediatly switch to just one bank (like Nationwide where the customer is the shareholder) then the others would have to compete – and so instigating a price war to our advantage.
Currently, they are all in lockstep happy to have everyone’s accounts spread across the banking corporations, each taking their slice and shafting the customer!
Boycotting does not inconvenience for long but gets results quickly.

Urban fox

Sorry we will have to disagree. There are not the numbers.And I am not believing propaganda, as you said the other day. I’m observing with my eyes And listening with my ears. The amount of compliancy everywhere backs this up.And shows this. How many shops can you refuse to shop in before you run out of places to shop. Not everyone has the money tO be choosy where they spend there money either. And what if a person, has only one main shop.Are they ment to starve in protest. This is simply not realistic. And most of the public will happily follow Lego land rules And visit. In the belief that it keeps them safe. We are at a stage now, where these businesses and the government are giving the general public what they want.


I’m afraid where I live I couldn’t find enough people to form a flash mob but it is a good idea for those who are able to get the numbers.

Urban fox

Hi Jennie, there are enough people in the big cities. Wouldn’t take long to impact. I wasn’t trying to cause arguments with my boycotting remarks. I’m just being practical. In the current climate the numbers are not on our side. And these big businesses don’t want or need the custom of a relative handful of sane people. Which is what we are. But it only takes small groups organized to have a direct impact on site. And make them rethink government support. Have Good day, speak soon, Fox


I understand where you’re coming from, it is difficult because of the mass compliance. But if a few people tried this it might give a bit of courage to others. There’s nothing easy today, they are making everything as difficult as possible. Hope you have a good day.

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